Saturday will be a double day. If you can, please perform the work as written.

“…beating 2011 Games champion, Annie Thorisdottir, by more than one minute.”

Killer Kage’s Victor: Elisabeth Akinwale

(fuck yeah)

A note on practice practices…

Many of you put up some fairly excellent times on the 100s WOD. We all saw Ty Hanson’s amazing near death celebration, but there was something else in that video which I found incredibly intriguing. Ty had a friend, through every boring rep, as his judge.

Those who have been to camp over the last two weeks can tell you how important practicing with a judge is. Those who have EVER competed can tell you how important practicing with a judge is. Those who had tons of KB Swings taken away from them during last year’s Regionals can tell you how important practicing with a judge is.

Years ago I heard Coach say, “Tell the guy with the 2:30 Fran to come to my gym and do it, with me watching. I bet it’s more like 5 minutes.” I have found this to hold true on almost all occasions. This is why I love to see your work on video. Video is almost as good a judge for keeping standards as an actual human. You all want to show me how amazing you are at exercising, and you know if you post some slop the entire Outlaw nation will shit all over you. Peer pressure and sarcasm are a wicked combination.

If you strive to be an excellent competitive exerciser—STOP ALLOWING YOURSELF TO PERFORM BULLSHIT.

I no-repped T on at least 15 KB Swings at the TN camp. Why? Because I want her to be perfect when she practices. I want her to know what the best possible execution of the movement feels like, so she can recreate it thousands of times. If you’re going to take this seriously, then take it fucking seriously. Rope one of your friends, preferably one who is a complete asshole and doesn’t care about your feelings, into watching your boring ass workout and picking apart every single rep. Then when they tell you to repeat a rep, STFU and do it.

Or just be a pussy and throw a barbell at them.

Mike Poppa: 250 Snatch (serious FUCK YEAH)

You know what else is good about video? You can take screen shots.

Elbows locked out, smile on his face, 250 OH in a standing position, knee is a little soft, but (I checked, don’t worry) no judges there to red light the lift. I’m gonna give this one at least a hell fucking yeah, but I most certainly would have reminded him if it were A SANCTIONED WEIGHTLIFTING COMPETITION he would have needed to show a little better control. Luckily, it was just Poppa… PRing again.

WOD 120203:


*DO NOT raise percentages. Stick to EXACTLY what is written.

1) High-Bar Back Squat: 1X4 @ 75%, 1X4 @ 80%, 1X4 @ 80%, 1X4 @ 80% – rest 2-3 min. between each set.

Notes on performing the High-Bar Squat.

2a) Bench Press: 2X5 @ 75%, 2X5 @ 85% of 120120 – rest 60 sec.

2b) Front Squats: 1X5 @ 60%, 1X5 @ 65%, 2X5 @ 70% – rest 60 sec.


1a) 5X10 Reverse Hypers – medium/heavy, rest 45 sec.
1b) 5X3 TGUs (3L/3R) – heavy, rest 45 sec.

102 thoughts on “120203

  1. It’s funny that you post a big piece abut doing everything perfectly, and to hold yourself to the standard of competition then show a video of a snatch which would most likely be no rep’d at a competition for not showing control at the top.

    Just saying ……

    • What, Jason – no “first”? 😉

      I appreciate that and actually did think about it. I’m honestly so fucking proud of Poppa I just love to post his pr’s. He’s one of my original 20 and that makes 45# he’s put on his Snatch in 5 months. Yes, that lift would have gotten 3 red lights in any WL comp on earth, but I’m so stoked that he got it up I want to show off his work. You know? I’m a total proud Poppa (get it?).

      • “Video is almost as good a judge for keeping standards as an actual human. You all want to show me how amazing you are at exercising, and you know if you post some slop the entire Outlaw nation will shit all over you. Peer pressure and sarcasm are a wicked combination.

        If you strive to be an excellent competitive exerciser—STOP ALLOWING YOURSELF TO PERFORM BULLSHIT.”

        You may be proud of him, but that rep was bullshit and it’s unfortunate that you had to post it along with an awesome blog about holding yourself to high standards.

        Irony at it’s finest.

      • I was going to post some sort of snarky, condescending response, but frankly, you did a grade A job of looking like an asshole all by yourself.

