Today we have a special guest blogger. It’s none other than everyone’s favorite spider monkey, Talayna Fortunato. Last Sunday I asked her what WOD she wanted to repeat from “the early days” and she told me, “The 7 round one I started crying on—I owe it something.” I asked her to write something about her experience, here it is…

In every sport there’s a term for what happens to your body when the bottom drops out, all goes to hell in a hand basket, and you’re left in a heap of sweat and self pity that was once an athlete before the event started.  For marathon runners it’s called “bonking”, track athletes say, “the monkey jumped on my back”, professional sports players “choke”, professional drinkers get “FUBAR”, and the “real” professional athletes (exercisers) “hit the wall”.  This past weekend I witnessed a few of my fellow firebreathers being extinguished sometime during round 2 of the wall ball/hang snatch WOD as their bodies ran full speed into the proverbial wall.  I was overcome with empathy for my fallen comrades, as I too have been the victim of many a WOD gone awry.  The worst perhaps was at Regionals after I came off the 100 pull-ups in under 3min and proceeded to turn the rest of the workout into a bloody debacle pieced together with sets of 3 reps that felt like they’d never reach 100.  Since then I’ve made it a point to try and reach this state more in practice so it can be avoided on game day.  Rudy’s programming does not disappoint in making this goal a reality!

My first couple months I hit the ground crying about 3 times!  It was usually on the harmless looking workouts with the perfect combination of my “weak links” that it happened.  The one I remember most was a 7 round, light weight, shoulder dominate wod with OHS’s.  Somewhere around round 5 I could no longer feel my thumbs or bend forward to pick up the bar, so I took a tearful pity party in the fetal position before recomposing to finish—but no matter how slow, I’ve ALWAYS finished!  That’s what WODs like this are about.  No matter how badly things fall apart (barring actual injury) or how long you spend staring at the implement that should be in motion, you get through them and punch another hole in your HTFU card.  In honor of this idea and my own personal embarrassment, we are repeating the said WOD now deemed, “Tears of a Spider Monkey”.  I’m hoping for a little redemption this time, but no matter what muscle cramps, neuralgia, or tears ensue I know I’ll get it done.  As will the rest of you Outlaws who don’t want to risk being called a _____!


(Ummm… I know it’s pointless to say this, but try to keep it moderately constructive. Also, the opinions expressed here are not the opinions of management—although if they’re good we’ll steal them.)


WOD 120113:

BB Gymnastics

1) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Snatch – rest as needed.
2) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk – rest as needed.

Notes: Take as long as you’d like to warm up for these lifts, but limit yourself to ONLY 3 legit attempts. You may use any style of each lift, but try to stick to a near USAW standard.


“The Tears of a Spider Monkey”

7 rounds for time of:

20 Push Press @ 75/55lbs
20 OHS @ 75/55lbs

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  1. A few thoughts:

    1. I’m a dope because I actually thought it was going to be something in that box.
    2. Wow, a for real for real commercial.
    3. Should be good for affiliate owners.
    4. Ah, but is this the beginning of the McDonald’s-fication of CrossFit boxes?
    5. Reebok is “branding” 150 CrossFit gyms. Not sure if that’s good or bad. I think they should concentrate on making stuff people wear. Not opening gyms.
    6. Fuck, there was nothing in that box. Duped.

  2. Ben they are not opening gyms they are helping others who don’t have the means open gyms. They have no ownership in the gym only give interest free loan to the owners.. yes there are some constraints for owners/trainers to wear the gear, but hey I bought the shit anyway right… More to follow as I was already an established (2008) affiliate and have partnered with them … gotta beat some bitches down will post more later

  3. Great post by the spider monkey. I look forward to this couplet tomorrow. On paper it seems easy enough but I know it will humiliate me.

  4. I have never bought anything by Reebok in my life. Why? For one it is usually not attractive, and two, they rely on silly gimmicks to attempt to sell crappy products (Pumps, Easy Tones, ZigTech, RealFlex).

    Every time they make another CrossFit commercial I face palm.

    What sound does a shark make when it jumps?

