Sorry for the late post, kids. LATE, long day in Murfreesboro. Cannot wait to get to the gym tomorrow. Double digit PR’s tonight including these…

Mike Poppa – 241# Snatch

Elisabeth Akinwale – 215# Clean and Jerk (missed Jerk)

WOD 120121:

15 minutes to establish a 1rm Snatch.

-rest as needed-

4 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
Row 500m

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  1. Looks like fun times….you need to get one going the other side of the Atlantic!

    1) hit 90kg then failed 100kg a load. Need to start fixing things before the weight gets heavy. I know I’ve got much more than 100kg (PR pre christmas) in the tank and it’s frustrating the hell out of me!

    Mxed in the stuff I missed yesterday:

    2a) weighted HSPU all at 10kg: sets went 5-3, 5-3, 4-2-2
    2b) bent over rows 3×8: 80kg, 90kg, 90kg could have gone a bit heavier

    Conditioning: 17:30

    Rows were strong, runs were were shit

    MFS- 3/4/4- pissed off after the snatch but enjoyed the rest

  2. Hey Coach. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I’m sending a couple of my coaches to your camp in Naples next month.

    RE: Run 400, Row 500

    One of the staples we use for conditioning is Row 500, Run 400, 100 double unders max effort x3 or 4 on 10 minutes
    Try it, it works.

    Nice job Poppa, that was smooth.

  3. RE: Run 400, Row 500

    Side note, if anyone else’s 400m run area is under a foot of snow, Rudy said to sub 30 burpees.

  4. ELIZABETH! wow you are S.T.R.O.N.G.

    On the flip side I felt off still from my massage. Not even close to my snatch pr.
    So I focused on technique and videoed every lift….this took 30min. Did not go heavy because form was not there today. 🙂

    CONDITIONING: 17:47 flash flood warnings here in Huntsville AL. Got wet!
    I considered the treadmill but knew that was a weak moment.

    Have fun in Murfeesboro…it was sold out fast. Looking forward to GA. camp.

  5. Rudy’s excitement when not he, but 2 of his athletes hit PRs…THAT’S what makes an awesome coach!

    • Ya… you know you’re doing shitty in competition if Rudy isn’t screaming profanities from across the arena. The silence is deafening.

  6. Inspiring vids…I have a little way to go before I snatch that much!

    1) Did 1RM clean instead of Snatch (recovering from shoulder injury) and got 90kg, happy with this as recovery seems to be progressing, nearly back at PB weight of 95kg!

    2) 14:40 Rx’d….the rowing was a real leg & lung burner, but loved the wod!

  7. Snatched 175 lbs. 20 lbs un-PR. Just couldn’t stick 185 today.

    Lots of snow in the Chicago area, plus no row machine so I subbed “DT” instead.
    5 rounds for time of:
    12 Deadlifts w/ 155 lbs
    9 Hang Power Cleans w/ 155 lbs
    6 Push Jerks w/ 155 lbs

    First round was done in 47 secs, then 2nd round done by 2:10, and then I let the weight get to me mentally and just died. Stared at the bar too many times for way too long after that. Final time was 11:27 Rx’d.

  8. Snatch – Hit 175, skipped 180 (old PR), failed 3x at 185. Progress though as I was getting it overhead and into position, just couldn’t quite balance it.

    Conditioning – subbed 30 burpees for runs.

    120 burpees fucking sucks. Kept the rower at 19-20 strokes per minutes and stronger pulls

  9. snatch- 115, 145, 165, 180 fail, 175PR
    pretty freaking excited. first pr with the outlaw crew, snatch has gone up 5lbs each time i’ve done 1rm w outlaw.

    rowing and running, i hate each individually but more in combination.

  10. Snatch (took far longer than 15min for the whole thing from warmup – finish)

    240 PR



    Snowy/icy out, almost bailed on the rubber flooring every time coming back in to the rower. Kept a pretty good pace. Never pushed it super hard, just steady state. Would for sure be sub 15 with better weather.

  11. Congartulations, Jay!

    Snatch: worked up to 145 power snacth!

    Conditioning: 14:21 (ran about 430m each time through the halls of my high school (I know it is 430m for 3 laps becasue I have been running these halls since 1973 when I was in Grade 7) This was a very nice change!

  12. A: Snatch – 141# (29# below PR)
    4 Rounds:
    30 Burpees
    500m Row
    Time – 18:10

    M/F/S: 1/4/3

  13. Deadlifts (prep for next weekend’s PL meet):

    Snatch: 205 (20 lbs short of PR)

    Conditioning: 17:45

  14. Snatch 150 5lb PR (up from 135)
    No rower…
    ran 2miles w/ 30lb vest
    Mile 1- 8:27 Mile 2 -18:07

  15. Snatch – hit 200 and failed many times at 210. i was able to fix some technical errors and the last couple attempts at 210 should have been completed. i’m looking for a PR next weekend.