      • It was 250. Two-fifty. Why rain on his parade? It wasn’t pretty, but who cares? It was freaking 250. Great job, Poppa.

    • Jason, c’mon… It’s two fuckin fiddy… With a backwards cap! That shit is impressive. Perfect no, but hardly bullshit.

    • Red light, Green light…who gives a fuck. the man snatches more than most crossfitters clean. I wouldnt dare to say anything to take away from that lift.

      straight fuckin bad ass

    • Sorry, but who the hell are you? I think you may be mistaking this blog for IGX or crossfit.com. Only good-humored snark and sarcasm is permitted here. Now run along…

      Nice work, Poppa.

  2. I have to agree with Jason. Truly impressive lift but it is unfortunate that we didn’t get to see a nice controlled finish, which would have been required of him in any legitimate competition.

  3. Amen to Rudys post about standards, I see people in the gym all the time write Rx by their name on the board but half of their reps wouldnt count in a competition. Today for example they were doing HSPU, I was watching this one guy do his HSPU. Every REP, his feel came off the top of the wall. I do record my self and I do go back and watch every second of it to make sure I was hitting the standards that would be there if I had a judge. When I have someone there with me I have them judge me and If I catch myself not hitting rep or not going full ROM I no rep myself. I dont always post my videos on here but I do post most of them on my Blog and on youtube.

  4. I think it is important to draw a distinction between sloppy movement caused by lack of discipline, attention to detail or good old cheating and the degradation of good form that occurs at the limits of your ability. Maybe I was reading between the lines but I think Rudy’s statements were aimed at the lazy/dishonest variety of ugly movement and not the inevitable sloppiness that happens when any of us push the absolute limits of what we are capable of.

  5. Thanks guys…I knew it wasn’t legit (obviously) which is half the reason why I was laughing…I finally got it up but one shoulder was not locked out..who would of thought….250lbs getting snatched soon…and then fucking 260 after that..I appreciate the help Rudy

    EA, I would appreciate it if you wouldnt talk about my weight on this blog..

    And Jason and Kim. I apologize for not sticking that lift perfect. I didn’t mean for it to upset you..I did hit a 20lb PR on my jerk right after that at 320 which was legit if that makes you to feel better. Maybe Rudy will post that so it will live up to your standards.

  6. I’m finally breaking down and getting some Oly shoes. I’d love an Outlaw’s opinion on preferences and why. I see some of you wearing different ones in different videos. (I.e. sometimes the Adidas Powerlift, then the next time appears the Reebok oly’s). Again, any help is appreciated.

    • BT, Adidas Adistars are nice (used to be 200, you can find them for 150 ish now), so are the powershots, and now the new adipowers look great. You can find them all here: http://www.dynamic-eleiko.com/

      The Nike Romaleos are of course top notch shoes with a nice big composite heel, but pricey. I think they just released the newest update to the Romaleos too.

      Rogue and Pendlay Do-wins seem to do the trick for a lot of lifters. Risto sports makes custom shoes. $100 range. Adidas also has the PowerLift Trainers in the same price range–I’m divided on these as the heel is just not very high compared to other lifting shoes.

      Frankly I didnt have $200 to blow on weightlifting shoes so I bought a pair of very simple weightlifting shoes from VS Athletics.com. They’ve held up through a year of heavy training and 3 competitions to date, all for $60. I’m about to upgrade but they were a great investment.

    • The Reebok Oly shoe is still kind of a hybrid shoe. Very flexible front, you can do double unders, box jumps, and other basic agility stuff no problem. Traditional Oly shoes typically suck for that kind of stuff.

      If you’re a real Olympic lifter, you’re not going to want the Reeboks, you’ll probably want something from Chris’ list. But if you want to do retarded shit like squat snatches and double unders in the same workout, then they’re probably your best option.

      • Yes, please point me toward the retarded, um, not so prudent (yes, that’s pc enough) exercise combinations… I guess a hybrid shoe it is. Thanks.

