There are a couple questions I really need to answer tonight, but I seriously don’t feel like it. I just got a new Vizio and I really want to watch reruns of Pawn Stars until I know the value of every possible piece of Civil War artifacts.


Here—watch some videos. Writing words is way too hard anyway.

Here’s Talayna “The Joy-Killer” Fortunato beating me (arguably), on the 1st Beat the Coach Challenge. I would just like to say publicly—T, I hate you.

Here’s Kevin “The Joy-Killer” Simons squatting really heavy weights—for reps—multiple times. I would just like to say publicly—Kevin, I hate you.

WOD 120111:

BB Gymnastics

20 minutes Snatch technique work.

Notes: You may work up to a heavy single if there is no technical flaws with your lift. DO NOT go for a 1rm.


3 rounds for time of:

12 Deadlifts @ 315/225#
24 Bar Facing Burpees

*Rest as necessary before strength work.


1a) 3×8 Weighted GH Raise – medium/heavy, rest 60 sec.
1b) 3X3 TGU (3l/3r) – medium/heavy, rest 60 sec.

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  1. Yesterday’s snatch balance challenge. 8 Full Rounds, should have been 9 but I forgot to stand up with it on one of them haha. Pussied out and took the penalty halfway in though.

    • Awesome work! What are the standards for snatch balance. Hands and feet should hit at the same time but do you have to catch in the bottom or can you ride it down a little bit? I hope that wasnt limp bizkit playing during that wod….

  2. BB Gymnastics –
    Started the 20 minutes with 85# on the bar and performed full snatches, adding 5# only when my reps were right on da $$. Ended up doing 15 reps, ended with 115#. Felt good.

    Conditioning –
    First set of DL were unbroken, then I did them 6/6, 6/6. Should have just tried and gone UB. Burpees were steady, although a bit slow. Didn’t have a workout partner today to push against.

    1a. 25#, 30#, 30#
    1b. 30#, 25#, 25#

    M/F/S – 2/5/5

  3. Did a few BB complexes with SN:

    worked up to 185 of
    3x SN DL
    3x SN BB rows
    3x hang Power SN


    First time doing semi heavy deads since injury, felt strong. Should have been in 6 min range.
    *side note, loosen weight belt while doing burpees first set of 24x sucked the life out of me.

    Did 3rds of
    8x GHRs w/ 50# kb
    20x weighted situps w/ 50# DB
    **shoulders don’t feel great, subbed TGU for situps
    AMAP strict chest to pullups w/ wide grip–10,10,7

  4. 20 minute Snatch work: worked up to 155 trying to clean up receiving position. Been landing a little forward lately. Trying to pull through my heels.

    Conditioning: 10:26 Broke deadlifts up 7/5, 6/6, 6/3/3. Spent a bit of time each round talking myself into picking up the bar again. These were heavy.

    Set up a makeshift contraption for trying GHR, did unweighted 3 x 8 to avoid faceplanting.

    TGU: 53 lb KB

  5. BB gymnastics: stayed really light @85#. Mixed in some snatches from 1st position to stay quick.

    Conditioning: 10:24. Honestly I surprised myself. I didn’t think I could get more than sets of 3s, possibly 4s, but I did my 1st round of deads UB. Last 2 rounds were sets of 3s. Burpees not fast, but steady.

    1a – 10# all sets. Definitely could have done more, but I was too tired to care let alone walk across the gym to get more weight
    1b – 40#kb all sets, both arms

    I_am_toast. So happy tomorrow is a rest day.

    M/F/S – 4/7/4

  6. Snatch work: focused on pace off the ground, keeping my hips down, dropping low underneath the bar and keeping my feet as planted as possible to prevent junping forward. Stayed at 155 and felt decent but still a long way to go.

    Conditioning: 7:30. 1st RD was unbroken. The rest were 4 than 8

    No strength work. Ran out of time.

  7. BB gymnastics
    did 135 for 10 reps working on speed under the bar and not pulling too early. all together each rep felt very good.

    8:59 ( was shooting for sub 10 so im happy with that. first set of deads were UB and then 6-3-3, 5-4-3)

    1a) 15LB DB for all sets( any more weight and my form would go to shit)
    1b) 53LB KB for all sets( shoulders and core felt good and strong)


  8. Ok so I’m a real looser & ended up doing my squats today. Been having knee pain & instead of being a bad ass I decided to attempt being “smart”
    Today I can say I was pleased…
    Hit 220×6 on back squat & 180×5 on front squat. Both felt moderately easy & I should have gone heavier.

    Also did the 4 min AMRAP from yesterday & shoulder touches are my new favorite thing to do ……seriously. Got 4 rds + 9

    I will be doing today’s stuff tomorrow. Again, I suck.

  9. Snatch: Started at 95 and stopped at 135#. Felt great. Really worked on the initial movements from the ground to the low hang. I have a tendency to raise my ass pretty quick.

    14:40: Warmed up to 315 and felt horrible. Posterior chain is pretty taxed and sore. Not worth the risk. Dropped down to 275 just to keep the intensity high. Burpees suck with a sore posterior chain.

