Brandon Phillips: ONE GOAL

(Fuck yeah.)

Time to put up or shut up, kids: Register for the OPEN.


WOD 120201:

BB Gymnastics

20 minutes Split Jerk technique work.

Notes: Work on creating space under the bar. Make sure, after elevating the bar off the chest, to actively push down as quickly as possible. Notice the height of the bar when Chad is holding it in the rack position and compare that to the height it is at when he receives it overhead. This is what I mean by creating space under the bar (watch the video until the end, the lift is repeated in slow motion).



For time:

100 Pullups
100 KB Swings 24/16kg (absolutely vertical)
100 Double-Unders
100 OHS 95/65#

Notes: There is a STRICT 20 minute time limit. Do not finish this WOD if you go over 20 minutes.


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  1. If you’re short and light, and you know it. FUCK YOU. all I have to say about that

  2. Can’t wait to see results tomorrow!!!!! Someone will break the barrier. Male and female. Film it please!
    Me on the other hand will try 1/31/12 as the shoulder injection is more painful than than the f’d up tendons. I will be “a squatting ” a lot.

  3. Brandon that is awesome you are going to kill it this year and I agree that is one badass shirt! Can’t wait to see how my time compares to regionals last year!

  4. BB Gymnastics – worked up to and stayed at 155# felt good.

    Conditioning: 18:35
    Before I woke up to this blog post, I had vowed to never do this WOD again. At the 2011 regionals, I finished under the time cap. I don’t remember my time, but this was faster and felt much better. Differences: I do butterfly pull-ups now (I kipped then); I wasn’t getting no-repped on more than half of my KB swings today, as I did at Regionals. It’s 9 months later…I’m better.

    M/F/S – 2/3/7 – back is jacked up. Hello, rest day.

  5. “A lot of people went to Regionals just to party and have a good time, I actually did something”.

    One minute left on the clock to get my last 10 overhead squats (far right). Too good not to share.

  6. If you go to the games site right now, you see a bunch of Outlaws asking about where the 2011 scoreboard results are hosted.

    Fucking nerds.

    But seriously, what’s a good time on this?…

  7. No BB gymnastics today. In a big rush, so went straight to the conditioning.

    Had 12 OHS left at the time cap. I suck at high rep pull-ups. Must learn how to butterfly kip more than just 2 or 3 at a time.

    Will try to come back to work on jerk technique tonight.

    • Got back into the gym. Worked on jerk technique at sets of 3’s at 135# and 145#. Focused on not pausing at bottom of dip, staying in heels, and creating space.

      Also worked a hella ton on butterfly kips.

      M/F/S – 2/3/2 (just waiting for DOMS)

  8. bb gymnastics: worked on not dipping forward and moving the bar quicker. stayed at 95# the whole time.

    conditioning later.

    • Conditioning: had 44 OHS left at time cap

      MFS: 128 CANNOT wait for tomorrow’s much needed rest day

  9. My friend Jason Schroeder was 4th in this event in the Northeast. Also appearing in background are Orlando, Tyminski and Maleallo(sp?).

  10. split jerk- worked upto 215 for a Pr.

    conditioning: this was way beyond my skill level. Cut the reps to 50 like a puss got 14ohs squats at 95 then had to drop to 65 for the rest. 13:50 was at 8min when i got to the ohs.

  11. Conditioning:
    19:29 – Hell yeah. Shaved 5:28 off regionals.

    Epic video of final 10 reps coming later.

  12. Worked to 165 on split jerk…felt good.

    Got to 18 OHSQ on Conditioning WOD…RX. Gotta work on those OH Squats…

    Mad props to my training partner Smallz who got to 76 OHSQ. Great job.

  13. BB Gymnastics – Went to 225… testing the wrist, and it felt ok.

    — 18:5-something

    I just realized this actually was an improvement from Regionals last year, when I DNF’d by 1 rep… of course, it’s tough to be as much of a rep-nazi on yourself as they were at regionals.

    So was the cutoff 20 minutes or 25 last year?

    M/F/S – 2/5/5

  14. Just started following. Really enjoy the programming. Tough day today, especially following yesterday’s squat volume.

    Worked up to 255 on Split Jerk. Did Doubles up to 185, starting at 95. Then started hitting some singles from there. The goal was to stay fast under the bar, so I shut it down after 255. It slowed down a little.

    Conditioning: 17:30 9swings and OHS crushed me, BAD. Oh well. Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve) Good stuff.