  7. Hey Elisabeth, remember that time you did that monkey bars workout? Do people ever bring that up in conversation?

  8. What exercises do people typically substitute if a reverse hyper machine is unavailable?

  9. Had to be up with the birds to help my box prepare for our first run competion.. WODAPALOOZA Miami. Downtown @ Bay Front Park.. Gonna be sick. If you are in the area, check it out. All day today and tomorrow. Anyways, had to go to the U’s gym, bc box is closed- only did strength & no midline..

    1) 215, 225, 225, 225

    2a) 165, 165, 185, 185
    2b) 145, 155, 175, 175

    Squats felt good and light, but bench felt heavier than last week.. Might have to do with it being 6am- but nah no excuses. Good luck to everyone competing today!

      • Hear she did awesome… was too busy setting up/building rigs/bringing massive 8ft Maverick climbing walls/judging to get to watch or take pictures of her killin’ it, but will definitely be paying attention tomorrow..Extremely solid showing by her on day one.

  10. Good job, Mike No Repoppa! 🙂 I’m looking forward to duking it out against you and T next weekend at the Boy/Girl Challenge.

    1. HBBS – 185, 200, 200, 200

    2a. Bench 105, 105, 120, 120
    2b. Front squats 135, 140, 150, 150

    1a. Reverse hyper – 135#
    1b. TGU – started with 44# KB on first set, then dropped to 35# for the rest.

  11. Rudy, I gotta work all day tomorrow and will only have time to train once. I’m off today and I’m gonna do today’s training this morning. Would u mind emailing me the first part of Saturday’s double training so I can do it this afternoon?

  12. Strength

    I don’t know my high bar squat 1RM. I estimated my HBBS at 500, based on my low bar squat 1RM (555).

    1) 375-400-400-400

    2a) 245-245-275-275.

    2b) 240-260-285-285


    1a) Performed on a GHD. first two sets done with 20# med ball. Last three sets with 45# dumbbell. First time doing this movement.

    1b) 55-55-70-70-105

  13. A) 195#, 210#
    B1) 130#, 150#
    B2) 135#, 145#, 155#
    C1) 5 x 10 Back Extensions w/ 35# plate
    C2) 5 x 3 @ 50# DB

    M/F/S: 1/7/3
    (3 hours of sleep last night…)

  14. A bit off schedule this week.

    Made up the LBBS I missed a few days ago.

    2×5@125 (put on wrong weight, so added an extra set at the correct weight)

    Front Squats 

    Rev Hyper


  15. 1) High-Bar Back Squat 135, 140, 140, 140

    2a) Bench Press 95, 95, 105, 105
    2b) Front Squats 85, 90, 95, 95

    1a) 5X10 Back Extensions w/ 35 lb plate
    1b) 5X3 TGUs (3L/3R) w/ 35 lb KB

  16. Coach, do you secretly tap in to my phone?
    Texted a friend last night: “Seriously I’m so fatigued, if I see a grueling metcon in the blog tomorrow I’m ‘calling in sick'”. Thx for this toned down day… 😉

    1) 4@267, 3*4@285
    2a) 2*5@207, 2*5@235
    2b) 5@185, 5@195, 2*5@215

    Kept a 22lbs dumbell between my feet and did it in a GHD, all sets slowed and controlled.
    TGU: 16kg, 4*24kg. All sets consecutively, but damn hasn’t done these in a LONG time. Time under tension taxed me pretty hard despite the low weight.

  17. 1) 230, 245, 245, 245
    2a) 145, 145, 165, 165
    2b) 160, 175, 185, 185

    1a) Good Mornings – 95, 115, 135, 135, 135
    1b) 45, 45, 45, 53, 60

  18. I, like others ,was very relieved for today’s workout, but sensibly fearful of what this portends for tomorrow…

    1. 175. 200, 210, 210
    2. a) 195, 195, 220, 220
    2 .b) 155, 165, 175, 175

    1.a) reverse hyper with just BW
    1.b) 45, 45, 50, 55 (dbs)

    Cranked out 200 DUs (not UB) ‘cuz I suck at ’em.

  19. Strength

    1) High-Bar Back Squat: 1X4 @ 130kg, 3X4 @ 140kg

    2a) Bench Press: 2X5 @ 90kg, 2X5 @ 102.5kg.