    • Oops, that wasn’t constructive. Let me try again…

      I think the commercial was much better than the last ones they made…mainly because they shut off the cheesy narrator. Not that the helicopters weren’t cheesy…

      The problem really is just Reebok. They are just corny. Check out this commercial by Inov8:

      That proves you can make a CrossFit commercial that don’t make people throw up in their mouths.

      • I’ve been doing CrossFit for a little over 2 years now and I have been using Vibranm Five Fingers for most of the time. I just don’t see anything beating them as I have gained so much in my balance, coordination, flexibility and agility using them. We were born without shoes on our feet, our feet were made to support our bodies movement. If we are doing functional movements wouldn’t we want to have natural support. I believe the Five Fingers give the best way to do this. Just my opinion, thanks!

  5. 1) 90kg, 100kg(fail),102.5kg (fail)
    Had 100 locked out easily then elbows went crazy and lost it. 102.5 came way out in front
    2) 100kg, 110kg, 120kg(fail clean)
    Again not good. Been neglecting the C&J recently, needs some work

    3) 16:40. Thought shoulders would feel this but it was all quads.

    Overall should have done better today

    MFS- 4/2/4

  6. Snatch 130# – missed 135, which would have been a slight PR
    C&J – 165# – missed the jerk (barely) at 170#, which would have been a 5# PR

    Conditioning: 12:56

    M/F/S – 2/2/2

  7. Is anyone following the programming in the Houston area? I’m stuck at work right now and am in need of a place to come do today’s workout this afternoon as my gym will be closed. You can email me directly at claydonjeff@gmail.com or just reply to this post.


    This is my 5th workout without OUTLAW, so I was terrified of this wod and decided to skip the 1 rm snatch and c+j. I’ll keep at it!


  9. Well said, T. I definitely remember casually going into this wod with a ‘go-as-fast-as-possible-and-don’t-put-the-bar-down’ mentality, only to get b*tchslapped by it about 5 minutes in. It’s pretty rough.

    1 & 2) Left wrist is all jacked up at the moment, so I can’t catch heavy overhead. Decided not to push it and moved on to the conditioning.

    3) 10:58 (didn’t break during the sets, but spent too much time resting between sets. Didn’t have any energy this morning)

    M/F/S – 7/7/3

  10. I was a bit behind but now I am following on track again. Because of that, I just did my 1RM snatch and clean and jerk about 4 days ago.
    Went for a 1RM snatch, tied PR 125
    shut it down after trying my C+J… wasn’t feeling very mentally into it

    everything UB but a little bit of rest switching to push press/OHS

  11. Been following for a couple weeks behind and finally caught up.

    1) 205, 215(F), 215(F)
    2) 255, 265(PR), 275(PR)

    Shut it down after 2nd round.

    Snatches felt heavy on the shoulders. C+J were power cleaned no problem there and probably had another 10# in the jerk or so.

    Unfortunately somehow tweaked my groin on the overhead squats. Strange as I’ve been taking care of myself a lot more now. Ice baths every other day and a bunch of mobility stuff pre and post. Frustrating. Hopefully won’t be an issue.

  12. Snatch: 155. missed 165 (current PR) all 3 times. Not a good day here.
    C&J: 225

    Conditioning: 17:40

  13. Snatch: 135, 145, and 155 fail. Horrible day here. No explosiveness.
    C&J: 185, 205(fail on jerk), 195 – Brought my C&J down from 225. I can power clean 225 but had not been able to cleanly squat clean it. 265 is my 1RM front squat. Hopefully the squat cycle will increase my front squat and subsequently allow me to institute a better full clean.

    Conditioning: 16:26 – 1st round was UB and all other rounds were 12/8 for each PP and OHS. Felt good on each. Felt I could have gone faster, this was mentally agonizing to do alone.

  14. 1) 185, 205f, 205f
    2) 235, 245, 255f
    Wasn’t there mentally for either of these. Went right into conditioning afterwards.

    Limiting factor was shoulder fatigue, quads were ok. Tough one mentally to push through all those reps.


  15. This was possibly the worst session I have had in a long time. The combination of cold weather, apathy and 4 hours of sleep suck.

