No words, too tired. Ass kicking in full swing. Another great camp.

Tyler 300# Clean and Jerk:


WOD 120128:

BB Gymnastics

1) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Snatch – rest as needed.
2) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk – rest as needed.

Notes: Take as long as you’d like to warm up for these lifts, but limit yourself to ONLY 3 legit attempts. You may use any style of each lift, but try to stick to a near USAW standard.



20 minute AMRAP of:

5 HSPU (Regionals standard)
10 Pistols (5L/5R)
15 Pullups

77 thoughts on “120128

  1. Possibly one of the easiest 300 CJ’s I’ve seen….Great job Tyler! Wheres Dill’s lift? Oh wait–ya’ll are not maxing on deadlift…sorry I forget sometimes!


  2. Snatch: 165lbs
    C&J: 225lbs

    Mary: 13R (PB by 2,5 rounds!).

    Fecking hallelujah! Both lifts are 20-25lbs under my PB’s, but still best numbers since before my crasch 2 months ago. Technique rusty, who cares!

    Mary, omg. Was aiming to get 7 rounds first 10mins to hopefully get 12 in the end. Had 7 after 11mins and then all of a sudden the engine kicked in and I just kept on going. Extremly satisfied,.this has never been a characteristic of mine..

  3. Mary kicked my butt….
    20 min amrap
    5 hspu (I used skinny 10# plates w ab mat for first 4 rnds then had to take plates away)
    10 pistols (love these)
    15 pullups (kipped)

    8 rounds plus 5 hspu
    Loved this one, but it was harder than I thought it would be especially after ripping my hands and having to hang from my fingers for the pullups…eek!
    Snatch and C & J tomorrow when my coach is back in town 🙂

    • Girrrl, Mary would’ve kicked my bootay on this one too. Everyone PR’d on Mary at Paragon which was pretty awesome to watch. Still on the sideline watching but at least I’m killing some strict pullups and pushups. lol

      • nice on the pullups and pushups glissel! do what you can until you can do it all 🙂 you’ll be back in to time!

  4. Snatch: 130PR, 135PR, 140F…think I could have got this if I tried again
    Clean and Jerk: felt pretty heavy in warm up165F, 165PR tie, 170F

    Mary: first time ever as rx’d 10 rounds, 2 pull ups…really happy with it

  5. No lifts today. Hopefully I won’t be too fatigued tomorrow, so I can try them then.

    Mary was 7 full, plus 5 HSPU, 10 pistols and 12 pull ups. I really think I could have gotten 10 had my back not been hurting so bad.

  6. Weights in KG
    68 f, f, f

    Really dissapointed with snatches today, kept loosing the bar to the front. Dont think i was finishing the 2nd pull and bumping the bar forward off my legs.

    Clean & Jerk
    100 f, f*, f*

    Dissapointed with this also, cleans felt nice and sharpe up to the 1st 100. Failed this clean becasue i pulled to early with my back (which is fried from yesterday). Other 2 fails were on the jerk.

    Just one of those days i guess, not going to read in to it to much.

    9 Rds + 18 reps

    Aim was 10 rounds and i was on target to achive this until i tore my hand in round 5. Everyting unbroken up to this point, then i had to perform the pull ups on my finger tips of my right hand which made completing more than 6 at a time difficult.

  7. Back is really tight from yesterday so practiced the lifts at lighter weights for about 20minutes. None close to my real 1rms

    Mary: 13 rounds + hspu + pistols

    I wonder how Epic did on this…

  8. Having some issues with my wrist so couldn’t go over head
    Clean – 245-255-265(X)

    Conditioning 11 rounds

  9. Snatch – worked up to 135. I’m not getting my hips open enough so focused on technique. 145 would be PR
    C&J – worked up to 165 and it felt so fast and light. 180 would be PR.
    Not feeling any PRs today, just fatigued and got little sleep last night because I was traveling. I need/will PR soon.

    Conditioning: 15 Rounds + 1 HSPU. Wheelhouse. Really didn’t even move fast on it just stayed consistent at about 85 – 90%. 17+ rounds is achievable.

    MFS – 3, 5, 3

  10. Snatch
    205(miss)-205-215(miss)-PB is 210

    Clean and Jerk
    245-255-265(Pr 20lbs!). Felt great Could have kept going up but ran out of attempts. Prob had 5-10lbs more in me.

    No Time.

  11. Snatch=no bueno. This is getting really old. 105, 115 (tie PR), 125 Fail x2. We didn’t have 2.5’s so I had to make the jump. I know I was only supposed to do it three times. I couldn’t help myself. I don’t feel that it’s normal to be stuck at a PR for 4 months.