  15. Worked my way up to 185 on Split Jerk (no trouble with jerk; difficulty is the weak clean).

    Old school pull ups in 10:40; so tired it took me until 16:02 to do 100 KB swings; then 100 Du’s by 22:40; then quit…

    One day at a a time

  16. BB

    Finally took a skill day and didnt go overboard on weight. Kept it light and worked on fast elbows with 225#.


    I got 33 reps into the OHS. Last year I destroyed my hands and didnt even get that far with the 25min cutoff. This time around I paced (a little too much), wrapped my hands due to previous blisters, and wore batting gloves. Had to toss the gloves and the wraps when I was half way through the KBS because they were destroying my grip strength. Only worked at about 70% intensity because I wanted quality reps and my “go” button is still in the shop.

    2/4/5 This is my fourth day on and my bi”s and lats havent been left alone since Mary that I did on Sunday. Pumped for a rest day.

  17. BB Gymnastics

    20 minutes Split Jerk technique work.

    Worked up through the weights thinking about getting my feet fast and in the right places. Hit a couple of lifts at 110kg and then a max for the day at 120kg just after 20 minutes had passed

    For time:
    100 Pullups
    100 KB Swings 24kg (absolutely vertical)
    100 Double-Unders
    100 OHS 42.5kg

    Finished 20 OHS – that was grippy as hell but my lats held up to the 100 better than I thought they would after getting trashed at the weekend just gone

  18. Small world. Schafer is visiting our box here in Huntsville, and Dennis Berry(super coach) from Huntsville, visited Outlaw Crossfit.

    Schafer and I are gonna train together some.

  19. Light Technique work on the Jerks

    Conditioning: 19:55 which is a 5:32 improvement from regionals last year. Nice work everyone!

  20. BB Gymn:
    Worked up to Max For Day, technique never felt this good! Cue of actively pushing down made all the difference for me, thx!
    Got 245 easy (PB 255), and got down under 265 as well, but hyper extended my back and had to let go. I’ll get it next time…

    31 OHS

    OK, no excuses for being stupid, but a late night at a karaoke bar yesterday kind of left me hanging without my highest gear today. Still faster than my 65reps I got in 25min last year at the Regional..

  21. Jerk – 195 couple times, felt solid. Went for 215 and failed 2x.

    Conditioning – 358 (58 OHS). Got to the OHS at 11 minutes, so 9 minutes of being terrible at OHS.


  22. Worked up to 170 which is a PR. Felt strong today but once I started hitting heavier weights I wasn’t dropping under it enough.

    Last year I did the whole thing in 35 minutes at my own gym and today I finished 29 OHS
    Really happy with the improvement however I really need to start butterfly kipping. I cannot get 100 pull ups in under 9 minutes no matter how hard I try. And at that point grip is destroyed. Was not very gasses just fried grip.
    Happy anyways.

  23. BB Gymnastics:
    worked up to my current PB of 105kg, failed 2 attempts.

    20 OHS

    Stupidly joined in the class last night and done Angie!!

    Weighted Muscle up catch up from yesterday – 11 @ 5kg

  24. Mashup of yesterday and today. Will be doing drags and jerk tomorrow
    BS 200, 230, 255, 270
    FS 160, 185, 195, 195

    metcon: got through 89 ohs before 20min.

    Honored to workout with Epic today. Who knew the internet added 6″

  25. Jerk: worked up to 242# for a 11# PR!!! Really need to work on getting under the bar…
    Metcon- 7 OHS in 20min… (Pullups took forever)

    M/F/S: 4/3/3

  26. Jerk technique was good. Got a little coaching on technique. Not consistently driving through heels and getting full hip extension. Need to work on this.

    Lost count on pullups, think I did 5 more than I needed to, however, finished these a full 90 seconds faster than last time I did this wod (not at regionals). The KBS took longer as when I did this the crazy standard was not there. I think all my reps were good.
    DU’s were DU’s, not unbroken, could have done better getting through them. OHS, Had about 5 min on the clock for OHS, was able to get through 60
    Had there not been a cap, I would have completed it much faster than previously, and under the fatigue of heavy squats.

  27. Wasn’t planning on going too heavy with the Jerks, but they felt good so I went with it.

    Hit 355 for a 20 LB PR!!


    18:41 – Disappointed.

    • Oh yeah MFS 2/3/4

      Arms still sore from the pull-ups in Mary on Saturday. Took me almost 4 minutes to get them done today. Record is 2:29 haha.

