I teased this one, which means I guess I should follow through. Eff.

There are 3 kinds of local competitions:

1) “Uh… We don’t have enough gear so we’re gonna use kettlebells for everything.”

2) “Hey everybody, look how much shit we threw in this WOD—you want a treasure map for the final chipper?”

3) “Fuck you. You’re gonna die this weekend!”

I’m sure some people who have put on local competitions will get fairly butt hurt by this post, but I don’t care—if you think I’m talking about you, I probably am. There are a few simple rules you should follow when programming a test worthy of the athletes who will attend your event.

The first thing you should think about is whether you’re testing fitness or weird shit that you like. Is the ability to pick up a stone a good test of fitness that will prove work capacity, or is it some cool shit you saw Rob Orlando do and now you’re excited to have the leftover stones for your gym? In my opinion lifting stones can eat a dick. Yes, I just said that. I have short arms, a back that’s prone to injury, and I really have no desire to pick up a rock. In my opinion, God opened up the heavens and gave us things called BARBELLS to prove how much weight we can lift. Not only does everyone have them, but everyone practices barbell movements and they are a far more uniform test. Look, you can tell me 9 million reasons why stones are amazing for developing full body tension, flexibility, and intervertebral strength, but if you tell one of my best athletes to pick one up I’m not gonna be happy—I don’t care how good it is.

Have we seen stones at the Games? Regionals? Does “Badger” have stones? I will, however, program stone work periodically. The ONLY reason is because I’m worried someone at HQ will finally talk someone else at HQ into rolling out the stones at Regionals and I’ll look like an asshole when all my athletes come in last on the stupid stone WOD.

Another thing you should probably think about is whether the stuff you’re programming makes any god-dang sense. I’ll give you an example… A few years ago Jason Hoggan was winning a local competition BY A LOT. The final WOD was something like 50 Burpees, 40 Thrusters and 30 HSPU. Anyone see where this is going? Jason was at least a full minute ahead when he kicked up against the wall for the HSPU. He immediately collapsed, ONTO HIS HEAD, and ended up getting 3-ish HSPU before the organizers made up a new cutoff time that was double what the cutoff originally was. The organizers actually CUT REPS in the middle of the WOD as they watched person after person nearly break their necks when they even attempted to kick up into a handstand.

WHEN—not IF—you have someone try out the WODs, make sure it’s not your 130# gymnast on the gymnastics WOD. Make sure you don’t have your best powerlifter test the 405 deadlift for 45 reps WOD. Also, STOP WRITING SHIT WITH 5-MINUTE AMRAPs OF FUCKING HEAVY DEADLIFTS. I swear to god the next time the Outlaws are at a comp where this comes out we are walking out the fucking door (and oh by the way, it’s not cause we’re scared of that stupid shit, we ALWAYS win those).

Finally, take notes from HQ. While everyone was complaining about how light the Open WODs were last year, they were busy planning the Regional WODs to make every faker and pushup snaker look like a complete asshole. Last year’s Regional was my favorite competitive exercise event ever. Aside from the sorta odd standard on the thruster, I thought it was a perfectly designed event. What did you see? You saw high skill work (HSPU, Muscle-Ups), you saw a maximal strength test, you saw multiple time domains, you saw heavy and light, you saw BW and BB, you pretty much saw anything you SHOULD see in a competition. What did you NOT see? You didn’t see ridiculous implements or movements. You didn’t see odd rep schemes or confusing, convoluted WODs. You didn’t see crazy repetitive stuff that would leave people unable to extend their limbs for a week, and—most important—you didn’t see Turkish Get-Ups FOR FUCKING TIME.

Look, I know I program TGUs in a 5- or 10-minute AMRAP sometimes, but that is only to make sure you guys don’t take a half hour doing 15 reps. The TGU is NOT a “for time” movement. Do you want to kill someone?! (I don’t know why this makes me so angry, but I’m actually shaking the computer as I write this.) Program swings or snatches if you wanna use a kettlebell. You’re not Copernicus. There is zero reason for you to think you are smart enough to re-invent the wheel.

Ah… That was fun.

6 weeks ago Elisabeth Akinwale’s 1RM Back Squat was 235#. Today she got 285# for her 100%. I suggested she base off this before starting the Hatch cycle. I might have guessed too light.