    1a. 10# – Never done these before.
    1b. 1.5 pood for the first set then 1.25 afterwards. Shoulders are done. Done son.

  10. Worked up to 115 on the snatch for today.

    Conditioning was a challenge. Been away from any kind of deadlift for a long time, and this weight both feels heavy and scares me because of past injury. First set of deads UB, 3’s for the second set and 4’s for the final set. Burpees were fine; majority of the time was wasted worrying about picking up the weight.

    GH work and TGU will have to wait until later.

  11. I have a comp on sat&sun this week so i subed out some stuff.
    Ohs up to 265
    Thqn conditioning 8.30. I paced the deads WAY Too much. First unbroken then sets of 3s the rest of the time. Should have done 6s. Other than that felt ok. I might redo this in the next couple weeks. Def would go faster with heavier music. All i had was volbeat today.
    Did extra mobs in place of strength work.

  12. BB gymnastics: worked on drills just with the bar for 5 minutes. I slowly added weight to continue to drop into full squat snatch. At 20 minutes i was at 95# with ease and good drop. Happy with that.

    Conditioning: scaled weight to 185# (6/6)(4/4/4)(4/4/4) 12:43
    Deadlifts were heavy for me. IDK gonna keep at it.

    1a) bw,5,10
    1b) 16kg, left shoulder was very unstable. dropped to 12kg for next 2 sets. that seemed to easy for right arm.

  13. BB Gymnastics
    Worked on technique with 95. Technique on snatches and cleans is coming along SLOWLY but surely. I am fairly new to the oly lifts.

    14:20, RX. That shit was heavy.

    1a) 15 LB DB
    1b) 35 LB KB (only the 2nd time I’ve ever done these)


  14. Practice Snatch technique with hook grip, which I’ve finally come around to using this week. Feels good. Did singles at 175.

    Conditioning. First round done in 1:32. Annnnd that was it for my hamstrings. They’ve been blown up since Saturday (I did a WOD with class as a sub for the stuff you posted, AMRAP 10: 10 DL 185, 7 Burpee = 12 R + 14 reps). The second round of this WOD was bullshit compared to the first. Had to stop after that because my body wouldn’t lift anything. Like being really stoned (I’ve heard).

    Skipped the Strength stuff.

    Gonna go read Epic’s blog and HTFU. Back at it Friday.


  15. This is my first post on the blog! I read recently that Rudy was hoping to get other people to post even if not physically training in the gym. Living in Fort Hood, TX with my husband who is serving and thanks to him for introducing me to Rudy’s outstanding programming, I’m a die hard Outlaw athlete! And I’m honored to be a part of this group!


    Worked Snatch technique at real light weight and only went up to 75lbs. Snatch is the one lift I need the most work on. But definitely made some headway today with getting more dynamic in the hips and shooting chest to the sky. (Worked power, hang power, and full snatch)


    I scaled the deadlifts. Just didn’t feel too strong today and used 185lbs instead of 225. I definitely took longer rests than were necessary during transitions from burpees to deads. But I did it alone and without my WOD partner (husband) I sometimes don’t push as hard as I could. Damn.

    Didn’t have time for the Strength portion.

    **Reading through everyone else’s times/weights/etc., definitely motivates me to get stronger and faster. Great job everyone!

    • Hi There!

      No I don’t think I’m the same “Amy” you’re referring to! I used to coach with Centurion CF Fort Hood but am now just training myself! 🙂 Taking some time off of coaching.

      My husband was introduced to CF through Matt Okonsky in early 2008 and has been a follower of Rudy’s programming for a long time. I didn’t start following until late this summer. Previously I was only doing his WOD’s every now and then and was trying to do my own programming. And then I thought what the heck, I’ll follow his everyday and see where I land. And I haven’t turned back since! I love it! I’m nowhere near the caliber of athletes that are posting on this page but am definitely working hard to try and get there!

  16. Snatch Work:
    Burgener warm-up, 2:34- PR (pvc). Manhandled this one, didn’t want to go any higher, happy with this PR.

    Tough one, burpees over the bar make the deads tougher fo sho.

  17. From yesterday in place of the 20 minute snatch piece I did the GHD sit ups / shoulder touches and the snatch balance pieces.

    4 min AMRAP
    12 GHD sit ups
    12 shoulder touches (done facing the wall and hand to opposite shoulder)
    3 rounds
    Rest 2 miunutes
    4 min AMRAP
    Bottom position paused snatch balances @ 60kg
    6 reps, 1 penalty

    3 rounds for time of:
    12 Deadlifts @ 140kg
    24 Bar Facing Burpees

    Deadlifts broken to 4/4/4, 4/4/4, 3/3/2/1/1/1/1 – bar facing burpees are a slow old movement without a natural rhythm, but now I see that I need to HTFU and go faster through the deadlifts

    1a) 3×8 Weighted GH Raise – medium/heavy, rest 60 sec.
    1b) 3X3 TGU (3l/3r) – medium/heavy, rest 60 sec

    1a = 10kg, 10kg, no weight
    1b = 28kg, 28kg, 32kg

    Penalty burpees – 20 burpees AFAFP = 43 seconds

  18. 1) snatch practice: worked up to 7 or 8 singles at 80kg. Focusing on keeping the back angle fixed on the first pull and hitting the pockets

    2) conditioning: 11:50.