  28. Split technique was solid up to 205 and felt light so went for PR. Hit 225 for 10# PR. Felt light and I moved fast, but technique was shit. Wanted to work on it more but had to move on.

    Conditioning: 4OHS really disappointed in this. Had no grip strength for KB swings.

    5/5/3 Battling a head cold thing or allergies. My respiratory system is fucked right now. Otherwise I feel good.

  29. Did 100 pullups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and 100 OHS at 65lbs. 18:12. Still modifying because of my foot. I will get my leg endurance back! Sad display on the OHS.

  30. BB Gymnastics…

    Footwork was decent at lighter weights, back to my old habits of severely shorting my split. Still got some heavy weights up.

    265, 280, 295, 305f, 305 PR, 315 SO CLOSE, 315ff
    5# PR.

    Competing again this weekend so Rudy had me do the 50’s instead of the 100’s. Never done that one before, would have liked to do it but today is not the day.


    50 pullups UB, KBS were 5 x 10, tripped up a couple times on the rope then hit them UB, OHS 5 x 10.


  31. No BB just conditioning
    18:22 not RX only did 75 reps each.
    First time I’ve ever felt like a douche working out.
    The Las Vegas Sin practice at the park by my house. As I get to 20 pullups they come out on field. So now I’m doing kipping pullups while girls are playing tackle football.
    To make it worse in the middle of my DU’s one of them yells out “aren’t you supposed to take your shirt off during a Crossfit workout”


  32. Did 3 p.cleans on the min x 10 min

    Then 2 jerks on the min x 10 min to work technique

    My knee is still buggy, so I didn’t even try ohsq

    I made it through 100 pull ups, 100 kbs, and 100 dbl unders with just over 5 min left…did 100 step-ups (ya!)…finished by 21:58

  33. Split Jerk- worked up to 211 for a couple reps, missed 221
    Conditioning- finished 63 ohs, pussed out big time, felt tired all day today, looking forward to rest day tomorrow

  34. Awesome video and pointers. Really helped progress my jerk. Worked up to 195.

    Made it 23 reps into ohs. Did the first 50 pull ups strict. Straying from the butterfly in workouts.

  35. Conditioning:
    I made it through 82 reps of the OHS. After the WOD, I was annoyed I didnt finish. Paced/rested on the OHS WAAAAAAYYYYYY too much. I honestly feel I should have done it in about 19:30. Once Of my weaknesses I feel is pacing out a long WOD like this, especially when you do it alone.

    • If anyone is wondering how I got 19:30 as the time I should have finished, I did sets of 10, should have done sets of 13, would have saved me 2 sets of OHS. Those 3 extra OHS would havent of been much tougher than sets of 10.

  36. BB Gymnastics;
    Took it light on the split jerk working 185# for most of the way. Worked on pushing down under the bar, and overall speed on the drop. Also worked on getting a good grip on the bar while in the rack position and not just having a fingertip grip then transitioning on the way up.

    First time ever doing this WOD. Only got 7 reps into the OHS which was pretty disappointing. Looking forward to the much needed rest day tomorrow. Only two weeks of following this programming I have realized how much I need to work on and improve on. Signed up for the Feb 10th Training Camp and I’m fucking pumped!!!!

  37. Exhausted today. Almost fell asleep twice driving to the gym.

    Jerk: 115 felt like 155.

    Got to 63 OHS.
    Pullups took the longest. The most I did unbroken was 10. Stupid. 16kg KBS felt like 24kg. Had to break them up more times than I could count. Did last 20 UB, though. Did all 100 DU UB. 25 OHS UB then 10 and five at a time. My legs were done.

    MFS 3/9/9 still have a dead leg from yesterday’s basketball game

  38. Worked up to 165 for split jerk and just did a few sets

    DNF – got to 61 squats but when I watched the video back I only did 90 swings.

    Finished this WOD in 24:32 last year.

  39. BB Gymnastics: Worked up to 215# and it felt pretty good but still not creating enough space under the bar…..Stopped there back is still really stiff….

    Conditioning: 18:24 (Happy with this… First time to do it…. I like pull-ups, double-unders, and OHS, not so much for the kettlebell swings…My legs and shoulders are really spent now…)

    Cliff Lewis

  40. Jerks: Completed, light weight

    through 11 OHS, got to OHS’s with about 4 minutes remaining. Stopped at 19min, Damn this sore hip. Sets of ten on almost everything, should try for slightly longer sets next time, and try using a heavier rope on DU’s

    M/F/S 3/3/5

  41. Did conditioning first and finished 60 ohs. Feel like I could’a done better w/ this one but pull-ups were rough. Stopped kipping at about rep 60 because I could feel the hands starting to go. I haven’t been doing enough pull-ups, my hands are getting too soft!

