WOD 120202:

Rest day.

So… Sometimes we get excited when we finish a WOD. Anything sub-20 on the 100s WOD, especially with a judge, is cause for celebration. Ty Hanson celebrated when he finished the 100s WOD today. He may, however, have celebrated just a little too hard (watch til the end):

Kevin Simons Jerked 355# today. Ho hum…

Jay Rhodes jerked 315# today (I’m giving you 2 white lights on that one, Jay). Ho hum…

Epic posted a blog over at TheEstrogenWay.com today:OC Throwdown and the Stupidity Roundup” (spoiler: It’s about how Ronnie Teasdale is the best exerciser since Matt Murski).

Seriously. Doesn’t it suck to know the whole community thinks you’re a pussy, Ronnie? Nice shorts.

Today I squatted 425 for 2 reps; then I yelled a lot. There are 3 reasons I am posting this video.

1) So you young boys know that I will always be “old man strong”, and you should never question the fact that my balls hang WAY lower than yours.

2) Because if you can’t double 425# you are a pussy, have been beaten by an old man, and clearly have no idea how to yell loud enough to squat heavy.

3) It’s my site, muthafuckas.

(None of this applies to Kevin Simons, BTW. He’s WAY stronger than me and he is an ASSHOLE.)


Oh yeah, I popped some blood vessels. Just another day at the office.


26 thoughts on “120202

  1. I already posted this on Kev’s youtube video….but first he has the weight shift out of position on the dip, sticks it, then brings THREE FORTY FIVE back down to front rack?!
    Angry gorilla is SKRONG.

    I’m almost 28 Rudy, when does this old man stuff kick in?? I want to be able to crush things with one hand.

    AND…..I gotta stand up for Ronnie Teas…..lol no i don’t. Douche.

  2. Kevin and Jay…thats fucking insane. Thats about all I have to say with that.
    Rudy, thats leading from the front right there brother.

  3. holy fucking 335 re-rack .. awesome shit …
    41 and still waiting for old man strength to kick in .. or at least to stop being a weak bitch

  4. Just realized why I suck: I don’t shake the shit out of the bar pre-lift, then yell like a maniac after! Tomorrow I am going to fucking hi-bar a god damn truck, then go punch a rhino in the face!

    being an Outlaw is fun!

    • damn, that was for Ben’s comment about Ty. I’m not Vicodin right now which means that this is the one site I should be avoiding at all costs.

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