This Saturday BP Clean & Jerked 300#. This may not seem like a big deal to many of you, but it has been almost 2 years since he has Clean & Jerked 300#. In fact, the last time was when he got 315# at the 2010 Dirty South Regional. BP has worked his way back from various back injuries and is looking a lot like the 2010 version of himself.

I don’t know that this lift makes an amazing instructional video, but it does illustrate one thingβ€”the importance of depth and the ballistic catch (i.e. bouncing out of the bottom) on the front and high-bar squats. Watch:

No, I don’t recommend you guys catching a 300# barbell, rolling onto your toes to pop it back into a good rack position, then triple pumping the bounce to get out of the front squat. However; if BP didn’t treat his front and high-bar squats as an accessory movement for the clean, then his body wouldn’t have been prepared to receive and control this lift in the way that it did.

I understand we get in the habit of comparing numbers. A “hip crease just below the knee” front squat is a lot easier to get a big number on than an absolutely vertical torso, controlled fall, ballistic, rock bottom, ass-to-ankles, front squat that will carry over to a clean and develop OVERALL athleticism. Segmented numbers lead to a segmented athlete.

A word of warning.

I will be programming some higher rep Box Jumps beginning this week. I will not debate or defend the safety and usefulness of this movement. I will, however, program them because they were a part of EVERY level of competition leading to last year’s Games. They are, as a matter of fact, perhaps second only to the Pullup as far as frequency of appearance in competitions.

With that being said; you have a choice to make. The cycle rate on a bounding Box Jump is superior to that of its step-down counterpart. The possibility of injury is also far greater.

You’re grown-ups; you decide. If you want to go fast on WODs that include the Box Jump, you may be wiling to learn the bounding style. If you are not willing to trade the possibility of injury for a few seconds on a WOD, then utilize the step-down style.

WOD 120116:

BB Gymnastics

1a) 3X5 Snatch High-Pulls – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. VIDEO DEMO

Notes: Straps may be used. The goal is to get the barbell to the nipple line without a rebend of the knee.

1b) 3X5 Tall Snatches – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. VIDEO DEMO

Notes: This WILL NOT be a heavy weight. The goal is with ZERO knee bend or hip angle change, to initiate vertical movement of the barbell with ankle extension, then rapidly pull under into the catch position


10 minute AMRAP of:

12 C2B Pullups
12 Box Jumps 30/26”


5 min. AMRAP of TGUs (alternating) @ 32/24kg

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  1. that was beastly. So I have a question, I just returned to school where I often go to a local crossfit gym. How should I incorporate this program into the gym’s WODs? I typically go to the gym two or three times a week but I want to go there more this semester. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. @Bond, if you insist on going to a crossfit gym that follows different programming then do their wods for your conditioning but cut them to 10-12 minutes. Maybe up the weight if they’re punks and you can handle it. Do the strength work at your school’s gym. Today for example, your school gym should have a barbell. Don’t drop the bar on the snatch pulls and don’t miss the tall snatches. Maybe jump over something 30″ tall if you have nothing to jump on; otherwise sub tuck jumps.

  3. Word of recommendation re BJs.
    Part of the WU. 10 one legged calf raises, full ROM both ways. Jump on smaller boxes as part of wu. We are talking about 1-2min of your time.

    Friend of mine tore his Achille on 11.2 last year. He felt bad in the calf before the workout and I see a tendency that many who tore their tendons “knew” it would happen. I often feel shitty in my left after heavy sets of DU and BJ and foamrolls and stretches it the evening before next jumping session. Seems to be working since I jump a damn lot.

    Happy jumping and yeah sure hoping for the return of the DL/BJ wod at the Regionals πŸ™‚

  4. Your comments on box jumps were portentious! Aimee shellacked her shin on the box just then! Oh well, she’ll learn not to miss next time…

  5. 1A) 85, 95, 105
    1B) 65, 75, 75

    Conditioning: *scaled to 7 C2B* 5 rounds, 7 C2B, 9 box jumps.
    – didn’t bound; achilles issues already

    TGU in 5 min with 24kg: 7

  6. 1A) 185 for all 3 sets
    1B) 75# for all 3 sets

    6 Rounds plus 9 C2B

    8 reps total.

    Lifts felt decent, used straps. It’s very challenging not to dip on the tall snatches so stayed light to make them perfect.