    C&J–135, 145 (tie PR), 155 (PR) Easy. I think I could have gone for 160/165. I used the hook grip like a big girl and it really helped me keep the bar in my palm when I rack it. I felt really strong today, despite my fatigued thighs. The clean is the easy part. It’s the jerk that keeps my number so low.

    I’ve never been able to do HSPU to regionals standards. Before doing the Outlaw Way, I’d only done one WOD (in a competition) with an abmat only (no plates). Today makes two that I’ve done as rx since starting Outlaw four weeks ago. No plates, no abmats. I just used a cushion exercise mat today (laid out flat) so I wouldn’t bust my head open. Today I got 6 rounds and 2 HSPU. I was a slacker on the first two or three rounds of pullups and took too many “chalk breaks” and whatever else I could do to be lazy. I can’t seem to motivate myself to go harder–which is unacceptable. I didn’t start failing on HSPU until round 5. Of course, I had to kip ALL of them. But, I’m pretty happy to make some progress.

    Does anyone else train Saturday mornings after training Friday evening? What are your thoughts on fatigue and soreness affecting your Saturday training session.

    MFS 2/5/5

  12. I’ve missed yesterday and today because of travel. I’m in downtown Atlanta at a dance competition, so I’ve been doing Hyatt fitness make shit up wod’s! I HATE FITNESS CENTERS!

    Anyway I’m sure my body likes the break.
    Great job Tyler!

  13. Glissel, you are a true and committed team mate. It’s great having you at the gym with us cheering us on, keeping our reps legit and doing what you can to keep yourself strong. Hang tight, you’re gonna be better in no time!

  14. Wanted to do the conditioning so only had time for Snatch

    180, 190(f), 190(f), just missing… would have been a 5 lb PR

    1st time to attempt this WOD, got 13 rounds plus 8 pistols. Kept a steady pace, all HSPU’s unbroken, butterfly form getting better. Happy with that score, really hope I counted correctly

  15. I really struggle with the catch on the snatch and C+J, so worked everything from hang.

    Hang Squat Snatch- In warm up matched previous PR of 135. Failed all attempts at 140.- all just forward slightly
    Hang Squat Clean and jerk- 195, 200 (PR), 205 (f)

    Mary- HSPU hurt my shoulder on the way down. Not sure why. From a box, the pike is too easy. Think it is a loading issue with shoulder joint.Getting it worked on with massage, so substituted 50lb DB Strict Press for HSPU, as it does not bother it.

    9 rounds complete.

  16. Snatch – 175# (power snatch) PR, 180# (f) x 2
    C & J – 198#, 218# (f) x 2
    Mary: 8 rounds + 8 pull-ups (pistols to 18″ box)

    M/F/S: 2/5/3

    *Note: I really need to work on pulling under the bar, accidentaly power snatched the 175… Power clean is 10# higher than front squat

  17. Snatch – 155, 165 (f). Really trying to focus on bar path after Wed. Didn’t realize how far out I was with the bar
    C&J – 210, 220, 225 (f, jerk). Felt pretty good

    Conditioning – 10 rds. HSPU to abmat, otherwise good, paced well. Started getting that “gonna rip” feeling after rd 4 so I broke up pullups a lot from then on

  18. Snarch: Tied with my old snatch PR tonight of 125. Not a PR, but I’ve been mind screwing myself for the past 8 months or so and haven’t been able to get past 115, so I’ll take it. Failed 130 twice, but I’m close. Will get it soon.

    C&J: Hit my current PR of 165 w/out a problem. Jumped up to 180. Attempted twice. Clean felt solid and quick, but missed the jerk. Gotta drop a little lower. Getting it soon.

    Going back for “Mary” tomorrow. Had to get home and get ready for my Sat night festivities. Good evening of lifting.

    • Conditioning: Never done mary before. 9 + 25. Dang it. 5 short of my goal of 10. High rep pull-ups are still a weakness, but they are definitely getting better. HSPUs were solid and so were my pistols.

  19. Made up strength from yesterday….
    Then just worked on HSPU and pistols, just felt like shit today….

    10/10/10/ m/f/s

  20. First competition since the Games, first individual comp since June! (and first competition since my back injury…)

    Good test, most of the top Regional guys there.

    Event 1
    6 minute time cap:

    15 Full Cleans 205#/135#
    30 Box Jumps 40″/30″

    Partition reps in any way necessary.

