Here it is kids, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

*drum roll*

We are pleased to announce TWO Training Camps in the month of March.

The first will be March 9th-11th at CrossFit Kennesaw in Kennesaw, Georgia (just outside Atlanta). This camp will coincide with the 3rd week of the CrossFit Games Open and will likely sell out quickly because people will want to see if they can possibly get some “BP juice” from the hallowed halls of his home gym.

The second will be March 23rd-25th at CrossFit Heath in Heath, Texas (just outside Dallas). This camp will coincide with the 5th and final week of the CrossFit Games Open and will also coincide with the CrossFit tour stop in Ft. Worth, Texas. Yes, this will be a GOOD time (in no small part because the CF tour is all you can drink and I’m pretty sure there will be a mechanical bull – FUCK YEAH).

If you’ve thought about coming to camp but think it’s just for elite mutants (Kevin Simons) or female spider monkeys (Talayna), you are wrong. These will be just as beneficial for someone who may place 458th in a region, as they will be for someone who may be top 5 in a region. Our camps are simply an opportunity to be coached by the same coaches who have worked with some of the best athletes in the sport, and to compete side by side with those same athletes.

For more info check out our updated Training Camp page: TRAINING CAMPS

Oh, by the way… Jay Rhodes Cleaned 300# today @ a BW of 170ish – no big deal.


WOD 120109:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5X3 Hang Squat Snatch – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

Notes: These are 3 consecutive unbroken reps. If the barbell returns to the floor before all 3 reps are completed the set is over.  Straps may not be used.

2) 5X3 Hang Squat Clean – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

Notes: These are 3 consecutive unbroken reps. If the barbell returns to the floor before all 3 reps are completed the set is over.  Straps may not be used

3) 3X5 Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 110% – rest 75 sec.

Notes: Straps may be used.


In 12 minutes complete:

100 UB Double-Unders


5 Push Jerks 185/120#
Run 200m

Notes: The 100 UB Double-Unders are a “buy-in”. when the 12 minute clock starts they must be completed before moving on to the AMRAP. The TOTAL TIME of the entire piece is 12 minutes. If you do not complete the 100 UB Double-Unders in the 12 minutes your score is ZERO. Racks MAY NOT be used for the Push Jerks.

Midline (time permitting)

5XME UB Toes to Bar – rest 60 sec.

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  1. How do we post video so that it is embedded in comments? Mine are just showing as links? Anyway..Here was my 10# PR on snatch. I was stuck at 185 6 weeks ago when I started following this programming.

  2. Discussion topic for all! But first some background: lately I have been having a strange thing happen on my squat snatches, my right foot pops back an inch or two and I lift off my heel (almost like a super mini split). I know this is becuase of a lack of mobility in my lumbar spine, hips and ankles but I was curious about the position becuase it happened so naturally. Well, today I found this article on “the B squat”


    Turns out, it IS much more natural for the human body (especially our westernized development of excess cartalidge in the joints) and upon my brief research seems as acceptable in terms of most standards for squatting as anything.

    While I still work daily on increasing my mobility to aid in my ability to look sexy while lifting, I am very curious and intrigued about implementing this movement intentionally into my training, as I believe I will feel some crazy gains using it.


    • First. Rudy… Thrice is awesome.

      Second. 100 DU’s. Shit. Only ever done that once ever.

      Third. I totally do that too Josh. Only on my Oly lifts though. I noticed it a while ago when I would stand up after catching a snatch or clean. My right foot was a few inches back and turned slightly more out. Its more noticeable in my snatch. It wasn’t as significant as in that dudes post and my heel never pops up because my ankles are supple as. My only thought is that he says that doing that takes away his knee pain. That’s curious because in my right knee I have a little critter behind my patella. I figured that I had that because of my staggered stance in catching heavy cleans and snatches. By moving the foot back and literally squatting off your toes aren’t you jacking up compressive forces on your knee? Think high bar vs low bar. High bar beats the knees up more right? Pretty much why all Oly lifters wear knee wraps. I would think staggering your stance like that would really aggravate an already irritated knee instead of cleaning it up. Really want to hear Rudy’s thoughts on this since no amount of snatch balance drills has been able to fix it when the weights are heavy.

  3. Super stoked about the TX training camp. Cliff Lewis (CF Heath Owner) can say more about it, but it’s going to take place in his brand-new, 5000 square-foot facility. No big deal.

    While we’re discussing training camps (posted this to FB, but nobody’s in the group):

    FLORIDA TRAINING CAMP TRAINEES –> Hotel Information Below!

    Here is the hotel info for our group. We have 10 rooms reserved, but YOU MUST CALL AND BOOK YOUR ROOM BEFORE FEBRUARY 2nd TO GET THE GROUP RATE (which is $40/night cheaper than the individual rate and $70/night cheaper than most hotels in the area). It’s peak season over there in late Feb, so this is a pretty good deal.

    Holiday Inn Express – Bonita Springs (5.5 miles north of the training site)
    27891 Crown Lake Blvd
    Bonita Springs, FL 34135
    Ph: 888-465-4329

    Rate: $120/night (2 queen beds, free hot breakfast, etc)
    Checking in on 23 Feb, checking out 26 Feb

    WHEN YOU CALL: Reference “Outlaw Crossfit” group, and use the GROUP CODE: “EG2”

    Thanks, and see you all soon!

  4. Eek these double unders and run ( if I even get to that part) might be difficult with a possibly broken foot from my karate tournament which I got second in fighting in the men’s black belt division.