    2b) Front Squats: 1X5 @ 90kg, 1X5 @ 95kg, 2X5 @ 100kg

    1a) 4X10 Reverse Hypers – 20kg, 30kg, 30kg, 30kg
    1b) 4X3 TGUs (3L/3R) – 30kg DB

    MFS = 3/4/2

  20. 1.)265#, 285#, 285#, 285#

    2a.)185#, 185#, 210#, 210#
    2b.)210#, 225#, 245#, 245#

    Nothing miraculous today. Pretty standard lifting session. Looks a lot like previous posts. Im sure Sat. will be different.

    Skipped Midline today due to being a busy day at work.


  21. 1) HBBS
    355×4, 380x4x3
    Slowest set 10seconds

    2A) Bench Press
    260x5x2, 295x5x2

    2B) Front Squat
    240×5, 260×5, 280x5x2

  22. Strength
    1) 185, 200
    2a) 110, 125
    2b) 145, 155, 170

    1a) purple band
    1b) 44lbs.

    MFS – 3, 4, 6 100s workout is kicking in.

  23. Strength
    1) 130, 140, 140, 140
    2a) 83, 83, 95, 95
    2b) 90, 100, 105, 105

    1a) 50#
    1b) 12kg

    MFS: 122

  24. My view on the video and statements above: slop is when a metcon goes to crap and everything goes to shit, not when you just barely miss a heavy as shit lift. Poppa deserves all the credit for getting 250 overhead. Take a few seconds Jason and figure that out. Does a missed attempt at a heavy lift mean you should never lift again? No man, it’s a missed attempt. You figure out what went wrong and try again. But of you’re in the middle of a 10 minute metcon and your spine is about to snap to pieces so you start cheating reps, that’s when you stop becuase you’re sucking. Now stop littering this awesome site with stupid nonsense!

    1) 305, 325 (this was harder than it should have been. Body is slow to come back after rest week…um, 4 days)

    2a) 215, 225, 245, 255 (never tested this, so based it off 310 and then went a little lighter as my shoulder was tweaking a bit)
    2b) 195, 205, 230, 230 (feels REAL easy)

    1a) 25, 30, 35 (only did 3 sets, did on a GHD w/ DB’s
    1b) 65, 70, 70

  25. 1) 255 – 270 – 270 – 270

    2a) 165 – 165 – 185 – 190
    2b) 180 – 195 – 210 – 210

    1a) banded back extentions – red rogue band
    1b) 53lb kb for all sets

  26. High bar back squat – 245, 265,265,265

    Bench press – 2×5 @190, 2×5@ 215

    Front squat – 170, 185, 200, 200

    Reverse hyper – unweighted on a ghd

    Turkish get up – 53

  27. HBBS (345 max) – 260×4, 275x3x4
    BP (235 3rm) – 175x2x4, 200x2x4
    FS (300 max) – 180×5, 195×5, 210x2x5

    Rev Hyp – 135×10, 185x4x10
    No TGU. Did some shoulder mobility instead.

  28. 1)180,190,190,190 Easy
    2a)155, 175X3 Oops, I do that every time. Easy.
    2b)135,145,160 Easy
    Definitely would have gone up on everything if there wasn’t strict direction not to.
    1a)5×10 Good Mornings: 95×5
    1b)TGU: 35,44×3,53 Gave it really small Fuck Yeah after that 53. Shit got difficult.

  29. Hb BS 305, 315,315,315 easy

    Bench 230,230,265,265
    FS 215,235,265,265 felt good

    Goodmornings 5×10 135#
    Thu 5×3 all at 70#
    5’7″ 183lbs

  30. Strength
    1) 132, 141, 141, 141
    2a) 80, 80, 90, 90
    2b) 100, 108, 115, 115

    1a) 10#
    1b) 40#

  31. HBBS: 220/235/235/235
    Bench: 170/170/190/190
    FS: 145/145/155/170

    Had to do Back Ext on GHD: 25# plate
    45# Turkish Getups

  32. 1) HBBS: 117.5kg, 125, 125, 125
    2a) Bench: 80, 80, 90, 90
    2b) FS: 80, 87.5, 95, 95

    1a) Good Mornings: 60kg, 70, 70, 70, 70
    1b) TGU: 50lb, 70lb, 70lb, 35kg (77lb) (PR), 35kg

    Did GM because no reverse hyper and I suck at them. TGU started off with KB’s and didn’t want to jump to our 100lber so I switched to a barbell and did 35 kilos.

