BP got beat by a girl (I did too, but don’t tell anyone):

The response to this BTC challenge has been pretty ridiculous. Kevin Simons is evidently trying to build an Outlaw clothing store, and I don’t know if we have anything big enough to fit Zach Brodis (I am, however, gonna give that beard a solid FUCK YEAH). Luckily Talayna sorta counts as a coach now—wait til you see her challenge—so I don’t have to give her free stuff any more.

Great job, kids. Keep them coming.

WOD 120125:

BB Gymnastics

20 minutes Snatch technique work.

Notes: Concentrate on bar path today. Make sure the bar just glances or slides off the pelvis as you pull past the pockets. It should not bounce off the pelvis (or thighs) and change the upward arc of the bar. A slight change of vertical trajectory is acceptable and necessary, but a greater deviation will slow bar speed and make the lifter have to jump forward to receive the bar.


10 minute AMRAP of:

30 Double-Unders
15 Power Snatches 75/55#

Notes: Yes, this is 11.1.


10 minutes Handstand Walk technique work.


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  1. Last year in the open they allowed a clean+Jerk instead of a power snatch in this WOD. That saying, do you want us to specifically do the power Snatch and not just a ground to Overhead?

  2. Gotta continue the trend to let all the Outlaws know, IF YOU CAN MAKE IT TO A CAMP, GO!!!
    I had an awesome fucking time at the training camp in Murfreesboro, so glad that Rudy, Laura, Elisabeth, Poppa, Talayna, and Jeff could come. If Poppa didn’t make it clear with his previous posts, RUDY IS A MUTHA FUCKIN GENIUS. There is no one out there that knows more about being a crossfit competitor and knowing how to achieve your goals as a crossfitter than that man. I had so much fun this weekend, and learned A LOT, wish I could make it to every training camp. Like everybody else that has posted about the camp, I could go on and on about how awesome it was, but there aren’t enough words.

    Wish I could have done the BTC Challenge today, but I had to go out of town for work, BP will have to wait for tomorrow for yet another person to beat him.

    On another note, are there any Outlaws that live in Austin, TX. Going to be there Friday and Saturday and looking for somewhere to WOD.

    • Had a great time going up against the great LGA. Always awesome to watch how taller athletes negotiate WoDs — you are a beast man, I think your team should be favorites in the region this year. I’ll see you for sure in May, if not sooner. The camp was a huge success and I echo Kyle, Mike, T and EA’s sentiments. Great atmosphere, badass coaching, sweet beard-age, the best people and more…hope to make it to more if I can.

  3. Can I just say that the young girl in the video (white t-shirt) caught my eye. At one moment she just stops and watches the amazing lady beside her. I love Crossfit and the idea that we are all a community. Advanced, elite or beginner,

    • Her name is Caitlyn, she is 10 and one of the fastest learners I’ve ever coached!! Taught her to clean and jerk in about 10 seconds!

  4. Love it man our beards are fucking epic! And I used to be a hell of a lot bigger, played offensive line in college @280# now i’m 230# moving better, and wayyyyyy stronger.

    Yay for 11.1, gonna crush my old score!

  5. Nice job, Lauren and T!

    Snatch practice – worked up to 120#. feel like I’m cleaning up some of my bigger faults. good session.

    Conditioning – Open WOD 11.1 (I did all of the Open WODs only once last year, vowing to never do them again!)

    Today, I got 7 rounds + 33 reps (348 reps).

    Last year, I scored 336. So, an improvement, even though I got tripped up on my double unders a lot today and going at it alone, I never get to that “dark place” you go in competition.

    Skill –
    I’m getting so much better at this. Each attempt, I walked at least 30 feet.

  6. Snatch technique: stayed really light today. Worked sets of 3’s at 95

    Last year – 285 (6 + 15)
    Today – 323 (6 + 41)
    Bummed I was so close to 7 and missed it, but happy about the progress. Crazy thing is still feel a little out of “metcon shape”.