    1) 195-205f-205f
    2) 245-255f-255f


  16. Current PR Snatch 175#. 155, 165, 180 failed
    Current PR C&J 225#. 185, 210, 230 failed
    *having issues with R.hip was able to push through pulls but didn’t feel 100%
    WOD: 21:53 …..BRUTAL, UB the 2 rounds follwed by PP 10/10, OHS 10/10
    by the 6th round R. hip on fire. Kept a tempo throughout the 10/10/10/10 and felt good about the last 6 rounds and my pace.

    not to bad for 45 yrs

  17. Snatch: 105 Fail, 105, 110 fail
    C&J: 115, 135 fail on jerk, 145 fail on jerk

    Frustrated that I wasn’t even close to last week’s numbers. My shoulders felt really fatigued today. I just couldn’t get anything overhead. I was afraid. Enough, said.

    All OHS unbroken
    Push press: Unbroken on Rd. 1, then 5,5,5,5. then 7,7,6, then 10,10 for the remaining sets

    Not too happy with that time, but I’m still optimistic. I don’t know that I could have come close to that time a couple months ago. I spent a lot of time resting between the push press because I was failing at them. OHS were a breeze. I can’t wait for my upper body to catch up to my lower body.

    M/F/S 1/7/4

  18. A) 170# (PR)
    B) 225# (PR)
    Metcon – 25:30

    M/F/S – 2/4/4

    *Brutal workout, hands and arms went numb around the 5th round (couldn’t stabilize the bar overhead). Happy with the snatch PR!!!

  19. No PR’s, all fails. (135/185) Technique is still fucked up since surgery even though I’m fully healed.

    Metcon – 15:49. Unbroken first 4 rounds. Shit fell apart quick. Last two rounds took 7 minutes.


  20. Snatch – 210f, 210f, 210f (hit 205 last week so i was hoping for another PR, not so much) i did hit 200 pretty solid when warming up.

    C&J – 245, 260, 270f, tried 270 twice and failed on the clean both times. my left shoulder is feeling a little wacky so the jerks weren’t as solid as usual.

    WODClub Open WOD 2 “Bear Trap”: with 137#, 10 rounds + 3 reps = 8631.
    Screwed up on round 5 and had to redo. i was hoping for 14 rds.

    I will try this again later this evening and will do the conditioning wod as well.

  21. I choose to keep my mouth shut on the add. T, you rock!

    Snatch – Worked up to a shitty 195#. Feeling better, but still suck big time.
    C+J – worked up to 255# and filed at three attempts. Pissed. I need so much work at these.

    Conditioning – 10:49
    I guess my aggression went to some good here and I am surprised at the time being comparatively so good. I feel as though I could have taken less transition time to maybe break 10 for sure. Happy with this one I think.

  22. T, love your blogs…. Good stuff. Spider monkeys can write?

    Getting sick & I felt like dog shit. But wtf ever the training goes on…

    Snatch: 125/135/145
    C&J: 165/175/185

    Tears of a spider monkey (who’s arms are Completely numb) 16 something….
    – wasn’t winded just took to many brakes to avoid spontaneous combustion of my shitty right shoulder. Bam.

  23. A: 175lb-185lb-205lb ..PR is 220lb…so I was really happy with hitting 205lb since I haven’t hit a heavy snatch for a month
    B. 225lb(f) missed the clean.. 225lb-255lb
    Met-con- 14:46 Rx’d at 75lb…

    -Finally starting to feel better after 1 month off from the flu and other crap. 🙂

  24. Was out of commission yesterday not feeling well so today I’m just happy I got something in.

    snatch 215(had it easy and dropped it)-220 fail-220-fail
    C&J 275 fail-275 fail-275 fail

    No PRs again this week, bummed cause last week when I hit my PRs they felt so strong

    WOD at the Box:

    13:54 –PP UB, OHS broke up but never put the bar down, rested way too much between rounds so I wouldn’t blow out early

    Every time I think I did well on a wod I look at the comments and remember there’s always someone better than you…or several…or several hundred. Very humbling and motivating.