Kevin Simons – 500# Back Squat and 2:15 Diane – FUCK YEAH.

Let me preface any bitching by saying; yes he could have maybe made the lockout a little more pronounced on the HSPU, but maybe his arms are just so fucking diesel that he looks like he’s not locking out. Either way—this is a BAMF.

WOD 120208:

BB Gymnastics

20 minutes Snatch technique work from the hang.

Notes: Work from whatever hang position is your worst. Concentrate on turnover and pulling under, NOT JUMPING.


8 minute AMRAP of:

15 Step Down Box Jumps 24″
20 Burpees

Notes: No bounding is allowed on the box jumps. Every rep must be step down after standing completely on top of the box.


1a) 3X5 TGUs – medium/heavy, rest 45 sec.
1b) 3X20 Reverse Hyper – medium, rest 45 sec.

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  1. I give that shit my seal of approval 😉
    Fucking beast. not sure if I could DL the bar that fast.

  2. Holy hell..that shit is insane…

    EA, good shit with the squat…

    Simons, after watching that, I would say you could snatch 275 way before my ass could even attempt it…nice fuckin work

  3. i think i know the answer to this, and i’m afraid i’m not going to like it, but was the LBBS supposed to be a true 100% or was it 100% based off of 90%?

    • It was supposed to be based off 95%, but there were a few times where Rudy said you could increase if you felt you needed to, i.e. you didn’t come close to having a “religious experience” on your last sets.

      • thanks. not as unhappy as i thought i would be with that answer. i based everything off of 90% these past 6 weeks, but i at least did increase. all the PR’s made me wonder if i was supposed to go after a true 1RM.

  4. Both videos were incredible. A 50 lb. increase in a 6-week period is a serious gain, and the Kevin’s “Diane” was bananas! Thanks for the share!

  5. Dude – love your programming and attitude towards exercises – specifically TGUs for time, doing stupid dumbass wods, and a host of other things you’ve said. I’m going to make all of my trainers read your stuff everyday. When it comes to programming common sense rules. (plus I’m a cop and I very rarely see common sense in my job, so when I do see some, it rocks).

  6. Fun fact: EA has never in her life failed a back squat. Clearly she’s not going heavy enough.

  7. Hows this for retarded Programming. Went to an out of town team competition with our gym for some fun….

    1st WOD – Fran (whole team, one after another)

    2nd WOD – 5min AMRAP – 1 armed Deadlift (2 people, one arm each on shared bar) @ #330 – stupidest shit I have EVER seen! Everyone got worked over by this, and by worked over, I mean injured…….

    3rd WOD – 12min AMRAP – 10 hang power clean – 10 front squat @#135 (Kinda like a weird transvestite Fran)

    Final WOD for top 2 teams….. I guess they realised they didnt test much on the other WOD’s so they tried to make up for it here……
    LONG Sled pulls, sprint relays, heavy ass tyre flipping, Wall climp HSPU, Bar circle overs, Muscle ups, Squat snatches….. oh yeah and everyone had to wear a freakin GAS MASK because the organisers obviously had some weird fetish going on.

    Rudy you are one Smart Hipster. Love this site. BOOM!

    • You kidding me!?

      That second event definitely takes the win over my event….unbelievable.

      FYI, the first event from my competition this weekend in case anyone missed it….

      15-12-9 turkish get ups @32kg (any arm)
      15-12-9 box jumps @36 inch (was programmed at 44 inch but they scaled it)
      3-2-1 40m shuttle run

      with a 10 min time cap.

      I didn’t do great on this one…..7th out of 50 guys, and I only got through 11 TGU’s in the round of 12.
      Sounds like a 10 min amrap of TGU’s to me.

    • Haha I was also at that comp-honestly i thought the relay fran and partner barbell complex/burpees were pretty cool, have to agree with you on the deadlift event though!

  8. Dude, that was so much fun to read. And I don’t know why you would get yourself so worked up about TGU’s but I can’t wait to ask.

    • With many exercises, a failed rep means dropping the weight, falling on your ass or suffering some kind of embarrassment. Doing high rep TGUs at high weight, failure possibly means a concussion, or at the very least a kettlebell bouncing around somewhere it shouldn’t.

      • I almost dropped mine on my head one time. WOD w/ bunch of movements then right before +10 TGU were 50 ring dips. No bueno.

