WOD 120209:

Rest Day.

Oh, you guys thought Diane was hard? Jessica Rodriguez didn’t:

Tonight is officially a “floating stuff out there” night...

-We are in the process of trying to add a monthly membership level to the site, here’s the problem: “we” are not that smart. So “we” want to know if any of you can help. We need a web designer who can work with WordPress and is awesome. Also, we’d need them to be able to add the membership level to the site and integrate it with our current content (I have no fucking clue what that means; I was told to say that). If you are that big of a nerd, please email me at Rudy@OutlawCrossFit.com.

-Ok UK, you want us? We have seen a huge increase in posts and followers from the UK (aka “The England”), so we wanna come on your continent… errrr, wait… come over to your continent…? come and make a splash on your continent…? no, no that’s definitely not it… fuck, forget it. We would LOVE to do a Training Camp in Europe. If any affiliate owners or coaches are interested, let us know. Seriously. If you are interested in helping us come… I mean bringing us to the UK, email us at Laura@OutlawCrossFit.com.

-If any of you gringos (aka “gringos“) would like to host a Training Camp, let us know. We have a few more dates to be filled and would love to get the schedule completely booked. Email Laura@OutlawCrossFit.com to set something up (do not email me, I will not answer you, I can’t help it, it’s the ADDs).

Last night Lisbeth Darsh liked my post. FTW.

22 thoughts on “120209

  1. That’s my girl Jess from down in the MIA. Nice work kid! Looked easy peasy for ya and you beat my ass by a little over a minute!

    No rest para this gringo manana! Snatch work and more with Jared Davis and Guido Trinidad, all 3 gentlemen that will be going head to head at the South East Regionals this year 😉

  2. Does this mean that people who follow your programming will have to pay to follow your programming now?

    • No, he said in a video a week ago he will never charge for programming. Most likely he just wants a controlled member system so they have a better idea how many people are doing the WOD’s and posting and how they’re progressing. If they require membership (sign up with email and junk) to post it’ll also keep random interweb crawlers from jumping on and just hating on someones burpees or snatch or something and being a general douche.

      Of course I could be acting like a general douche right now answering a question I really don’t know the answer to. But he did say he’d never charge and I doubt a week later he’d change his mind.

      • Jordan cheers for the reply… and Rudy i’ve been following your programming for about three weeks now and its da shiz… or cool if your not into linguistics. I know you asked that we send you our benchmarks as they are when we first started and I promise i’ll get on that shit… Hell I showed my gf your programming and about three days later she had sent you her benchmarks, goes to show you lazy I am. Cheers for everything Rudy and community, I’m excited to see where this goes in the future and to build friendships through this community. But enough with the dick sucking i’m stoked to squat some heavy shit come Friday.

  3. Beautiful HSPU by Jessica … you see that snap at the top? THAT is what locking arms out looks like.

    • Vida’s on Outlaw eh? Aww, damn!

      Your friend during off season and enemy in the on season — CrossFit Paragon


      • Some are. I moved away for a while and am still exercising, as Tony Budding says, with the “misconception that CrossFit workouts on the main site are programmed to elicit a particular effect”


        or not

  4. Thought Id share, PR’d Fran today. I know its supposed to be an off day for the Outlaw program, but I have been on a 6 day a week program for months and It has worked well. Its only a 4 second PR but a PR none the less. This one however felt tons easier than the last one.

    2:55 and I should have done better. I had some had protection malfunctions causing them to bunch up on me and forcing me to drop and re-grip on the bar.

    • congrats on the pr, mike! just found out you train right down the road from me. drew’s is going to start doing outlaw and training w/me next week. we should all work together sometime.

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