  25. 1) 145(10# un-pr) 150(f), 150(f)
    2) 210, 215(current pr), 225(f)
    Conditioning- 15:12, should have pushed a little harder

  26. Technique Practice

    Snatch: squat up to 115; powered 120 and then took it back down (heavy snatches tend to turn into power catches instead of using proper technique and catching low)

    C&J: up to 145 (cleans have felt terrible lately)

    Absolutely no wind on the metcon; all muscle fatigue. Paced too much. All PP unbroken. OHS UB, then 10/10 for all remaining rounds. 13:54.

  27. Snatch – 180#, tied PR
    Skipped C&J, shoulders/elbows didn’t feel good locking out heavy weight.

    “I can’t believe T cried from a workout and no one here had the balls to bust her out for it, seriously people who the fuck are you chickenshits?” WOD – 13:50

  28. 1) 165, 175, 180 (f)
    2) 225, 245 (missed the Jerk), 245 (f) —245 is my current clean pr

    WOD – 12:50 Push Press UB, OHS broken in 2 sets…rest between movements

  29. Anytime there is a 1RM next to the word Snatch or Clean and Jerk, my psyche gets the best of me, my head crawls so far up my colon, I could be a human colonoscopy
    Honestly, the mental side of the oly lifts frustrates the hell out of me.
    Snatch-135f, 135f, 135f hang squat snatch.
    C+J- 175 (Monday I got 3 on the hang cleans @ 185, today, WTF)

    14:44. The push press sucked more than OHS.

  30. Heavens to Murgatroyd… You people are strong and fit!

    1. 135, 145, 155 (muscle Snatch)
    2. 165, 175, 185 (Power Clean and Jerk)

    17:19 (12/8 reps for the whole friggin’ thing)

    That was a very demanding, yet invigorating workout!


  31. 1) 175,185,195(m). I’m sensing a pattern.
    2) 225,245,265(miss on Jerk) It’s a bad day when I actually miss a Jerk at sub maximal weights. Just not feeling it today.

    Conditioning: 15:24. Lower back lit up during Rd 4 so could only do so many OHS at a time. Still a 1:30 PR from 3 months ago.

  32. Technique Practice:
    Squat snatch: 105
    Clean and Jerk: 135

    I don’t blame T for crying – 19:30
    Overhead squats felt good, I usually have trouble with these and the push press was light. It was the 20 reps that got me.

  33. Not sure if this data is worth using for anything but I modified the conditioning on this workout today and did each round for time and rested 2mins.

    Everything was unbroken

    1- 50sec
    2- 60sec
    3- 57sec
    4- 57sec
    5- 57sec
    6- 51sec
    7- 57sec

  34. After scrolling through comments I’m glad I’m not the only one who had a rough Oly day today. Shoulders were just fried and I had no pop in my hips.

    Snatch: 195f, 195f, 205, 215f
    Clean and Jerk: 245, 260f, 260f, 255

    Failed Snatch twice at 195 which never happens. Rob Orlandoed it and went to 205 and felt really solid on it. That gave me the confidence to try 215… did not happen. No PR’s. C&J at 245 was solid. PR is 275 so I figured I’d jump to 260 then straight to PR territory. Failed the jerk both times at 260. Rough day with Oly work today. Failed weights I never really fail. Shoulders are finished.

    Conditioning: 16:57

    First round was the only unbroken round. Basically rest of the workout was broken in 10’s. Legs tired out on OHS.

    MFS: 6/3/4

    Some dudes playing horrible music really dampered my mood during Oly work. Some people should just use headphones.

  35. Great blog, T!

    Well …. I’ll be lurking for a bit. Back is pretty messed up. It felt fine after the DL WOD. Yesterday, I was warming up my back squat with bar and my back felt a bit funny each time I got down to bottom of the squat. Attempted squat w/ 95lbs and pain got a little intense so I stopped. I’ve been icing and getting on my portable muscle stim unit as much as possible….hope it won’t take long to bounce back. THIS SUCKS!

  36. I went to the gym today to kick ass and chew gum… and then I ran out of gum! Kidding, but I was pumped to go in and try this WOD again.

    1) 150 160(F) 160 165PR 170(F) – My form was way better today so I kept going. Got 165 cleanly, then got under 170 twice and missed. There’s video on my blog, but didn’t want to waste the space here.