    2nd place – 3:49 – I chose 5-4-3-2-1 and 10-8-6-4-2. (first place was 3:39)

    Event 2
    3 Rounds for time of:
    5 Thrusters 165#/115#
    20 Burpees
    100 Double Unders

    2nd place – 8:38 (first place was 8:35)

    Thrusters UB, paced the burpees bigtime, Doubles UB, 65-35, UB

    Event 3
    AMRAP 7 min
    50 foot plate cary 45,45,25 (stacked, 25ft turnaround, must set plates down at end of each rep)

    5th place – 23 reps (first was 26 reps)
    Was pretty worried about this one….didn’t want to blow my back out picking up those plates. Watched it happen to a ton of people in the heats before me.

    Event 4 – FINAL
    Amrap 12
    1 bar muscle up, 2 … 3…
    1 deficit hspu, 2… 3…
    Each round begins with 20 air squats
    1 rope climb

    1st place – 6 rounds plus 6 bar MU (2nd place was 5 rounds + 2 HSPU)

    Ended up tied for second on points, got second overall on the tiebreaker
    (He was first on Events 1 & 3, I only had 1 first)

    Great day overall. Happy with where things are at and to get a good test in against good competition.

  21. bb gymnastics
    snatch: 115, 120 (f), 120 (f)
    clean & jerk: 135, 145 (f), 145 (f)


    Will do Mary tomorrow. Had to coach and work all day

  22. BBG:
    Snatch – 210F, 210F, 205F. Not a good day here. Hit a solid 195. I need to put in some extra technique work on my snatch.

    C&J – 245, 260, 270, 280F. Good day here. I’ve missed 270 the last two times we have went for a 1RM C&J. Hit it pretty solid today. Looking to hit 280 soon.

    14 rds + 4 HSPU. First time with Mary. Felt good throughout. Hands started tearing up around round 10-11 causing me to break up the pullups more than i wanted. Happy with the score though.

  23. Snatch – 205# still can’t get more than that. I’m saying totally mental. Felt great going up, just couldn’t press up on the bar enough in the bottom position. Frustrating.

    C+J – 280# (5#pr) happy with this. Power clean was a little sloppy today. Jerk felt fast and awesome. Still need to work on my back foot turning in.

    Mary with pistols to a bench below parallel.
    10 rounds.

  24. 3 PRs IN ONE DAY!

    Snatch – 185 PR
    Finally! This is a big number for me and goal that I’ve wanted to achieve for a while. Feels great! Wasn’t perfect but it counts.

    Clean and Jerk – 245 PR
    I’ve done this weight individually for both lifts, but never as one entity so it’s a PR!

    Mary – 13 rounds plus 7 reps. RX.

    Recorded it, but doubt anyone wants to watch a 20 min video of three movements.
    HSPU felt amazing. All sets unbroken with a solid and fast kip. Pistols were fluid but my right knee hurt and started to feel the burn in the quads. Pullups almost all UB butterfly.
    Good skill/endurance WOD.

  25. Snatch- 160# split snatch, 5# pr…thx again to Rudy for suggesting the split!
    C&j- cleaned 215, missed the jerk
    Mary- 11 rounds + 4 pull ups, hspu and pu were all unbroken, pistols were limiting factor, had several misses on left leg

  26. Snatch: 210-Missed 220 twice

    C&J: Missed all three 275-270-280

    Really need some coaching or I don’t think these numbers are going anywhere, as I haven’t even been able to hit my pr’s since the 2nd week of starting the programming 3 weeks ago.

    WOD: 15 Rounds + 1 Pistol

    Mary was good except for hands starting to tear last several rounds and having to break up pullups more than needed to. Lats were gone the last several rounds as well.

  27. Snatch: PR 150

    145 (first heavy successful squat snatch), 150 X, 150 X, 150 X

    Video of 145 squat Snatch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nn6fKVr2YM&feature=youtu.be
    -Still have a problem with knees caving in, and just couldn’t commit to 150- legs just went wild and wide, and couldn’t get under the bar.

    C&J: PR 200

    195, 205, 210 X, 210****PR!!!
    PR C&J: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqsDQE2DJWU&feature=youtu.be

    Scary (scaled Mary) =12+1

    -scaled the pistols..had to hold onto the squat rack
    Hspu’s were UB, pullups were except for last 2 rounds

  28. That gym looks oddly farmiliar..
    Nice work man! Still got work to do though. I’m surprised you were able to keep that jerk because of how far in front of you it was. Reallllly need to focus on moving a little quicker under that bar, getting your head through, and finishing with bar directly overhead. Keep it up!