    Conditioning was a pleasant surprise as the goal was 5 since my C2B aren’t great and haven’t done them in a while. Didn’t bound but jumped up and down for all box jumps.

    Happy with the midline too as I’ve only done 32kg for singles before.

    M/F/S : 3/3/4(knees)

  7. 1a) 135, 145, 155
    1b) 75, 95, 95

    Conditioning: 6 rounds plus 15 reps, started stepping down in round 6, couldn’t bound back up at that point.

    Midline: 8 reps

  8. BB gymnastics
    1a) 95,95,125 ( should have went heavier on all sets)
    1b) 45,45,55( wasn’t sure if I was doing these correctly when heavier so I just stayed light)

    = 6 rounds + 6 pull ups


    6 fucking reps @ 2pood. ( disappointed in this as you can see)

  9. 1a)85#
    1b) 35# noob on this one
    should have gone heavier on both probably

    amrap 5 + 10 pullup

    tgu= 10 @ 35#

    I found a partner in crime and it is way easier to train with someone. This is one of my mental weaknesses and I am working on working hard by myself…luckily I didn’t have to start today=)

  10. 1a)175, 185, 185. felt good. couldve been a tad heavier
    1b)95, 75, 75 (couldnt get the hang of it at the end so went lighter to be able to focus more)
    c) 5 even
    m) 1 on each arm @32. 2 on each at 24

  11. 1a) 95,105,115- shouldn’t i be able to pull more than i can snatch?!
    1b) 55, 55, 55

    will be doing conditioning and midline later

    mfs: 8, 8, 3

  12. BB Gymnastics
    1a) 115×3 – No straps. Good weight bc 4th and 5th reps were tough.
    1b) 65, 65, 75 – Got better as I went. Never done tall before.

    6 rounds + 6 pullups – Pumped with this. Better mindset today.

    11 @ 53#. Never done a TGU heavier than 45# before today.

    M: 2
    F: 2
    S: 6 (Quads still burning from “Tears”)

  13. 113-113-113 FORM FORM FORM
    Used 53. This movement needs a lot of work. My problem is not the pull, but the efficient drop & catch.

    4 rounds even
    A- white girl can jump
    B- I suck donkey balls at c2b

    TGU- 17 each + 1 on right

  14. 1a.85,105,115
    1b.55,55,55 first time doing these. Anything over 55# I wanted to dip. I’m liking them though.

    conditioning: 4+17. disappointed with my CTB today. Focused on box jump rebounding.

    Midline: 11 @ 16kg. my left
    shoulder couldn’t handle more than that.

    I slept like crap last night. 4/5/3

  15. Snatch High Pulls: 85, 105, 105 (probably could have used more; right thumb kept slipping out of hook grip for some reason, so didn’t push it)

    Tall Snatches: very, very difficult to not initiate with the hips; stayed light-ish to try to get it right. 35, 55, 65×3, 55

    AMRAP: 4 rounds + 6 pullups

    TGU: 11@24kg (first time with that weight…heavy)

  16. BB Gymnastics
    1a) Used 185lbs for all 15 reps. I did touch and go after the first rep.
    1b) Used 95lbs for all reps. This was tricky to wrap my head around. Ended up being more shrug than ankle extension.

    8 Rounds plus 7 pullups.
    I didn’t use butterfly pullups on this. I have noticed a dip in overall strength since I started using the butterfly pullup, and am only going to use it in competition and skill work from now on, and use the standard kipping pullup for my training.

    Used 60lbs DB, 18 reps (9 each arm)

  17. 1a) 85, 90, 95 – worked a lot on technique. Staying over the bar and in my heels for as long as possible

    1b) 73,73,73

    Conditioning: 4 + 12 CTB + 9 box jumps. (decided to step down from box)

    Midline – 6 at 24kg. This really bothered the shoulder that I’ve dislocated. It’s strange how some things don’t bother it at all like snatches or OHS, but other things like HSPU and TGU can really cause it problems. It’s been a year now, so these problems are frustrating.

  18. 1a) kept at 185#. Did 5 rounds b/c I couldn’t do 1b (wrist sprain issues… Can’t catch overhead at the moment).
    1b) Didn’t bother.

    — 8 rds + 11 c2b (c2bs went pretty early. Whole thing hurt way more than I thought it would).

    — 10 reps. Took it easy on the wrist. I hate these anyway.

    M/F/S – 4/5/3

  19. 1a) 165#
    1b) 95, 115, 115

    7 rds + 12
    Pull was fine, grip started giving out the last few rounds so I had to break up/rest too much.