      • Read above, I posted the TGU event from my competition last weekend.

        3 injuries from it that I know of.

        6th place overall finisher – Elma Ducic dropped her first attempt on her finger…..bleeding EVERYWHERE. They tried to force her to stop but she wouldn’t. Lots of cleanup. Because of her arm being over her head blood was dripping on her head and looked like she took a head injury. Didn’t end up being as bad as they thought.

        2nd overall finisher – my gf Lacey, dropped one of her first attempts and hit her in the ankle….3 days later it looks like a gunshot wound. Not sure how that happened but it’s like a puncture. Probably should have gotten stitches.

        Some guy, didn’t see it happen, not sure who – dropped the KB and somehow took one of his fingernails with it……pretty nasty stuff.

        TGU for time…..sweet.

  9. BB Gynmastics – worked with no more than 95#; videotaped, reviewed, corrected, etc.

    Conditioning: 3 rounds + 15 box jumps + 7 burpees

    TGU – used 40# KB (as much as I hate these, I am getting better at them)
    Reverse hyper – 160#

    M/F/S – 3/4/4

    Doing a “boy/girl” challenge this weekend. One day, 3 WODs plus tests. This is more of a fun event, but there are actually some amazing teams registered (T and Poppa for one). I did this event last year and had to run while carrying my husband, who is built like a Mack truck, and my back was jacked for a month. This year, we are performing a partner drag, whatever that is.

  10. Worked with 135#. The coaching I got from Corey Perry and Josh Courage at the training camp in Alexandria 2 weeks ago has helped a lot.

    Metcon – 160 (4 rounds + 15BJ, 5burpees). First time doing box jumps in a metcon since achilles surgery. God bless the step-down. I wish this was the new standard.

    skipped midline because I got shit to do.


  11. bb gymnastics: worked up to 105#. how is it that on my hang squat snatch, i can pull 105 easily, yet I can’t seem to get 120# on a regular squat snatch? I will film next time

    conditioning: 3rounds + 22. could have gone faster on burpees

    Midline later after coaching

    MFS: 147

  12. Worked up to 155 and did 5 Singles

    Conditioning: 4 rounds even

    Midline – 53lb KB, Unweighted reverse hyper facing backwards on a GHD

  13. HSN: Worked with 115 and 125. Randomly did these Monday and just missed 145.

    Knee still gets grumpy with too much jumping, so I skipped the MetCon and did “Nate” instead because we haven’t done enough HSPU lately (read this as very deep sarcasm).

    Tried to keep a steady pace. Tied my best at 10 Rounds. As always HSPU were the only hard part.

    Midline: I’ll knock it out later

  14. BB gymnastics: worked 105# from the 2nd position. By far where most of my mistakes begin to happen.

    4 + 15 box jumps + 4 burpees

    TGU – 44#
    Reverse Hyper – skipped. I know those things are good for many reasons, but I hate it. I can hardly get up onto the thing and I wast in the mood to deal with it this morning.

    Practiced MUs for about 15-20 min. I’m doing the weird thing where my left arm is getting up and over, but not my right.

    M/F/S – 4/2/1

  15. BB Gymnastics
    20 minutes Snatch technique work from the hang.
    Worked up to 80kg both as no hands, no feet and regular hang snatch (almost like a complex) to smooth out my pull under

    8 minute AMRAP of:
    15 Step Down Box Jumps 24″
    20 Burpees
    Total = 4 rounds + 1 box jump (141)

    1a) 3X5 TGUs – 24kg, rest 45 sec.
    1b) 3X20 Reverse Hyper – unweighted, on a GHD backwards with abmats under my belly, rest 45 sec.

    MFS = 463

    • Here’s the video of what I thought was no hands no feet at 80kg, turns out my feet jumped out a touch. Annoyed about that, and the fact my catch position was a bit soft on the right leg. Stupid videos showing us what we don’t want to see!

  16. Snatch technique work: Practiced from a stall just above the knees. Up to 115 was smooth, but the reps at 125 were caught above parallel.

