I like some of you (not many, but some). Now I like Josh Courage more than anyone on earth that didn’t come out of my penis (that’s my kids, dummies). Why? Because he fucking gets it.

You guys don’t understand intensity. You’re all pussies (like Ronnie Teasdale), and you work out like women from the 1900s (you know; gloves, tea and crumpets, bustles and shit). When you get your prissy heads out of rose-smelling asses (wait, that’s bad?), shoot me a video that kicks as much ass as this one.

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Josh Courage – “DC’s Best Personal Trainer 2009. THAT MUFUCKA KNOCKED OUT A RHINO!”

WOD 120204:

*Today’s work will be laid out as 5 tests. The first 3 should be completed as early as possible. The preference is sometime between 8 and 10am. The final 2 tests may be completed any time later in the day, but—time permitting—should be at least 3 hours after tests 1-3.

Test 1:

100 Burpees for time.

*Rest 10 minutes.

Test 2:

15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

*Rest 5 minutes.

Test 3:

8 minute AMRAP of:

4 Muscle-Ups
6 Hang Squat Cleans 185/120#

*Rest AT LEAST 3 hours.

Test 4:

20′ Pullup Bar “Monkey Bar” Run
20 GHD Situps
20 KBS 32/24KG
30′ Pullup Bar “Monkey Bar” Run
30 Box Jumps 30/24″ (Regionals standard)
30 Push Press 115/75
40′ Pullup Bar “Monkey Bar” Run
40 Double-Unders
40 T2B

For time.

Notes: If you have variable height pullup bars—sorry.

*Rest 30 minutes.

Test 5:

3 rounds for time of:

Run 800m

Notes: HSPU are 45# plates (not comp style, traditional bumpers) with an ab mat in the middle for the gentlemen, and 25# plates with an ab mat for the ladies. Hands must be on the plates and no part of the hand may be hanging off the plate. Both plates must be in contact with the ab mat, but do not have to be in contact with the wall. Kipping IS allowed.

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  1. Josh I’m mailing you my penis because you deserve it more than I do.

    I was going to wuss out and do a row or something but after that crazy display and the hurtful name calling I’m gonna man up and run that crap in the snow tomorrow just for you Rudy; if I find any along the way I’ll club some seals too… ain’t no Rhinos up here in Canada.

  2. Hands down that was the best video I’ve ever seen. I think I have to do a second and then a third workout now just to make sure I still have my nuts.

  3. My last name is Dickie; I have three brothers with the nickname, Dick; I am Dick (but I insist my students call me Dickster); I have five sons all nicknamed, Dick; and a daughter who is not….); my wife’s maiden name is Biggar (no, we did not hyphenate)’ and I have led students on a canoe trip to Crotch Lake (tshirts, ‘Strokin’ the Crotch”).

    I get the penis thing!

    And I totally respect the rhino rumble reference! The workout will be done as directed!

  4. Just an update to everyone, The spider monkeys tied for first down in WODAPALOZA…..IN THE MENS Division!!!!

    Fuck yea, Kill it T.

  5. 1.7:59 burpees
    2. 175 snatch/missed 185 4 times

    3. 4mu’s/6 hang squat clean
    2 rounds + 2 mu’s

    T-minus 3 hrs till task 4

  6. Blah

    1.) 5:54

    2) only managed to get up to 150#
    Haven’t seen much improvement with oly lifts, but it’s due to knee issues that cause my squatting to be hit or miss

    3) Same as above with knee issue
    3 Rounds + 1 MU at 140#

  7. Test 1:
    100 Burpees for time. = 7:15
    *Rest 10 minutes.

    Test 2:
    15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch. = 90kg (also included a smooth no hands, no feet rep @ 80kg on the way up)
    *Rest 5 minutes.

    Test 3:
    8 minute AMRAP of:
    4 Muscle-Ups (full turn out)
    6 Hang Squat Cleans 82.5kg
    3 rounds + 4 muscle ups

    *Rest AT LEAST 3 hours.

    Test 4:
    20′ Pullup Bar “Monkey Bar” Run (up a flying wing of a pull up rig, so backwards up and forwards down)
    20 GHD Situps
    20 KBS 32KG
    30′ Pullup Bar “Monkey Bar” Run
    30 Box Jumps 30″ (Regionals standard)
    30 Push Press 50kg
    40′ Pullup Bar “Monkey Bar” Run
    40 Double-Unders
    40 T2B
    Time = 15:37

    *Rest 30 minutes.