    12 reps

  20. 1a. 115, 135, 145
    1b. 65 for all

    6 + 3 C2Bs

    6 Reps. About ate a 2 pood to the face a few times.


    • I did regional standard box jumps. No bound. I stepped down each time. Never broke the pace though.

      C2B were ugly – Mostly stuck to regular kipping. I nailed a few butterfly, but I wanted to work the explosive pull rather than speed.

      MFS – 1/4/2 – Good day of training. Thanks!

  21. BB Gymnastics

    1a) 3X5 Snatch High-Pulls – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

    155#; 155#; 175# – Should have started with 175# and went up from there, used straps

    1b) 3X5 Tall Snatches – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

    65#; 75#; 85# – should have started with 85# and went up from there, new movement, and was pretty positive there was NO knee bend or change in hip angle, felt FAST today


    10 minute AMRAP of:

    12 C2B Pullups
    12 Box Jumps 30/26”

    3 rounds plus 12 C2B plus 3 Box Jumps, was a pussy on this, should have pushed harder especially on the Box Jumps, I know I have at least 5 rounds in me


    5 min. AMRAP of TGUs (alternating) @ 32/24kg

    did 1 TGU per arm with 32kg, then switched to 24kg and got 3 TGUs per arm. The 32kg took a little over a minute to complete one per arm, hard time staying tight in my shoulders.

  22. 1a.) 185(not quite to nips), 175, 180
    1b.) 95 for all


    6 rnds +9 C2B’s.

    Each round had about 75 ft of ground to cover/jog between the PU bar and Brick wall I used for bj’s. Id like to re-attempt w/ a proper set up. Great on the lungs! Just the kind of stuff I need.


    10 reps. Wasted time on 2 failures early on.

  23. New exerciser following your program.
    (recovering from a scooter accident so some things are still a work in progress).

    1a, kept it at 135lbs throughout
    1b 75, 85, 85lbs – technically hard

    Conditioning: 6 rounds + 7 c2b – pullups def limiting factor, haven’t been able to do them for a good 6 weeks

    Midline: did 3 set max Hand Stand Hold in rings instead: 40s, 25, 20

    Thx for a cool programming, been recommended to follow by some top coaches so expectations are high! πŸ™‚

  24. 1a) all at 60kg, should have gone heavier
    1b) all at 40kg. Smashed my head into the bar on the first set. That’s elite exercising.

    Conditioning: 5rns and 9 pullups

    Midline: 5 reps at 2 pood.

  25. 1a) 103, 113, 123
    1b) 43, 43, 43

    4 +7 pullups.
    Feeling pretty sick to begin with, then had a brain fart on the first set of pullups, was trying C2B butterflys but it fell apart fast, then slipped and hit my shin on the box jumps (which was a first)and stood around for a minute or so shaking that out. I got it done which is all that matters, now I’m resting. Needless to say…no TGU’s, went home to rest.


  26. 1a) 175, 175, 175
    1b) 95, 95, 105

    Could have gone to 185 methinks for hi pulls.

    Conditioning: 6 + 9 C2B

    Odd. Gain some weight and I got better at C2B’s. I’ll take it. Starting to feel better on conditioning workouts; the motor is coming back.

    Midline: 7 reps w/ 32kg.

    Finished off the 8th rep to balance out. I should practice these more; the last 2 were easier than the first 2.

  27. 1a) 3X5 Snatch High-Pulls – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

    1b) 3X5 Tall Snatches – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
    1a = 70kg
    1b = 35kg – really hard to not use any hip on these and was quite a shrug. Felt like I was jumping forward to the bar a bit as well


    10 minute AMRAP of:

    12 C2B Pullups
    12 Box Jumps 30/

    6 rounds


    5 min. AMRAP of TGUs (alternating) @ 32/24kg

    10 reps

  28. 1a) 155, 155, 165
    2a) 85, 95, 100 Felt like the demo but after seeing other peoples numbers I may have cheated a little, just not sure how.

    Conditioning: 5 + 19reps
    Need c2b practice


  29. Welp…that snatch work pointed out a lot of my weaknesses regrading the snatch!! Very exciting to know I can only go up from here.