    AMRAP: 3 rounds + 15 BJ and 17 burpees

    TGUs: 20kg, then two sets at 16kg; shoulders were tired
    Reverse Hyper: 190 across

  17. haven’t posted in awhile because I was out of town at an olympic weight lifting certification in Parma, Italy and got back to Sicily late Monday… fun stuff

    Snatch – 155 PR
    Conditioning – 3 rounds + 8 box jumps
    TGUs – 24kg

  18. Snatch tech- stayed pretty light and worked with 125# from hang, all power.

    171 reps (4 rounds + 31). Had 50 seconds to get my last round of burpees to make it 5 rounds even and couldn’t get it done. Legs were on fire.

    TGU- 1.5 Pood
    Did air-Hypers on GHD


  19. Snatch Skill: Stayed at 65 lbs… I tried to make sure every Snatch was a full squat, and that I hit full extension every lift.

    Conditioning: 3 rounds, 15 box jump, 10 Burpees

    Midline: TGU w/ 26 lbs
    Reverse Hyper: Subbed Good Mornings with a 35 LB bar as we don’t have a reverse hyper

    • I spelled my own name wrong…maybe posting immediately after working out is a bad idea.

  20. Can anyone direct me to the first workout for this cycle? I’m obviously new to the Outlaw Way and I dont want to jump in half way through the cycle.

    Thank You!

  21. Great post. Perfectly timed… Sadly. people this is aimed at- probably won’t get that it is them you are speaking of. I think 2012 is (finally) the year Coaches start pulling their athletes out of some of these local events.
    … And GREAT SQUAT!

  22. Snatch work: did a complex of 1 hang power snatch + 1 hang squat snatch
    Started at 65# and completed 195. Hit 205 on hps and decided to stop there.

    Conditioning: 5 full rounds

    TGU @ 24 kg
    Reverse Hypers @ 10# ankle weight on ghd

  23. BB Gymnastics
    20 minutes Snatch technique work from the hang.
    Worked up to 135. pull, no feet, hang, and full squat

    8 minute AMRAP of:
    15 Step Down Box Jumps 24″
    20 Burpees
    Total = 4 rounds + 5 box jump

    1a) 3X5 TGUs – 24kg, rest 45 sec.
    1b) 3X20 Reverse Hyper – did unweighted on GHD backwards, then 3×20 back ext w 25lb plate

  24. BB Gymnastics: Lots of good work. Nearly knocked myself out with 195#…apparently you have to pull UNDER the barbell before you try to press your head through…
    AMRAP: 4rds + 21reps
    1a: 24kg KB
    1b: No R.Hyper- sub’d unweighted on an incline bench backwards.


  25. 1) Worked up to 185# and wrist felt a little iffy, so dropped to 135# and 155# to work on form. Felt good to snatch again, though.

    — 5 rds + 3 BJs

    Did 24kg on TGUs, which felt fine. Sub’d weighted GH raises and Good mornings @ 185 for the Hypers

    M/F/S – 3/4/4

  26. Snatch work: Worked up to 135 and was going to stop but decided to do a couple reps at 155. Second one felt better than the first on the catch, but my shoulder felt it more on the second one. Definitely a pain in my ass the past month or so! Any tips would be greatly appreciated

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-_94mkg7W8&w=960&h=720%5D

    4 rounds even

    legs were SMOKED from yesterday! haha

    No time for midline, had to coach a class

  27. Hang snatch – all hanging positions with a coach and video. Never been coached on this lift, turns out my 200 lb snatch had never seen a shrug or full hip extension before. No wonder I’ve been stuck there for so long. Anyway, worked up to 175 for 6 or 7 singles and felt great.

    Amrap – 4 rounds

    TGU’s- 75 lbs on a bar
    Subbed good mornings as we have no reverse hyper here.

  28. BB Gymnastics
    20 minutes Snatch technique work from the hang.
    30, 40, 45, 50, 60, 65 f x 4, 65 PB

    8 minute AMRAP of:
    15 Step Down Box Jumps 24″
    20 Burpees
    Total = 4 rounds + 2 box jump

  29. Need a lot of snatch and clean work. Not used to catching heavy weights in the squat. Worked up to 135.

    2 rds. + 15 + 8

  30. Haven’t posted on here in a minute!

    Anyways folks, it’s good to be back. I was off meandering around the streets of miami trying to keep up with Talayna at WODAPALOOZA. She got me on most, but I edged her out on a couple WODs and we even tied on one in the RTG division! Here’s my little recap of the weekend: http://nohlsen.tumblr.com/post/17115320883/wodapalooza-miami-2012

    After 8 brutal WODs, I was BEAT UP, so I rested and recovered all of Sunday and Monday.
    Tuesday it was back to the grind, but not exactly at full throttle. I had the opportunity to train with some of the most elite exercisers in South Florida with Jared Davis, Chase Daniels, Jamie Gold, Jon Adams, and a couple others. Went heavy BS working to that 1RM and PR’d at 315!

