Tonight I want to assuage your fears.

You may have sucked at Box Jumps on Monday. You may have sucked at Chest to Bar Pullups on Monday. But…

Come closer. I’m going to whisper a secret in your ear.

(it’s all part of the plan)

Our sport has some serious overuse injury concerns. Just like any sport. If a football player (that’s “American football” for you Brits) practices full speed, full pads, year around, he will end up with no knees or brain capacity by the time he is old enough to compete in the masters division. I have purposely held back on programming the most injurious movements during the off-season, so you guys—DUH—don’t get injured.

We have taken the time to do non-ballistic strict (weighted and without) Pullups to build upper-body pulling strength and allow for some hypertrophy to protect the joints. When the time comes to do one-billion “butterfly” Pullups, you may be the only “elite exerciser” on earth who doesn’t develop a SLAP-tear (not guaranteeing that, btw).

We have developed the Olympic lifts which not only teach explosiveness and hip-extension, but also teach the ability to RECEIVE force and control it. Hmmm… Where would this help? Maybe your 99th rep of 24″ Box Jumps? I don’t know; just a thought 😉

Your Pullups will be there when they need to be—except you will be able to do more. Your Box Jumps will be there when they need to be—except they will take less out of you. Believe it or not; your collective suckiness is part of the plan.

*insert evil laugh here*

WOD 120118:

BB Gymnastics

20 minutes Clean technique work.

Notes: You may work up to a heavy single if there are no technical flaws. Concentrate on maintaining torso position off the ground. The hips should not elevate ahead of the shoulders. Also, make sure you are pulling to a fully open hip and NOT jumping forward. If you are jumping forward or suspect you are, put a chalk mark on the floor to make sure you are fully expressing the articulation of the hip and NOT jumping to the bar.

Full extension of the hip:


3 rounds for time of:

5 Wall Walks
7 Muscle Ups
15 Deadlifts @ 275/185#

Notes: The Wall Walk begins lying chest-down on the floor with the bottom of the feet touching the wall. The movement ends when the CHEST (nipples, not belly) touches the wall. There is no standard for how to get down. Muscle-Ups should be performed with a full turnout and extended elbow on each rep.


1a) 3X20 Reverse Hyper – medium, rest 60 sec.
1b) 3XME L-Sit Hold – rest 60 sec.

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      • yes…. on the rack and low rings. THANKS

        BB GYMNASTICS: worked on power cleans, not jumping forward or splitting feet too wide in the catch. so 125#. also, did from high hang and knee with 95#.

        conditioning: SUPER SUCKFEST for me.

        17:15 wall walks (not bad)
        I HAVE gotten real muscle ups but have hit a wall with getting them consistantly. muscle ups x 7 with light band on rack….stayed slightly hoovering floor with legs in L-sit.
        deadlift @ 175# ( and that was in sets of 5) I am so behind on deadlifts…GRRR.

        midline:bw rev hypers / parellette L sit COMPLETE.

  1. The reason why I love your programming and the reason why I follow your blog because 1) its a kick ass program 2) you explain reasonings for certain things 3) I want to “Win Everything”, starting with my Garage Games Comp this weekend.

  2. are bar ups acceptable for muscle ups, for some reason muscle ups with my shoulder injury are not gonna happen, however, bar ups don’t seem to really bother it…

  3. OK, did a little bit of mix up for the Clean technique part, (no squat cleans since wrist was a bit banged up after FS yesterday so worked only on PC).

    In 20 mins:
    1. On the minute 5*3pos Hang Power Clean@135lbs, (hip/mid/knee).
    2. On the minute, max for day Power Clean: 70kg, 84, 93, 102/F
    3. On the minute, 10*2 PC@90% of max for day, (84kg), done

    Rest 30 mins


    First MU’s in 2 months, happy that both them and the Wall walks worked without pain. Not happy with how much the MU’s fell apart during second round, (actually failed a couple). Last round better 3/2/2 reps.

  4. 20 mins of Clean Work: Mixed it up between Power Cleans, Squat Cleans, and Clean Pulls

    Conditioning: 14:15, first round was 2:30, so clearly got owned the rest of the way


  5. BB gymnastics – worked up to 145# and stated there. Also trying to become familiar to doing o-lifts with the men’s bar again. Makes the hook grip a bit awkward.

    Assisted MUs with skinny purple bands and then went up to red bands when I became too spent.