    Worked on split jerk after conditioning and just stayed around 155# to work on form.

    m/f/s: 3/5/5

  42. yesterday I did a max clean and jerk and put up 210lb which is a 15lb pr. Also this last weekend I competed in a the gauntlet crossfit teen competition and got 6th. I would have done a bit better if I had a coach but 6th isn’t so bad for my first competition. After my max clean and jerk I did the open wod 11.3 and got 16 rounds+1 squat clean and last year my max was 175LBS. Thanks to Rudy and this site I am getting way better at oly lifting.

  43. Focused on back foot and pulling under the bar. Stayed light at 225.

    Only 54 OHS…never done this before, goal was 50OHS. Pull ups in 6 minutes. PR for that but I need to learn to butterfly to make any progress.

  44. practiced MU and got 2 with #20 vest then i kept practicing without it for 5 mins.

    practiced jerks. they felt money. got #185 for 5 which is PR for me. i started to understand how to create space between the bar at when landing.

    conditioning: TOUGH ON GRIP!! got 50 UB pullups. thats a PR too. finished them sub 4 min. got up 53 reps on the OHS.

  45. Split jerk 275….I didn’t warm up enough.
    I cut the conditioning in half and did 100 jump ropes instead of DUs- 17:34

    • BTW I love your programming. I am an olympic based lifter (9 years). The conditioning is taking some getting used to but I’m still trying.

  46. Bb gymnastics completed


    Got through 74 ohs. So 374 total reps. I guess this was better than my regionals experience with it. I didnt finish this wod at my regionals (south central). I only got to like 15 ohs before the 25 min. time was up. Only two females actually finished this wod in the SC. However, the conditions last year were much worse than today. I likely would have no rep’d a few swings and my hands weren’t hamburger meat. That being said, I should have finished this wod at least by 19 mins.

  47. Worked up to 287#. Tried to focus on getting under the bar, but for some reason today I was donkey kicking my back foot really bad and not putting it down fast enough and I would land on one leg and lose balance. Don’t really know what was up with that.

    Conditioning – 73 OHS, really thought I should have finished this one. Pull Ups took me 6 min, which is pretty decent for me. Pussed out on the KBS, they took me 5.5 minutes. Did the DUs in 2 sets of 50. Really pussed out on the OHS, just couldnt kick myself into gear and go.

  48. split jerk: worked up to 105, thought it was a pr but not….20 min turns into an hour very easily

    conditioning: did 50’s instead of 100’s (and yes I feel like crap for doing that) but here’s my excuse, hand is still ripped from bloody “mary” and I’m being a wimp

    16:16 not good at all, did the first three movements in about seven minutes, then the OHS murdered me, had to do sets of 5 basically, not fun, when I finished I looked like I just got out of a swimming pool, drenched, not really impressed with myself today….

  49. 1) Worked up to 225 pretty easy…that’s where my form starts breaking though so I called it there

    Conditioning: 48 ohs. Much better than I expected. Would have liked to be able to hit longer sets on the pullups and kbs but had to break them a lot. Overall felt good.


  50. 1) worked up to 275, felt easy mode, tried 295 2x and failed both, second attempt felt better, excited to have regular practice days on this oly stuff and keep on improving.

    conditioning, 30 ohs before time ran out. something worth mentioning, a week before i started the outlaw way i had just learned the butterfly kip and did 100 pull ups in 12 minutes 30 seconds. Today I finished the 100 pull-ups in 6:35. good stuff!

    PS: Nice fucking squats Rudy!

  51. BB gymnastics
    Worked technique for a bit and felt pretty good so I went for a PR and ended up with 235 which is a 10lb PR for me so. Bueno.

    Only made it to 60 OHS’s. I’m pretty damn pissed about this, I should have finished under 20. I got to overheads w/ 6 mins left. FUCK! And I had Chris shewmaker and Geof Travis as judges.


  52. One day behind because I work.

    Split jerk – got 235 easy which was a 5 lb pr. Went for 250 and failed 3 times but close.