    Test 5:
    15 minute time cap due to thick snow on the track
    3 rounds for time of:
    Run 400m
    10 HSPU
    1 round + 400m run + 3 reps
    HSPU are a massive fight for me even when kipping and doing them on snowy ground in the freezing cold as the 5th part of today’s pain did NOT make them easier!

    MFS = 3/3/3 before
    4/5/5 after

  8. Under the weather today.

    Burpees – 6:24

    Snatch – only 105lbs today. Way off; feeling weak and lightheaded.

    AMRAP – 3 rds + 3 MU. All HSqC unbroken, but MU suffered from the burpees.

    Feeling too sick for the pm workouts.

  9. 1) 4:57 – started out good pace. Reps 50-80 hit mental wall. 80-100 really pushed it.

    2) 185 – 15# Un-PR so not happy. Had 195 four times but couldn’t stand it up. Legs were shot from burpees. Coulda woulda shoulda.

    3) 5 rounds – squat cleans were brutal, definitely the limiter.

    Looking forward to a little redemption in the last 2 workouts.

    • 4) 10:29. Fun one. Toe to bar got me at the end, spent too much time. Grip was shot.

      5) 24:19. HSPU dismantled me, mostly did sets of 5. On the positive, I only failed 1 HSPU. As bad as it sucked it was good to work on them, especially with a deficit.

      Here is the vid from Test #4.

  10. Nate & Irv attacked it together. I’ll post for Irv since he’s never online. They skipped WOD 4 for whatever reason …

    Burpees: 3:48 – I have the video to this as well

    Snatch: 205lb

    MU/Cleans: 6 rds

    HSPU/800: 12:48

    We had judges on our guys today ….

  11. 1) 4:49
    -Used a wide stance, seemed to be faster.
    2) 205
    -Missed 215, 220 is personal best.
    3) 5 + 4MU
    4) 10:56
    -Done on uneven Rogue pull-up cage
    5) 25:22
    -Had a hard time with the HSPU.

  12. First time posting to the site. I have been following outlaw for the past two weeks and I can’t get enough of it. Looking forward to the training camp at Crossfit Kennesaw
    Test 1:

    100 Burpees for time.


    *Rest 10 minutes.

    Test 2:

    15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch. – worked on technique with 95# and 135#

    *Rest 5 minutes.

    Test 3:

    8 minute AMRAP of:

    4 Muscle-Ups
    6 Hang Squat Cleans 185/120#

    I spent 15 minutes of MU form and squat clean technique instead of the WOD.

    I still don’t have muscle ups down completely. I’m kinda in a weird spot right now because I cant do the mu’s without taking 4 minutes to do 4. :/ so I don’t feel like I’m getting the full potential of the WOD ecause I take so much time on them. Should I sub something for them or just keep hammering away until I get them down? Any suggestions?

    *Rest AT LEAST 3 hours.

    Test 4:
    Had to do this at Globo Gym, so my equipment was limited. I subbed what I could.
    20′ Pullup Bar “Monkey Bar” Run (climbed all over abw’s pull up contraption like a monkey;) subbed situps after this one)
    20 Situps
    20 KBS – 2 Pood- unbroken
    30 situps
    30 Push Press 115#
    30 situps
    40 Double-Unders
    40 T2B


    Ran out of time so I couldn’t get test 5 in.

  13. Test 1: 6:58. broke it up in sets of 10. felt good

    Test 2: 115#. went for 120#, but missed 3 times. I will PR at 120# next time I snatch!

    Test 3: 2rounds+2 MU. Squat cleans were limiting factor. Failed on a few

    Was only about to rest ~1hour due to time constraints.

    Test 4: 13:47. Need to improve box jumps and Push Press. I LOVEEEE the monkey bar runs!

    Test 5: 24:55. Need to improve on my run!

    MFS: 122

  14. 1) 5:13
    2) 200,tried 220 got under but couldn’t lock it.(210 is pb)
    3) 4 Rounds + 1 MU
    4) 13:16
    5) 37:03. Quads were cramping severely after first round. Didn’t hydrate properly after Test 3

  15. 4: 17:02. took it a bit slow since the last time we did monkey bar work i tore up like hell. still tore up.