    Added 20# to reverse hypers. I hate that thing. :30/:24/:24 for l-sit holds.

  6. Did multiple reps of 135. Had a few good ones but most were without a fully “articulated” hip. No hopping though which is good bc that’s another big one for me.


  7. Played around with 225. Worked keeping hips down and elbows high and outside. Also work in bottoming out w/75% pulls.

    Conditioning: 9:53
    Hyper @90lbs
    L Sits rank up there with my attic PUs:11,13,12 sec

  8. Clean – Matched my pre-surgery PR @ 205#

    Conditioning – 10:35

    Skipped midline because I’m lazy, I wanna go do the pre-rest day drankin and play fucking Madden.


  9. Clean Practice

    Cleans felt good for the first time in a very long time. Hit 170 for the first time in almost a year and a half. Still under old PR, but definitely progress coming back from injury.


    17:56. Haven’t ever really done wall walks before; those are hard. Muscle ups felt terrible today; no misses, but went slow.

    No time for midline;will try to do later.

  10. Doing the “ladies” weight with this one. Tapering a bit. “Pre” – Masters competition this weekend for us kinda-but-not-quite-old-guys that I plan on DESTROMINATING.

  11. Clean work: 225 for a few triples felt pretty good

    Conditioning: 12.50. Muscle ups SLOW i hate them had to break them into singles. Deads went all b and wall walks felt ok. Im sure this will be a trash time today in comparison

    L holds on rings, no paralettes. 43/32/28.
    Still super sore from competition this weekend.

  12. This is why I started following this programming………..that and being able to compare my times and loads to a bunch of pipe hitters. I’ve been doing CF since 03 and competing since 09 and because of pull-ups and box jumps I’m WRECKED! My elbows have such bad tendonitis it hurts to pick up my 6 month old. I have stress fractures in my left foot, but that’s combo from minimalist shoes and box jumps.

    I still have the aches and pains, but I take my ten CCs of suck-it-the-fuck-up and follow the programming. Since I’ve been doing this I’ve felt much better and stronger for sure. I haven’t been following it too long, so we’ll see who I do in the open. I’m sticking with it all next season for sure.

  13. Clean: stayed with power cleans, really wanting to work on an articulated hip. Stayed at 185, did some hang cleans there, just wanted to move it fast.

    Conditioning: 18:02. horrible day. Did the midline in the morning because that’s when I had the time to do it and decided to sub weighted pull ups for the rope climbs yesterday. Probably not the best idea when you have a workout like this planned for the evening. I love muscle ups, but it felt like I had no pull today. First round was broken up 4-3, and 2nd/3rd rounds were mostly singles with an occasional double thrown in. Bad day.

    M/F/S/ 5/7/6

  14. Conditioning: 10:30
    As always, harder than it looked on paper. Last set of muscle ups to way too long.

    L-sits on Rings

  15. BB Gymnastics
    20 minutes spent alternating between 3 position cleans and the complex 3 flat foot clean pulls and a hang clean, worked up through 60, 70, 80 and 90kg


    3 rounds for time of:

    5 Wall Walks
    7 Muscle Ups
    15 Deadlifts @ 125kg

    14:26 – muscle ups left me pretty fast after doing the first round in 3:30. Round 2 took about 5:30 and round 3 about the same again. Too much time spent between muscle up reps and also missing a few instead of being smart and coming off the rings before failure. I also seem to have less bollocks when it comes to deadlifting for reps than I did before (highlighted today and last Wed with the 140kg for 12s).


    1a) 3X20 Reverse Hyper – medium, rest 60 sec.
    1b) 3XME L-Sit Hold – rest 60 sec.

    1a = rounds 1 and 2 done as reverse prowler drags, then round 3 as reverse hypers and some extras to finish off with
    1b = hello goat!! maximum of about 6 seconds at a time, done with hands on 24″ boxes and feet above an 18″ box

  16. Stayed light on the Cleans to work on technique. I swear all the flaws mentioned in Rudy’s post outlined my issues.

    Conditioning: 10:08
    1st round done in 1:50 down hill from there. much needed rest tomorrow.

    no hyper so did sled rope pull through the legs 135#
    L sit: 30,22, 18sec


  17. worked up to 275lbs for the clean – felt really good considering all the squats yesterday

    my chest + shoulders were wrecked from all the pushups yesterday so the wall walks were tough
    muscle ups – 1st- unbroken, 2nd – 4+3, 3rd – 4+3
    Deads – 1st + 2nd – 5-5-5, 3rd – 8+7