  29. Snatch: 138, Failed at 143
    C & J: 165, Failed at 173

    9 rounds

    *I’ll be taking a few days off next week, going skiing in Colorado!! Can’t wait!! 🙂

  30. BB Gym-nasty:

    1) 225# snatch
    2) 275# c&j… my overhead situation needs a LOT of improvement

    2a) tried to clean 300#… failed but I know I can get it…

    6+1 rounds. Only 10 minutes.

    Due to time constraints, only did 10 rounds of “Mary”. Only second time doing pistols in a wod. First time doing Mary. After the heavy pulling in the cleans, the pull-ups once again went out the window quickly.

    My daughters join in somewhere in the middle of the video.

  31. Wrist is getting better, but not risking it on heavy overhead oly stuff yet.

    Pulled some heavy deads instead, just to get the blood flowing. I got up to 505# and stopped.

    — 12 rds + 2 HSPUs (hspu’s were on my fists… not fun. Shoulda done paralletes again).

    M/F/S – 3/5/2

  32. Did Clean and Jerk work today Reps of 205 as smooth as possible, working speed and foot work. No time for snatch.

    Conditioning “Mindy” 5 strict pull ups, 10 push ups, 10 pistols 14 rounds +1 pull up

    Still battling shoulder injury, unable to do hspu, and this was my first time doing high rep push ups in almost 8 months with another shoulder injury.

    on another note, 485# Deadlift- 20# PR 385# Backsquat (high bar) 25#PR

  33. BB craptastics

    Current snatch pr: 225#
    Today: 220f, 225f, 230f ..ha, caught them all the same and then dropped it…fml

    Current C&J pr: 275#
    Today: 265#, terribly slow on the jerk. Pretty much push pressed it like a boss!, 275#failed getting into the rack smoothly off the clean, 280f (same exact thing that happened on 275#)


    12 Rounds exactly, had to race on the PU’s just to get that last round in.

    Eff today.

  34. Competed in Frostfit hosted at Crossfit Winnipeg. A couple really tough guys there.

    3 Stations: 3 min AMRAP at each station + 30 sec rest between stations
    STATION A: Pulling Challenge
    10 Chest to Bar Pullups
    1 Rope Ascents 20ft
    5 L-Pullups
    1 Rope Ascent 20ft no legs

    STATION B: Skipping Challenge
    Advanced (Men & Women):
    75 Singles
    50 Double Unders
    25 Crossovers

    STATION C: Kettlebell Challenge
    (1 Turkish Get-Up + 6 Snatches per side + Controlled Turkish “Get-Down”) at each weight before moving on to the next weight.
    55, 65, 75

    Placing: 9th. Did Horrible on the Skipping challenge with crossovers. Pulling I did well on and KB’s all felt pretty light.

    2 Stations – 5 minutes at each station, 1 min rest between stations
    STATION A: Max Overhead Squat With a Twist
    5 min to build to a 1 rep max overhead squat with barbell starting on the floor, no rack.
    STATION B: Pick Your Poison
    5 min AMRAP Barbell Thruster for max lbs lifted (3 available thruster weights to use, 75, 115, 155).

    Placing: Tied 3rd for OHS and got 6th on thrusters (scored as 2 events). Bit of a twist is right. I used a lift called the Steinborn lift (look it up) to get the barbell on my back for the OHS. Most guys were limited by how much they could C&J and transfer onto their back. Definitely just trying to play smart here.

    EVENT #3 – “3 miles, barefoot, in the snow, uphill, both ways V2.0”
    For Time (12 minute cap):
    15 Ring Dips
    30 Toes to Bar
    15 Ring Dips
    15 Box Jumps (30”)
    3 Laps OH Plate Walking Lunge (45#)
    15 Box Jumps (30”)
    15 Power Cleans (155#)
    30 Short Shuttle Runs
    15 Power Cleans (155#)

    Placing: 3rd. One of only 3 guys to finish this workout in the time cap. This placing gave me enough to edge out 4th place and make it to the last workout which was reserved for the top 4 men and women.

    EVENT #4 – Chipper: “Everything but the Kitchen Sink”
    For Time (13 minute cap):
    40 Double Unders
    30 GHD’s
    20 Hang Squat Snatch (95#)
    10 Pistols
    10 Muscle Ups
    20 Clapping Pushups
    30 Deadlifts (225#)
    40 Kettlebell Swings (55#)

    Placing: 3rd. This gave me the edge I needed to squeek up and into 3rd. All in all an awesome weekend. Was just fun to be able to compete against guys like Tyson Takasaki (1st), Matthew Bathgate (2nd), and Nick Massie (4th). Yes, I was battling it out with THAT Nick Massie from the journal cooking videos.