    Jared and I then worked some c&j technique, working up to 90% for one, then taking 90% of that for 2, and so on until it was 10 reps at an almost empty bar, really focusing on form. He’s got an oly coach and great technique so it was great to have him coach me up in that regard.

    Then Jon and I wanted to have a little fun so we went back a couple days in programming and played on the monkey bars! Finished it RX in 7:56. Felt good on everything.

    Today I also was a little off on programming but I’m going to hop back on the regular schedule on Friday.
    Warmed up with the 15 min tempo run, which sucked btw.
    Did Diane in 4:00 flat. Know I can do better. Lot’s of little kid distractions and was getting stuck locking out on the HSPU..
    Then a little bench and called it a day.
    Snatch work with JD and Guido tomorrow. Should be fun!

  31. Completed snatch technique work.

    3 rounds (felt like I was wearing a 50lb.vest)

    TGU 44lbs
    Hypers completed on a GHD


  32. Rested Monday (8 hour drive home), and Tuesday after the competition. Back on it today, quads still sore and tight….other than that not too bad.

    BB Gymnastics.
    115 x 3
    135 x 3
    all from below the knee, then switched to above the knee
    225 f x 3. Had it twice, just lost it behind.
    Confident I would have gotten it but a bit rushed to start the conditioning.


    5 Rounds + 1 Box Jump

    Put the throttle down hard in the last 2-3 minutes. 45 seconds to get the last round of burpees done and I took some pain.

    30 min rest.

    WOD with the Affiliate
    (wanted to do a double, rest tomorrow, coming out to VA for the camp this weekend)

    4 Rounds, 1 min rest in between rounds

    5 Curtis P’s, 135lbs (hang squat clean, lunge, lunge, push press)
    Run 400m


    Pretty pumped with that time. First round was 2:20. Four even rounds at that pace + 3 minutes of rest time would be 12:20. Very little drop off.


    • I feel ya on the post-comp soreness man. I didn’t do any “stupid” WODs per se this past weekend at WODAPALOOZA, but it was a shit ton of volume! Talk about full body soreness on Sunday. Rolled out, slept well, and right back at it!

  33. I know today was hang Snatch but, I PR’d my snatch today @ 215#. The video is going to be on my blog. just click on my name and itll be there in a little bit.

    3 reps away from 4 rounds. Box Jumps are my wheel house. But why I so damn slow on burpees. They arent hard, I dont Die out, but I am just slow. Does anyone have any tips for them??? I have a sub 3 min fran but a damn 7+ min 100 burpees for time. That doesnt add up to me.

  34. A: did a shit load of technique work making tiny jumps up to 156#. Probably spent 45 min… Pull under felt really good today, was catching in a real deep recieving position. A bit forward a few times and leg are still fatigued from yesterday but overall good snatch day.
    Metcon – 4 rounds + 3 box jumps
    A1: 45#, 35#, 35#
    A2: Back Extensions – 25#, 25#, 45#

    M/F/S: 3/3/4

  35. Worked up to 105#

    4 rounds + 1 rep

    No time for midline, will make up later.

    MFS – 4, 7, 5 No sleep the past few nights.

  36. Worked up to 145. Need to get deeper on the catch still, but shoulders are real tight. I need to work on my pull too. Pulling 145 from hang is easy but 155 from ground is terrible. Time to get the camera out…

    Conditioning: 4 + 10

    b)3X20 light good mornings

  37. BB Gymnastics. Stayed relatively light and did not go near my 1Rm even though tempted. Wanted to really focus on the turnover and pulling under, and felt if I went too heavy (for me), I would lose this.

    Snatches are not my thing, so staying focused on technique through the second and third pulls was important. I felt comfortable. Not wanting to shift my feet much I started with a slightly wider stance than normal, and things felt relatively good. Essentially, after 20 minutes, I felt progress was made.
    Sets of 5 at 65, 75, 85, 95 Sets of 3 at 105, 115, than singles at 115 for a bit.
    By the end I was missing a lot so I think I slowed down.