    2) 175 185 195PR 200(F) – Foot slipped and missed the jerk on 195, but that’s the easy part for me so not worried. Got stuck at my stick point above parallel on 200 twice. I’m waiting til next Friday to get it in TN so we can all yell FTW!

    Conditioning (Tears of a Spider Monkey)
    10 FLAT
    Incredibly happy with this considering my time in September on it was 22:40!!! Blows my mind really. During the 2nd and 3rd rounds I actually got a sh*t eating grin on my face because I could feel I was going to be able to keep a good pace. The grin vanished by round 5, but my light weight overhead goat is almost slain…I think.

    MFS: 1/3/6 – my lower back is still very sore today so the fact that I got 3 PR’s has me slightly excited to say the least.

  37. Snatch from my knees – 90lbs

    OHS 3×3- 155, 165, 175 (just starting to put weight on the foot) PR felt good!

    Conditioning – 16:01 Did all the push presses on my knees to save my foot. Shoulders felt terrible and had to rest A LOT and do sets of 5. Felt good to high rep squat again. Haven’t done that in forever! I am not happy at all with that time but I will get better!

  38. BB Gymnastics
    1) Got stuck at 135. Sometimes I have trouble getting myself to drop under it. I can pull 150 up to my nose and then I just puss out. My PR is 145# (last week… pretty ugly).
    2) 185. PR is 200# (pre-shoulder injury). 15# improvement on last week.

    19:50. First set was ub but basically did sets of 10 after that.

  39. M/F/S 7/7/5 Had to train alone at work with a crappy diet yesterday and today…

    Time constraints so had to skip the Snatch and C/J

    Conditioning 16:50 Lower Back locked up during round 5, I was completely unwinded when finished just my back was on fire.

  40. Snatch 175 failed at 185 had bar chin height but wasn’t dropping under bar
    Clean and jerk 235 had same problem as my snatches muscled 235 up

    Tears of a spider monkey 12:11

  41. Took all of our exercisers to a gymnastics place. We did a 15min AMRAP obstacle course (which I destroyed thoroughly) then spent about an hour on skill work. Improved on my bar muscle-ups, and got the muscle-up to HSPU on the rings, which was surprisingly easy when done properly. Then worked on other BS that looks easy but is really fucking hard. Fun stuff. Will try to work the ‘crying monkey’ in later this week. Good job T!

  42. A) 135. 140 felt good but was in front of me. 145 would be PR.
    B) worked up to 165. Felt great. 180 would be PR.

    No PRs but still fatigued and sore.

    Conditioning: 17:26 thought I was moving fast. I guess not.

    few hours later…

    30 minute run at easy pace.

  43. 1) Snatch 145# under 10#, Groin still tweaked
    2) Clean and Jerk: 220# under 5#. Almost got 225#

    Conditioning: 11:24 Felt pretty good kept moving and didn’t stop much.

    Cliff Lewis

  44. It’s been a crazy week and I’ve had to take a couple of days off. Making this up tomorrow… ready to get back at it!

  45. m/f/s 3/6/7 lower back still trying to recover

    Snatch – 165, 175, 185(f) trying to clean up receiving position, making progress

    Clean and Jerk – only worked up to 220, need to work on getting lower on my split

    Conditioning – 11:48 back seized up after round 4 and slowed me down

  46. BB Gymnastics
    Still working on my miserable techique

    1) Snatch 135’s
    2) Cleans 165

    Conditioning (Found T’s goat)
    Did all the PP’s unbroken, lack of flexibility killed me on the OHS. Same problem I had on the Snatch Balances. Gonna get to work and kill this fucker.

  47. Short on time today so I just did the conditioning.

    15:49 Ouch! My back is still really tight from the DL’s earlier this week, about round 4 it started locking up.

  48. Just snatched today:



    Didn’t do anything else because I wanted to catch this Oly meet at Fairleigh Dickinson U. It was my first and was quite an experience. My thoughts were, “I can hang with these dudes”. So after the CF Open/Regionals/Games season, I’ll definitely through my hat in that ring.

    I got to chat with Rizelyx Rivera for a sec. The lightest woman (58kg) ever to snatch over 200#. That was cool.