    Definitely seeing improvement on handstand walks.

  7. Snatch Work:
    I always bounce the bar of my upper thighs. Need to stop. Worked up to 165, all good bar paths before that but once I hit 165 started to bounce again. Need to work reps with lighter weight.

    5rds and 10 psnatch (more than a round off last year, which was not good to begin with)

    Handstandwalk – practiced staying hollow.

    7/8/6 …. feel brutal. Craving a rest day.

  8. Snatch work: 5×3 hang power snatch got to 85#…started jumping feet wide.

    CONDITIONING: 5+34 last year I didnt have linked double unders and got 4+33.

    I had 3 rounds unbroken double unders today! yaaayyyy!

    skill: later


  9. Back issue kept me out all of last week and a little prior

    Snatch Work:
    Worked up to a few reps at 125#. Don’t think I’m dropping my legs out wide enough, shoulders are compensating, and I’m losing it either forward or back.

    I did way better on this WOD last year….I still feel like my conditioning is worse than it was. Only 5+30 today

    HS Walks…worked more on HS holds and keeping hollow (big issue)

  10. Snatch Practice – worked up to 140 and just did a few reps

    11.1 – 6 even – worse than I did in the open –

    My shoulders were junk from the last few days so I knew going into it I wasn’t gonna beat it.

    Still a great workout but I hated every second of it.

  11. Worked up to 95#. Having a hard time loading early. So, I stayed at 95# and worked on keeping my heels down.

    5 full rounds, 30 dus, and 8 ps. I did way better last year. I’m super sore and tired.

    Did some shoulder touches and free standing handstands. I’m improving.


  12. BB Gymnastics
    20 minutes Snatch technique work.
    Highlights included a snappy 75kg power snatch and a crisp 70kg snatch / hang snatch

    10 minute AMRAP of:
    30 Double-Unders
    10 Power Snatches 35kg (absolute brain fart whilst trying to read at 0600 meant I wrote 10 snatches on the whiteboard – damn my eyes!! Must learn to read!!)

    6 rounds + 7 snatches

    10 minutes Handstand Walk technique work

    Max metres rowed in 90 seconds = 501m PB (average 1:29.7/500m)
    Thrilled to finally crack the magical 500 barrier, still can’t read though

  13. Snatch Tech:
    Everything from the hang to work on bar path, heaviest I got was 115#.

    6 rounds + 10 snatches: 310 reps

    Almost a full round worse than in the Open last year, I got 350 reps. I just ran out of time. Engine was there but my double unders were absolutely terrible. Did not go 1 round unbroken on double unders. Know I can do a lot better than this.


    • Went back tonight and re-did this bc I was so pissed (dumbass, I know) and got 7 rounds + 4 snatches: 349 reps.

  14. Snatch work felt good. Worked to 135

    11.1 Last year= 6+22 Today= 6+34 PR

    I’ll agree with Mike and ATD about feeling “out of metcon” shape BUT I know it’s all part of the Jedi master plan. Thanks Rudy.

    Oh, handstand walks strong…60 to 80 feet per x 4.

  15. Snatch, worked to 135 but mostly focused on technique at 125.

    Metcon – Fuck 11.1, I did it 3 times last year (yeah, I was one of those). Didn’t want to push the achilles (yesterday’s lateral jumps) so I did 3 rounds of the couplet @ 3:42.

    Skill – did it, still terrible.


  16. Snatch work is coming along. Worked with 135.

    4 rounds plus 2. (subbed 100 singles for DU’s) Not consistent enough yet with D/U’s

    Shoulder touch practice

    M/F/S – 5/5/6

  17. Dominated by food poisoning, might do this Saturday. Got really excited last night when this came up because I was learning double unders during 11.1 last year.

  18. Worked up to 115 for snatches…felt good – think bar path is usually pretty good, I can get under the bar usually just tend to fail because I catch it with shoulders too open or closed. Felt good today though.