    3a) all at BW
    3b) 24kg, 16kg, 16kg

    MFS 3/5/7 – feeling pretty beat up from the first couple of days back in the gym. Should be fine after tomorrows rest day

  19. 1) power snatch practice from blocks at knees. I need to work on finishing, so this was time well spent!!

    9:00 @225 I can’t remember the last time I did heavy DLs so pretty happy with this time.

    1a. 10, 25, 25#
    1b. 35# for all three

    loving the programming, I can’t wait to see more and more PRs

  20. I have so many things I want to say right now… But in an effort to not sound like a crazy spastic excited teenage girl… I will stArt off by simply saying that this shit truly works! Making it to Cali last year was a dream come true for me that set a standard in my head, as well as a goal to achieve in 2012. Being relatively new to the sport of crossfit and at a box in it’s infancy, figuring out the best way to program ” myself” had me overtrained, exhausted and burnt out at a time when I needed to be fresh and ready for what the games had in store for me. After returning home , not disappointed rather motivated to make it again, I sought out help to make sure i trained smart this year. I have recently had to make a choice… The one in which would give me the results i want this year. Watching my bad ass competitor throw heavy weight around like it was paper brought me to learn a little m

    • More about the “outlaw way” … After 3 weeks I had to choose… Follow the bad ass outlaws… Or have the comfort of a long distance coach who would program specifically for me… I never know what the right thing to do is and quite honestly I don’t think any true athlete should try and figure it out… Long story short… I’m ready to rep the southeeast with my girl talayna at the regionals!! I have grown so much in such a short time following the bearded wizard!!! So I am a few days behind. Had some nagging injuries from the weekend and I wanted to start the week right. So here is from today
      5×3 hang power snatch ( no squatting this week for me) 95/100/100/105/110! That is just 5 pounds below my last 1 rm squat snatch!! Big improvement
      5×3 hang power clean 125/135/134/145/145
      3×5 snatch grip deadlift 145#
      12 min
      100 double unders
      5 push jerks
      200m run
      8 rounds + 5 jerks in 12:02 (4 jerks in 11:58)
      5 sets ttb
      Nothing left for these today!


  21. Wrist was hurting quite a bit today, so I didn’t push the snatches.

    Metcon – 5:52
    Helloooooo wheelhouse. Still felt slow, though. Broke up the 3rd set of dl’s too much, and I got dizzy on the burpees.

    Took off after that. Just wasn’t in the mood to be there (that’s a first).

    M/F/S – 8/7/5

  22. Snatch and practice from the knees w/ 85 lbs.

    Did back extension instead of GHR – 35 lbs
    TG- 35 lbs all sets

    Swimming tonight!!

  23. Competiting this weekend at the Garage Games in San Fran! I’ll try to represent well.

  24. Snatch Practice: worked up to 145# (lots of power in the hips but have serious issues pulling under the bar…)
    Metcon – 10:35 @ 205# (grip went on deadlifts, big weakness)
    1a) 3 x 8 @ BW
    2a) 3 x 3 @ 40# DB

  25. Snatch practice: warmed up and worked up to a heavier set of 2… well for me. 135x 4 155x 3, 165×3 ,185×2 , 185 x2

    Metcon ; 759 rx’d- my goal was to hit 12 UB the 1st round then no less then sets of 4. Ended up doping all the deadlifts UB. The burpees definitely were slower but I surprised myself and pushed my limit. Think the programming is working… Thank you!

  26. 20 min Snatch work:
    3×3 Snatch Segment DL 95,115,125.
    5×3 Hang Squat Snatch 125, 135, 155, 160 (2) PR on HSS
    2×1 Squat Snatch 165, 170

    315# DL, BFburpee couplet: 12:20, dl: 6/6, 6/3/3, 6/3/3 Burpees killed my time

    1a)GHD raises, 1st) 20#vest, 2nd) Vest + red mini band, 3rd) Vest + black mini band
    1b)TGU: 53#, had stability problems with left shoulder and drop to 40# on left for last set

  27. Snatch – played with mostly 115, but did some at 135. Still landing wide like a slowcunt.

    Conditioning – 10:27 RX.

    Midline 1a. 25# for all 1b. 1.5 pood for all

  28. Sorry for being MIA the last week and half, moved to a new town and new gym. Starting grad school hope I’m able to keep with the program.

    1. Worked with 135 & 185 with wider grip
    2. 9:48 first set of dl’s ub
    3. No band & w/ 1.5 pood

  29. Didn’t have time for snatch work, so went straight into the metcon

    Conditioning: 8:40. Need to be pushing myself a lot harder on the burpees (friggin’ Hoggan going like 3:30 on this :), sheesh ). First set of DL’s unbroken, after that 6/6 and 8/4.

    TGU’s: 50, 60, 70 with dumbbell
    No GHD at work gym, did glute ham raises… definitely a work in progress on these. Day 4 on looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

  30. Holy sugar, that was a tough one for this ol’ grandpa!

    20 min Snatch action:
    worked up to 135 lb hang power snatch; then played around with hang snatch cleans.