    RD1 – 3:16
    RD2 – 5:25
    RD3 – 5:19

    275lbs is super heavy for me on the dead so this WOD was a good challenge. I probably should have scaled to 235 or 255 and tried to go unbroken but ego got in the way

    no hyper so did 3×20 back extensions
    L-sit – 30, 21, 15 – very humbling

    Really looking forward to a rest day tomorrow

  18. Wowzers! Today made me realize that I really need this rest day.

    BB gymnastiques

    Worked my way up to my previous PR of 275# making sure that I didnt have a forward jump which I used to have a little one from time to time. Actually missed 275# twice. This weight normally isnt that big of a deal but turned out this was a precursor of things to come.


    I actually went into this thinking that I was going to shoot for UB on everything. Silly me!

    The last 2 days with the GHD’s and C2B’s killed my MU’s today. 1st round unbroken on MU’s, 2nd round mostly singles w/ 4 fails, 3rd round all singles. Deads were all 8/7.

    1st round-1:50
    2nd round-4:48
    3rd round-5:06

    Felt slow and weak…after that first round.



    a.) Did a reverse hyper-ish movement on the GHD w/ BW only. Terrible.
    b.) Seriously, could only hold between 10-12 seconds per round.

  19. 1) Cleans worked up to around 6 reps at 100kg, hese felt good mostly apart from a bit of elbow pain towards the end

    Conditioning: started with the wod and my elbows got really bad on the MUs, so dropped them out after the first 5 reps. Finished all the wall walks and shoulder touches though in just under 10mins. Didn’t have any intensity today for some reason

    Reverse hypers: done
    L-sits about 15 sec each round on rings

    MFS 3/3/6 elbows and shoulders need ice

  20. Cleaning Technique: really worked on releasing my hook grip to make my elbows faster. That became easy really quick. Started to work on catching the bar lower rather than sending legs further out. Was really happy with these. Went for a 1RM for my clean and hit 160# (15# PR).

    Conditioning: 17:30
    I am not very good at MUs so I scaled to 3/round. I failed my first one but all others were good. Deadlifts were all broken 9/6.

    Hypers- 10#/10#/15#
    L sits- 15 sec, 13 sec, 14 sec

  21. BB Gymnastics
    Worked up to 175 and worked on technique.

    14:35 (jumping MU’s)

    Reverse Hypers – complete at BW
    L sit – bent knee on dip bars, 30 sec. holds

    M/F/S – 1/3/3

  22. BB Gymnastics
    Worked up to 170 and felt amazing even though I’m very sore and thoroughly trashed.

    11:22 very upset with this time and my deadlifts. Nothing else was a problem for me and I felt great otherwise. Back and legs were fatigued and I’m just disappointed with my deads right now. I’m getting stronger though and I know they will be there when the time is right. I think on a good day, my time would be around 9:00 or better hopefully.

    Reverse hyper done at bodyweight.
    L-sit: 31, 27, 32

    MFS – 2, 5, 7 thank God for a rest day!

  23. BB Gymnastics:

    3 Position power cleans-hi hang, pause above the knee, from the floor
    Worked to 215# felt heavy today after yesterday, upper back is very sore

    WOD: 12:35 deadlifts still killing me and after yesterday I guess it was going to feel not great

    RH: 60#-80-100
    L-sits: .30-.25-.21

  24. BB Gymnastics:
    Played around with some Clean complexes then decided to try for a squat clean PR. Hit a 10# PR at 245#.

    11:33. Muscle-ups were unbroken the first round then quickly went to shit the second and third rounds.

  25. Worked on my clean position with head forward during the start and knees out. Stayed pretty light-155. Felt good.

    Conditioning- 9:55. First muscle up went through the rings and thought I injured my shoulder. Never done that before? Collected myself and finished. Not my best display!

  26. BB Gymnastics: worked power, then full to 145#, then fulls at 155#.

    Conditioning: 11:59
    Deadlifts were UB. This workout taxed my core more than anything.

    Reverse hyper – 160# was on the machine, so I used that. I grunted a lot. Either I’m strong or dumb. 🙂

    L-sits: :16, :16, :16

  27. 7/7/8

    Work wider grip on the cleans, played around with 135 & 185.

