WOD 120126:

Rest Day

Tonight you get videos.

When we say that the TN Training Camp was great, we weren’t kidding. Watch:

Tell you the truth; I wanted to write something tonight, but I just ate a whole pizza and I’m bordering on passing out at any moment. Speaking of living the paleo lifestyle…

Ladies and gentleman, the longest video of all time (in which I pretty much explain everything having to do with this site, our programming, and quantum physics):

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  1. Yeah BenO! nice interview!! So stoked about the programming, and even more about the Naples camp!! Can’t wait….Rudy: I may have you on a slight pedastle, but you’re changing my world with your programming, so yes, you are kind of like my superhero 🙂

  2. Coach,

    Having been a “strength and conditioning” coach (and now actually teaching a course called, Strength and Conditioning, to Grade 11/12 students) for the past 25 years, I can assure you that your thinking has the full attention of many wishing to maximize their potential. We all have different starting points, but your programming is effecting tangible (measurable) progress across the spectrum.

    A Steely Dan fan myself, I still understand the Bon Jovi deal.

    My athletes are becoming hooked into this parliament of owls.

    Lay on, Macduff!

  3. I trained Oly lifting for a while with the local weightlifting team and came to the same conclusion you did about a year ago when I made more progress in 3 months than I had in a year. I just never knew how to work them in without burning myself out which happened a couple times.
    Focusing on Oly lifts = destruction. Thank you for this template.

  4. Hi Coach!

    I have a local competition coming up on the 11th of Feb (The Fittest in Cape Town) and have a plan I would like some input on:

    The movement standards are already known and it will be no “high skill” movements such as MU’s, HSPU etc.
    Ground to hip, shoulder and over head, burpees, box jumps, walking lunges, double unders will be the main base, with probably some running and maybe swimming, more a “pure work capacity” competition than anything else.

    My plan is to follow the outlaw program until the last week, then taper off by doing lower percentage lifts for speed and build short and explosive intervals, with long rest in between rounds, around these exercises to avoid latic acid build up.

    Also, I will probably take the week after the competition completely off to hopefully let my injuries heal once and for all…

    Any thoughts or other recommendations? 🙂



    • Chris,
      This is what I did the week of the Superfit Games and it worked pretty well. Did the regular workouts Mon-Wed. Took Thursday off and Friday I came in and did 15 min of light barbell work. Snatch practice at 135 and then 10 min C&J practice at 155. Then i did a short METCON. 3 rds of 15 KBS (24kg) and 30 DUs. Took a whole 2:30 at about 95%. Juts something to get the blood flowing the lungs burning a little.

      Took 2 days off after the comp. Bets bet is to get right back on it and work out the soreness. Juts tone down the intensity if need be.

      • Thx amigo, good advice!
        Prob need longer break after comp just to sort out a line of injuries that is bugging me but otherwise I agree to getting up in the saddle asap again!

  5. I know BTC 1.2 was a couple days ago but I thought I’d post this any. Based on the first couple of rounds I didn’t think I could complete the task. Turns out I missed to jerks in the first 5 min but for some reason it got easier as the rounds went on. Still, I was disappointed I didn’t beat the coach. BUT, then I thought, “F*ck that!” I’m old, I’m decrepit and I give up about 30 lbs to the badass coach in question, Mr. BP. In that light two missed jerks ain’t that bad.

    Again, really looking forward to the Alexandria camp. Thanks for the videos and all the explanation Rudy (et. al.).

  6. Good stuff, Rudy. I like learning the method behind the madness. I think everyone who is a trainer that follows your programming will agree that it has made them not only a better athlete, but a better coach.

    See you and your bottle of Jameson in Naples!

  7. I enjoyed the videos, and the programming has been kick ass. I still suck at oly movements, but am getting stronger in them. If only there would be a camp in the northeast.

  8. Good interview! Trying to make it to a training camp it sounds definitely worth it.

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