    13:54 using only 245 lbs (everything was totally broken…)

    funny, I thought 3 sets of 245 x12 was “strength”:); did 3 sets of 8 with BW, 5 lbs and then 10 lbs
    TGU’s: 53 lbs for all 3 sets

  31. Snatch work was fun, as always.

    Conditioning: 7:50

    Midline: 53# GHD Extensions and 53# TGUs

    MFS: 3/7/6

  32. Yesterday’s programming…


    1)Back Squat, low bar
    250 x 8
    270 x 8
    310 x 6
    325 x 6
    Most weight I’ve had on the bar since injury….very solid. 325 felt better than 310.

    2a) weight rope climbs 4×4
    32# vest for all. Not right back to back for most….they got tough.

    2b) Front Squat
    190 x 5
    220 x 5
    235 x 5
    250 x 5
    Getting heavier but still felt good. My last FS workout before injury was 5×5 @265, and 5×3 #285 I think.

    Last Sets:


    10 min AMRAP of 5 UB HSPU

    21 rounds – 105 reps.
    My wheelhouse 🙂

    4 min AMRAP
    12 GHD Situps/12 Shoulder touches
    3 rounds (had a good walk in between the GHD and empty space on the wall)

    4 min AMRAP
    Snatch Balances + 10 second pause at bottom

    6 reps. Nothing left for this……was a big bitch and put the bar down a few times.

    2/5/7 (still banged up from the Games 09 WOD, but loosened up pretty good today)

  33. 3×3 Muscle Snatch worked to 115#

    WOD at the Box: 10:59

    Tried everything to get my dead better, so I hope this program is the answer. Too soon to tell, but 315 is far from semi-heavy for me.

    GHRs 25-35-45 plate
    TGUs 53-70-70# kb

  34. snatch: stuck to 115#
    conditioning: 8:35 (back doesn’t feel good at all) glad tomorrow is a rest day.
    midline: 45# and 70#

  35. Snatch work: Worked up to a couple sets of fast doubles at 185#. Felt fast and light. Finally clicking.

    Wod: 8:24 12/ 6-6/ 6-6 Moved Too slow and consistent on burpees. Left too much in the tank. Feel like I shoulda,coulda,woulda been in 7’s if I would have kicked it in gear a little sooner.

    Midline: Skipped due to lack of time 🙁

  36. Snatch- played around with 115 from the hi hang, nothing heavy…Been having leg pain for a few days now so I took it easy.

    Metcon- 9:30 – scaled to 8 reps/round.

    @150lb BW those deadlifts fuck me up.

  37. Snatch work. Worked some of everything, pulls, hi-pulls, balances etc. worked up to 155 for a few singles, just working on making my shit technique smell better!

    Conditioning – 8:10 (wanted low 7’s but it felt like a truck hit me that second round. Onne final round I hit that wonderful “I don’t give a fuck so I’ll just move faster” state and crushed the burpees. Kind of wish I found that gear a little earlier. But it was cool to feel it.

    GHR – 25, 20(vest)+10, 20(vest)+20
    TGU – 53, 20(vest)+53 for final sets

    Curious about the GHR…I have a rogue one, and the other day I used one that has one of those knee support pads and found them to be so effing easy it scared me. I also found a group of my college athletes had the same experience (at school they were ripping out 10’s with wight, at my place they could barely string together 5 unweighted). Anyone else find this to be true?

  38. Snatch – Stuck with 95lb reps.

    Conditioning – 10:00 Flat. Deadlifts weren’t bad. 12, 8/4, 8/4. Burpees crushed me! I was super slow on these.

  39. Snatch –
    135/185/195/205 broken form/195….focused on vertical bar path, and feet and lock out at same time

    1rd U/B Deadlifts, 14/10 Burpees
    2rd 6/6 DL, 10/6/8 Burpees
    3rd 3/3/3/3 DL, 6/6/6/6

    15/15/20 GHR is miserable….
    No TGUs tonite.

    M/F/S 3/2/1

  40. Snatch work 95-115
    Wod 11:33
    275 DL
    Ghd 25#
    Tgu 1.5 pood 1rd, then 1 pood

  41. This was my first day doing the Outlaw metcons, and I can definitely say I will now be a regular poster. I had to wait till I got back at school so I had access to my gym to start the programs, and I cant wait for tomorrow. I’ve been following it for a while, this program is kick ass. Im making a hybrid between my personal strength/skill work and the metcons Rudy post. I am not going to waste space on here with my personal strength/skill program but I will share the metcon.

    Finished in 8:08, doing the first 2 sets unbroken. The 3rd set I broke into 8-4 because the bar slid down into my fingers and I had no choice but to drop. It felt good, 315# actually felt really good. Its the heaviest DL metcon I have done in a lonnnnnng time but like I said, It felt good. I kept moving on the burpees, but Id like some feedback if possible from anyone on how the hell to speed up my burpees. The last set of 24 took 2 minutes with constant movement. I feel I should have been quicker. But never the less, I loved the WOD. Cannot wait till tomorrow.

    heres the video

  42. Keep landing forward in the snatches. Doesn’t feel like I’m finishing the second and not aggressive enough in the third pull. Awful in landing.
    Conditioning- 7:13, dl’s were UB, 6/6, 4/4/4, should have pushed harder on burpees, definitely should have been sub 7
    Strength- GH- bw, bw, 15
    TGU- 1.5 pood

  43. Conditioning – 7:58. Only dropped the bar 3 times, but took pauses at the top. Burpees were slow and steady, just wanted to keep moving and not take any breaks.