    Conditioning: 6 Rds 6+10PU
    Midline: 10reps (5l & 5r) 24kg

  30. 1a) 113, 133, 133
    1b) 63, 73, 73

    Conditioning: 9 +6 but I subbed a 100m row for box jumps. I’m starting to doubt myself though… maybe I did 8+6? Anyway, I did all the C2B unbroken.

    TGU- 9 reps with 24 kilogram bell. I did 10 but didn’t finish the last rep under 5 mins.

    And, Rudy fixed my snatch!! He gave me a few tips and it felt SO much better.

  31. 1) 135 could have easily gone higher but just worked technique
    2) 95 awkward at first but pulled it together. Should have gone a little higher

    Conditioning: 6 rds

  32. BB Gymnastics

    1a) 155, 175, 185
    1b) 65, 75, 85

    185 got heavy on that last set. Bout 10-15# over BW.
    Could have gone a bit heavier on the tall snatches, but they improved as I went. Felt pretty comfortable with 85.


    7 rounds + 22 reps (2 shy of 8 rounds! dammit.)

    Used Regional standard, stand fully on the box, hips open.
    A good handful of no reps…
    I sucked at this standard last year at Regionals and got hit with a fuckload of no reps.
    I’m pretty good at cycling the old style of box jumps…would have no problem hitting 50+ on a 24 inch box, but this standard messes up my rhythm. Something to work on.

    C2B’s felt like more work than usual. Timing was slightly off. Even from the start.
    Not a bad score, but this is one where I need to be able to push to come close to 9 rounds.

    Midline – skipped. Had to take off, I need to stop skipping this stuff.

    • Bounded each rep for box jumps.
      No achilles issues or anything.
      10+ years of sprinting, I’m used to all the plyo movements. Likely wont have any soreness.


      Third day on. Low back fatigued again.

    • Jay, Right there with you on the C2B’s. I couldnt find my timing like I normally can, definitely the slow point. Im in need of grooving in the rhythm between now and regionals.

  33. 1a 125#
    b 68#

    Conditioning 4 or 5 rds + 6reps

    Midline 32kg 5 reps I suck at these


  34. BB Gymnastics

    1a) 155, 175, 185
    1b) 65, 95, 115

    Literally probably could have copied and pasted everything Jay said here, down to the weights used.


    9 rounds + 6 pullups
    Felt pretty good. All sets of the c2b unbroken butterfly, even with a few added reps for a couple I no repped myself on for no chest touch. Alllllmost ripped, but just blistered instead. Didn’t extend on the box, only as I was jumping off. Bounding felt better as I went.
    I’ll get the video up in a little.


    11 reps alternating. Took each rep slow but didn’t stop or fail any reps.

  35. 1a) 155, 165, 175 – No Straps, Hook Grip Killer, TnG
    1b) 95, 105, 105 – felt fast today

    Conditioning –
    6 Rounds + 9 C2B
    Felt good – regional standard on BJs, stepped down every rep, slow but didn’t stop

  36. 1a.) 135, 155, 185 (I have never gone this heavy on a snatch pull, and I got 5 with it today….pretty stoked!!)
    1b.) 55, 65, 75

    5 rounds even

    4 TGU each arm….

  37. 1a. 160, 175, 190
    1b. 100, 110, 120
    – concentrated on form more so than weight still tough though

    Cinditioning: 6 rds + 4 pull ups

    5 on each side TGUs @ 32kg

  38. 1a) 115, 125, 135
    1b) 65, 75, 85

    7 full rounds πŸ™‚
    Regionals standard on box jumps

    Midline: made up toes to bar from last week:
    21, 18, 16, 12, 13
    Will make up TGU tomorrow.

    MFS-2, 3, 3 Great day of training for me!!
    Today was the first day I felt good and not so sore and fatigued on this programming. Finally getting somewhere mentally and physically and it feels great. Thank you.

    btw: BP, awesome freaking job!

  39. On the Conditioning I finished with 6 rounds + 12 reps. On the box jumps I used regional standards and cycled through them about as quick as possible and I had zero problem what so ever on them, I could have done tons more. All bounding ( I guess that means touch and go at the bottom) and hips fully open with feet on the box. The part that slowed me down was the C2B pull ups. Just like Jay said, I just couldnt find my rhythm for the kip. I was wanting 9+ rounds on this but I kept on having to break my sets because I would lose my rhythm on the C2B’s. I need to focus in on making sure Ive got the rhythm grooved in by the time the open/regionals get here. C2B’s are bound to be in there somewhere. For that said reason I just felt slow on the Pull ups and with regional standards on the box jumps, those just felt like they took forever.

