WOD 120112:

Rest Day.

Ok, I’ll stop being lazy and basking in the afterglow of only being beaten by a literal Spider-Monkey and get some biznazz (that means “business” if you’re from Canada) done…

1) If you are following a day or 2 behind, please post on the day the WOD occurred. I know, no one will see your amazing time, but it’s significantly easier to keep track of the enormous amount of data flow we are receiving when it matches with the day it was programmed for. If you really, really want everyone to bask in your amazingness, then post twice (right after punching yourself in the nuts).

2) If you are just starting, then just start. You don’t need to go back to the beginning of the squat cycle or find some magical day that seems like a good starting point. TODAY is a good starting point. Especially if you are planning on competing in the Open or think you have a shot at Regionals.

Let’s get this straight now: YES, everything will be programmed around the Open and then Regionals. NO, you will not be “wrecked” before the Open WODs, but I ABSOLUTELY will not plan for you to make 15 or 16 attempts at each Open WOD. I will give you one opportunity, and if you feel you need to repeat, then it’s on you. Also, if any of you top-20, Regional-level exercisers feel the need to repeat the WODs 4 times so you can see your name at the top of the leaderboard, I will personally fly to your town and hit you in your stupid face with BP’s 48-year-old leather belt.

3) Dis mufucka is funny.

4) If there is a need, especially from you affiliate owners/coaches, I will post a pared-down version of the full Outlaw Way WODs for you to use at your gyms. This is a request/question we seem to be getting constantly, and I don’t really have a problem with adding a “group version.”

The WODs here are written basically for people who will be working out either alone or with a small group. They are equipment- and time-intensive and would be nearly impossible to perform with a large group. Especially when the nOObs who can’t figure out where the bumper plates are and put the only set of steel 10s in the gym on the bar show up, and you have to attempt to teach them how to do a Banded GH Raise without impaling themselves on the adjustment knob.

My gym does a basic version of the template you are all following here—including the Hatch squat cycle we are on. The gym was where I developed a basic version of the Limited Conjugate, and it has been just as successful, on a smaller scale, with the group exercisers as it has with the mega-elite exercisers. Becky Conzelman, in fact, trained almost every day with our “Curves” group of soccer moms while preparing for Regionals and the Games last year.

Anyhoo, if you guys want it, post to comments.

Soooooooooo……. There’s something I should tell you. Ummmmmmmmmmm……. Jason is fast—REALLY fast. Especially when the words “Deadlift” and “Burpees” are written next to the letters “WOD.” In case you don’t believe me:

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    • Okay as I typed that I got all worried…what if it takes so long for me to make points 2,3 and 4 that someone else gets a post in and now not only do I look silly for being pumped about the first post BUT I am not even the first one.

      2) I just realized I haven’t looked forward to programming in this manner since day 92.5 of CrossFit moons ago…(hey look Rudy posted a new post….immediately hit the blog to see it…)

      3)Thanks for posting folks it makes this much more enjoyable to know I am not the only one fighting through this on the solo. @leroygardner

      • 1. You’re pumped to be first because you think this is like the mainsite comments. It isn’t, so keep your 12 year old girl thoughts to yourself.

        Welcome to Outlaw. Embrace the snarkiness.

      • Epic… please never leave. We need you here to continually offend all the lame mainsite jumpers who’ll be offended by a bears carcass and a girls braless back and thus keep us safe from the humorless mob.

        Also, you’re fattie post was legendary.

  1. Thanks again for everything (and by everything I mean this programming hopefully being the silver bullet to my lack of raw strength and power, a.k.a. my weak-ass deadlift). I would love the group version of the Outlaw Way por favor.

  2. Hey coach I am really interested in your “pared” down version of the WODS, My gym’s owner is giving me a hard time about our class taking to long. Thanks for everything.

  3. Would love to see the pared down version. Our classes are blocked out for 45 minutes ( not including warm ups) So if I can make it fit I would be game to give it a go for our intermediate class. Our Advanced are currently using the WODs (because I need a fucking break (And this is the first programming outside mine that makes any fucking sense what-so ever)! Not going to give up on our strength programming just yet though as we are seeing sick PR’s on the strength side with our advanced boneheads, and is it pretty similar. Love the Conditioning segments and have made this shit more fun than it has been in a long time …. Will get that email out to you in the next week regarding a training Camp in Asia!


  4. What day will the open WODs be programmed for? I know at my box we’re planning on doing them every Saturday…

  5. Yesterdays work:

    20 mins snatch practice: just done some light power snatches and 3 position squat snatches

    had to scale the wod because I only have 125kg’s of bumpers at home

    3 rnds for time
    124kg deadlift *12
    24 bar facing burpees


    Subbed ghd’s for
    3*8 45kg barbell lunges

    TGU (first time doing these)
    20kg barbell

  6. IMO … There should be a number attached to that video! U moved that weight like it was nothing! Bad ass!! Pumped me up for that WOD for sure! Awesome job!!

  7. Definitely first time doing #235 DL in a wod time: 10:20
    Day 3 check , happy for day off, but feeling much better than after Day 2

  8. I would like to see the pared down version. So far, I’ve been pretty good about keeping my classes at an hour, but it’s tight, and we don’t get to do any mobility at the end, which has been really important for my athletes.

  9. Hey guys on our off days does everyone just wanna get together and talk cuz we dont know what else to do when Rudy doesnt post a wod, oh wait…

  10. Rudy, please hook me up with the pared-down as well as the up scaled versions of the Outlaw way wods!! Just fuck it, you know, fu.ck—iiit. You know 🙂 haha!!

  11. Pared down would be awesome. Ive got a ton of noobs tht need tons of help and a few that can run with the programing as is.

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