    • Conditioning:


      Nothing was unbroken. But held the bar in rack position during rounds. Dropped bar between rounds. Muscle fatigue well before cardio fatigue. Push presses were horrendous. OHS were a breeze comparatively.

  49. 1) 219 snatch. pretty close to 231
    2) stopped on C&J at about 245. Just wasnt feeling it.

    Conditioning 14:59 knew it wasnt exactly going to be my best workout but didnt realize it would blow me up like this. Had a pretty helpless feeling several times during this one.

  50. bb gymnastics
    1) 112,117 (pr), 120
    2) 142, 145(f), 145

    20:34. shoulders were toast

    mfs: 248 (lower back)

  51. Woke up late, skipped bb gymnastics.

    Spider monkey-16:20. Did the first round in just over 1:10, all downhill from there. Gonna make up the lifting tomorrow. Felt too cold to lift heavy things.

  52. Did not work up to BB gymnastic 1rm today. Pressed for time, and body told me no.


    17:41 (PP sets mostly 10/10) (OHS sets 1st and 7th UB, others 10/10) should have pushed harder


    M/F/S 3/5/5

  53. I have to say, the name of this WOD is awesome. Went in this morning, did some squats, did the Snatch work, Hit 195# for my first attempt, missed 205# twice after that. 205 is my current PR but I have a problem with jumping backwards during the pull which pulls myself out of position to catch it. The weight goes up over my head easy, but my form needs work. Any tips on how to fix this would be awesome. I did not do the Clean and Jerk since I cleaned yesterday.

    Jumped into the WOD, Im not going to lie…The story of the WOD and the look of the WOD made me think of how I should game it right off the bat. I did it this morning doing everything unbroken, but dropping the bar to shake my arms out in between exercises. I forced myself to take longer than normal breathers because I was afraid of hitting muscle failure. I finished in 15:04, but totaled 7+ minutes of rest when I went back and analyzed my video. I was pretty frustrated with it afterwards because I knew I gamed it, and I knew that I should of went harder. After the WOD, I also rowed a 500 meter (forcing myself to row daily) and did GHD raises.

    After watching the video, and knowing I should have just went and not gamed it and not have been a pus I went back to the gym a few hours later and did it again, yes again. I was no where near fresh, my shoulders were still a little tired from earlier but I hate the feeling of knowing I should have done better on the WOD. And on my second attempt in like 4 hours and no where near fresh, I finished 1 minute and 24 secs faster than earlier. So 13:40 as Rx’d. And I think if I would have been fresh I would have done better. My shoulders went prematurely, and there were times in the OHS reps where my shoulders just gave out. I would try and rest the bar on my back and shake out but as soon as pushed it back up for the OHS they just gave out and I had to drop. And frustratingly one of the times this happened on rep number 138 out of 140 and cost me a solid 40 extra secs. But, this is training and for now I can live with my time on “The Tears of a Spider Monkey”.

    Cliff notes
    1st attempt: 15:04
    2nd attempt : 13:40

    I do have both videos if anyone is interested.

  54. Did a throw down today WODS were Three, 7 Minute AMRAPS. Each individually scored. With a 3 Minute Rest In Between Events.

    All 3 Workouts will use the Rep Scheme 3-6-9-12-15…

    WOD 1
    1000m Row Buy In
    Deadlift 275/185
    Bar Facing Burpees

    WOD 2
    1000m Row Buy In
    Overhead Squat 95/64
    Bar Facing Burpees

    WOD 3
    Thruster 95/64
    Pull Up

    Score Will Be Number of Reps Successfully Completed.
    WOD 1 row took 3:30/40reps completed
    WOD 2 row took 3:59/33reps completed
    WOD 3 70reps completed

    Wasn’t feeling the greatest.. disappointed in my performance

  55. Snatch – 195, 205(fail), 205 (fail) so close just couldnt stand up with it.
    C&J – 250 (fail) had a bitch fit then hit 250, then decided to nut up and go for 260 (new

    WOD: 14:10 I literally thought I was going to die.Hate to admit this but I almost quit after 5 rounds. I sat there and battled with myself to finish. After this week my body is pretty much smashed but I feel like I earned every second of my slow ass time!