    Conditioning: 19:28 rx

    Very frustrating, getting use to first week of grad school has left me drained by the end of the day so trying to readjust. Skipped midline, I was spent. Looking forward to making up for it on Friday.

  28. 20 minutes: Clean Technique
    Worked up to 170 and stuck with 3 singles at this load. Was pulling early and focused on full hip extension. Was happy on last single.

    12:34 Rx’d Conditioning
    MU- First set unbroken, Second set- (3/2/1/1), Third- (1/3/1/1/1); expected to be able to nail the second and third set in doubles. Shoulders were pretty beat from week and nagging shoulder issue.
    Deadlifts- Broke up first set once, and second and third sets too many times.

    Didn’t have enough time for midline stuff, but plan on doing L-sits Friday. These are a weakness of mine.

  29. BB Gymnastics: Missed Snatch work last week so did 20 mins Snatch work cause it’s much more necessary. Played around with 135-165.

    Conditioning: 16:58

    Gay… Wall walks and deads were no problem. MU destroyed me. Shoulders were finished today. First round was in 3 minutes but in second two rounds kept failing. Last round went 3-1-1-1-1. Ridiculous.

    Did 3×20 back extensions. No reverse hyper.
    L-sits: 30s, 20s, 15s

    Had no mental power left after the muscle up gong show WOD.

    MFS: 7/5/3

  30. *still leaving my wrist alone*
    Pulled some ‘heavy’ deads to start. Pulled 485, but failed at 505… So a 40# un-PR. Great.

    Sub wod:
    3 rds
    12 ring pullups
    12 dips
    15 dl @ 275

    — 6:10

    Did gh raises (2 rds) w/ 50# kb and good mornings (1 rd) @ 175# for the reverse hypers.

    L-sits: 15, 12, 8

  31. I have to remember I’m not an elite exerciser yet!
    Clean worked w/ 135. Trying to fix my pull (pull to high) and bar floats
    Conditioning 16:31 1st rd @ 275 then 225
    Midline yes…..m/f/s 4/2/2

  32. Didn’t do BB gymnastics. Just went straight into the WOD.

    conditioning: 11:03 everything felt good except for the DL but 275 for a guy that weighs 150 is usually a little tough.

  33. 20 min of Clean work: first 10 min worked to a single at 230# (255PR) noticed I was jumping forward, attempted 235# and continued to jump forward and I stopped. Next 5 min worked on 2-Position Clean at 165#, last 5 min worked on Clean Segmented DL to work on shoulders and hips rising together.

    Conditioning: Had one set of rings between two athletes. However that really didn’t cause the crappy time of 20:38. Just stunk it up with Muscle Ups, hit a few consecutive but majority were singles. Damn grip and a set of new wood rings. The Wall Walks went well and DL 1st set 9/6, 2nd set 10/5 and 3rd set 15.

    Rev Hypers @ 90#
    L-sits: 27, 17, 22

  34. Let me just start by saying I have discovered the Cross-FIT today. Yes, I threw a fit.
    Came in this morning and attempted to do what was laid out for us today…. Got to the WOD and the muscle up bitch punched me in the face. I already suck at them…. This must change.
    So I went home and had an attitude adjustment, decided to give it another shot.

    BB Gymnastics-
    Practiced with 155. Drew the line as Rudy suggested and whataya know my clean is wack. I am jumping forward with my left leg. This programming hands me my ass…. On a less than silver platter.

    WOD: after my bloody fight with muscle ups I decided to take it back to the drawing board.
    3 rounds-
    5 wall walks
    7 face grip ring rows
    7 chin ups
    7 ring dips
    7 ring pull ups
    15 DL @ 185
    And that mofo still took me 16:05

    3×20 rev hyper- me and my large arse love these
    3xME L sit holds- 20 sec all three

  35. bb gymnastics:
    worked on form and technique with 105. did sets of 2 power cleans, 1 squat clean

    19:42. back still is wack so DL 155#. first time doing games standard MUs in a WOD 🙂 need to work on going UB on DLs

    1a) 50#
    1b) 30,30,23

  36. Hey ballers, sorry I have been absent from the posts recently. I have been trying to find my groove with school, the gym and life as a whole. I will get back to posting once I find out what my schedule is going to be… Hmmm not sure yet but… TBA

  37. Cleans- worked on them cause I suck at them. Stayed around 155, worked on getting full extension. Some felt better than others. Tried a few heavier, but my form broke down so went back to lower weight. Frustrating

    WOD with red banded muscle ups in 10:54. Wall Climbs felt great. My nipples touched the wall! The first 14 banded muscle ups were too easy, however, I cannot for some reason get muscle ups. frustrating. The last set was a little tougher.