    Overall took 3rd.

    • Arrrrg. I hate my phone.

      Did anyone else get a headache after this. About 5 min after I finished I was on the floor with a massive headache. Last time I had a headache like this was a few years ago after running a bunch of sprints.

  35. Snatch hit 245 today

    Clean and Jerk hit 308

    Mary *first time trying it

    14 rds+6 pullups

    should have got 15+ rds, have a shoulder issue going on since last Sunday. Good day though in the gym.

  36. snatch 1rm- 181.5pr, 186.5fail, 186.5fail
    this is my 4th week on the outlaw way, snatch is up 21lbs so far. im pretty excited about it

    gym closed on me as i was finishing

    came back later and did conditioning (subbed box jumps for pistols)
    8 rounds + 1 hspu
    gotta work on pistols, pullups were the limiting factor

  37. 1-28-2012–Powerlifting Meet (Raw) Today: Won 1st Place in the Masters/220# Division
    (Squat 505/Bench Press 325/Deadlift 555)

    1-29-2012–Mobility Work and Gym WOD of 1000m row, 100 push ups, 10 squat snatches @ 135#–10:02

    Back to Outlaw Programming first thing in the morning.

  38. Thought I posted this yesterday.. guess it didn’t go through.

    Snatch 245
    Tied PR

    Clean and Jerk 325
    Un-PR by 10lbs. Legs were shot after the snatches.

    10 rounds in about 11.5 minutes then I was about to get some fat rips on both hands so I ended it early and spent the next 8 minutes on my new AirDyne bike. Way harder cardiovascularly than Mary.

  39. Snatch: 175 (matches PR)
    C&J: back wasn’t feeling it today.

    “Mary”: 14 rds +15 reps (PR). Mary felt great today. Unbroken pull ups through round 11.

  40. Snatch: 100kg (equals PR), 105kg (failx2)
    C&J:110kg, 120kg fail x 2 should be putting alot more weight up than this, needs work

    Mary: 10rnds +3pistols PR by at least a round. Would have got at least another round out if my hands hadn’t ripped around round 5. Everything felt easy and fast. Good day!

    MFS 1/2/2

  41. Had to break up today a little bit:

    Sunday was 1RM Snatch — worked up to 190lbs, failed at 195 at 15 minutes, failing to hit extension.
    then had a few local competitors come in who have been dominating local comps — Our WoD was:
    12 Min AmRap of:
    300m Row
    410lb Farmers Carries (60ft)
    20 KB Snatches (70lbs 10R/10L)
    Farmer Carries back to the rowers (60ft)
    Total was almost 5 rounds — Beat the competition pretty easily.

    Then today I made up the C&J and hit some pistols as kind of active recovery — but Cleans felt so good I ended up PR’ing:
    C&J – 185 x 2, 215 x 2, 240, 250, 260, 270 (Cleaned 3 times, no misses Failed each jerk)
    then cleaned 280 first try, and failed at 290! Felt awesome PR on the 280!

    Back up to speed on the program tomorrow!

  42. Snatch – worked mechanics @ 165, as I am having trouble keep the weight back anywhere near body weight. Actually made a lot of progress so pretty happy even though I didn’t go heavy

    C&J 235-245(F)-255(F) 15lb unPR

    Mary- 10+6 huge break through on pistols 5 rounds in!!! can’t wait for pistols to come up again!

  43. Guess I forgot to post this.

    Skipped BB Gym to save the wrist.
    — 12 rounds w/ the HSPUs on my fists flat on the ground. Hate that.

    M/F/S – 5/5/4

  44. Snatch: 115-125 (PR) skipped last attempt as i wanted to end on a good lift. Never thought I’d get a bodyweght snatch, let alone 10lbs over BW.

    Clean and Jerk: 145-150-165 (clean, missed jerk) 160 is old PR

    Did Mary two weeks ago and got 13 rounds. My hands just healed up after all the tears. Did tomorrows Conditioning, results posted there.

  45. snatch-155 (10 lbs pr)
    clean and jerk-185 (20 lbs under pr), 205 (cleaned it and failed the jerk twice)

    mary-7 rounds + 4 pistols

    the last time i did mary i had to hold on to a pole to do the pistols. this was my first time to actually do them the right way during a wod–and i have spent zero time practicing them between this mary and the last. literally, the last time i attempted a pistol i had to hold on to a pole. fast forward and i did 74 unassisted. pretty happy about that.

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