  5. Hello Everyone, first post, first training session was:
    1) High-Bar Back Squat: 1X10 @ 60% 215, 1X8 @ 70% 255, 1X8 @ 75% 275, 1X8 @ 80% 285

    2a) 4X5 Shoulder Press working light with shoulder injury 135#
    2b) Front Squats: 1X5 @ 60% 185, 1X5 @ 65% 200, 2X5 @ 70% 215


    Run: 4X800m – rest 1:1 – 25 burpee penalty for every set that deviates +/- 5 sec. from the fastest set. I hate running… 3:05, 2:50, 3:13, 3:21 – these where touch and go at a 200m spot… and yes I did all 75 burpees!


    5 minute AMRAP of STRICT Muscle-Ups. I did strict pulls ups on rings, keeping false grip the entire time, with turn out at bottom, again shoulder injury I have been staying away from rings. I think I did 26…

    Look forward to the programming, and will post on a regular basis… I love seeing the numbers and times here… Straight BEASTS! I hope I can keep up!

    • Hey buddy its Jake from the FireFighter Olympics good to have on here buddy. You have made a wise choice getting onboard with this training!

      • What up Jake! Glad to see you’re beasting it up! I’m pumped for the training!

    • Anyone actually live there? I’m headed up there this weekend and looking to exercise.

      • Crossfit South Philly is cool. The owner Will is a great guy. Taught me the muscle-up in less than 5 minutes.

  6. 1: 185, 195,205,215,225 PR
    2: 205, 215, 225, 245(x), 250


    6rds even…ran 260’s each time cause of tge facility I was in…probably could have got 8+ on 200m track

    No TTB due to time restraint

  7. Hang Squat Snatch – 115, 130, 135 (f), 135, 140 landing forward on my toes too often

    Hang Squat Clean – 185, 195, 200, 205, 210

    Snatch Deadlift – 5 X 3 @ 205

    Conditioning: Pouring rain, so subbed 30 unbroken Double unders for the 200m to get extra work on DU’s. 4 rounds even

    ME UB Toes to Bar – Best set today was 30. Midline was pretty tired

  8. 155-165-175f-175f(2)-175f.
    205-215f(1)-215-215-225 (took 1:30 rest between)
    235 for all five

    c)97. throw jump rope and curse soft spot on the ground. rest 1 min
    96. 1rm jump rope throw pr. rest 1:30
    12, 13…curse soft spot again.
    100! cue victory music.
    with just over 4 mins left = 1 round + 5 PJ
    s) 12-12-13-13-12

  9. This is my first post on Outlaw and it might not be for the right reason; especially since it is not regarding today’s “Work” but let me start off by saying that a group of my close friends and I have been following Outlaw programming for about six weeks and we can’t get enough. You see what originally brought us into “Crossfit” almost two years ago, was the same thing that was about us to deter our interest. We loved the fact “Crossfit” made us feel sore and like we accomplished something, but at early 30’s and some of us a bit older, our bodies do not heal as quick. We are all well balanced athletes and some of us even Division 1 athletes, but our bodies due to the programming offerred at our box was really taking ts toll on us and breaking us down. With common injuries associated with “Crossfit” we decided as a group we need to change our programming asap. That’s when until around six months ago one of my close friends, we call him “Coach Fez” (he’s the studious type who reads blogs, real informed individual, constantly looking up mobility WODs, different programming, etc.) heard our displeasure with what was going on with our programming and we started implementing Wedler Stregth Program, then some Bulgarian Programming with some Metcons, etc… until we he found Outlaw and then REALLY we got hooked back onto what we were trying to do and really liked the balance your programming offerred; it’s exactly what we needed and although just like anything, it takes a toll on your body, but we feel the balance in the system and the maximum effort is realistic, achieveable, and we have seen MUCH success implementing the Outlaw Way. We put in our work and take nothing for granted working on skill, form, and maximizing our efforts. At the end of the day whatever you put in is what you will get back. To our displeasure today,our box owners seem to have a problem with our programming. We work out at I Am Crossfit, IACF, in Miami, FL. It is the biggest box in FL, probably in the Southern East United States and I’m not exaggerating. They claim that by us doing our own work, we are hurting the “integrity” of their programming. Mind you, we are very conscience and never conflict with any class that is operating nor wodding. This box has THREE rooms and we always try to use whichever room is empty. I thought “Crossfit” and the “integrity” behing it was to do supplemental work and find the balance needed in order to achieve new PRs, crushing times, and straight out just kill it. Work on your deficiency and become a better athlete. It seems that for my group of friends and I, the OUTLAW has been placed on hold as they do not want ANY member, mind you they have over 600 members, do ANYMORE supplemental work on their own. We sometimes WOD twice a day does that mean we do their WOD twice??? :-X With Crossfit Affiliates popping out like weeds in S. Florida, it will not be difficult to find another box, it’s just discouraging that what a box tells you will be isn’t. They offer a “family” atmosphere and promote they want you to get better, but not allowing individuals who really want to get better and work on their defecit and work on a program that HAS been working for us is really crazy…. Funny thing is some of the coaches of this box will be attending one of your training seminars so hopefully they get with it before they really start loosing out….. Just expressing to the Outlaws out there, keep kicking ass and producing badass athletes. Your programming speaks for itself and as a group we really enjoy what you are putting out there… I speak for my group and for the OutLaw way… One thing the Outlaw Programming has done for us it has made us each achieve new PRs, implement perfecting form, and brought us closer as a unit. We mock ourselves in the process consistantly pushing each other and really building success….. I posted out given “Team” name bacause we are constantly bothering one another so please would like to hear you take on this… If you are an affiliate owner other pls give us your take as well… We didnt thinkin trying to become a better athlete would really hurt nor jeopardize anyone’s “integrity”

    • You said it all, man.