    6 rounds even for 11.1- PR from last year but I felt as if I was pacing because I remember how bad I hated this last year. Happy with my DU though.

    Skill completed although not very pretty!

  19. snatch practice:

    Played around with 145-185. Felt pretty good with technique. Got hard headed and decided to go up and make sure last weekend’s PR wasnt a fluke. Last clean lift was at 215#, went to 225# and caught it about 4 times but it wasnt perfect so I let it go. Bumped up to 230# for the hell of it. Got it high enough but not enough to catch cleanly.
    Also went 15 mins over the 20 min mark.


    5 rnds + 25 DU’s.

    Did this at work and didnt give a shit about pushing. Need a rest day.

    Handstands are going to have to wait for another day.


  20. Subbed 1-1/4 Front Squats for snatch work…did 70 reps at @185 during the 20 minutes.

    Conditioning: 6 rounds + 18 DU (288 Reps)
    Pretty happy with this considering I was doing this with 75# 1-Arm DB snatch. I also improved considerably on my DUs, despite the cast.

    No go on the handstand work…not silly enough to attempt that…subbed some machine delt presses and flyes to get in some shoulder work.

  21. BB gymnastics
    Messed around with 125, light but really tried to keep it tight without bouncing.

    7 rounds even( first time doing this, legs were crazy fatigued from yesterday, probably could have been close to 8 on fresh legs)

    Did 10 mins of walk attempts

    3/6/6(lateral jumps fried my calves)

  22. Snatch: Pull feeling a ;little better each time I practice stayed light for form
    Conditioning: 8 rounds even/360 reps up from 315 last year

    Handstand walks felt solid 8×30 feet with most of 30′ unbroken

  23. Worked some light triples and focused on keeping the bar close. Ended with hitting this single @205#, was happy with that for today and moved on to 11.1

    Last year, 272 reps. afterwards, 10 minutes of laying on the ground with post-wod tourrette’s syndrome
    Today: 301 reps, didn’t even sit down afterwards, just grabbed my food and started eating. Very pleased!

    Handstand walks: Improving, made it a few steps, just starting to get the hang of these.

  24. Snatch Practice
    Worked up to 175

    Previous(6rounds + 8 DU).. Today (6Rounds + 30 DU + 1 PS) PR with not feeling like my conditioning is there..which got me excited!

    Skill Work
    Walked about 40m+ ish.

  25. Snatch, bad. Worked up to an ugly 155lbs PS and called it, (cant sit under it coz of wrist).
    Conditioning: 6 rounds even, EXACTLY as last year. Not happy..
    Went for it and had 3 rounds at around 3.30, clearly my conditioning is not up to par for that pace…

  26. Snatch work
    Conditioning – 7 rds + DU’s right around what I did for sectionals last year
    Handstands are improving

    Decent day!

  27. Feeeeeelin’ it today like everyone’s been saying. Traps in particular are a little sore after the BTC yesterday, but just a full bodied fatigue hit my this morning. Pushed through it though.

    Snatch work – Didn’t go to heavy and really focused on perfect form.

    Conditioning – Open WOD 11.1

    Attempted this workout 4 times last year with the goal of breaking 6 rounds. Even though I was feeling pretty shitty today I ended with:

    6 + 31 (which I guess would be 301 reps) which is an improvement but definitely could have done better.

    Handstand walks –

    Already pretty solid with these so I tried to switch it up and do some new stuff. Worked on turnarounds and walking straight to the wall for some HSPU. Fun stuff.

    Finished with the TGU I missed yesterday. Got in 14 in the 5 min.

  28. Snatch Practice- played with 135-175. About 8 lifts. Bar path iz fine. Need to work in my flexibility Znd dropping underneath.

    Conditioning- 7 rds even. 2 reps more than last year. Difference is I am still a little fatigued from last weeks comp so did it at about 90-95%.