    1A. 10, 15, 15
    1B. 35. Weak, I know.

  44. Worked on Technique with 65#-Our oly coach showed us some “tips” so I practiced

    WOD: 9:28 135# -First time I have done deadlifts in over 2 years. I took them one by one super controlled to be extra careful. I hate deadlifts because I have thrown my back out 3 times since my orignal injury(2 years ago). Not cool. On a positive note, my back is good 🙂

    4×300 m sprints
    – work/ rest ratio 1:1- Felt like I needed endurance. I haven’t felt “gassed” in awhile and im thriving it.

  45. Snatch – worked up to 135×3 for a few sets. Trying to keep bar in close and not swing out too much. Also trying to stay more upright at bottom, not leaning forward

    Conditioning – 13:39. The deadlifts…first set was 3×4 then the wheels fell off, mostly doubles but some singles and triples

    GH Raises – 3×8 @ bw. focusing on keeping form as strict as possible
    TGU – 3×3 @ 53

  46. Built up to 175lb singles. Worked on and discovered hook grip today.

    Conditioning- 7:33. Shorted myself in the burpees and went slower than I should have.
    DL- UB-8/4-3/3/3/2/1

    1a) 25-25-25
    1b) 1 pood – 1.5 pood – 1.5 pood

    Looking forward to the bed tonight.

  47. Snatch.. @ 135lb-155lb….
    Conditioning- 10:10…deadlifts 6/6-6/6-6/6…… first real WOD in three weeks after fighting off some viral shit….conditioning sucks right now.

  48. Conditioning:
    25 OH Walking lunges with 35# plate
    24 Bar facing burpees
    10 minutes

    My back won’t let me do deadlifts right now. So frustrating. Going to chiropractor tomorrow.

    1a. (subbed Good mornings) 45, 45, 45
    2a. 40, 40, 40 (failed once in my second set coming down)

    M/F/S: 1/5/6

  49. Snatches
    Messed around with squat snatches…I felt strong today SOOO… since I didn’t max out on Saturday and JUST IN CASE that’s what we’re doing Saturday and I won’t be able to do them (going out of town) I decided to go for a PR.
    AND I GOT 125!!! Yeahh!! 5lb. PR.

    10:46 dropped deadlifts everytime. I had more in the tank when I was done.

    GH Raises..no weight/ no bands..first time doing these…ouch.

  50. BB Gymnastics

    Worked up to 165#, felt good.


    17:09 – Deadlifts were slow, all singles except for first set.


    1a) 10 – 0 – 0

    1b) 35 – 44 – 53 – Should have done 53 for the whole thing

  51. No snatch work tonight. My wrist has been bothering me so I decided to lay off it a bit.

    10:54 Burpees= SLOW I was unsure of how the 225 would feel so I took a slow and steady approch. Rounds were 6/3/3, 3/3/3/3, 3/3/3/3. I can easily shave a min + off this one.

    1a. all sets were bodyweight
    1b. 40 # for all sets

  52. BB Gymnastics
    Worked up to 125. Felt great.

    11:33. I suck at deadlifts and am doing everything I can to get better. Felt good with them today. First set was unbroken, 2nd and 3rd sets were all singles. Burpees were steady and never stopped. Just kept moving.

    1a) 18#
    1b) 36#

    MFS- 2, 3, 5

  53. Snatch Work – Worked up to 200, focused on making sure I was in a good position at the bottom so I would stay tight and get good pulls, also focused on the 3rd pull and catch. Last few felt really good.

    Conditioning – 8:18 Kinda disappointed, definitely should have gotten sub 8. Should have done every round of the deads unbroken, but they were UB, 8-4, 7-5. I was happy with the way the burpees went though, I despise burpees, and I managed to push through.

    Skill – No GH Raises. TGUs – 70# KB, 65# BB(3l, 2r), 65# BB Was definitely more difficult to stabilize the BB than it was with the KB.

  54. BB Gymnastics
    Completed, shoulders were feeling pretty weak. Worked 135 lb. full snatches.

    16:58, first round UB, obviously a terrible decision which resulted in singles on DL’s the rest of the way through. Form was falling apart.


    1a) no weight, completed
    1b) completed 53 kg kb, probably went too heavy


    M/F/S 6(315 lb. DL’s) /6 /6

  55. BB gymnastics- My current sorry pr is 205#,…so I worked up to 200#’s in the 20 mins.

    Conditioning- 7:05…Just watched the video and I did 3 extra burpees because I get dumb during workouts…I knew I was off because I ended up on the wrong side of the bar a few times so I said screw, just do more. Hurts to be dumb.