      In my experience, gyms that will let you do your own thing are the exception, not the norm. Sorry your gym doesn’t want to win anything.

      Also, see you guys next month in Naples!

      • This niche programming could be exactly what starts the next period of CrossFit growth. I think that once the demand changes and more exercisers want an “open gym” time where we can come and work on our goats or WOD our own way (Yes, Paneles, I use WOD as a verb) then either CF gyms will change to meet the need or fizzle away.

        • I Understand what you are saying but the “Crossfit” mantra from what it seems on a customer service level is “do what we say or go f*ck yourself” basically and in real world that is not the case. Listen I like a hard nose program and I like that coaches give it to you if your form isn’t correct, if you are half-assing it, etc., but to not allow a paying consumer do work that will only benefit the client seems ludacris to me and that some affiliate owners belive that mantra of doing business is acceptable is even MORE ludacris. At the end of the day I do agree with you… As information keeps being posted and success with a program like Outlaw becomes more “mainstream” the owners will have to shape up or ship out

    • Ya, like Thomas said, it’s actually pretty common for gym owners to take exception to people following different programming while training at their box. I can understand it to a bit, b/c their programming is part of the product they’re selling. It doesn’t harm their “integrity,” but their marketability and feeling of control (at least in their own minds).

      It sounds like you were going about it the right way, so I’m sorry it didn’t work out. Other places will probably be more receptive… just give them a call ahead and talk to them about the programming and hope for your group. Good luck!

      • It is unfortunate that some gyms do not see alternative/outside programming for what it is: a chance to evaluate different methods to see if they can be used to improve programming for the rest of the members. I’m fortunate that I work out in a facility where the owner is open to allowing us to try new things, as long as people are following a structured program and the data is being recorded and evaluated.

        Bottom line: if your gym owner’s #1 priority is not seeing improvement among his/her members, find a new gym.

        • My group and I we are going to speak to the owners but it seems that thier mind is made up and seeking an alternate box/gym/affiliate will be the only scenario we have to choose from. At the end of the day if you do not see the growth or perspective in allowing your top tier athletes who actually don’t go to drink the “Kool Aid” and work their asses of, then C’est La Vie.I just expressed our displeasure here to see what others thought and how it might be at your affiliate. Thank you for your feedback.

    • Our owner used to have more of an issue with it than he does now. I think he’s realized that programming for the general population is great for well… the general population. If someone wants to specialize in strength, o-lifts, or even in CF competitions they obviously need to specialize. We are fortunate enough to have the room for it at our place as well. I could see it being more of an issue for a small box, especially if there isn’t much open gym time. I think in the long run it’s going to hurt the boxes that aren’t flexible enough (whatever that reason may be – not enough space or too big of an ego) to allow specialized programming into their place.

      • Site note: we’re going to ban the use of the word “box” from the Outlaw site.

        It’s a gym, people.

        • Estoy de acuerdo contigo Paneles hahahaha … I am in accordance with you! It’s a GYM!!!!

      • That’s just the thing ATD… Our facility is huge… and what I mean is huge it has THREE rooms. We do not interfere with any class nor interrupt any structure. We purposely go ahead and switch rooms and coordinate “our” (really Outlaw programming) around their offerred classes. What is great about Outlaw it actually is a program. Not your typical Affiliate which will blast your shoulders in seven consecutive WODs or blast your legs 8 days in a row with running everyday or tax your lowerback with Heavy Deadlifts at 100 reps three days in a row, everything which is flawed with a “ONLY” Crossfit mindset. At the end as stated earlier, the trend is now and I think more owners will have to figure out the balance but this “take it or leave it” mindset is so flawed. But not offerring supplemental programming not the answer.

      • Wow. Nice people on this site. And your name isn’t really Drywall. I’m out. No longer posting on here.

      • actually, tom k., i was never really leaving. i just wanted the attention of you replying to me again. you and the guy who doesn’t have the cojones big enough to blog under his own name… wait… correction… you and the guy who quit blogging about crossfit b/c he doesn’t want people to find out he’s really serious about crossfit are right up my alley. (btw – my guess is he will be back once the opens are done with and he doesn’t make the games.) it’s gotta be difficult for an attention hog like you to take the back seat to epic, especially when the guy works for you. sorry about your luck man. oh, and just wait… i have some great, “lololololz… look at me, i’m so damn cute videos for you”. i’m sure you’ll have to spend about 20-30 minutes thinking of a “witty” comment for them, but that’s okay, i’m patient…. and i like the attention.

        • Damn ATD must have had some extra fortified omega 3 eggs saucing everyone up today…. pissy pissy pissy…. Who were you referring too???

      • Oh, that’s right. The double standard. A girl smarts off and she’s having a bad day. I guy smarts off and it’s hilarious. Maybe I should have added a winky face and an “lol” to make everyone in the room feel a little more comfortable.

        Lol! 😉

  10. 1. 115, 115, 125, 135, 145- worked on jumping through heels on snatch, bo better as i went
    2. 165 across the board-lost grip after 1st repe of set 1, and 2nd rep of set 4
    3.195 across board

    conditioning-i scaled jerks to 165 so i could keep it moving. 4 rounds + 1 jerk

    toe2bar-10, 10, 10, 8, 6

  11. 1. 135, 140, 135 (2, lost grip), 135, 135.
    2. 175, 185, 185, 190, 190
    3. 190×3. These felt really solid. no straps

    Conditioning. Missed the “UB”, so the du were 2 sets, ~1:15 – then 4 rds +5 jerks Scaled push jerks to 165 and was still only able to get 1 set ub. Form was breaking down after 3 consecutive reps each round.