  29. BB Gymnastics….
    Pretty much abandoned the idea of working on technique early. I was feeling so fatigued I just wanted to get a bit of weight on the bar so that the conditioning felt light.

    Ended up doing 3 touch and go squat snatches at 135, then 3 sets of 3 touch and go power snatches at 135….tired….


    7 rounds + 34 reps (beat my best score last year by 3 reps)

    I attempted this one 3 times last year….wasn’t a fan of WOD’s with double unders at the time. I think I scored 315….346 and 335ish.
    Very happy to beat last years score given all the circumstances (off most of fall with injury, where we’re at with conditioning in the program right now, and how tired I am today)
    Hurt for about a minute and a half afterward then I was okay.
    Double unders were all UB, need to stay with the barbell longer. first round UB, Then 2 rounds and 10-5, then all rounds 5-5-5.

    Handstand walk
    2 attempts for max distance

    First one lost balance around 30 ft
    Second one 76 ft, basically the length of our gym.


    Resting up tomorrow, then some light stuff Friday.
    Competing this weekend! First time since the Games.

  30. A: Worked up to 151# without a miss (felt really slow under the bar though and slow turnover), missed 161# 3 times, then hit it… (9# off PR)
    11.1: 4 rounds + 17 reps
    *Note: could have done more, realised in the 3rd round that muscle snatchs were way easier at this weight.
    HS Walks: got about 5-10ft consistently, still need a lot of work.

    M/F/S – 3/6/3

  31. Worked up to 155 on the snatches, this was the point where I started leaning forward too much and wasn’t able to keep the bar in close after it passed my hips. Up to there felt great, didn’t realize how far out I was bringing the bar

    Conditioning: 6 + 7 snatches (LT: 6 +10 du)
    Felt much better this time. I remember being destroyed after this workout last year, and today I felt great. Broke the snatches from the beginning but focused on quick breaks and right back on the bar

    • Got a couple decent handstands, still trying to get more consistent on my kick-up to initiate the walk. Went a few feet but nothing outstanding

  32. Spent some time on snatches. Nothing at all heavy though.


    8 Rounds + 21 Double Unders = 381

    Un PR by 3 reps, but I felt pretty beat up coming into it today. Sucks having to take a week off. Feel like I lose so much progress so quickly. Grr. Decided to catch up on the strength work and stick with the current metcons. Shoulders tired from benching yesterday (got 345 by 3 for a CF era PR though!) so that probably didn’t help. DUs way too broken up in the beginning, but I figured it out by the end.

    Split Times:
    1. 0:50
    2. 1:04
    3. 1:06
    4. 1:15
    5. 1:19
    6. 1:23
    7. 1:22
    8. 1:09
    +21 DUs

    Skipped the HS Walks since I really don’t need much work on them. Decided to do the TGU’s instead.

    AMRAP 5
    -3 TGU Right Hand 53lb KB
    -3 TGU Left Hand 53lb KB
    5 Rounds + 3 on right hand = 33 reps, then I finished up on the left after the time stopped to keep things balanced. Probably should have used the 2pd.

  33. Feeling beat down from yesterday. Traps sore and generally fatigued.

    Snatch was not good; didn’t go heavy.

    I had not done this Open WOD before. I don’t think I was prepared for how crappy that felt, and I admit I kept pulling it back instead of throwing myself into the pain. Kicking myself for sandbagging. Only 5 rounds + 30/12 (267).

    Worked on freestanding handstands for a bit.

  34. 1: 20 min Snatch Technique Work: worked up to 165#

    AMRAP: 5 + 28 double unders..Took way to long to get into the Double Under groove. Did all PS Unbroken.

    Added Sled Work

    HS walk work: did a number of shoulder touches and improving. Left shoulder still feel unstable but strength is returning.

  35. bb gymnastics: skipped b/c back isn’t feeling so hot

    Conditioning: 4+41. need to work on 2x unders

    Skill: i am a handstand ninja 🙂

    MFS: 346.