  38. Cleans-Worked up to 215 and stopped. My groin is still bothering me. I need the day off!!!!
    Conditioning: 17:03 I have got to get better at muscle-ups. I was spent from the pull-up wod on Monday so nothing in the tank. I also hate 275# deadlifts so this was not a very good wod for me. Still having trouble stringing MU together.

    Cliff Lewis

  39. 5th day on…..trying to stay caught up with all you Outlaw sumbitches.

    BB Gymnastics

    Clean technique is pretty good, I actually tend to jump back a bit.
    Worked up…loads of people in the gym, great energy, ended up PR’ing the clean.

    295 fail x 2 (bad reps, on my toes)
    305 fail
    305 PR, nailed it again!!



    First round in 1:31 I think it was…
    Paced the wall walks in rounds 2 and 3.
    Muscle ups UB,UB,4-3
    Deads UB, 8-7, 5-5-5


    A little sore from the box jump/ pullup (mainly in the bi’s), but a clean PR kinda makes all that go away.

  40. BB Gymnastics
    -Worked up to 235

    – 7:49
    -Wall climbs Unbroken but slow
    -MU: 7, 5+2, 4+3
    – Deadlifts unbroken


    no reverse hyper. Done on GHD with no resistance.

  41. Clean: Worked up to 165 (new PR)…it came up fairly easy. I think I could have done more, but stayed there because my legs were pretty fatigued from yesterday. My last PR was 150 and it was a struggle. I’ve always been able to get the bar to the rack position, but coming up with it was the issue. Not a problem tonight.

    Subbed 500 meter row for deadlifts–Dr. says no deadlifts for at least another week–maybe longer. Also, did muscleups from standing. Time was 16 minutes and some change–I think. Wall walks were a breeze. I spent two minutes in WOD adjusting rings. Next time, I won’t be a dumbass and I’ll adjust before the timer is set.

    25 #, 25#, bodyweight, on the bodybuilder’s back extension machine. My back started jacking with me.
    21, 20, 20 seconds-terrible…I couldn’t even get my legs parallel with the pvc. This has never been an issue for me before.

  42. Worked with 225 on cleans.

    wod- 11:24 or 11:34. I forget. Deadlifts = ugh

    no hypers but l sits I did at home 1 minute/ 45 seconds/ 45 seconds

    mfs- 3/8/8

    feeling pretty wrecked. Looking forward to taking tomorrow off. Elbow hurts…

  43. BB Gymnastics: Clean pull + power clean@ 135# for the whole 20 minutes. Really need to get full extension and stop shorting myself of the extra power. Hip flexors actually felt tight so tried to loosen them between sets.

    Condtioning: 14:04 @225 DL. No rings high enough for MU, so subbed 7 strict ring pull ups with kind of knees tucked up to not hit the floor, then 7 dips.

    Midline: Did some leg ham extension thing with a bench, and then L-sits were 14, 14, 11 on the rings.

  44. Did power cleans today since legs were dragging from yesterday squats.
    Worked up to 305.

    WOD: 13:14
    Muscle ups are the death of me. Actually got 5 in a row on the first set which is a PR then the rest were singles.

  45. Worked up to 215 and stayed there. 215 is my previous squat clean PR. I felt great and wanted to go higher, however, 215 rocked and I let it be.

    Conditioning: 14:31. – Felt good. The deads were my slow point. I let them drop from the top.

    For some reason I had some problems with the muscle ups. I can typically link these together pretty well and planned to stick to UB, 4/3, and 2/2/2/1. However it was a lot worse at 4/1/1/1 and singles for the rest. It wasnt the pull but the grip. Interesting.

    No time left in the day today for midline.

    MFS – 5/7/4

  46. Worked on trying to make sure I kept my back angle thru the first pull, jumped back, caught in a perfect front squat, and kept my knees out. Only went up to 175. 