    Conditioning – 15:03. Rows were all around a 1:50. Should push this a little harder next time.

  16. Snatch–felt very off today kept getting overhead but my footwork was just off and shoulders definitely tired from yesterday 200(f)-210(f)-215(f)-205(f) just couldn’t get it going today

    WOD: Felt a lot better on this–14:55

    Loosing 15+ pounds in 1 month hasn’t helped the strength but the other side is you are a little lighter on the runs

  17. So today is my first day starting Outlaw Training, it was recommended to me by a coach and I am super excited to see where this takes me

    SNATCH-worked up to 115# not a PR but really focused on form
    tried for 120# to get a PR failed a couple of times

    CONDITIONING-16:52 stayed pretty consistent with my runs and rows


  18. Today was my first day starting Outlaw Training and I’m anxious to see how it goes

    Snatch- got up to 105# focused on form, failed at 110#

    Conditioning- 17:05, need to stay more consistent with runs and rows


  19. 15 min Snatch for a 1RM: 145, 155(failed), 155, 165, 170(current PR), 175(failed overhead), 180(failed overhead) haven’t been able to hit 175 overhead for a year, pretty excited to get the bars up and turned over but need to work on receiving.

    4 rounds: 16:27
    400m Run
    500m Row
    after round 2, it took 200m for the legs to loosen up and last 400m run was miserable.

  20. snatch….chest major tightness so did on the minute for 5min perform one snatch at 225#; then for 5 min perform a snatch/hang snatch/drop snatch @ 185#

    14:15 on metcon….3:22/3:37/3:39/3:39

  21. Didn’t ‘WOD at any Boxes’ today but I did get 1st place in the Metro Dash. If you haven’t done one, do one if it comes to your area. Fun time.

  22. Snatch work: Hit a PR at 180 and tried for 185 about 5 times and got fully under it every time, just couldn’t keep my arms locked out..

    Conditioning – 14:59. Went into it not really in the mood to kill it so I was kinda pacing iy, but the fact that I was in a WOD got the best of me and I went nuts with a 1:35ish pace on the last row. Good to get in come metabolic work after a PR snatch!

  23. Snatch- 140 (10 below PR)
    -after warming up, just couldn’t mentally or physically get in the zone.. form is still really raw (wide feet, can’t sit into a snatch squat),

    Conditioning- 14:52
    Went hard, but doing this run/row combo alone didn’t make it easy..on the row maintained a 1:40-1:50 throughout (1:40 on the 1st and 4th round), and made sure I split it at about 1:30 on the run. transitions (getting into the rower, getting out of the rower) slowed me down more than it should have.

  24. Just did Snatch today..Skipped the Met-Con

    Hit 185 as my heaviest 25lbs Under my PR (210). Got under 205 3 times, just wasn’t feeling it at all today.

  25. In Murfreesboro:
    Last night:
    Snatch 1RM – 200lbs
    C&J 1RM — 265lbs

    8min AmRap of:
    2 Rope Climbs
    8 Push Jerks @ 155
    16 GHD Sit-Ups
    Score: 4 Rounds + 4
    Immediately following the WoD started a 2min Max Rep DU:
    Total 136 Reps

    2nd WoD:
    Conditioning from today:
    4 Rounds of:
    400m Run
    500m Row
    Time: 14.13

    3rd WoD:
    4 Min Max Rep Muscle-Ups: 24 Reps
    4 Min Max Rep Burpee over Box Jumps: 44 Reps
    10 Min to establish a 5RM FS from the floor: 255lbs

  26. Chest was super tight from benching yesterday-

    Snatch – worked up to a solid 185, missed 195 x 2 (current PR) one time caught it just a little out in front and couldn’t pull it back (tight chest) second one I over-compensated for missing out in front and missed it out the back
    – the pull and landing felt really clean today – just have to get my shoulders into a better groove

    Metcon – 16:08
    had to do runs on a treadmill, the transition time def slowed me down. Legs felt like stone after yesterdays sprints!

  27. Skipped the snatch today. Seeing how 2 days of CNS recovery goes. Just was not feeling it today.

    Conditioning: 16:24 : Probably could have pushed a lot harder. Excuses: Cold, raining, alone, and my body hated me.

    Thank you.

  28. Snatch – nailed 125#, no fails until 130#, then failed at least one million times. Got under it in a full squat, then would dump it…so frustrating. I SO have 135# in me, which is my goal for January, So, after the 15 minutes, I did some snatch balances.

    conditioning: 16:26 did it alone and felt slow with no one to push against.