  12. First post 🙂 from the U.K

    1) 40kg 50kg 60kg 65kg failed 3rd rep 65kg

    The snatches felt real good , I failed because I tend to be lazy when catching the barbell

    2) 70kg 75kg 80kg 85kg 90kg

    3) 80kg 80kg 80kg

    12 min AMRAP

    Double unders were fine.

    1 round with 85kg
    2nd round with 80kg
    3rd round with 80kg

    3 rnds + 200m

    Heavy overhead stuff is a massive weakness

  13. 1. 105, 115 last 4
    2. 155, 165, 175 last 3
    3. 185 for all

    Spent 3 mins dicking around with DU’s, did over a hunnid then went to the rest of the work @ 135# (5rnds + 5PJ, 130m)

    Midline – 20,15,10,10,12

  14. Worked out with the above mentioned J. Hill today. Woop!

    1. 95 ,95, 100 (fail on last attempt), 95, 95

    2. 120 (bar flung out of hangs), 120, 125, 135, 140 (fail on last attempt)

    3. 135 all sets

    5 Rounds + 25m or so of the run

    10, 6, 7, 6,7

    back started seizing up during the T2B.

    m/f/s – 2/4/6

    this is what happens when you lose your hook grip – http://youtu.be/6HyGku_dfTQ

    vid of my set of hang cleans at 135#. http://youtu.be/K9I1ckKo8Gw
    140# messed up and didn’t record. i would have liked to put it on here instead of the 135# for feedback.

  15. BB gymnastics
    1) 115, 115, 125, 135, 145×2( missed 3rd forward, im happy with these due to the fact my snatch max is 155…..)
    2) 185, 185, 185, 195×2(missed 3rd), 195X3( good strong set and PR)
    3) 175 for all sets( felt light and didnt use straps)

    2 rounds + 3 jerks ( pr’d on DU’s, hit 100 first try and could have easily kept going. push jerks were a fucking mess, pretty sure im pushing my head way to far through the window.)

    16, 13, 12, 10, 10

    2/4/6(quads and hams still shot from saturdays shit show)

  16. Snatch – 155, 175, 180, 185 f (2), 185 F(2)
    clean – 190, 200, 205, 210, 215
    sn dead – 235

    Big 0.

    t2b – 26, 16, 12, 11, 10

  17. 1) 115 for all
    2) 205, 205, 225, 225, 225
    3) 235 for all

    12 min AMRAP
    3 min of DU
    5 rds + 130m

    20, 18, 18, 15, 15

  18. 1: 115, 135, 155, 165, 185(x)- 185# hang snatch PR
    2: 135, 185, 195, 205, 215
    3: 230 all sets


    8 rds + 1 Jerk
    All jerks UB, happy about that

    TTB tonight

  19. 1) 135;155;165;165;165(2, Lost grip on last one)
    2) 185;205;215;225;235
    3) 225

    Conditioning: Yep an epic failure. Hit 88 then someone decided to walk into my rope. Ive never wanted to punch someone in the throat more. Then after about 10 rds of hitting no more than 50 I got a couple of sets of 60 and my last set with a minute and a half to go was 77 and then a miss. Needless to say my score was ZERO! Did do an ass load of DUs.

    MFS:9 (stupid DUs,1,1)

  20. No snatch due to rotator cuff problem
    HSC triples: 70 – 80 – 85 – 90 – 95F1
    Snatch DL at 85kg

    12 min AMRAP ended up being 6 sets of double unders:
    82 – 15 – 63 – 55 – 29 – 47
    Difficult to know how long to leave before next attempt!

    Seeing as I didn’t make the AMRAP (and can’t go OH with shoulder) did:
    5 rounds:
    5 x Bench press (70kg)
    200m Row

    Max effort TTB: 15 – 10 – 10 – 11 – 7

  21. 1. 185 (f@2), 175, 175, 175, 175, 180 (these were terrible; I had a few failed attempts in between some sets, but the 180 at the end felt easier and better than all the rest. Weird.)

    2. 225, 255, 265, 275, 280 (f@3) (no idea how I got 275, especially after barely being able to hit 265 from the ground on Saturday. Considering my 1rm is 285 and was achieved from the hang, I obviously have major problems with pull positioning from the ground)

    3. 245 across. (Felt really light, so worked on positioning and driving from the heels.)

    — 6 rds + 5 push jerks (went UB in the first go of DUs, and was UB on all rds of push jerks, but my running was slow, especially in the cold rain.)

    M/F/S – 2/4/3 (post-wod static stretching is starting to pay off)

  22. BB Gymnastics

    1: 155-165-185-195×1(f)-200×2(f) caught third one and lost it on the way up, I’ll post vid in a bit. This was big for me, I have not snatched heavy in 6 to 7 months with shoulder injury.
    2: 185-225-245-255×1(f)-255×2(f)
    3: All sets with 225# no straps

    Conditioning: First set of DU 100 UB… 8 Rounds, however, with 95#, that was the only weight I could bring down from overhead with not a significant amount of pain.

    Midline: first set, 15, interrupted by a call, I’m at work. I’ll finish this tonight hopefully.

  23. Snatch:125/135/135/140/145
    Clean: 185/185/190/190/190
    S grip deads: 185s
    4 rounds

    Ooooohweeee! Why is female weight only 65% of male? My female training partner Krissi crrrrrruushed me on AMRAP and she dont need any handouts (hahahah)!

    • if she kicked your ass as bad as you what you said then i doubt 10 pounds more on her bar (or 10 pounds less on yours) would have helped you out much. work hard and don’t worry about anyone else.