    5: 20:38. did hspu with hands on floor. wouldve taken too long otherwise

  16. 8:08 test 1
    205lb test 2
    4+4+3 test 3
    Could not do last two tests due to work

  17. I feel all warm and cuddly now that Rudy likes me!! Yay! Oh, and there was a bear deadlifting in my gym today, I’m going to have do something about that come Monday. Watch yourself Epic!

    It’s too bad I’m not “actually” strong, and can’t lift “real” weights, and get “raped” by handstand push ups on a daily basis… but I’m working on all that!

    1) 5:31 (felt slow. All unbroken but never really turned it on)
    2) got 195# and felt good with it. Technique is slowly coming together! Un-PR by 20# but I feel like I’m on the threshold of a breakthrough!!
    3) 4 rounds + 1 muscle up. Did unbroken squat cleans from the floor the first round…muscle ups went pretty good considering.

    4) 10:31. Totally had this faster. Got to the effing T2B at just under 8 min. You do the math…
    5) 22:41. Goal was sub-25 with all thos gawk derm HSPUs. Fired up I actually got all 60 from such a deficit (for those of you who don’t know, I blow ass at them)

  18. #1: 5’36min
    #2: 175, ugly Power Snatch PB
    #3: 3R+1 MU (cleans cleaned me).
    #4: 14’11min
    #5: 21’11min. (HSPU……).

    Awesome day, never expected to feel this good throughout a day like this, this soon…

  19. test 1 – 5:58

    test 2 – 130#

    test 3 – 3 rounds + 4 MU + 3 cleans

    test 4 – 10:09

    test 5 – 19:37

    M/F/S – 2/3/3 Great day!

  20. When I woke up, I felt like I had been repeatedly been ran over by a train for the entire time I was sleeping. Spent a good hour trying to get loosened up, then did 3×5 of lighter LBBS to try and get comfortable with it.

    Burpees: 7:31. A lot slower than I wanted to do it in. Need to cut down on the wasted movement.

    Snatch: went 135,185, then went to hit 205. I normally hit it easily. Missed a few times, got it overhead easy but wasnt balancing it right. With 1 minute left, I decided to add 10# and go for a new Pr. Got that overhead as well, but had trouble sticking it. Not a great day with the snatches.

    AMRAP: 3 rounds + 4 MU and 3 Cleans. Should have had 4 easily but decided to power clean not thinking and resulted in no reps.

    After grabbing food and sitting for a while, my body now feels worse than when I got up. I am trying to play it smart and take the rest of the day off. I wasnt happy with any of the 3 test in the beginning of the day, mainly because I absolutely feel like shit. This week for whatever reason has beat the shit out of me. Maybe I should have taken an off day on Thursday instead of lifting+conditioning. Click on my name if you want to see the videos.

    Calling it a day, body better heal up before Monday. And it it doesnt, well, Im going to fuckstomp whatever Rudy throws our way regardless.

  21. 1)6:08 (First time doing this)
    2)145 (Matches PR. Very close on 155)
    3)4 MuscleUps (Hang Clean PR is 195 but couldn’t get 185 today. Should have gone down to continue work but said F’ it. Feeling week after being sick earlier this week.)
    -20lb AbMat Situps (no GHD)
    -53lb KBswings (heaviest we have)
    5)34:mufackin42!! (I knew these would be difficult after everything we did, but son of a bitch!)

    Outlaw makes me feel like a worthless piece a shit sometimes. But then I PR and all is forgotten, until the next day anyways.

  22. 1) 5:42
    2) 210 (5# pr)
    3) 4 rounds plus 2 MU

    Not doing 2nd half. On nights, not up to a double. Great session though. Gamed 3rd WOD hard, goal was only 4. Should have aimed for at least 5. Finally got 210 snatch, for whatever reason I’ve been failing on that for amonth or so.