    Conditioning – completed 70 ohs at the time cap. First time doing this workout. Took longer than I should have on the kb swings but other than that it was decent.

  53. 195 split Jerk PR by 20lbs!! 200 tried once and failed. Ran out of time and had to start the workout but 200 would have been mine!!! Next time. So pumped.

    Conditioning: 62 OHS
    At Regionals last year my hands ripped 8 times on each hand on the pullups and the KBs were ridiculous. Anyone that competed in the SE knows what I’m talking about. In 25 mins last year I got to 63 OHS. This time I paced it and went at it at about 85%. I finished the workout in sub 23. Good stuff and much improved from probably one of the worst workout experiences of my life at Regionals last year with blood streaming down my arms. Good day of training!

    MFS – 2, 3, 4

  54. Hit 185 on split 10 lbs PR. Then did 100s I did the WOD at my school gym and the pull up bars are taped causing them to be slippery from all of the sweat the soaked in couldn’t link my pull UPS together past the first ten. Used 55 lbs dumbbell for swings. Very slow on them. Ended up at 51 double unders at 20 min

  55. Did this on 2/2/12 (a day late). Lats were too torn up to complete on the prescribed day.

    Conditioning: 81 squats. I didn’t do as well as I hoped. I thought I would be able to finish it for sure. My lower back was on fire on the OHS. This was my first time with this wod so I expect to go sub 20 the next time around.

    Split Jerks – will make up at a later date.

    M/F/S – 3/3/5. Lats are still pretty damn sore from Mary on Saturday and weighted muscle ups on Tuesday. I haven’t done high rep pullups in awhile so it’s taking me quite a while to recover. Pullups felt pretty good in the wod though. I pretty much broke them up how I had planned. Complete the 100 pullups in 4 mins.

  56. Worked up to 245 split jerk

    96 reps in OHS when 20 minuets hit Pr’d by over 4 minutes.
    P.s 100 pull ups in 2:45 and added bonus no tearing of the hands.

  57. 20 minute jerk work: Worked up to 265. Went up easy, but I’m still struggling with foot position on the split.

    100’s WOD: Had a few folks watching my reps throughout but no one person judging me. Tried to be as honest as I could with reps (got no rep’d at ton at regionals last year).

    Finished in 19:50. Two jump ropes broke on me doing this so time is a bit iffy. At regionals I completed 67 OHS in the 25 minute time frame. Hell yeah!

  58. 20 Minute Jerk – Worked up to 265, not very fast today under the bar…still a huge work in progress…

    100’s – Got 52 OHS in the 20 minute cap…not sure how disappointed I should be, every overhead squat was brutal on the legs, overhead position was tight and I still would’ve finished in the 22-24 range which would’ve been a huge PR. Plus it didn’t take that much out of me / wasn’t that brutal, not near as bad as last time when it DOMINATED me. Silver lining, pretty happy with it I guess for a non-intensity totally out of my wheelhouse WoD.

  59. Only did about ten minutes of Jerk work. Worked on pushing under the bar. L Elbow is a mess and I wanted to attemt the 100’s.
    Was through 30 OHS at 18 min and had to call it quits. couldn’t Snatch the weight up without a tremendous amount of pain. Decided not to push it. Felt good up to this point a little too paced. Disappointed stopping early, but feel better about it now. Live to die another day.

  60. Working today no time for jerks just did conditioning

    Conditioning: 61 OHS

    Last year at regionals got 65? Or so OHS in the 25 min time cap. I strategized this wod better and did 30 Pullups then sets if 10. At regionals did 50 out the gate then sets if 5-10. Finished Pullups about 1 min slower then regionals but felt better on KBS. Had about 30 taken away last year to bleeding so badly I could not control bell. Du done 50/50 and ohs in sets in 10. Had a judge from regionals watch most of my KBS said they were good to go.

    Pulled something in my peck on KBS so hope I’m feeling better to do jerks tomorrow at lunch.

  61. Jerk work Worked up to 258, failed a 266 attempt just barely, just gotta make a little more space.

    40 reps OHS…. Old legs just wouldn’t move fast today… will continue to try and stop being a pussy!

  62. worked on technique up to 60kg jerk

    50 OHS – happy with everything but the pull ups

    both pretty low for me but only a few days back into training after 3 weeks off

  63. Did the split jerk technique work in sets of 4 @ 115-135-155-175-155-155-155-155-155-135.

    Conditioning: 7 rounds for time: 7 225 deadlifts and 7 L pullups (9:35)

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