    Task 1 from yesterday. 15 Rounds. Starting kipping on the 9th round.
    +3hours (had to teach class)

    Task 2 from yesterday 2 Rounds. Wasnt proficient w/shoulder touches until the 2nd round and then time was up!

    Task 3 was done yesterday when I was fresh( I wanted a damn shirt, bad!). Got 8 rounds before I ran out of time. I give it up to you guys that did well on this after accomplishing the first 2 tasks. I dont think I would have done very well had I done it again.


    1a) 25#, 40#, 45#
    1b) 53# for all.


  56. Carly-
    Worked on keeping my chest more upright and not too far over the bar like I tend to do. Worked on my pulls. Stayed light at 95. Kept everything very technical

    13:55 I’m not disappointed but I’m not thrilled with my time. 225 felt good burpees slowed me down but I think I made it harder than it had to be.


    Worked on should positioning. Then heavy singles.

    18:19….watching david at 140 pounds rep out 315 was beastly.

  57. I’ve just recently started following the outlaw way. I started dabbling mixing it in a month ago. Now I’ve been following it completely for a week or two. It is definintely for me. Started doing crossfit about eight months ago and love learning new ways to push myself.
    Snatches just worked on technique with 95 and 135
    Conditioning 9:00 should have pushed harder on the burbees went ub 6/6 ub

  58. Taking some time away from extensive oly work because of my right shoulder(which is feeling much better!) So today I did a little doozie from OPT himself..

    Noon work

    part 1:
    5 min @ 90%:
    10 lunges
    5 toes to bar
    10 double unders
    – 7 rounds and 1 T2B
    rest 2 min

    5 min @ 90%:
    10 wall balls
    10 KBS easy
    -4 and 9 KBS(45 lbs)
    rest 2 min

    5 min @ 90%:
    10 sit ups
    10 db push press easy(used 35 lbs)
    10 alt’ing step ups high
    -3 and 5 Step Ups(30 inches)

    rested 6+ and did this tonight

    1000 Meter Row 100 Double Unders
    750 meter row 75 Double Unders
    500 50
    250 25
    -Time 14:27
    My lungs felt like they were going to collapse lol

    Glad tomorrow is a rest day and Hopefully by saturday I’ll gauge how my shoulder feels

  59. BB Gymnastics:
    Did my own version of a Snatch Complex: Snatch Deadlift, Full Snatch, Snatch Balance
    60, 70, 80, 90, 100


    1a) 3×25#
    1b) 3×25#

  60. Paleo Challenge Wod at my gym –

    500m row
    3 rounds of 15 DL 185#, 20 ring dips, 25 box jumps 24″

    Worked some heavy rope climbs after. 5 ascents + 45# vest. Bicep started aching so i stopped there.

  61. I did the snatch work today. I am having trouble keeping the bar into my body and leaning too far foreword.
    7:38 @ 255lb
    GH raises 35lb,35lb,25lb
    TGU 53,53,53/44
    I failed my last 2 reps of my last tgu so I did 44lb

  62. Second day following the program, good stuff so far!….Coming back from a shoulder injury so am subbing some bits.

    BB Gymnastics
    Can’t yet to snatches due to shoulder, so did some work on my cleans

    8:53 using 125kg (275llb)

    Don’t have GHD, so first time trying glute ham raisers was using the bottom of pull-up rack to anchor feet. Concentrated on negatives and used hands to help hat back up.
    TGU’s at 12kg, 16kg and 20kg….shoulder felt pretty good!

  63. Tried a morning session — I am trying to get after it before 10am at least once a week. I am significantly less focused/strong in the mornings, no matter what my breakfast/coffee/sleep is like. Something I am trying to fix with the ‘constantly varied’ piece in case an early 315 deadlift WoD creeps up at regionals (god forbid snatching).

    BB Gymnastics:
    This was a pretty bad failure. I got some advice on my videos from a couple top US competitors out of Avg Broz — said I needed to work higher into extension (be more patient on the 2nd pull) and stop throwing the bar forward, I tried to work on that at 45, 95, 125…then see what happened with it at 155/175…As soon as I tried to focus on getting the bar higher before the pull I stopped having any source of explosion. Shoulders still tight after last night so bottom position was rough also. Shitty snatching day, which is disappointing it had been starting to feel consistently good.

    Conditioning: 9.31 — DLs were UB, 6/6, 7/5 — Wanted sub 8, forgot how much I suck at bar-facing burpees, they were consistent (didn’t stop moving), but slow.

    Strength: GHD — 44#, 44#, 0# x 15
    TGU – 44 x 3/arm x 1set

    Not a total loss I guess…but felt pretty much like one. Just no focus whatsoever.

    m/f/s – 9/3/3

  64. BB:
    Used Wendler week 3 (40%x5, 50%x5, 60%x3, 75%x5, 85×3, 95%x1) off of 190lbs

    9:49, 315lbs is just under 80% of my 1RM so 36 of them was difficult. Broke them up: 10/2, 8/4, 9/3. Burpees were pretty easy.