  23. Test 1 – 6:07
    Test 2 – 165# (failed 180# twice, really need to work on pulling under bar)
    Test 3 – 4 rounds + 3 Muscle-Ups (155# squat cleans)
    Test 4 – 16:42 (DB swings, and went around power rack for monkey bars…)
    Test 5 – 25:11 (wheels came off… HSPU to a plate, runs on treadmill)

    M/F/S – 2/3/5

  24. Coach, you not only create complete monsters but also have attracted some of the funniest mother-lickers on the planet! I would read the blogs and posts even if I didn’t follow the programming.

    Yes, very humbling to train with Irving Hernandez.

    My times: 100 burpees = 4:59

    Snatch: 180

    8min AMRAP Mups/cleans ( jump-to-rings height) = 4 rounds

    800m/hspu (3rds) = 15:29

    No time for chipper, wife will divorce.

  25. burpees: 6:16
    snatch: 130 (5# under PR)
    MU/hang cleans: 2 rounds plus 1 MU (MU are limiting factor)
    Monkey bar chipper: 14:22
    800’s/HSPUs: 21:16

    Pretty happy with today but smoked now

  26. 1.100 burpee: 4:15
    10min rest
    2. Snatch: 185
    5min rest
    3. 6 Rounds
    15min rest
    4. 10:30
    5. No time

    – Didnt have the time to stick to the prescribed rest.

  27. 1. 4:38. Very happy with that.
    2. 180#. Way fucking harder when gassed.
    3. 3 rounds + 2 muscle ups. MU’s limiting factor.
    4. 11:14. Hit the TTB at 8:30 then hit a brick wall, too gassed for any long kipping sets.
    5. Lulz. 21:16*. Got a fucking nose bleed during this, spent an unknown amount of time trying to find papers towels. Probably lost 1-3 minutes, who knows really. Looked like a crime scene, got dizzy from the 2 pints of blood I lost.

  28. I’m competing in the RokFit Cyber Series this weekend. Had 2 workouts to tape and send in today, 1 tomorrow.

    WOD 1
    15-12-9 rep rounds for time of:
    Overhead Squats w/ 135 lbs
    Bar Facing Burpees

    Time was 6:15. Pissed that I lost 35 secs dropping the bar on rep 11 of the set of 12. Missed the Snatch getting it back up and had to Clean & Jerk it instead.

    WOD 2
    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 rep rounds for time of:
    OPT Pull-ups (chin over and breaking vertical plane of the bar)
    Ground-to-Overhead w/ 50 # Dumbbells (could sub 100# barbell and did due to lack of equipment)
    Box Jumps @ 30″ (controlled landing on top)

    Time was 12:26. I paced this one perfect, and couldn’t have gone any faster. No breaks on any exercise.

    WOD 3 (tomorrow)
    For time:
    Row 1000 meters
    100 Double-Unders
    70 Air Squats
    50 Toes-to-Bar
    30 Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls w/ 2 pood
    20 Kettlebell Swings w/ 2 pood
    10 Squat Clean Thrusters w/ 155 lbs

  29. TEST 1) 4:35
    TEST 2) 195#
    TEST 3) 6 ROUNDS
    TEST 4) 9:01
    TEST 5) 19:25


  30. 1 – 6:45
    2 – didn’t do today
    3 – 4 rounds flat (used 95)
    4 – 13:25 Rx
    5 – 23:15 Rx

  31. 9:30am
    TEST 1 – 5:18
    TEST 2 – 195#
    TEST 3 – 4 rounds

    TEST 4 – 8:59
    TEST 5 – 20:57

  32. 1. 6:11
    2. 145 form analysis. I need coaching.
    3. 2 + 4 hang squat cleans. Used 185. All MU were unbroken. 185 is 20lb over my body weight and it felt it today. However, the hang clean motion and fluidity felt great.

    Could not do 4 and 5 today. I made up yesterdays barbell work though.

    Thank you.

  33. This is drill weekend for me, so the first three tests were done at 5:00 AM. The last two were done at 5:00 PM.

    Test 1: 7:48

    Test 2: 205#

    Test 3: 3 rounds

    Test 4: 10:12

    Test 5: 23:43*

    The last set of HSPU was brutal. I started it at around the 16 minute mark and hit muscle failure around rep 12.

  34. 1.)4:58
    3.)4rnds + 2 MU’s
    ***rested 5 hours

    4/7/2 Long night at work again,…crazy left leg cramp after the first run on task 5.