    • Why you hatin’ on the women’s weight? Make that two of your training pahtna’s beat ya! Wahooooooo! Smoooches! 🙂

  24. BB Gymnastics
    1) 5X3 Hang Squat Snatch – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
    2) 5X3 Hang Squat Clean – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
    3) 3X5 Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 110% – rest 75 sec.

    1 = 60kg, 70kg, 72.5kg, 75kg, 75kg
    2 = 90kg, 100kg, 100kg, 100kg, 100kg
    3 = 3 x 5 @ 100kg – felt very easy

    In 12 minutes complete:
    100 UB Double-Unders
    AMRAP of…
    5 Push Jerks 185/120#
    Run 200m

    Result = ZERO – biggest set was 98 and then hit my waterbottle. Much frustration and swearing and then the closest I got again was around 60. At least I got plenty of double under practice with my feet cramped up!

    5 X ME UB Toes to Bar – rest 60 sec.
    17, 10, 8, 8, 6

    MFS = 345

  25. 1) 95, 100, 105 (failed 3rd…I got too excited but redid it), 110 ( dropped after second and then did third), 115 (dropped everytime and reset…I wanted to see if I could do this weight all three times and I DID!!

    2) 145, 145… Did from from floor wasn’t thinking. Then from the hang on last three sets
    145, 150, 155 from hang.

    3) 132
    5 rounds even
    2:05ish to do DU…blah.

    Will do midline tomorrow…rushed for time.

  26. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X3 Hang Squat Snatch – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
    75,85,90, 95 (failed on 2nd lift), 100 (failed on 2nd lift)
    2) 5X3 Hang Squat Clean – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
    95, 115, 120 (failed on squat portion during 3rd rep), 120 (failed on squat portion during 2nd rep), 115
    3) 3X5 Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 110% – rest 75 sec.

    Will do conditioning later this evening…

    • Conditioning
      Double unders are a strugglefest so I did a 150 buy in. Completed 3 rounds + 5 PJ. Need to work on doing EVERYTHING unbroken


      MFS 436 (lower back is SMOKED from saturday still)

      Went to power yoga after conditioning to help loosen up 🙂

  27. Hang squat snatch 75, 75, 75, 85, 85
    hang clean 135, 155, 175, 175, 175
    snatch DL 5X3 (Head up my ass) 225, 225, 225, 225, 225

    Jerk @ 155 (right shoulder is banged up) felt light except for my right shoulder

  28. Hang Squat snatch: 135/155/155/155/155(2)
    hang squat clean: 225/225/225(2)/225/225 worked on liftin my eyes as I pulled and helped open up for the cleans. last set felt better than the first. snatches still suck through

    Conditioning: 6 rounds
    100 doubles no problem. i’m just glad it wasn’t a cashout. i had access to a full size basketball court so i did 200m shuttle runs. without change of direction i think 8 is totally doable.

    t2b: 22/16 only got two sets done ran out of time had to go on duty.

  29. 1) 145, 155, 160, 165, 170
    Videoed 170

    2) 185, 205, 215f on 3rd, 215f, 215f
    Last two sets failed coming down from 1st. I don’t know how to regrip in air, so I tried to catch in on my hips and it fell out my hands.
    3) 210x5x3

    Conditioning. BULLSHIT!

  30. Hang Snatch: 115,125,125,130 failed at third rep, 130 failed at third rep again.

    Hang clean: 155,175,175,175,180

    Scaled to #165, 4 rounds + 5 jerks

    T2B: 30,18,15,12,14

  31. First day on Outlaw also in the UK. Also first day back after 2 weeks of too much food and too little movement!

    1) 5×3 hang squat snatch 60kg, 70kg, 75kg (failed 3rd rep), 75kg, 80kg
    2) 5×3 hang squat cleans 90kg, 100kg, 110kg (failed rep 2), 110kg, 115kg

    Biggest issue with these was re-gripping, that’s where I failed the reps. Also felt like every time I brought the bar back down it was smashing into my quads, I possibly just need to man up. The actual cleans/snatches felt strong and fast

    3) 3×5 snatch grip DL, all completed at 110kg

    Easy and fast

    Conditioning: 4rounds + 100m run

    Knocked out a set of 10 toes to bar but shoulders were feeling pretty wrecked, so called it there.

  32. 1. 155, 165, 175, 185, 195

    195 was easier than 155. Does that make sense? Has anyone else had any similar experiences with snatches?

    2. Close-grip bench press. 2×8, 2×6 all at 225#

    3. 275#

    20-15-10-5 of
    Power snatch @ 95#
    box jump @ 24″


  33. BB Gymnastics
    HSS: 95, 105, 105, 105 (failed third attempt), 105

    HSC: 135, 145, 155, 155, 165

    SGDL: 175

    5 rounds plus 3 push jerks at 155lbs

    Did weighted (10lbs) knee raises in the dip position due to shoulder injury
    15, 12, 10, 8, 8

  34. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X3 Hang Squat Snatch – Substituted these with:

    1a) Hang Squat DB Snatch 95×3 // 105×3 // 105×3 // 110×3 // 110X3
    1b) Explosive Front Squat 185×3 // 205×3 // 205×3 // 210×3 // 210×3

    Did 1a, followed immediately by 1b, in order to get the full effect of the hip extension + the load on the legs, as if I was doing BB snatches.

    2) 5X3 Hang Squat Clean – Substituted these with:

    1a) Hang Squat DB Clean 110×3 // 115×3 // 115×3 // 115×3 // 115×3
    1b) Explosive Front Squat 225×3 // 225×3 // 225×3 // 225×3 // 225×3

    Did 1a, followed immediately by 1b, in order to get the full effect of the hip explosion/extension + the load on the legs, to simulate Squat Cleans.