    Subbed seated Good Mornings at 95lbs for GH raises (No GHD in the gym)

    50# DB, 60# DB, 60# DB
    Could have gone 5-10 more #s but the next highest available was 75#… DB are so much easier for TGUs than KB in my opinion. The bigger bells change the center of mass and cause your shoulder to be angled as opposed to vertical. Just a thought

  65. BB Gymnastics: 3 position snatch with 95 lbs for a few rounds, then a couple singles at 115#. Definitely weak in the catch, so glad to spend a lot of time there.

    Conditioning: 11:30, 255#. Burpees were pretty fast and easy, but the DL’s took a toll on me. Haven’t done DL’s in conditioning in a year+ and didn’t want the ego to lead me to injury with too heavy a weight.

    Good mornings 95# and 115#
    TGU 35#.

    If I’ve learned one thing in the last week of following this program it’s that my shoulders are WAY underpowered. Anything overhead ruins me.

  66. BB Gymnastics:
    SInce yesterday the Coach Challange didnt go well, I decided to work on Snatch Balance, warmed up – 135#(2); 155-175-195(PREVIOUS PR), 2015(PR), 210(PR)

    18:42, the deadlift weight wasn’t too bad, but the jumping over the bar on the burpees was tough after yesterday. In addition the metabolic conditioning level isn’t were I would like it to be right now.

    I used a 1.5 POOD for the TGUs and nothing for the GH Raise, still trying to get that movement down.

  67. Snatch work: 15min of work or so. I just tossed around 95# for most of the time. Doing 1st pull for sets of 5, 2nd pull same way, and the 3rd. Breaking it up into the segments that I see on videos and such. Did full range of motion with 105# and really felt good with my form and mechanics. A little forward on my toes maybe but down in the squat position with each catch. Looking forward to the “coaches” to come and give some pointers in a couple weeks.

    WOD: 9:13. 12UB, 4,4,4 then 4,4,4. Burpees sucked for me. I was too far away from the bar each time I got up on the 1st round and had to hop twice to even get to the bar. I felt like a G.D. bunny rabbit. It actually slowed me down. I took a step toward bar on the remaining 2 rounds and it felt more fluid and smooth. First time picking up a Deadlift since September ankle injury. Felt good but heavy. Little more practice and feel I can go UB at least 2 rounds if not all.

    Ill do the strenth work today at Globo gym during lunch. I enjoy doing crazy movements while everyone is doing arm curls. Funny stuff!
    Daughter did “Kelly” yesterday. She wasn’t an Outlaw with me!


  68. Couldn’t practice the Snatch because of my elbow, so spent a good amount of time stretching instead.

    Conditioning: Rx’d in 12:45. Had no go at all on the Burpees.

    Subbed 8 Good Mornings w/ 95 lbs, and used a 55 lbs Kettlebell for the Turkish Get-ups on my right arm only. (again left elbow left me limited)

  69. I take Wednesday off so I did this workout today.

    BB Gymnastics:
    Worked with 105 lb focusing on catching the weight in the squat position.

    Used 225 lb for deads. This is a “semi heavy dead” for me.

    First time doing either one of these movements. Made my work much more enjoyable.
    No weight for GH raise as my calves were cramping
    18 lb for TGU. focused on the technique

  70. Snatch worked up to 125lb for 2 reps(pr). Mainly worked with 105-115. Only been doing snatches for approx 3 weeks
    Wod 285lb. Took me 12:02 to finish
    Gh: 25-25-35
    TGU: 44-53-53

  71. Strength/Midline first.
    1a) 35# plate
    1b) 45# kb, 55# db, 65# db

    9:40 (with extra burpees… Can’t count)
    Like the deadlift/ double under workout a couple of weeks ago, I did this at a corporate gym. Iron plates. No dropping. For some reason not being able to drop the weight makes deadlifts in a met-con much harder than they normally are. Slowed me down quite a bit.

    Btw, purposely broke up deadlifts 4/4/4 every round. Was trying to save it for the burpees.

  72. I started today off dreading the deadlifts (my most unfavorite exercise). Since when do spider monkey and deadlift belong in the same sentence? Exactly…never! But I digress, I spent 80 minutes (yes an hour more than the prescribed 20) working on my snatch first. This actually turned out to be a good thing, because I’m getting closer to fixing some of the flaws in my pull! Caught a couple of reps at 150 that would have been worthy of any corny snatch t-shirt line. Eventually the deadlifts had to be done. I wasn’t pleased with the result, but Rudy says he is, so I guess I’ll take it. One day I will be able to grip it and rip it like Hoggan and BP…one day!




    1a) 25lb plate – on the last set I was told I was doing this wrong so…repeated 4 or 5 more sets without weight. Figured out to scoot the machine another notch closer and then it was gravey.

    1b) 45lbs.