    Subbed 95# power cleans for DL’s, not sure if this made it slower or faster but saving my back for the weekend in Nash. My forearms are fatigued so muscle ups were pretty broken up but consistent. Rounds – 3:00, 3:45, 3:30

    1a) 90
    1b) 38 39 37


  47. Worked up on the Clean to a heavy single. Pull felt really good, so I went for a PR at 275 lbs. Legs were done from yesterday’s squats though, so I couldn’t stand up with it out of the hole.

    13:06 Rx’d. I was so sore before this even started, I was numb to everything, so I was able to just keep going. Kind of cool haha.

    I didn’t have time for the midline. Worked it in as I was showing my athletes how to do them.

  48. -Barbell
    decided to play around with the mainsite wod, which was split snatches. worked up to 170. Im sure cleans would have disappointed me just as much. moved slow today.

    Fuck that hurt. the last set of MUs destroyed me.

    Didnt do the midline cuz i just didnt give a shit after the other stuff.

  49. Only had time for the conditioning.

    WW – didn’t slow much on these
    MU – UB, 4-3, 4-3
    DL – 10-5, 5-5-5, 1-4-4-3-1-2

    Died on the last set of deads. I did the 315# DL/ BF Burp wod on Monday so that probably didn’t help. Kick ass wod though.

  50. Worked up to 245 clean. Pr is a lot higher, but i was feeling slow and really weak. Stayed low in weight.

    Conditioning: 11:55. Really disappointed in this, this one was in my wheel house. Once again, felt sluggish and weak. Think i could knock a good bit off of this if i was fresh and not so sore.

  51. Cleans — Worked up to 265 pretty quick, great squat clean…felt awesome. Went to 275 and failed almost 10 times…had it in the rack everytime, just couldn’t lock it down…happy none-the-less.

    Conditioning — Two rounds + 5 Wall Climbs in 5:50 — then the straps broke on my rings…which was awesome…I felt like I was on a good pace, would’ve finished in the 8 range I’m pretty sure…: looking forward to this weekend in Nashville!

  52. Built up to 275# clean. 10# pr so happy with that. The clean isn’t the problem, it’s the squat coming up that takes like 4 seconds.

    Conditioning : 10:31
    But I did it backwards for some reason. Started with deads then walks then MU. Would have preferred to do it the rxd way I think.

    L sits 10-12 seconds. Reverse hypers on a bench and stability ball. First time doing these and stuck to body weight. Felt it in the low back.

  53. Sweet mother of pearl….
    I am in constant amazement about what you men and women are capable of performing!

    worked up to 195 with full catch (worst part is that I can’t squat clean much more than I can hang power clean ?)

    16:23 (with the worst MU form in the crew, for sure, even with red rubber band under rump; I don’t get it – I can do ring dips and pull ups, but I can’t seem to figure out the transition even with using all of the teaching tricks out there?)

    No time for this ol’ nipple ring to do midline.

  54. Cleans- worked up to 207 for a few reps, everything felt pretty good. A little sore all over but technique felt good and pulls were strong.
    Conditioning- 11:48

  55. Did most of my reps between 145-155, working on 3rd pull speed. After several reps I felt pretty good so I worked my way up to 165 and stopped there.

    23:53 All around bad day on this one. MU’s were awful. I failed about 5 total and did a lot of waiting around between reps. DL’s felt heavy too…8/7 on all rounds. I’ve felt crummy all week. I’m hoping a good rest day will have me feeling fresh for this weekends camp!!

  56. Clean: worked up to 205# hang power singles 3x

    Conditioning: 7:07 with the ladies weight

    Midline: just L-sits. Untimed.

  57. clean work- did power cleans, got up to 205 for 8 reps, 3, 2, ,2,1
    worked on form, got lots of work to do,

    conditioning- 23:30
    overestimated my MU skills, kept missing,
    broke dls up 8/7, 7/4/4, 7/4/4

  58. Clean work completed, worked with light weight concentrating on full hip extension


    25:42 (finished my third set of wall walks at 15:00 min mark, hit a wall on the 4th MU of the last round) (Obviously, I really had to pace myself on the MUs)

    Didi not make time for the Strength/Midline

    M/F/S 3/3/4

  59. Barbell: I’m still preparing for a powerlifting meet next weekend, so I did light cleans as sort of a warm-up for squats. Body weight is 210#. Loads/reps are as follows:
    135×10 (high bar)
    225×8 (high bar)
    315×6 (low bar)
    445×4 (low bar)
    515×1 (low bar)

    Conditioning: 12:55
    The wheels fell off on the last set of muscle ups. Finished with round two in approx. six minutes.