    As far as the commercial goes I love crossfit as much as the next semi crazy individual but dont know how much of that cool aid Im going to be drinking? We shall see I guess?

  56. Hey Rudy, this may seem like a retarded question but I have just got onto this shit and love it, love your approach and programming methods. Was just wondering if UB means unbroken?

    Although I will not be following this exact programming right now after the Open I do plan on it or a slight variation. I am also an affiliate owner in Australia (Saw you posed the question a while back) and will be starting to implement some of your planning and programming into our classes and our competition squad programming.

    Thanks for all your awesome work!


  57. BB Gymnastics

    1) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Snatch – rest as needed.
    2) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk – rest as needed.
    1 = 80kg, 85kg, 90kg FAIL (struggled with all kinds of pop on these today, no aggression or speed under the bar. Especially annoying after making 90 last week to tie my PB)
    2 = 110kg, 117.5kg FAIL JERK, 117.5kg FAIL (annoying again as going under the bar was slow and cumbersome, very annoyed with myself on this. Definitely need to work on my jerk and get confident going back under the bar as it goes past my head).


    “The Tears of a Spider Monkey”

    7 rounds for time of:

    20 Push Press @ 35kg
    20 OHS @ 35kg

    17:02 – really shoulder and tricep pump on this but also some lower back tightness coming up as the rounds went on. After seeing other times I definitely know I can go faster on this one and HTFU

  58. 2nd full week in. I’ve officially been pounded into the ground getting used to all the Oly volume. Hoping that I start to see some gains within the next week or so because this shit is messing with my head.

    1) 195 un-PR
    2) 205 HUGE un-PR
    3) 15:43

    I was rested and everything going into this WOD, but had no fucking power. Worked up to 195 Snatch feeling great, then hit a fucking wall going for 205. I might as well put on 315, I could hardly get any speed in the 2nd pull. C&J were a joke. Missed 205, then got it, but everything felt wrong (-60 lbs PR). Went into the conditioning with a bad attitude but got it finished. Shoulders were ok, but my quads screamed during the OHS. Still getting used to the volume I guess. I know this will get better after hearing how many of you are hitting PRs and shit, but damn, right now this sucks haha

  59. BB gymnastics
    1) 165(f), 165( 10lb PR!), 175( caught it on my toes damn it, lost is trying to balance out)
    2) 225, 235(f on clean), 235( failed on clean, both were lost forward)
    = 13:38

    1/1/1. Had to do this work today because of the FD yesterday.

  60. Snatch

    Terrible today….made 200, 210. Lots of fails at 210,215,220


    265, 280 (failed jerk), 285 (failed jerk….should have had it. worst jerk attempt ever)

    Not great on the oly lifting today.



    Brutal. Not good at these kind of workouts. Shoulders and legs in the beginning but by about round 5 it was all lower back fatigue…..hurt pretty bad!

  61. 1.52.5k, 55k (pr!), 57.5 (f)
    I’ve been stuck on the snatch for a long time. Glad to finally break the 120# mark! Super excited that I’m finally ‘finishing’
    2. Skipped C/J. Getting sick and knew that the conditioning WOD would take all I had left.
    3: 15:52 even harder than I expected.

  62. tried to do the oly but was missing the snatch @135 so said fuck it.

    metcon: 16:32

    up all night on ambulance so m/f/s is all screwed up


  63. Did not do snatch or C&J. It’s been a really off week. Not much sleep at all the past few days, so I decided to skip it.

    16:47 on the conditioning. I’m not at all a fan of light weight/high reps stuff. Definitely a weakness of mine. Push press was easier than OHS which surprised me. Legs just weren’t there today.

  64. Had to this one today, being On Call sucked yesterday. Legs definitely felt fresher since I took yesterday off.

    1) 221(f), 226, 237(fx2) – Pulls felt great on the first two weights, just caught it soft on the 221. So I went for 237 and it just went to shit.

    2) 276, 292, 302(fx2) – Legs felt great on these, 292 was pretty ugly but I will take it. So I went for a PR at 302, got good pulls on both attempts, but I let it fold me up both times. Gotta learn to tighten up after the pull instead of just focusing on firing my legs.