  40. 1a) 185-185-195
    1b) 75-75-75

    6 rounds + 6 box jumps

    C2B slowed be down and I had a time finding my rhythm for the butterfly but eventually got it. Regional box jumps standards with 6 “no reps” >:/

    No time for midline, have to sleep sometime or another.

    m/f/s: 2/2/1

  41. Holy sugarbush, that was a good workout!

    1a) 135, 145, 150
    1b) 65, 75, 85 (this took a lot of concentration and plenty of re-looks at video)

    6 full rounds + 1 C2B (no kipping)

    7 rounds even with 50 lb db

  42. Snatch High Pull – 165lb all rounds
    Tall Snatch – 65-95-105

    Conditioning – 5 rounds + 1 pull up

    Midline – 14 *used 55lb

  43. 1a) Snatch High Pulls 95-115-115 (focusing on form)
    1b) Tall Muscle Snatch 45-65-85 (shoulder was bugging me stabilizing but felt better with sets)
    2) 6 rounds and 5 Box Jumps (Regional Standard)
    3) 5 minutes: 13 Turkish Get-ups with 40lbs (wrist aggravated and stuck with DB)

  44. 1. 165, 175, 175
    2. 95, 105, 105. Found these fun as hell for some reason.

    Conditioning – 6 rounds + 8 pull ups. Very hard time maintaining a rhythm on C2B and felt like I should have done much better.

    Midline – 2, with a questionable return on the left. Too heavy a weight for me on these, stopped before death occurred.

  45. 1) 175, 185, 195 (felt so easy, clearly showing how shitty I am with the whole catch portion of the snatch…)
    2) 85, 85, 85 (more proof! Felt very slow until e final round)

    Conditioning – 8+1 c2b (all bj’s were unbroken except for a slip on round 4, felt really good on those. C2B wer absolute crap. I found I moved faster doing singles and doubles from round 4 on. The accessory pulling work I am adding to e program should help a lot!)

    TGU – 14 reps (should have gone a little more aggressive here. Had way too much energy after this)(I used to TGU about twice a week a few years back, my friends and I loved to screw around with them…)

  46. 1a) 177, 177, 188 – used straps, all of these felt pretty good.
    1b) 77, 77, 88 – think I could have gone a little heavier on these, but I wanted to focus on getting under the bar as fast as possible

    Conditioning – 6 rds + 9 pull ups – pull ups sucked on this, box jumps felt good. Did regional standard.

    Midline – 15

  47. 1) 95, 115, 115
    2) 45, 65, 65 ( Once I got the hang of these they weren’t too bad)

    Conditioning: 6 rnds and 1 C2B (Regionals standard on box jump)

    TGU: 18 reps with 44# (have not gotten to work on these, so I stuck with a lighter weight that I knew I could manage)

  48. 1a) 225,225,265 used straps and felt strong in my hips tonight
    1b) 95,115, 95 Loved these! Im lazy in the flip and this gave me some great work.


    9 rounds even.

    Unbroken on butterflies for 4 or 5 rds then 6/6. Box jumps felt great tonight.

    Midline: Ran out of time. Hopefully I can make it up tomorrow

  49. 1a. 153, 163, 188
    1b. 88, 98, 98


    6 + 3 pullups.

    Felt good on the first few round of pullups. Boxjumps slowed me down big time, regional standard. Decided to redline it from the beginning even if my score suffered because my work capacity sucks.

  50. 1a) 145, 165, 185
    1b) 65, 75, 95

    AMRAP: 5+5Pullups…I hate box jumps:( slows me down so much. I worked on maintaining a pace and felt better at it but jsut not quick enough with them.

    TGU: 8 (4 with right arm at 72#, and 4 with left arm at 53#. Left shoulder feeling much better and stable, attempted TGU on left with 72# and failed but felt good about progress of shoulder issue)


    • Hey, Cheatham(s)!

      I just realized that you guys live in our sister city! I run a high school CrossFit gym in Carleton Place, Ontario Canada. Quite a few of my pals have been on junkets down to see your part of the world. We usually deliver a huge pumpkin as part of the action!

      Perhaps we can set up an online web connection for our students!