    3) 3X5 Snatch Grip Deadlift – Substituted these with:

    GHR Band-Resisted: Green + 2 Reds: 3×5

    Conditioning: 4 Rounds

    100 Double-Unders 3:40

    AMRAP of…

    5 Push Jerks 185/120# SUB: 5 Front Squat @ 185
    Run 200m SUB: 1-Arm Row 250m (0500 workout, not running outside while the neighborhood sleeps, even though the row is longer and slower)

    Prior to this, the most consecutive I ever had was 3 (just started CF, remember). During this buy-in, I strung together five sets of 10-15 and one set of 29, and that is with a cast on my Right hand/arm, with my wrist locked in place, and gripping the handle with only my ring and pinky fingers. Every time I messed up, I lost this grip and had to scoop the rope back up from the ground and reposition it in my cast before resuming. It took 3:40 to complete all 100.

    Ah…crap…just noticed that I missed the “UB” part when I read this last night. So I’m sure I would have had a ZERO score and would have never made it to the AMRAP. Well, I guess I will have another 12 minutes of DU practice tonight when I get home from work!

    Midline: Ran out of time before work this morning. Will be doing these after my 12 minutes of DU practice when I get home tonight.

    • That’s awesome you’re at least able to make it work, David! Nice job on those double-unders. Think how easy it will be when you actually have two functional hands again haha!

  35. BB Gymnastics
    1. 90, 95, 100, 100, 100
    2. 125, 130, 135, 140, 140
    3. 155

    Conditioning: 6 rounds + 5 jerks + approx. 50 m

    Midline: 15, 12, 12, 10, 9 (Hawribble!)

  36. 1) 131#, 136# x 1 (f), 136#, 141# x 1 (f), 141# x 2 (f)
    2) 151#, 161#, 171#, 181# x 2 (f), 181#
    3) 3 x 5 @ 181#
    Metcon: 0 rounds (did a lot of double unders but couldn’t get 100 unbroken… Something to work on)
    Strict T-2-B: 10,9,9,8,7

  37. 5×3 Hang squat snatch: 95-100-105-105-110
    5×3 Hang squat clean: 135-145-145-145-145

    WOD: 5 rounds plus 125m run

  38. Hang squat snatch: 95,115,135,155,175×2
    Hang squat clean:155, 155,165,175×2 175×1
    Snatch grip dead:205
    Conditioning:100 UB double indeed accomplished on first attempt. Scaled weight to 175. 1 round +5 jerks.

  39. First time poster from CF Paragon (ATL)… was creepin on the site last week and decided to jump in.

    BB Gymnastics
    1) 5×3 HSS: 95, 95, 95, 105, 115 <– Snatch 1RM was 145# over the weekend.
    2) 5×3 HSC: 165, 165, 175, 175(2), 165
    3) 3×5 Snatch-Grip DL: 185, 205, 225

    Lost my thumb on the hang squat clean set I failed. Went back down because I was exhausted. Have no idea what my snatch-grip deadlift max is; my hook grip was fried by this point so I didn't load the bar up crazy heavy. 225 was reasonably easy though.

    Started AMRAP at 3:45 (missed the DU at 76 and 67). 4 rounds + 2 jerks. I scaled to 155#. Still trying to work my way back up to old numbers after November's shoulder injury.

    14, 11, 10, 7, 8

    Great workout. I'm really excited to start your programming!

  40. 1) 115/135/155f/155f/145f
    2) 115/135/155/175/185 (way better at power cleans than squat, old pr squat clean was 175 for 1, super stoked I did 185 for 3. Looks like this programming may be working after all…)
    3)205 for all

    Basically double under practice for 8 minutes. Finally managed to get 100 unbroken (also have never done that before) after whipping the shit out of myself a half dozen times.
    2 rounds, plus 5 jerks. Started as push jerks, got tired, went to split jerks.

  41. Here’s what I did at my box today:

    135-155-165-175-185 (should have started heavier)

    205-215-225-235-245 (regripping was tough as I have a child’s hands)

    235 x 3 (used straps for the first time ever and it made a big difference keeping my hips from shooting up)

    WOD: 7 rounds

    It was pretty cool, myself and 3 friends all did this together and all of us went UB on the DUs first set, I couldn’t believe it

    TtB: 20-15-13-10-10

  42. OK, so my foot is incredibly swollen and fucked up so any kind of o-lifting, double unders and running was out of the question.
    Made up the Hi Bar Back Squats, Pressing and Front Squatting from Friday today.
    HBBS: 1×10 @ 115, 1×8 @ 135, 1×8 @ 145, 1×8 @ 155
    Press: (Used my new Fat Gripz on this, definitely made it more spicy) 4×5 @ 105
    Front Squat: 1 x 5 @ 100, 1 x 5 @ 110, 2 x 5 @ 120
    Finished with 5x ME UB Toes to Bar: 12-7-10-7-9

  43. scaled the shit out of this.

    1) 45, 65, 95, 95, 95
    2) 95,105, 125,135,135
    3) 155, 165 1175, 185, 205

    practiced DUs for the 1st time (I’m a noob as you can probably tellby now)
    and did 5 rounds of the conditioning with 105# in 9:40

    This was my 2nd outlaw workout and I feel fucked up big time.

  44. 1) 135,155, 175, 185 2 (F), 175
    2) 185, 205, 215, 225 1 (f), 215 This felt awful, need to step down the weight until I’ve done the program a little longer. Also, re-gripping was a total bitch.
    3) 235, 235, 235 (easy)

    Conditioning: As RX’d
    •7 Complete plus 2 Push-Jerk
    •After failing on Saturday to get 80 DU’s unbroken at the Superhuman Challenge in Houston this weekend (Crossfit Superhuman/Genesis S&C) in 20:00, with a new rope and less pressure I knocked out 110 DU’s on the first try. Lame.
    •Wasn’t sure on the run at my box, but I coudn’t have been off by more than 10M (and it flooded in Houston today so I was dodging puddles to avoid running like a Jesus lizard on water).
    •Push jerks were really heavy for me, did all unbroken but was resting in the rack position after 3 reps most sets.