  33. 1) 265, 287×3 – these weren’t as bad as I thought they would be bc my legs are smoked

    2a) 235×2, 265(4 w/ help on 5th rep, and 2 w/ help on 3rd)
    2b) 190, 205, 221×2

    Hypers – not very heavy
    TGUs – 70# KB

  34. 1) 180, 190, 190, 190
    2a) did weighted push-ups, no bench at home. 55, 65, 70, 70
    2b) 120, 130, 140, 140

  35. Squat: 295,315#
    Bench: 205, 225, 235#
    F Squat: 190, 205, 225#

    TGU 70#
    Good Mornings: 135, 155 for the rest

  36. HBBS – 330, 355, 355, 355

    BP – 215, 215, 245, 245
    FS – 230, 250, 270, 270

    Sub’d good mornings @ 185
    Wrist started bothering me a bit at the end, so I couldn’t do many TGUs. I did some GHDs instead.

    M/F/S – 4/5/7 (feeling the 100s wod)

  37. 1) 225, 240×3
    2a) 185×2 210×2
    2b) 170, 190, 205×2

    Midline: only 2 sets of 24kg TGU and 10/14# med ball make shift reverse hypers.

    Only 4 hours sleep.

  38. 1. 173, 183×3
    2a. 105×2, 120×2
    2b. 116, 126, 136×2

    Midline: 4 sets of TGU’s at 24kg, on the last set used 45 lbs for left arm, and 5 sets of reverse hypers @ 90 lbs.

  39. Back Squat:
    1×4 @ 320
    3×4 @ 340
    Bench Press/Front Squat:
    *Used 225 for all Bench Sets
    FS were 4 @ 205; 4 @ 220; 2×4 @ 235
    Mid/Stabil: Ran out of time
    3 sets: 25# Hip Ext./70#KB for TGU’s

    Fun Workout

  40. Strength

    1) 1X4 @ 235#, 3X4 @ 250#

    2a) 2X5 @ 190#, 2X5 @ 210#

    2b) 1X5 @ 165#, 1X5 @ 180#, 2X5 @ 190#


    1a) 3X10 @ 120#

    1b) 3X3 @ 53#

  41. 1) HBBS: 280×4 / 300×4 / 300×4 / 300×4

    2a) Modified machine BP: 200×5 / 220×5 / 240×5 / 240×5
    2b) Front Squat: 190×5 / 210×5 / 225×5 / 225×5

    Midline: Can’t grip to perform reverse hypers on GHD, so instead:

    GHD w/ bands: 10 (Bl/Bk) / 10 (Bl/Bk/Rd) / 10 (Bl/Bk/Rd) / 10 (Bl/Bk/Rd) / 10 (Bl/Bk/Rd)
    GHD sit-ups: 15 / 15 / 15 / 15 / 15

  42. 1. 170, 185, 185, 185 felt SUPER heavy
    2a. 85, 85, 90, 90
    2b. 115, 125, 135, 135

    1a: 45# bar Good mornings for all sets
    1b: 45# DB for all sets except last. Used 50# for that one.

    MFS 1/7/8

  43. 1) HBBS 150kg, 160kg, 160kg, 160kg. All easy and fast

    2a) Bench did it all at 100kg, as 90 would have been really easy
    2b) FS 100kg, 110kg, 120kg, 120kg

    MFS 2/2/3

  44. 1 HBBS: 265, 285, 285, 285

    2a bench: 225, 225, 265, 265
    2b FS: 190, 205, 225, 225 i will front squat more than I can bench… soon!

    midline done, 55# kb

  45. 1. 155-170-170-170

    Displaced a few ribs on the 100’s WOD. Could not hold Front Rack with empty barbell, and was not able to bench press at all.

    Could only do reverse hypers and that hurt a lot, we went lighter

    Cannot wait to get these suckers popped back into place.

  46. 1) 230-245×3
    1a) stiff-legged dead-lifts on a box 115-115-135-135-135
    1b) 35# plate

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