    Conditioning – 12:55 Wasn’t sure how this one would go, so I told myself to try and so everything unbroken and drop the weight in between movements. Went UB until the 6th rd of OHS and went 10/10 on the 6th and 7th rd. Should have nutted up and done it all UB, think I could have done it about a min faster if I wouldn’t have dropped it those two times and cut down my breaks by a few secs in between movements.

  65. Had to do this one today bc being On Call yesterday sucked, but my legs definitely felt fresher since I took yesterday off.

    Snatch – 221(f), 226, 237(fx2) – Pulls felt great on the first two weights, just caught 221 soft and lost it. So I went for a 2# PR at 237, butttt…. my form went to shit and it wasn’t even close on either attempt.

    Clean & Jerk – 276, 292, 302(fx2) – Legs felt great on these, 292 was pretty ugly, but I was pumped that I got it, so I went for another PR at 302. Got pretty good pulls on both attempts just got soft on the catch and it folded me up. Need to start focusing on tightening up before the catch instead of just worrying about firing my hips and legs.

    Conditioning – 12:55 – Wasn’t really sure about this one. I’m definitely not a fan of lightweight/high rep workouts, but I told myself to try and do everything UB and just drop the weight between movements. That went to plan except for the last 2 rds of OHS, they were 10/10. Think I could have taken about a min off my time if I would have HTFU’d and did every rd UB and taken a few secs off my breaks between movements. Quads were blown up at the end.

  66. Snatch: 135.
    C&J: 205, 215 (f), 215(f).

    Conditioning: 20+ mins, 5.5 rounds. Had to shut it down. Have spent last few months on strength and was humbled by this conditioning. Light but couldn’t keep up with the volume. Some really impressive times on here!

  67. Snatch: 185-205-225(miss)
    C&J: 275(missed jerk)-275-310(missed jerk)

    Conditioning: 14:29

  68. Strength:
    1) C&J 1RM — 215, 235, 255, 265 (PR), 270 (Cleaned, Failed Jerk)
    2) Snatch — 125, 145, 165, 175, 185, 195 (Fx3)

    7 Rounds of:
    20 Push Presses (75lbs)
    20 OHS (75lbs)
    Time: 15.30

    Felt good today, rough WoD…amazed that people got this sub 10…

    M/F/S == 1/1/1

  69. Limited on time so only (a variant of) conditioning. Did this at home immediately after getting home from a flight Sunday night…

    7 rounds:
    10 55lbs kettlebell push press right/left arms
    10 55lbs kettlebell overhead squat right/left arms

    Did this in 10:35. Is this about equivalent? Didn’t break in any transitions except for once in round 6. Felt solid, want to try the WOD from today, see if I can hit a similar time.

  70. Snatch – frustrated … Didn’t have it… Mental preparation for the OL seems to be my biggest issue… Confidence! Do they sell that at the reebok crossfit store?
    C&J – see above !

    Metcon… Tears of a spider monkey… 9:41
    Arms/shoulders were on fire! … I had a stupid moment and didn’t think about putting the bar on my back to reset my grip for the ohs …that could have made things a little easier!

  71. Felt a little under the weather …
    1) 165 – 175 – 185 … Still searching for the magic mojo that let me hit 195 a few weeks ago
    2) 200 – 210 – 220 … 5 lb PR on my Jerk! felt like I had 5 more in the tank!

    Conditioning: FuckStomped – 26:46 yup

  72. 1RM snatch 155 (20 lbs pr)
    1RM clean and jerk (10 lbs pr)
    *last week was the first time I’d ever tried to 1RM either of these movements

    Conditioning: 17:08 rx

  73. conditioning: 15:50
    much too soon after dinner to be doing this wod…whew! figured out at about round 5 that my turnover on the push presses was way slow. picked it up a notch after that and things got easier….crazy, I know. just wish I’d figured that out earlier in the wod, what a dummy!

    mfs: 4/4/2

  74. 1) 235..just missed 245 again. going to get it at the camp this weekend
    2)285. everything was all fucked up with my clean. frustrating

    15:55..paced waaay to slow trying to save it for the later rounds. it just worked against me at the end

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