  36. snatch- worked up to 135, technique felt just off, but really focused on keeping the bar path close,

    condidtioning- 4 rounds+8 ps.

    started with ps then du’s. i gotta freaking buy a rope. ps’s were steady. du’s were a disaster.

    subbed hs holds for walks, cant do walks yet. did 30 sec on/30sec rest for 5 rounds

  37. Did some work from Monday cause I missed it. Did the Snatch PP and OHS

    1) 165, 185, 185, 195, 205 (f last OHS)

    Failing that OHS was just positioning. Could have done more I think actually.



    Last year I got 270 on this one so I missed by 5 points. Big difference though. Only went about 90% on this. Had a tough day with doubles (each set broke 3-4 times). Snatches were all unbroken though and last year I definitely broke them. Also last year I finished and was a train wreck for 20 mins after and today I finished and walked around for a minute or so. I feel like my engine potential is waay bigger this year cause I’m carrying 10-15 extra pounds bodyweight; I can get pretty much the same score (with horrible DU’s) without having to redline. I’d say that’s a win.

  38. I can not look at hand stand walks with out thinking that they are so fucking stupid/ gay…I dont car what CrossFit says/ does, i will continue to walk on my feet ALL THE TIME

  39. Snatch work with light weight (tempo SGrip deadlift then some full snatches) 75-95-135-155

    11.1: 7 Rds + 30 DU’s

    Don’t know how to feel about this, full round less then my score last year. Engine was there; my arms in particular, but whole body was just beat down from last 2 days like everyone else.

  40. Snatch work was all from the hang. Played around with the catch a lot as that is where I have a lot of issues. Basically got a rep and stayed at the bottom to feel position. Played at 125 for most of it. Did not want to go heavier, I have some gnarly stuff going on with my articularis and IT band, super tight so knee was not feeling 100%.

    WOD: so I am a moron, and did rounds of 30 DU’s and 10 Snatches…It did not feel as bad as I remembered. This is why. For my fucked up version, I did 7 rounds plus 30 plus 2. One thing I can say is the weight did not feel like an issue whereas last year I remember it did. My DU’s were horrid. COuld not string them together. Going to blame my driveway.

    No time for HS Walking. Not that I can walk inverted. I can barely chew gum and walk upright.

  41. BB
    Not feeling well today. Did light weight pulls

    6rds 34 reps
    Did this one month ago and got one more rep. I gamed this one to try and get 7 rnds (one round ever 1:25). Went all out last time. Felt stronger on the snatches this time and DU were much better. Could have pushed much harder if I was feeling 100%

    Maxed at about 30 ft today. Felt good

    m/f/s 7/6/6

  42. Snatch Practice – works up to 165 focusing on catching and just hanging out down there trying to get comfortable. Also, focusing on getting under the bar faster, I am very slow to drop (a video or two will be on my facebook page and I welcome critique!)

    Conditioning – 7 rounds + 10 (last year I got 8 rounds. My back tightened up like a bitch!)

    Handstand walking – only got 5 minutes in when my back just tightened up too much. I am eagerly awaiting a recovery day to get loosened up)

  43. Snatch- worked on split snatch after Rudy suggested it at the Murfreesboro camp. Hit 153 which is 2# below current pr but the most I have done in about 4 months. Got under 158 several times easy and barely missed it each time. The split feels like it will work much better for me over the squat snatch, especially once I get more practice in. I have struggled with the squat snatch due to mobility ever since I started Crossfit and even though I have spent alot of time trying to improve my mobility and form on the snatch I still dreaded seeing it in competition. It felt like i was ramming my head into a wall with all the time i spent trying to improve but not seeing any progress. Within the first 15
    min of the oly work at Rudys camp he
    noticed my issues and suggested the split
    snatch. Tonight I finally feel like I made some progress and I am excited about working on the split. I say all that to say this, Rudy knows his stuff and if u get the opportunity to work with him it is well worth it!