    This is my 1st workout on this program, so we’ll see how it goes. In general, I think today was beginner’s luck and I’m expecting to get crushed the rest of the week. Thanks for the programming.

  45. 1) 115, 135, 145, 150, 155 no misses
    2) 195, 205, 215, 220, 225 (missed the final rep. didn’t settle in the squat before standing up. rushing the rep caused it to roll down my chest after getting 2/3 of the way up)
    3) 205

    WOD – 4 rds + 3 PJ – PR’d DUx2 first set missed at 78 rested about 60 seconds and then got the 100 buy in!

    T2B – 20, 12, 15, 12, 10

  46. HANG SNATCH: 165, 165, 175,185, 185X2 (F)3
    HANG CLEAN: 225 ,235, 245, 255X2, 255X2
    SNATCH DL: 255#


    7 ROUNDS + 50M RUN

  47. 1) 135, 155, 165, 175, 185(2)
    2) 245, 250, 255, 260(1), 250
    3) No Snatch DL due to time constraints

    100 DU Buy in
    10 min AMRAP:
    5 PJ
    30 UB DU’s

    4 Rounds 5 Push Jerks.
    Hit 100 DU in first try and all Push jerks were UB and easy. The 30 DU’s became a train wreck after the first 2 rounds missing at 20-25 multiple times. Very frustrating……

    Reason for Random/Lack of Posting……
    First off I am a career firefighter on 24 hour shiftwork with very limited crossfit equipment at the station, we pretty much only have a few machines that we had donated from a local YMCA and a barball with metal weights that only goes to 205 with a bench. So that sort of eliminated 3 out of every 9 days. 2nd I am a full time dad with a 10 month old on my days off and mom working full time and going back to school at night makes it hard on all of us. I regularly take him to the gym and try to get him to hang out with me while I mix lifting in with trying to give him enough attention to keep him content. While everyone at the gym is very generous in playing with him and holding him, I feel bad asking others to hold him and at times he has just had enough of being there and is ready to get the hell out of there and he lets you know. Needless to say my workouts are often hit are miss when I can do them and even when I can do them I have to cut them short a lot of the times. I’m sure it will get better as he gets older and can watch tv at the gym or possibly play with other children. Until then I guess I am sometimes hesistant to post because I never get all the workouts in during the week, usually about only 3 and rarely get a 4th. In conclusion, this program has still helped me a great deal with my olympic lifting and skill based movements. I guess I just don’t post most stuff because I don’t want to throw off any data being a person who only sometimes does all the scheduled work.

    • right just like a firefighter to make excuses like that…haha I’m a police officer and have 2 squirts of my own so you’re not the only one, I say post what ya got it helps to have numbers to compare, at least for me anyway. train hard and stay safe

  48. Did kind of a mashup of the other day and today to get caught up and back on schedule.


    High Bar Back Squat (changed hi-bar to 365, low bar to 385)
    225 x 10
    255 x 8
    275 x 8
    295 x 8
    Felt really heavy after the Games 09 WOD last night. Quads are sore, and low back is a bit fried.

    2a) Shoulder Press
    140 x 4 x 5

    2b) Front Squat (changed to work off a 315 max….was 300….but since I cleaned that yesterday I figure its back up a bit)
    190 x 5
    205 x 5
    225 x 5
    No problem….but felt heavier than most days.

    Conditioning from today

    12 min AMRAP

    8 rounds completed. (100 double unders unbroken – done in 59 sec)

    Clock got shut off somewhere in the last minute or two. I was starting round 7 at 9:02 and I’m positive I got 2 more rounds done in 3 min. Probably would have had time to get a couple jerks in but I just left it at 8 rounds.
    Probably could have gone at that pace up to 20 min. I love WOD’s like this.

    Strict Muscle Up – 5 min AMRAP (from the other day)

    21 reps. (one failure @18)

    One set of max effort Toes to Bar

    31 reps, definitely a PR. by quite a bit I think

  49. New to the program from last week, first time posting. More like Gumby today than anything else, everything felt off. I thought I read somewhere on here to expect a 2-3 week adjustment to this style of training…? Or did I make that up to compensate for a shitty day?

    How many people on here are more amateur crossfitters (read: unimpressive numbers) looking for a program with plenty of time devoted to strength and olympic lifting? So many questions, I know.

    Hang Squat Snatch: 115 across. Have you ever seen those inflatable stick figures they have at concerts? That was me.
    Hang Squat Clean: 135, 155, 165, 175×2, 175. These felt pretty good until I fell over on the 4th set trying to regrip the bar. WTF.
    Snatch DL: 155. Probably too light, snatch 1RM is pretty low.

    Conditioning: Double unders in 4 sets pretty quickly, fell apart on the overheads with 155#. Just off today.

  50. 1. 135, 140, 145, 155 (fail), 155
    2. 185, 190, 195, 205, 205
    3. 210 for all 5

    got 90, 93, 94, and 12. couldn’t get to 100. FAILED miserably, i guess it was du practice.