    Midline: no reverse hypers, L-sits: 18, 23, 26

  60. I was looking forward to the conditioning, it looked awesome. Ive been sick the last few days, and it seemed to come to a point today. HAd a headache all day, took a nap, felt a little better so I went and did my strength Work. Had planned on doing the conditioning right after the strength work I had programmed. felt like absolute shit after the lift, tried to wait around to se if I felt better to hit it later. Still felt like shit. Headache, no energy, a little dizzy, and at points sort of felt nauseous. Tried to say fuck it and get warmed up to do it. Made me feel worse. I threw in the towel and decided the best thing i could do was rest especially with my comp this saturday.

    But what I did get done was…(not that anyone cares because it wasnt on the program for today)
    Squat Snatch, last set at 205#, did not miss until trying 215# weight got a little out front from what I could feel/see from the videos.
    Front Squats, last set @ 315#x3
    Hang Power Snatch @ 70%
    Toes 2 Bar, 3×15 ub reps.

    I plan on making this WOD up next Thursday since Thursday is an off day usually on here.

  61. Clean: 213# (PR)
    *Failed first time I tried, caught it deep but couldn’t squat (legs are really weak at squatting). Not sure if this is normal but I can power clean 20# more than I can full clean…
    Metcon – 11:14 (bar muscle-ups and 198# deadlift)
    1a) 3 x 20 Back Extensions w/ 25# plate
    2b) L-Sit – 0:20, 0:15, 0:18 (sketchy form, needs work)

  62. Clean Technique: worked up to heavy single PR of #210. Even #210 felt easy!

    Conditioning: 12:50. Need to work on UB muscle ups.

    No time for extra work. Will do tomorrow.

  63. Cleans went to 135/225/255/285 went triples. Stayed there “working on technique” but probably nursing my posterior chain from the silly run on Sunday.

    Metcon – 17:03 Rudy you’re a mutherfucker. I swear I think this shit will get better but everytime I’m like fuck Rudy. “Thats why I be like fuck Hector.”

    3-2/2-2-1/1-1-1-1-1 Wall Walks…
    Black Band assisted MUs – whatever…
    10-5/8-7/5-5-5 DL Just want to be like EA when I grow up.

    No R. Hyper…but put up two boxes and tried to hold a med ball 15lbs but couldn’t manage the coordination…did 3×20 w/o wt….
    L Sits…:08/:05/ Cramp in my hip flexor….game over

  64. Clean work –

    Worked my way up and really focused on keeping my feet from going wide and getting that ass back on the catch. Only got up to 225 for a few reps within the 20 minutes and kept it explosive and clean.

    Conditioning – 9:55

    I’d like to start by saying my arms were/are BEAT from all the pullups and rope climbs the past 2 days, so this bad boy put me over the edge.. Almost never fail muscle ups and failed 3 today.. Good WOD though, I’ve gotta keep workin’ my deads to go more unbroken at heavy weight.. Went 10 and 5. Then 5, 5, 5 and even more broken on the last set.

    Midline –
    Made sure to go at least 30 sec of perfect L-sit holds for every round.


  65. Clean work –

    Stayed with Power Cleans – quads are shot from yesterdays squatting, worked up to 225 felt weird bc I couldn’t hook grip due to jamming my thumb like a dumbass while climbing the rope yesterday

    Metcon – Fuck, I suck at MU even with a red mini band 29:22
    wall walks and DL’s were cake

    midline –
    Bodyweight rev. hyp. substitute 3×20
    L sit 23 – 17 – 16 … not quite games standard, heels were sagging a bit

    Yay for rest days!!!

  66. Clean Practice – worked to a comfortable 255#, then failed catching 275 three times. I literally pulled it to my chest but just couldn’t figure out how to catch it.

    Conditioning – 15:30 (muscle ups were all one at a time, shoulders and arms are destroyed. Wall walks were slow but ok. Deadlifts were: ub, 12/3, 10/5)

    1a) 20, 25, 25
    1b) 25sec, 30sec, 21sec

    Calves and arms are gone.
    MFS – 635 (been a tad depressed lately)

  67. First time on the Outlaw programming! Had a great time.

    20 min. Clean technique: worked on below the knee stop and go, and some heavy clean pulls, ended with a couple squat cleans at 275#

    Conditioning: 15:12 kipping bar muscle ups, (no rings up high enough yet in our gym), everything else as rx’d

    3×20 ghd back ext (no reverse hyper)
    3xmax L-sit 9 sec, 10 sec, 10 sec,


  68. 225 for clean. Felt really light but worked on not jumping.