      Brian DIckie

  51. 1a) 155 for all. Might have been able to go a bit heavier but just focused on getting the bar high. Used straps, these felt good
    1b) 75, 85, 85. These felt great. I wasn’t getting a very good feel for the ankle extension though, most power came from the shrug

    Conditioning- 6+2 c2b. Couldn’t bound out of the bottom of box jumps so they were slow. Need to work my rhythm on them and on the c2b, too many broken sets

    Midline – 12 with 60# db. The 2pd was killing my left forearm…anybody have any suggestions? I can’t feel anything noticeably different from the right side.

  52. 1a) 115
    1b) 75 – liked these


    9 + 5 C2B – C2B are my wheelhouse…whatever that means (I think I used it right). Box jumps on the other hand weren’t as easy today. Haven’t done one in over a month. Did Regional’s standards (full extension on the box and bound at the bottom).


    14 total reps with 55#

    MFS: 5/5/4 – legs still a little sore and drama got me down

  53. 1a. 110, 120,130
    1b. 45, 55, 60

    5 rounds + 9 box jumps (Regional standard) Felt a little slow and sluggish.

    Midline- 10 reps, 5 each arm with 1.5 pood

  54. 1a) 95, 95, 105–these are still weird to me. Not keeping the bar close to my body. When I get closer, the bar racks me. I probably could have gone up, but I don’t feel comfortable with the technique yet.
    2a) 45, 55, 55–first time to do this. They were fun. I tried 65, but I didn’t have the confidence to hold the standard at higher weights.

    Had to use 30″ box
    4 rounds + 3 box jumps
    I can’t string the c2b together for the life of me. Even when I stayed on the bar, I had to get a really big kip for EVERY REP!! The bar was really high and I kept having to step up on a box after every two or three reps coming off the bar. Box jumps felt good.

    50# DB–9 reps-never tried this weight before. I was gassed afterward!

    MFS 2/2/3

  55. 1a) 245-275-295 (No straps)
    1b) 45-65-95

    Conditioning: 5 rounds + 1 pull-up

    Midline: 18 reps

    This is my second day of following the programming. I need a significant amount of improvement in the 7 to 12-minute time range/domain. Thank you for posting all of this online.

  56. BB Gymnastics

    1a) 145#-155#-175# w/ straps

    1b) 65#-75#-85#


    5 + 13 – Worked on Butterfly CTB and no rep’d a couple times. All BJ’s were step down.


    7 (4R, 3L) Alternating Arms

  57. 1a) 135 lbs, 155 lbs, 165 lbs
    1b) 65 lbs, 65 lbs, 75 lbs (I don’t think I even used my ankles here. Just pulled my elbows to my ears and dropped under)

    Conditioning- 5 rounds + 6. I thought the Pull-ups would be hard, since I haven’t done many in the last month, but it was just breathing all around.

    Midline- 15 on my right arm only w/ 55 lbs. Still dealing with tendonitis in my left arm.

  58. Did clean grip high pulls instead, snatch grip bugs the shoulder still

    1a) 185 for all sets
    1b) skipped, no snatching for me yet

    conditioning: 5+12 pullups. no ctb, just chin over bar today. need to re-gain my pullup strength and some more ROM before i go CTB. can’t butterfly or kip yet either. used to rock pullups out, now i suck :-/. also stepped off box on each. snowboarding trip coming up on fri and am being overly protective about protecting knees.

  59. Thanks for this, Rudy. I found you through my buddy Josh Courage. Also, coincidentally, Laura and I were friends when I started CrossFit in Atlanta in 2007.

    This is my first day jumping in. I placed 3rd at the Garage Games at Lalanne Fitness over the weekend, which took a little snap out of me. I went 185lbs on the pulls and like 55lbs on tall snatch. Obviously my weak point. 7 + 13 on the AMRAP.

    4 TGU’s. I almost shat my pants on that one.

    Thanks again for the awesome programming. Looking forward to seeing my progression!

  60. BBG:
    1a) 165# for all sets (straps)
    1b) 45# for all sets. I’m not sure if I was doing these completely right. Something to work on.

    Skill: 5×10 30″ Pogo BJs. I’m not good at bounding on a 30″ box so I’m trying to do some skill work for it. Regional standards on box jumps.

    Conditioning: did the DL/BFBurp wod from last week b/c I just did a wod with high rep box jumps in it.

    3 RFT:
    12 DLs 315#
    24 BF Burpees

  61. 155,185,185
    m/f/s 4/1/1 Took the last week off after my elbow started hurting. Saw the Doc, have a bone spur and some pieces floating. Feels ok today. We shall see.