    M/F/S – 2/3/5

    despite the failed snatches, I’ve cleaned up some of my bad habits…rebuilding, so it’s all good.

  29. Snatch. 200 PR!!!! 10lbs over last max. wish I would have videoed it. Prob went over 15 min, but didn’t time.
    Did a different condition workout with friend.
    1000m row
    30 thrusters 115
    20 pullups 40lb

  30. 135 felt sluggish but got it and then 140 would not go up. 145 would be PR. ugghh. I need to get out of this no PR on snatch rut that I am in.

    Conditioning: took this really slow because feeling super tight from sprints.
    20:50 went at about 70%. Bad I know.

    MFS – 3, 4, 6 Super tight from squats and sprints. My head felt like a giant hot air balloon from this stupid cold I have, especially on the snatches. I kept getting lightheaded.

  31. Not sure who actually reads this crap, but here goes…

    PR coming into today:210#

    Worked on my set up and fixing my scoop for the first several light sets. Things were clicking. Took a little long on the snatch work but at 14 mins in, I hit 215#PR. At that point said screw the 15 min cap and moved to 220#, got that. PR. Loaded 225#, got that. PR.
    My little set up tweaking made some freaky things happen. The weight felt the same @ 210# as it did at 225#(although I did take a step or 2 forward when I stood up with the 225, I think I surprised myself). I ended up trying 225 again, twice a little while after the excitement settled and missed both of them…oh well.

    PR at the end of today:225#

    So…a few things about today. Mike Poppa, your snatch PR video fired me up. And it was the last thing I watched as I headed out to the gym.

    Secondly, thanks to BP for the “scoop” talk we had the other day. I think you made this oly tard see the light a little.


    16:37 felt like I was running through peanut butter after the first row.


      • Brandon told me to get better at my scoop….so I listened!


        I was missing the “scoop”, the transition you make right before the “jump”, where the “double knee bend”, thing takes place and you put yourself in the ideal position to jump the most weight up. (Bar approaches high into the pocket, knees come forward slightly, chest moves more upright)…this also helped me:


  32. Competed in a Garage Games Comp. today. It was only my second comp. and I was the second youngest guy there (Im 21). I made it to the final event and placed 9th overall. Next one Ill take the podium. Awesome time though. I had a blast. Looking forward to Mondays workout.

  33. Skipped snatch b/c of the wrist.

    Conditioning – 14:52

    M/F/S – 3/4/4 (back’s still jacked from heavy deads and the DL wod the other day)

  34. No. Snatch. PR. I’ve been at 115# since the fall. Yesterday, I couldn’t even get 115. I did 95 and 105 a lot and it was so easy. I finally figured out that I’m not using my hips to bring the weight up. So I worked on that. I got better at hip extension and felt like I had a lot more time to get under the bar. I spent time re-learning the catch with all the new power behind the bar. My shoulders were just so fatigued that I didn’t feel confident in holding the weight over my head. Again…I was afraid.

    Conditioning: 17:10 Used the runs to recover. Clearly, I used them too much. I wanted to be in the 16s. Running is my bag. Rowing is not. I need these types of workouts.

    Also, after training, I traipsed through marsh grass and mud for 5 hours chasing wild hogs with our dogs. My hip flexors and hamstrings hate me today.

  35. BB gymnastics
    Bad day for snatches…. Failed @ 170×4(my PR is 165, caught 170 twice but having issues locking out)

    14:35 felt good with this.

  36. Snatch: 135. 10# under PR. Shoulders couldn’t lock anything out after Friday and felt like femurs were jamming into my hips. All my misses at 140# were due to lock out more than lack of height on the bar.

    30 burpees
    500m row

    19:20. Should have moved faster on the burpees. I tried strategically breaking them up, but after round 2, they were all the same speed no matter how I broke them up, so should have gone straight through 30.

  37. Conditioning:
    Crashed and burned, which is good for me since I probably pace a little too much most of the time. First round right around 3 minutes then faded off from there.

  38. Having Rudy there makes a world of difference. Saying that son of a bitch knows his shit is an understatement. It is well worth doing whatever you have to do to make it to a camp of his.

  39. Snatch: 115 (5lbs below PR)

    Filmed every lift and watched lifts in between. I’m sad to admit that this was my first time doing that. I need to work on speed under the bar and keeping the bar closer.

    Conditioning: 18:40 (two of my major weaknesses!) Glad that WOD is over!

  40. only managed 170# but after review some video I am not finishing @ all up top .. 20# unPR

    15:46Rx’d… first run run or row longer than 250meters in 3 months .. I’ll take it!

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