    11.1- 7 rounds + 6 snatches, this was 5 reps less than what I did last year, but I did the wod 5 times in a week. Also had a knot I had to untie in my jump rope mid wod tonight. Definitely could have pushed harder and got eight rounds

  44. BB work:
    worked up to 165 from hang; full squat catch only 115!

    5 rounds and 3 DU’s; I am just getting the hang of the DU’s (first round UB with the rope)
    Like everyone else (that is, those that are not freaks), I am whipped, but still willing to be flagellated more.

    walked down the main corridor of high school today (about 100 feet)

    I appreciate a training camp that understands the value of post-wod refueling using percents not calories to determine usefulness…

  45. Snatch Practice – Did work at 135, 155, 175, focusing on keeping the bar close on the way up. Starting losing some control at 175.

    Conditioning. 6+31. 76 rep improvement over 5 even last year, but short of my goal of 7. Was told afterward that doing muscle snatches and swing it like a kettlebell would actually use less energy and be faster; silly me, trying to use proper form. Fucking CrossFit.

    Learning to use a speed rope since last year also help immensely.

    Handstand – Dude who was a gymnast gave me some pointers of keeping core tight, which was immensely helpful in holding a handstand. Sadly, the walking part actually regressed.

  46. I almost didn’t show up today. Haven’t felt like that in a long time. Yesterday was 2.5 hour beatdown.

    Snatch practice:
    Did the snatch hi pull x2 and hang snatch x1 complex 5×3 or 3×5 however the hell you write it. I did three complexes five times. Really light so I could be perfect. 45-45-45-75-75.

    Last year…6 rounds even–and I did it twice. First score was 5 rounds and completed DU. Both attempts, I had to do clean and push jerk and/or push press for all of the snatch reps. I couldn’t power snatch 55# for reps. What a funny story.
    This year…6 + 42. In round two (rep 10-15), in a moment of low self-confidence, I tested the clean and jerk but found that it was utterly ridiculous. I did all other reps with a power snatch and kept the integrity of the movement–no barbell swings. Like Wendy, I didn’t find the dark place today. I put the bar down way too many times. I even put it down in the last 10-20 seconds. I could have made my goal of seven rounds had I not been such a wimp.

    I’m 15 pounds heavier than I was last year this time. I don’t know how much that plays into it. But, I can feel that I’m a fat girl and particularly that I need more conditioning. Not necessarily that I need to take the weight off, but that I’m lacking in the metcon department. I can’t wait until we’re “in shape.”

    Walked around on my hands forward and backward, held some handstands, and FINALLY was able turn 180 and change directions. I forget to breathe doing handstand walks. I rarely stop from muscle failure. It’s from a feeling that I’m suffocating. Need to work on that.

    Great day today. I needed this after having my ass handed to me for the last four weeks. Thanks so much, Rudy!! I appreciate all you do for us!!

    M/F/S: 4/8/4 stayed up till 2 pm last night doing a casting video for the Spartan Race Unbreakable show. Daniel is going to kill me when he reads this!! I was so tired today!!

  47. BBG: Worked on some power snatches and light squat snatches. Trying to really finish my second pull then be faster on my third pull. Worked up to 165# on each.

    Conditioning: 347 (7 rds + 32 reps). My score from the Open last year was 378. I’m ok with my score today considering the last couple of training days. My traps were lit up from the C&J complex yesterday and shoulders were pretty fatigued too. Went UB on the first 3 rounds then broke sets into 8-7 or 5-5-5. All DUs UB except one round i tripped on 27.

    Skill: ran out of time. I’ll make this up tomorrow.

  48. Snatch- worked @ 185 most of the time

    Conditioning 6 rounds 6 snatches… Slower than last year but my boday felt 10xs better than the last year. I was wrecked for a week last time I did this. This time I did the 1st 4 rounds unbroken!
    Hs walks went better than ever !