    MFS: 4/3/2

  73. 1 full snatch + 1 hang pause squat snatch – 95 – 115 – 125 – 135 – 145×4
    Stayed light (PR is 195) focused on the lift off for the full snatch, and worked hip drive + speed under the bar with the pause rep

    metcon: 12:51 rx’d – I only have one speed for burpees… slow and steady

    1a) 35 lbs
    1b) 53 lbs

  74. Day 3 of Outlaw training – traps still tender just to touch!!!
    3 position snatch work-up to #90
    Conditioning: 10:20
    Deadlift #235 wasn’t easy for me but should’ve possibly moved faster on the burpees
    GHD #20 and TGU #44

  75. Decided to work snatch balance for the snatch work which ended up being nothing special at all. Very tired after all the work yesterday….
    Had plans of working to ~250lbs on the snatch balance…..reps at 135/155 were a shaky and bad positioning so I just abandoned it early. Usually my pull is good. If I can catch it perfectly I think I’m good for a 240 snatch

    Warmed up the deads……First time loading more than 300 on the bar since my back injury. Did a couple sets of 3 at 275, 315 just to feel some weight.
    Not bad…..went into this one with the mentality that I just wanted to get through it at a decent intensity, not try to kill it. And if the deads got to a bad point I was not going to keep doing them (that’s how I got hurt)



    Not the kind of workout I’d be hoping for at a competition, but normally I think I could get down in the 6’s on this, or at least low 7’s.
    Took the first two sets of burpees super easy to not blow out my midline.
    Deads were UB, 4-4-4, 4-4-4.
    Happy to make it through without any pain.

    Completely forgot about the midline afterward.

  76. BB Gymnastics
    Skipped. I did this Saturday and some more on Monday.

    Conditioning (6am)
    12:41 @ 275#. I also forgot about the “bar facing” part for the first 17 burpees. Was doing doubles and singles on the last round. I have serious trouble with DL reps over 250#.

    Strength/Midline (6am)
    1a) “Medium” apparently means unweighted for me. That was plenty. My hamstrings are fried.
    1b) TGU: 20#. Was light. I probably should have done 1pd KB. Maybe still being protective of my shoulder.

    M: 3
    F: 5
    S: 4. Calves(?). Traps are also sore but did not affect results.

  77. Worked form on snatch up to 115#

    Deads broken up-6/6, 6/6, 4/4/4
    Burpees slow and steady

    Bw Ghd raises
    40# tgu

    Deads were heavy, burpees not much slower than usual

  78. BB gymnastics: snatch did 95×2, 115×2, 125×1, 135×1

    Conditioning: 9:35 RX. Very happy I went unbroken on first round, then 6/6 and 6/6.

    No time to do the rest.

  79. I worked some heavy high pulls and then singles, missed 200# 3xs, so that was where I called it…

    315# DL
    24 Bar Facing Burpees


    Did not have time for midline..Did get some TGU in at 70#, hurt shoulder so bumped down to 53#, did 2 sets.

    M/F/S 2/7/1 had a long shift at work

  80. Soooo my heavy pulls weren’t so heavy played with 135 a little bit, then 150×2..

    315 First round (I completed the first round unbroken but still felt like I was giving up form so I went down)
    295 2nd and 3rd rounds
    24 Bar Facing Burpees

    1a) BW-BW-20#
    2b) 25-35-44

  81. Worked squat snatches at #115. Seems to be a good weight were I keep solid form.

    Conditioning- 13:57RX that was hard on the quads

    Midline- Ran out of time

  82. 1) Worked up to 135# didn’t feel great
    Conditioning: 10:00 minutes on the dot with 300#. Back was tweaked but probably should have bucked up and did the 315#. My max deadlift is only 355# so really sucked.
    Midline: 25# and 70# on Turkish Get-ups

  83. What would you guys recommend for a person just getting into the outlaw WODs? I workout on my own (College student budget ) and right now can deadlift 335. I have been following a crossfit-type regiment with what equipment I have for a couple of years now.

    I was thinking in the realm of 235-250ish for the deadlift. Recommendations?

    Also, what are the full names for

    1a) 3×8 Weighted GH Raise – medium/heavy, rest 60 sec.
    1b) 3X3 TGU (3l/3r) – medium/heavy, rest 60 sec.

  84. BB Gymnastics were light. Which I enjoyed almost too much.

    Conditioning: 8:36
    Deads were broken up 4/4/4 in every round. did burpees much faster on the last round.

  85. hey, there. 34 year old fireman out of Corpus Christi. Started main site WOD back in August when I realized triathlon and marathon training were killing my family time. I’ve had practically no experience w/Olympic lifts, but am enjoying the programming–definitely feel outside my comfort zone.

    Snatch–technique definitely not flawless
    Conditioning–17:00 rx
    Strength–subbed 145 lbs stiff legged deadlifts on a box (no gh developer)
    35 lbs plate for tgu (first time for tgu. Felt epileptic)

  86. done tonight
    3 rnds
    12 dl @ 135#
    24 bar facing burpees


    first time using 135 for dl in a wod, about 80% of my 1rm, last set nearly killed me very slow but glad I finished it!

    3X8 GH raises (no additional weight used for the GH raises)
    3X3 TGU (20#, 35#, 35#) first time doing those, felt awesome on the core!

    snatch work tomorrow hopefully 🙂

  87. Limited time this morning. Had to head up to Sarasota to pick up the permit for my gym!!! Start the build out next week. Fucking finally

    1) Only had time to work on snatch for 5 min. Worked up to 135. Had to get right into the wod

    8:32. Should of been faster. Back still tight and hands banged up (p@ssy shit)

    m/f/s 3/3/4

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