    COnditioning, 3 rounds, 15 + 14. Legs felt smoked.

  38. Hey guys, I’m back on track!
    Started with the squatting from yesterday then went on to the snatching
    Did Hi hang power and squat snatches at 95 and 115. Put a little dash of tape on the floor to mark my toes. I have to tendency to jump forward.
    Felt froggy and jumped (get it??) to 135 lbs and hit a power and squat hang snatch.
    Decided to try for 145 lbs (currently my 1 RM) which I didn’t have high hopes of making it but tried anyways. Fucking nailed it. No Big Deal. The hardest part was not yelling after in a gym full of bro meatheads. Shit yeah! High five myself (AKA a clap). Definitely thinking there is a PR in the tank. Looking forward to that day.

  39. This is my first post tonight, been following for a couple weeks now.
    Male, 24
    5″10, 178lbs

    BB Gymnastics: Worked up to 185, I felt decently quick getting under it.

    Conditioning: 4 rounds even

    Midline: complete

  40. BB gymnastics:
    Worked on hang snatch from below the knee. Nothing heavy, but learned some things.

    I never thought burpees would be the easier part of a workout. The box jumps were way more difficult than I expected.

  41. Snatch – worked in the 135-165 range.

    Conditioning: 5 rounds even, almost killed me. Had I known I was within 1-3 reps of Jay and Jason I probably would have risked death.

    TGU – Did a few at 55# but too fucked in half to do these.
    Hyper – 100#

    • If it makes you feel any better (…worse?), I just realized I mistyped. I only got 2 BJs in the 6th round… so you were only a couple reps off. 🙂 Nice work!

  42. BB Gymnastics
    Worked at 95lb Tall snatch

    4rounds + 15BJ + 10 Burpees

    used a 45lb BB for TGU
    Did good mornings instead of Reverse Hypers.

  43. BB Gymnastics
    Worked up to 95#

    3 rounds + 15 box jumps + 8 burpees
    Legs felt like concrete!

    Will make up midline tomorrow

  44. Hang snatch work- worked up to 131 doing sets of 1 squat snatch and 1 split snatch, missed at 141, felt like crap today

    Conditioning- 4 rounds + 17 burpees
    TGU-1.5 pood
    Hypers- 100#

  45. Snatch practice – worked some light with 95, then 135, 145 and 155. Felt pretty good with the extension and turn over, was catching it high tho. Gotta get under faster!

    Conditioning – 4+17 (holy quads!! Been fighting a pretty rough cold so breathing wasn’t the easiest here…)

    1a) 53, 60, 70
    1b) check, 5, 10 (on GHD)

  46. Snatch work. Hit 155 from the hang pretty easily which was a pr. Worked on keeping bar close and quick turnover

    Conditioning. 3+15 burpees

    Midline. 45 for tgu and bodyweight reverse hypers

  47. Snatch work: Worked several reps with metcon weight 65, 75, 85

    Conditioning: 3 rounds + 15 bj + 18 burpees

    TGU: 45 #
    Hypers: 100 # (only 10 reps each set)

  48. BB gymnastics
    Used 125 multiple times( light) worked speed under the bar and hung out in the bottom a little while to get more comfortable.

    4rounds + 2 box jumps

    1)53lb kb for all
    2) complete


  49. Hang snatch: did a complex of hang pull, hang pull, hang snatch. Worked up to 165.

    Conditioning: 3 rounds 11 burpees.
    Paced(read sandbagged) this one too much. 4 plus round should have been done. Picked a pace from the beginning and stuck with it, at lease I never stopped.

    1a)53 across
    1b) no weight, off a ghd

  50. Worked with light weights for the hang snatch to 155. Did a stall at above the knee and focused on bar path and pulling under. Good technique day.

    Metcon: 4 Rds plus 13 BJ (goal was 4+10, I need to start making my goals higher)

    No time for midline.

  51. BBGymnastics: Worked up to 135, mid thigh hand snatch, felt good, and fast.
    Amrap: 3 full rounds, 15 box jumps, 5 burpees
    TGU with 45#/back extensions with weight

  52. BB Gymnastics

    Kept it pretty light at 125#, then went up a bit to 145#. Wanted to really work on technique and form at the bottom of the squat. I always have a problem finding that “spot” where my shoulders should lock out at (always either too far forward, or too far back) I’ll bring out the camera next time.