  62. 1a) 115, 115, 120
    1b) 65 (never done these before)

    5rds + 6 CTB

    6 TGU (right wrist injury and I’ve never done these this heavy. I’m disappointed I didn’t do more.)

  63. 3×5 snatch high pulls 42, 62, 62, 72, 72
    3×5 tall snatches 22, then 32 for the rest
    really tried to work my form rather than weight with these, I have a lot of work to do but it was good for me to do these
    10 min amrap
    6 rnds plus 12+5
    (only 6 were actual chest to bar, the rest were chin over bar, box jump was 25 inches) box jumps felt easy prob because my legs are getting stronger and I haven’t done them in forever?
    11 with a 25# kb

  64. 1a)105 for all sets
    2b) kept it at 55 because this was really hard to do without initiating the movement w my hips.

    Conditioning: 5+10 chest to bar pullups

    TGU: 6 at 24kg. These are ridiculously hard for me, especially on the left side. I attempted several on the left side that I didn’t finish.


  65. 1a) 115-135-135
    1b) 65-65-65
    Conditioning: 5 rounds+12 C2B pullups+2 box jumps 26″
    midline: 10 with 24kg

  66. 1a) 135-135-135 (felt good)
    1b) 65-65-65 (1st time doing these, but 3rd pull is weak point in my snatch, I don’t do it at all, so this is what I need)

    Conditioning: 5rds + 10 C2B PU

    Midline: 9 (6 right, 3 left) with 25# (1st time w/these. Working on prob w/left shoulder pain/mobility/stabilization/strength, 3 was a struggle)

  67. 1a) 95-95-95 (felt great should have gone heavier)
    1b) 45-45-55 (first time doing these)

    Conditioning: 7 rounds
    Regional standard on Box Jump, stepped or jumped down, but no rebound back. (this is more exhausting then bounding for me)

    Midlilne: 16 (20#db) don’t do many TGU’s so went light

    First real training day after 1 week vacation and too much eating/drinking over the holidays. Ready to get back at it.

  68. 1a) 95, 135, 145
    1b)65, 95, 115

    metcon: 8 rounds +pullups+3 box jumps

    midline: tried 32, didn’t feel good so went down to 24. 13 reps


  69. snatch pulls 185×3 felt good
    tall snatch 115×3 felt really fast getting under weight

    AMRAP 5 rounds x3 box jumps, c2b really difficult today

    no time for tgu

    m/f/s 2/8/4

  70. Conditioning

    6rds, 6 pullups (first five rounds of pull ups UB, BJs slowed me down, no bounding)

    Completed on 01.17.12

  71. Conditioning

    8 Rounds plus 5 Box Jumps
    Spent a decent amount of time between movements each round focusing on breathing.

  72. Snatch High Pull: 145
    Tall Snatch: 45. These felt and probably looked strange.

    Conditioning: 4 rounds even. C2B were not good. I was hoping to get the first 3 rounds unbroken, didn’t get past the first. Box jumps were easy, though.

    TGU: 8 @ 44#

  73. snatch high pull–185
    tall snatch–95

    conditioning–4 rounds + 5 c2b

    tgu–10 w/45 lbs plate

  74. 1a) 135
    1b) 75

    4 Rnd’s + 3 pull ups (stopped with 2 minutes left because of a bad tear on my left hand)

  75. 1a) i wrote this wrong in my book! did 5×3 instead of 3×5 75/85/95/105/115 not too heavy…just worked on extenstion…which is my biggest problem
    1b) 55# across…very awkward…and i didnt want to do it wrong
    8+3 box jumps

    21 with the 16kg (i forgot to write down the weight and assumed -which made an ass out of me! lol )

  76. BB Gymnastics

    1a) 3X5 Snatch High-Pulls 95/95/105
    1b) 3X5 Tall Snatches 45/45/55
    in retrospect I could have gone heavier on everything here but I wanted to get the form right.


    10 minute AMRAP of:

    12 C2B Pullups
    12 Box Jumps 30″

    4 plus 2 Pull-ups
    Probably would have done 5 rounds plus is numbnutt next door wasn’t using his gas leaf blower inside with the doors closed. Not bad considering we were almost asphyxiated.


    5 min. AMRAP of TGUs (alternating) @ 24kg 8 reps (4 each side)
    Couldn’t get that left arm to work @ 2 pood so I dropped weight.

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