  35. Only doing test 1, 2, and 3(I’m not eleete)
    1) 6:42
    2) 185
    – got under 205 about 5 times just couldn’t keep it locked out.
    3) 3 rounds and 3 MU
    – did singles on the hang cleans. I end up throwing the bar when i try Rudy’s re-hook grip technique. Anyone else have have tips?

    2/3/5 arms feeling the 100 wod still.

    • it’s kind of crazy that i can hang on to pretty much anything when 5 years ago I all but ripped a couple fingers off. i had two open dislocations in my left middle and ring finger after falling off a cliff as a result of wiping out on my motorcycle on rt. 4 in CA, had to get creative when it came to building my grip strength back up, but it is stronger than it was now. anyways, i did a lot of pinch grip stuff, farmer carries, also started deadlifting double overhand, doing a heavy dead and holding the weight as long as i could. jumping up and hanging onto the pull up bar as long as possible. get creative with it, your hands will thank you.

  36. First I will say that my training buddy, Drew Shamblin,wanted to get done with all the work by 11:00 am. So we started at 9:00am and got done with 4 parts by 11:00. He left and I stayed to do part 5 before I left. So basically I did all 5 parts between 9 and 12. Yikes! Great day though.

    1) 5:42

    2) 140 ties my PR! Almost had 145 so close! Next time! Felt good on these for first time in a while.

    3) 4 rounds + 4 MU. Felt so slow on this and should have moved faster.

    4) 13:29 monkey bar run on a rogue pullup rig. Awkward for my first time of those. Moved pretty slow through this.

    5) 17:29 I suck at running but felt ok today on it. All HSPU were strict.

    MFS – 3, 4, 6 still was sore from 100s

  37. #1 7:41
    #2 105, failed twice at 110# will have it next time
    #3 3 rounds flat, 105# cleans, muscle-up progression w/ red band
    #4 15:58 RX
    #5 22:26 30 inch box, HSPU on knees

  38. 1) 5:25..slow and steady, could have easily been sub 5
    2) 185(caught 205 twice but my shoulder mob is still shitty. It’s really starting to piss me off)
    3) 4 rounds plus 2 MU
    4) 13:09
    5) 19:09

  39. 100 burpees – 4:46

    Snatch – 175, took to long to work up in weight. Only got one attempt in at 190.

    Mu/clean- 3 plus 4 mu plus 3 clean not that happy with that one

    20-30-40 15 min paced stuff too much

    Run/hspu – 23:48, shoulders fried

    This was 4th day on in a row. Definitely ran out of gas. Kept hoping there was another gear but oh well. Ready to rest

  40. 1. 4:44
    3. 3 rounds 4 cleans
    4. 11:15
    5. 20:55

    I totally could have done more weight or moved way faster…. If i was fucking better. No excuses ladies be proud of your times.

  41. 1) 5:57 – ok time for me, never got really gassed, but shoulders and legs got real fatigued.

    2) 225 – Pull felt great today, but everything else felt sloppy.

    3) 4 + 3 MUs – My body just didn’t want to do this one, after the first round it got real slow. MUs were all UB and Squat Cleans were all 3-3 it was just SLOW.

    4) 10:41 – felt ok on this one, just tried not to stop moving.

    5) 27:57 – FUCK ME!!! Felt good on the runs, but that’s probably bc the HSPU Were taking me forever and a day. I think I did about 14 singles on the last round.

    M/F/S – 3/5/7 Fourth day on in a row, today was just all around brutal.

  42. 1. 5:39. Tried to go 10/30s, stayed pretty close but fell off in the 2nd half. Still a pr
    2. 165. Not too bad
    3. 2+3 cleans. Pretty happy with this considering the weight
    —4 hours rest—
    4. 14:14. First round felt great, but then the 9″ jump in our pullup bars caught up with me, I liked the monkey bar work though
    5. 19:57. Used 25’s instead of 45’s to get a little scaling. 800s felt really fast, all under 3:00, surprising considering all the other work. The hspu were rough as expected though

    m/f/s – 2/7/8…hit a 15 min ice bath last night which really helped with the soreness

  43. 1.) 5:01 (first time doing this)
    2.) 185# (195# is PR)
    3.) 3 rnds + 2 MU’s
    Class was using the pull-up rig so I did #5 next, took a short break cuz I couldn’t come back later
    5.) 25:33
    4.) 12:54

  44. Quick question to all hellions:

    Have any of you people gained weight while becoming Outlaws?