  49. I never did this one last year, but I did do it a couple months ago. In November I got 5 rounds + 31 reps. This time I got 5 rounds + 42 reps. Not a lot of improvement, but I was beat to hell from yesterday.

  50. Worked up to 165 nice and easy kept the path vertical… 200 is near!

    metcon – got 5 rds even last year
    5 + 35 reps this year happy with the progress

    shoulders were shot and lungs were destroyed

    HS walk tomorrow

  51. BB Gymnastics
    Worked up to 50kg power snatch
    Worked up to 71kg squat snatch PB

    5 rnds + 21 DU’s = 246 reps

    Handstand Walk Practice
    Worked on some shoulder touches and some walking, mac distance around 10ft

  52. BB- Worked up to 135 just making sure I had a good pull

    Con- 3rd + 30DUs I suck at DUs plus I tweaked my bicep durning the camp over the weekend so I am OK with that #

  53. yay! pr’d my snatch today at 80#’s went for two at this and nailed them both, snatch was on today and felt good, lots of help with warming up and my form which helped a ton
    11.1 4 rnds plus 30 du’s plus 1 snatch
    very happy considering I couldnt do du’s or snatch worth a dime last year
    no time left for handstand walk but need to work on/ attempt this

  54. Worked speed with 115 for a while. From the hang, flat footed, etc.

    Conditioning: 6 rounds even. UB on all the DUs. First round of P snatch was UB then 10-5 each round. Never did this last year as I was forward deployed.

    Traps and CNS are toast. Pretty much met my limit after the BTC WOD. Today’s conditioning was limited by my lungs not muscles.

    Thank you.

  55. snatch played at 135

    metcon: 6+ 9 power snatch
    up only ten points from last year but considering worked last night I’m ok with it. COuld really feel a difference between pulling welling(bar close) versus losing focus and banging the bar.

    Will play with handstands this afternoon

  56. Strength: Played around with 135#. 10 minutes of complex work, 5 minutes of power snatch work and 5 minutes of squat snatch work.

    Conditioning: 8 rounds. 15 reps more than last years attempt

    Handstand walk: 40 meters total. I’m pretty fucking weak at handstand walks.

  57. Stayed at #125 for bar path practice

    Conditioning: 5 rounds + 15 reps (broke to often at dubs)

  58. Snatch Technique: Worked a bunch of reps at 95 and 115. Focused on turning the bar over instead of swinging it out in front. Wasn’t really able to get it to glance off the pockets. Power clean is a solid 205, but snatch is only 135, 145 occassionally – I feel like these should be closer, but am not sure what missing in the snatch.

    11.1: 5 rounds/225 reps. I was 166 last year, so yeah, just a little better.

    No time for the ministry of silly walks before the class came in.

  59. 1) snatch: hit 90kg a few times, got my Romaleos in the post so had to go for a PR, 100kg and 102.5kg overhead just a slight drop forwards and I missed em. Never mind I know they’re there

    2) 5rnds and 9snatch wanted 6 could have pushed a bit harder for it but stil an improvement from the 5rnds and 18dus last time

    Handstand practice was fun, no walking just handstands

  60. BB gymnastics-yes
    11.1 last year 6+13 this year 6+11
    handstand walks getting better…..m/f/s 2/3/3

  61. Snatch Work – Definitely stiff from yesterday, and pull was just not there. Slowly went up to 210 and did it a few times, and they felt pretty good just not much pull. Went up to 221, but couldn’t catch it. Just fuckin BLAH on this.

    Open WOD 11.1 – I knew going in that my score wasnt going to be much different than last year, bc I knew my fitness level wasnt that much different and I didn’t miss any DUs last year. So I did this god forsaken workout only to get 1 more rep(7 rds + 12 Snatces), but wait, upon further review(bc I videod it) I only did 14 fucking snatches in the first round. FAIL. So I really only got 355(same as last year).