    3 rounds even. Thanks to my height I can breeze through box jumps (especially when using the rebound, however….lol) but burpees are always a killer.


    1a) 3X5 TGUs @ 16kg
    1b) 3X20 Reverse Hyper – No reverse hyper at the gym I went to, so did a few good mornings.

  53. BBG: High Hang Snatch – hit 200# for a single. My full snatch PR is 205# so I have some issues with coming from the floor. I have some video that I’ll have to post and see if I can get some coaching points from some of you guys.

    Conditioning: Still nursing a flared up bicep tendon in my left shoulder so I modified the wod again.

    AMRAP 8:
    15 BJs w/step down
    20 cal row
    4 rounds + 24 reps

    Rev Hypers – 3×20 @ 90#

  54. High Hang Snatch work: built up to 185-missed 195 three times then 3×3 @ 155 with straps

    WOD: 4 rounds + 13 Burpees

    Reverse Hypers: 3×20 @ 90#

  55. BB Gymnastics

    Light work with a lot of reps up to 105#


    3 rounds + 5 burpees


    1a) 70# kb
    1b) Done on a GHD using a 20# med ball

    m/f/s: 4/6/7

  56. 1. worked up to 95 pounds–which is amazing for me. I couldn’t even do this at 75# in a controlled fashion in December.

    2. 3 rounds + 10 burpees. I probably went at least 30 seconds over. The music was so loud, I couldn’t hear the timer beep. Had 45 seconds left at the start of my last set of box jumps. My goal was to just keep moving, but I blasted through the last 10 burpees. I didn’t feel tired, but my legs are finished. I can’t wait to workout with fresh legs again!

    3a. Used 32 lb KB for TGU
    3b. 45#, 55#, 55# (did good mornings)

    MFS: 2/5/7–deep bruise in thigh, still giving me some knee pain

  57. Didn’t go too heavy w/ the snatch work. Stayed w/ 85lbs and just worked on form and speed.
    conditioning: 3+15+11 soooo not warmed up for this and still fighting this damn cold but felt okay considering…

    m/f/s – 4/4/4

  58. 1. Worked up to 155# did 2 triplets at that weight. Still working on hip explosion and getting under the bar faster.

    2. 4 Rounds even.

    3a. 55# KB for last 2 sets and 35# KB for 1st set.
    3b. 40# as RX

  59. Literally heard this exact rant from Sean yesterday. Spot on if you ask us. And we will be lifting stones this weekend and probably thinking that the stone can suck it.

  60. Snatch– doubles at 135 pounds
    Conditioning– 3 rounds plus box jumps (120 reps)
    TGU–Went light
    Reverse Hypers–Over back extension with 10# ankle weight, 3×20

    M/F/S: 4/5/6

    Came into this one with some back pain and a lot of trapezius fatigue from pulls I did yesterday, so I stayed light on everything. Left feeling better.

  61. worked up to 135 for a double (hang, then pause) felt good with speed pulling under

    3rds + 11 bj – no energy at all

    skipped midline – i need sleep

  62. Worked up to 135 pounds it was hard without jumping.
    4 rounds 4 burpees
    I did 44lbs for all TGU
    I did 15 GH raises instead
    MFS 3/3/3

  63. Kind of did my own thing with the BB Gymnastics today. Started practicing snatches and got a bunch of good reps in. Spent a little more than half an hour on them. Just what I needed, I think. I usually go up in weight as soon as I make it, so I end up having way more misses than hits. I felt way more confident by the end of the session today. Probably did 30-40 snatches above 200lbs and only missed 3. Went 10/12 on 225 with one minute rest in between. Pretty cool since that was my PR about 2 months ago, and I needed a bunch of tries to even do that. A few good reps at 235, but I was getting tired by then so I called it a day. 275 will be mine before Regionals.

    4 rounds + 16 burpees (27″ box was all I had)

  64. Worked with #115 mostly did a few at #135

    3rd + 4BJs

    #95 Good Mornings 20 reps of anything is stupid

  65. Haven’t posted in a long time, been doing what I can while I’ve been travelling for work.

    Finally being short and light was actually a benefit to me 🙂

    snatch work from the hang: worked with 55, 65, and 70

    8 min amrap (15 bj (24 in) + 20 burpees)
    3 rounds + 15 bj + 12 burpees

    …almost makes up for how badly my Diane sucked!