    I am 50 (5’8″ and now 189!! – I was 182 around Christmas).
    My diet has stayed about the same in terms of quality and quantity.
    I am stronger for sure, but I was surprised to see increase the scale (I haven’t checked in a month).
    For the record, I have never been a dedicated squat man, but have followed the Outlaw way prescription religiously – perhaps the squats are buling me up…

  45. 1) 5.05 on the burpees – did the first 50 in 2.02 – Both PRs, did the “try to make yourself pass out as fast as possible” thing…got 31 as fast as I could, rested for a second and went the last 69 at a moderate pace – not bad.
    2) 205lbs – tied PR, power snatched it, strong pull today…knees were bugging me today, had a rough time getting low, which brings me to….
    3) 3 rounds + 8 — Muscle-ups all unbroken, fast and easy…squat cleans, all singles, all horrible taxing/slow/hard. As stated above, knees were bugging me and brought me to pussy-land really fast…couldn’t quite sack up to this one today…

    Gonna go watch the Super bowl and try to muster up the balls to come back late night and hit these other two…50/50 on whether it’ll happen or not. Fun ass morning though.

    Also Handstand walk PR’d yesterday and Friday (46ft, 48ft, 55ft)! Been feeling much better on these, which gets me all JACKED UP….FUCK YEAH —

  46. 1) 4:30( felt really good about these)
    2) 165, 175(fail x 4, will get soon)
    3) 2rounds + 2 cleans( MU’s are getting better… Kinda)
    4) 9:24
    5) 24:43( shit show on the hspu’s)

    3/4/5( still trying to loosen up my quads from this week)

  47. 1: 7:46
    2: 235# power snatch, failed 245#2x
    3: 3 rounds +4 muscle ups=34 reps total, bar muscle ups
    4: 16:05 monkey walking was fun, never had done it before
    5: 24:07 with 45# bumpers and abmat

    great day, feeling good. quads and other squatting muscles are going to come back stronger than ever once they fully recover.

  48. Test 1:


    *Rest 10 minutes.

    Test 2:

    195#PR – Felt great today, missed 200# twice.

    *Rest 5 minutes.

    Test 3:

    3 rounds + 2 Reps – All M-U were unbroken

    *Rest AT LEAST 3 hours.

    Had to go to work so didn’t have time today to hit 4 and 5

  49. Wasn’t able to do everything today cuz of my foot.
    Test 3: did the muscle up with front squats – 7 rounds.
    Test 4: with steps ups with 40lbs instead of box jumps and 20 cals on the airdyne (1:23) instead of double unders-12:01.
    Test 5: Did the HSPU with air dyne  bike – 16:32. probably would’ve taken me longer with the run.

  50. 1) 4:41 (did these on my fists at home late Friday night, b/c I knew I couldn’t do tests 2 & 3 anyway)
    2 & 3) skipped b/c of wrist

    4-ish) 11:21 (sub’d 4, 6, and 8 bar muscle-ups for the 20, 30, and 40-ft monkey-bar run)
    5-ish) 22:50 (HSPUs on my fists… did a LOT of staring at the wall)

    M/F/S – 4/4/5

  51. 1. 9:13
    2. 155 (hang power snatch; 125 squat snatch)
    3. 3 rounds (used red band for MUs; only 155# for hang squat cleans)
    4. 15:23
    5. 15;32 (HSPUs were partial range due to wrist injury)

  52. 1) 6:51
    2)115# (tied my PR; attempted 120 and will definitely get it next time! So close!!)
    3) 2 rounds plus 2 (first round was RX with muscle ups, after that, had to go to progressions but weight on hang squat cleans was RX)
    4) 14:52 (felt good, should have pushed harder)
    5) 27:52 (shoulders shot!!!/hit muscle failure)

  53. 1) 8:52 – yeah I’m slow
    2) 185 – 10lbs under PR
    3) 3 rounds even – M/U with red rogue band

    rested 4 hours

    4) 14:15 – T2B’s took a while
    5) 27:23 – HSPU on floor – Quads cramping hard!!

    feel good considering all of the work done!