  62. Snatch: Worked up to 145, and missed a couple at 155. Bar isn’t close enough to body, not getting a good second pull with high elbows, and not fast enough under it. That’s just what I could feel with recording it. Was off today.

    11.1: 4+9PC. Shit. Shoulders and grip were smoked.

    Skill Work: Check. Improving slowly.

    2/5/6 4th day on. Not sure about tomorrow. See how I feel when I roll out of bed.

  63. Snatch: worked up to 105# easy. Focused on bar path.

    Conditioning: So I told myself after last year that I would never do this workout again. I hated it so bad and layed on the floor for about 15 minutes after I got done. Everything about it, I hated. So I was so excited to see it come up.

    I treated it as though it didn’t matter and who gives a shit kind of attitude today.
    Turns out that works. haha I got 315 today(7 total rounds) and 24 total reps better than last year, which is still not great but here’s the kicker: I feel like I gave it about 90% of what I had today and after I was done, I felt fine and walked away. Within 5-10 minutes I could have gone again at something else and my heart rate was back down to normal AND I’m not even in peak shape for this year yet. I feel like I haven’t even skimmed the surface of where I will be come regionals. So that is great.

    Handstand walks are easy for me. Is there anything more that people could do if they already have handstand walks like champions? I focused on Ring HSPU which are not hard for me either but still engages my midline more.

    MFS – 2, 3, 2 Good day of training and felt good too like I wanted a lot more after it was over. I had to rest Wednesday because my back was in knots for some stupid reason. Felt much better today.

  64. Snatch- worked on power snatch and trying to not just collapse in bottom. Got up to 185 ( no powet snatch) a few times. Felt fast.

    Conditioning- did with friend and I only had one set of 5’s so I used 70lbs. Yeah I know, I’m a nice guy. 5 rounds 10 snatches. (365)

    Skill: got up to 70 something feet. Need to work on hollow position while upside down. Low back was feeling it.

    2/2/4 calves sore!

  65. BB Gymnastics

    Worked up to 180# but felt like I was pulling everything forward. Pulls from hang felt much better.


    6 Rounds + 35 Reps (305 Total Reps) – This is a 1 round and 1 rep improvement from last year.


    Worked on changing directions and body positioning

  66. After 2 days off and not being able to do a lot of sh*t b/c of my wrist, I was really on edge, so last night I did a make-shift wod in my bathroom at home:

    10 Min AMRAP of:

    30 DUs (tight fit)
    10 Burpees

    — 10 rds + 7 burpees

    M/F/S – 1,843/5/3

  67. 20 Minutes spent on snatch technique. I have a lot of cleaning up to do and kept it very light to focus on pulling the bar into pockets and keeping it close to my body versus allowing the bar to travel forward.


    4 Rounds plus 9 DU. Used 58lbs instead of 55, our bars are 33lbs. I started out slow on the first round not quite confident with bringing the bar back down to the starting position. Each round I got faster and faster and the final round did 8 in a row with the ability to control the weight down from overhead, while doing it really quickly. Felt pretty good! It’s funny the victory was felt with how I lowered the bar from overhead!

  68. Games WoD 11.1:
    Total: 7rnds + 10 = 325 Reps

    20 Minutes Snatch work:
    Worked up to 185#, some hang stuff, couldn’t hit extension today…

    10 Minutes Handstand Walk practice:
    Got 47 Ft (PR!!)
    then 35ft right after (previous PR tie) and a really powerful kip-up off the ground — good day

    m/f/s = 1/1/1 — back to 100%

  69. Snatch Work: worked up to 105. Everything felt off today, was jumping early, soft in the catch…

    Conditioning: 6 + 30 DU

    Worse then last year, but last year i was gassed after the WOD. This year my lungs were GREAT I was breathing but my lungs were not the issue. My shoulders were fried and I just couldn’t lift the weight anymore (yes only 55#)

    No time for handstand walk, had to catch a flight.

    I’m feeling really beat down from yesterdays work.

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