  66. Worked on the hang snatches: one of my achilles heel of an exercise in the long list of many. Played with 115# mostly just keep working technique mainly. I was pretty lazy and unfocused with this work.

    Metcon: Completed 3 rounds 15 box jumps and 17 burpees.
    Moved smoothly the entire time and never stopped. I caught a foot on one of the boxjumps and almost endo’d onto my face but recovered. It was my magic Reebok Nano’s that saved me I think. I needed to step up my speed a bit. I was tired but not exhausted after teh WOD. Not much sweat on the mat and after that many burpees I usually have a swimming pool under my face. I think it means I can raise my threshhold a little more and push on the burpee speed without the fear of my heart exploding out of my chest. Im starting to feel the benefits of the more intense programming but just need to match my efforts to the newly found super power.

    TGU’s: I just need to do them. Today maybe.


  67. A day behind still… although my body is seriously beat up, been fighting trying to catch up.. By Sunday I’ll be back on track with yall..
    Since I did hang snatch work/metcon on Tuesday, I did clean work instead..worked up to 205, and failed a couple times on the full squat snatch @215.. Think it has something to do with the heavy squats and PR yesterday..

    Conditioning: 15 BJ’s @24 w/ step-down, 20 burpees w/ 8ft pullup bar touch jump
    = 3+7 BJ’s ..struggled with the pull-up bar jump. but Jared Davis thought it’d be a nice touch.. sure was..

    Mid-line: TGU’s w/ 45, 45, 50lb KB
    Reverse hypers w/ 90 for all 3 sets
    -didn’t feel like I was going hard. think i’m a little beat up this week.. did the double Saturday WOD on Monday, and hit it hard everyday since. gonne try and push through until Sunday’s day off.

  68. Snatch work at 95 for most of it, focusing on technique. Felt solid, but numbers weren’t there.

    Conditioning: 4 rounds + 10 BJ

    Midline: 24kg tgu, was too heavy after diane
    RH’s were non-weighted off a 48 inch plyo-box


  69. “Finally, take notes from HQ. While everyone was complaining about how light the Open WODs were last year, they were busy planning the Regional WODs to make every faker and pushup snaker look like a complete asshole.” <—That's the best summary of last year's Open and Regionals I've ever heard. Fucking great. Also love the description of a treasure map for a final chipper at some local comps. I once did 5 rounds of 200m sprints with heavy TGUs. It was horrible on my knees and the kettlebell almost met my head more than a few times. I've also been privy to being a member of a box who programmed 100 TGUs for time. Keep preaching! Hopefully the community will get smarter.

  70. BB gymnastics worked to a 205 Hang snatch, felt good.

    Condition, I gave into peer pressure and did DT 7:50

    Midline TGU with 53# and 70#

    Goodmornings with 115#

  71. BB GYmnastics: worked with some vagina weight.

    Conditioning: 4rds 8BJ’s

    TGU: we have 35# and the next KB is 55# so I went with the 35#

    Hypers- 170

  72. BB Gymnastics:
    75, 95, 125, 140, 150, 165
    170, 175, 185, 195F x 3

    Felt pretty good

    Cond – 4 Rounds + 4 BJ — Legs lit up

    Accessory stuff — TGU’s ruin my knees did a few but had to call it…

  73. BB Gymnastics

    Worked up to 195#PR from hang, Failed 200# a couple of times.


    4 Rounds + 1 Rep


    1a) 3X5 @ 16KG (5L/5R)

    1b) 1X20 @ 70#, 2X20 @ 90#

  74. BB Gymnastics… worked on flat footed turn over.

    Conditioning: 3+14Burpees

    1a. 1.5 pood.
    1b. 65lb


  75. BB work: played around with 100 from above the knee. I usually let the bar get away from me so focused on pulling bar in. Had some great trainers watch me which was helpful.

    Conditioning: 3+ 12 Burpees

    Wod done at lunch so no time for midline.

  76. Tweaked my back doing jerks two days ago. Physiologist says nothing overhead. Did some muscle ups and bench press.

    Conditioning: 3 rounds

  77. So does nobody else think that the heavy need all wod that HQ programmed at the games was kinda like using stones? Only that the medals were soft therefore would not ruin the surface?

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