  54. Missed out on training over the entirety of the weekend, minus Friday morning.. and I was already in catch-up mode.. Did the first part of this WOD a few minutes ago, however tweaked a few things because I had Jared David, winner of the South-east region last year, as well as WODAPALOOZA, coaching me through my snatch-work.. Was a huge help, and I feel a lot better about getting down low into that squat.

    100 burpees FT- 5:35 —Didn’t take a single break, but definitely slowed down near the end.. Was exhausting, but this was still a PR of :44!!!! never did them all unbroken before today.
    10min rest

    20 minutes of snatch work w/ light weight
    5min rest

    8min AMRAP
    6 Hang-squat snatches @85
    4 Muscle-ups
    -5+2 ..muscle-ups unbroken..and only failed once on the hang-squat snatch, and went unbroken the rest.

  55. Only had time for 1-3
    1. 6:30
    2. 137 (failed at 142)
    3. 2 rounds (MU’s were pretty slow)

  56. 1. 8:09–my legs were shot, I didn’t feel out of breath. Not happy with this time.

    2.95, 105, 115 (tie PR), no 2.5 plates AGAIN, fail @ 125 4x. Again, I have been on 115 since October…something is not right here.

    3. Used 115 (no 2.5’s) but I regret not going to 125. I had to do all singles, but I don’t care. Hang cleaning anything over 100# is progress for me! Also did progressions on MU’s. Got 2 rounds + 4 HSC.

    Rested for more than 3 hours
    4. 11:55

    5. 24:30–I can’t believe I did all the HSPU. One month ago, I couldn’t do any more than four on a good day without a long rest period. Pretty excited about that. I kipped all of them. I did 10 UB on the first round!

    MFS 1/5/9–my legs were toast also my knee is starting to bother me. Still icing from basketball run-in on Tuesday.

  57. Strained pec, still bothersome, but first day I could rack a barbell

    1. 6:12 (felt slow, shoulders were limiting factor)
    2. 115 (failed 120, but also being cautious with injury)
    3. 3 rounds + 12 pull-ups (subbed pull-ups because ring dip causes major pain right now) Hang Squat cleans done as singles and challenging for me.

    Doing the rest this evening.

  58. 4. 10:30 (monkey bar runs were so fun!) Need work on shoulder stamina, fell apart on PP
    5. 19:55 (pouring rain and dark so I had to row, my rowing is worse then running)

  59. far behind but figured i would start posting…im such a “structured” type of person so i dont like to miss workouts…just been out of town and not able to program the way i would like to so playing catch up…should i just skip ahead? any thoughts on that? fuck it…here is what i did today
    1.100 burpees- 5:27…defninitely not max effort…felt like a warm up pace
    2.snatch- 115….felt easy but confidence has me stuck there…i am afraid to get under the freakin bar! drives me insane…i can high pull the damn thing up to my eye brows…then i just give up
    3. 3+3….muscle ups were a mess today…hsc unbroken
    warm up-5 rounds 5 hanging ring extensions/5 forward rolls/5 backwards rolls/10 sotts press 35#- 7:50 …
    4. 9:59….monkey bar cross…fun wod….not max effort for sure…wodding with 2 others and so we had to rest while we waited for the others to cross the bars
    5. 5 minutes after finishing..14:56…hspu are becoming my “wheelhouse?” but i was slow on the runs…which used to be my strong point!

  60. ‎6:44 ..thoughts ……..reebok CrossFit nanos suck for burpees, never had my feet cramp up doing burpees before
    Snatch 175lbs
    test 3 3rds+3 really wanted to make it back to the cleans on this one =(
    13:43 …. not as good as I hoped for but went into this cold .. so I’ll take it… ran out of time for test 5 (coaching and owner shit to do)the only one I was totally confident about …lol

  61. 1) 9:00 (24 sec pr)
    2) 135 (20 under pr. failed at 155×3)
    3) 5 rds of 4 bar muscle-ups and 6 155 lbs power cleans (185 is near my max for a squat clean. however–i have no idea why–i was unable to do one squat clean at even 135. i kept failing the rep forward, so i just decided to do power cleans and picked a weight that would challenge me but allow me to keep working–i’m a loser, i know)

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