    19:10 RX. All MU were no false grip, 7 misses. Tweaked back on Tueday and DL didn’t help…..as you can see by the time……well I could also blame it on the fact I’m eatting chinese food as I type this up……such a fatass.

  69. clean- stayed light @135#, had some good eyes in the gym that were critiquing the lift so tried to get it perfect

    conditioning :15:07 rx’d, it was harder than I expected.

    midline, did romanian dl as a sub (?) and L-sit, 30/25/25, suddenly thankful for my short legs =)

  70. Clean technique work, stayed light
    11:39 with MU band assistance (MU come and go, frustrating, errr)
    LS – 25, 18, 18

  71. clean: worked to 195 and stayed to practice

    metcon: 11:58, stupid deadlifts

    midline: good morning @65, Lsit:45, 32, 28

  72. Clean practice – 245 (pr) It felt good.

    Conditioning – 22:10

    1a) weight at 90
    1b) 8-25-28 sec (the first time was short because sarah jane made me laugh at matt’s new nick name, old timer.)

  73. BB Gymnastics: worked up to a heavy single PC @ 215, then hit a squat clean @220 after failing trying to keep it at a power..

    conditioning: 11:58
    yeah, the DL’s killed me too.. hadda break them up into sets of 3.. for most, until the adrenaline kicked in at the end.

    Midline: 45/30/30 seconds for L-Sits, reverse hypers, 50, 50, 50..struggled w/ form btu got it on that last set..

    that’s my video up for today’s workout.. hyped it made it up there- although sadly i’m the dude finishing 2 minutes after #1

  74. 1.) Worked to 285 hang squat clean… felt super easy getting the bar up and getting under it, but front squat is a huge sticking point for me. Upper back rounds and then everything goes with it… any cues, suggestions, supplemental work would be hugely appreciated. My HBBS feels great, but the front squat is slow in progressing.

    Conditioning: 10:15. 2:10 first round (unbroken on all), 3:30 or so second, then my MU’s went to crap on the last round.

    Midline: Good mornings at 135. Rings were all taken up so I did strict pull ups

  75. 1) played with 200 just about the whole time.. felt pretty good.

    20:56 fucking muscle ups had me beat for a while first round was alright at 3 minutes the last two took me forever.. I just need to harden the fuck up and stop resting so long..

    Time didnt permit for the midline

  76. 1) got up to 205
    Conditioning: only did 2 rounds. Had to do jumping muscle ups and deadlift was at 225.
    No midline today

  77. Weight for clean work: 105

    Time for WOD: 19:36

    L-sits and R/H: 30 sec ea (scaled) and 30 lbs

    1st day of following the program, and I feel totally destrominated. BUT I’ll sleep like a baby tonight!

  78. BB Gymnastics: 140 was jumping forward so spent time working technique

    Conditioning: 14:20
    Felt tired. Higher rep heavy deads are a huge weakness for me. Went slow on these.
    Muscle ups harder then usual (3/3/1 each round)

    1a) 50
    1b) 42/30/32

  79. Jamie
    BS/FS heavy day
    12:23 had nothing on the deads .. this is normally my strong suit but the squats took away my soul today. I would guess 10ish on a good day….

    Going all in as of Monday as my strength training coupled with todays conditioning was counter-intuitive

    17,18, 18

  80. 1) form pretty good, did 205 a couple times which is my previous pr.
    2) the gold’s gym i worked at didn’t have a place i could do muscle ups and i hate the sub so i did fran (slowly) w/no kip pullups 7:44
    3a) no reverse hyper, did back extensions
    3b) 44, 33, 26. i think the fact that i didn’t do deadlifts helped we w/the L sit

  81. BB Gymnastics: Worked up to a 185 single (195 pr). Form felt OK but all lifts felt heavy today. Video showed hips rising ahead of torso slightly at 175. Fixed in subsequent reps.

    Conditioning: 13:39- Completed only 2 rds. Scaled deadlifts to 250. Zero energy. Ended up coming down with cold.

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