    20, 15, 10, 15, 15

  51. 1. 115, 125, 135, 140, 145
    2. 145, 165, 185, 190, 195
    3. 195

    Rope broke warming up so switched to a metcon from my gym
    10 rounds
    in 1 minute run 200m then perform one c&j(one attempt only)
    rest one minute
    185, 185, 195, 195, 200, 200, 200, 200, 200, 200: total 1960

    midline: 20, 13, 10, 8, 9

  52. Hang Snatch
    Carly- 67, 77, 77, 87, 92×2
    David- 90, 100, 110, 120, 130
    Hang Clean
    Carly- 115, 120, 127, 127, 127
    David- 135, 145, 155, 165, 165
    Snatch Dead
    Carly- 132x 3 sets
    David- 190x 3 sets

    Carly- 12 minutes double under practice score of 0
    David- 1 Round + 5 Push Jerks @ 165

  53. First time posting. First day on program. Recently switched to working out of my garage.
    28 Male 145#s

    1) 115, 115, 115, 115, 115
    2) 135, 165, 165, 165, 165
    3) 215, 215, 215

    Push Jerks at 155#s (big puss)
    4Rounds +1PJ


    • BTW I Sumo Deadlift anything off the ground if I am going to do it from the hang due to my back injury. I only lift off the ground if I HAVE to or else I avoid it at all costs. Which is half the reason I love Rudy programming with no heavy deads:)

  54. Went ahead and tried the B Squat for the snatch (did a few sets normal after with lighter weight).

    1) 135, 155, 175(f3), 175, 180(f3)
    (felt good but slow all around. Banged out a couple sets at 135 after and tried to speed it up a little)
    2) 225(f2), 225(f3), 225, 245(f2), 245(f2)
    (Jesus Christ on this! I could not transition at all from one rep to the next and kept dropping the bar. Very frustration. Worked two extra sets at 185 after the DLs)
    3) 225 for all. (felt very solid)

    Conditioning – 7+5 jerks
    (got double unders and all jerks unbroken. I got a little psyched out and didn’t head out on the run for the last round with 40 seconds to go, had a class of 9 in there waiting for me to finish, felt like I had to wrap it up I guess. Dogged it I feel like on the run, the first real snowfall had be enjoying the snow in my face more than just pushing it!)

    T2B – 21, 15, 11, 12, 9 (the last three rounds I stopped because of momentum. Wasn’t sure if unbroken was supposed to be coming off the bar, or breaking at all. Could have gotten 15+ each round if I allowed myself to take a breather on the bar and start up again)

  55. 4×5 SGDL 235 lbs


    100 double unders buy in
    3 rounds
    5 deadlifts 275
    10 alt pistol squats
    100 double unders cash out

    10 weighted hill sprints(20 lb vest)
    -roughly 13 minutes(walk down was the rest)
    Not doing any overhead or clean work for the week to see if that helps my shoulder out.

  56. Snatch-135-145-150-150-145
    Clean- 185-190-195-200-200
    Deadlift- 205
    WOD – 0 (Fuck you DUs)
    UB T2B -22-10-15-7-8

  57. 1)115#,125#,135#F,135#F,135#
    Conditioning: 4 Rounds
    Midline: 20/18/15/15/15

    Cliff Lewis

  58. BB Gymnastics

    1) 155#, 165#, 175#f(1 rep, thumb slipped), 175#, 185#f(2)
    2) 185#, 205#, 225#, 235#, 240#f(2)

    It was brought to my attention that I was taking too long of breaks…probably need to work on that and stick to the rx’d rest time.

    3) w/straps, 225# all the way through.


    Score = 0

    Im not an elite jump roper’er. Did the 100 DU’s, “Broken as hell” and then preceded to complete 5 rounds + 1 PJ


    + 2 hrs after Metcon

    22, 16, 10, 8, 8

    3/3/6 Regretting not getting a legit rest day.

  59. BB Gymnastics

    My thighs are still toast from Sat …. No bueno!

    1) 78lb, 83lb, 88lb, 93lb x2 <—-Weakness! Focused on powering thru hips.
    2) 143lb
    3) 133lb

    Conditioning: 5 rds + 4 Jerks <—- Pissed I dropped the jerk once on round 5 & once on last set of jerks.

    Midline: No time

  60. 1- 185/185/185/185/185
    2- 265/265/265/265/265
    3- 275 for all

    – 9 Rounds


  61. 1.) Hang Squat Snatch 95, 105, 115, 120, 125F (Until 1 week ago, I could not HSS 125)
    2.) Hang Squat Clean 155, 165, 170, 175, 185 (3 at 185 is a PR for me
    3.) Snatch Deadlift 225, 245, 275, 275, 275 My deadlift and snatch live in different area codes, not even close to one another. I focused on moving this weight quickly.

    At 60 DU’s my shoe came untied, I lasted 16 more before it wrapped around rope…fucker….got to 78 again, and over 60 twice. At 7 minutes I went into the reps. Got three rounds in the remaining time with 30 seconds added for the last run completion

    T2B unbroken
    12, 9, 5, 5, 5

  62. 1) 155, 155(2), 155, 165, 170
    2) 185, 225, 245(1), 235(1), 225, 225
    3) 225

    Conditioning= 0.

    TTB 25, 25, 20, 13, 17
    Push Press 4 sets at 185, total 26 reps (Did these because I didn’t get a chance to do any in the conditioning)

  63. 1) 125 130 135 140 145

    2) 160 165×2 170×2

    3) 180

    6 + 5PJ + ~120m
    Got 1st 100 UB in 1min.

    TTB will be going down tomorrow…

    MFS: 3/6/2
    More sick today :/ Anyone have any good remedies for upper respiratory?

    145 Squat Snatches

    170 Squat Cleans

    • Nice Talayna!

      I noticed on your blog (or maybe it was a prior post, not really sure) that you said you’ve been doing supplement exercises to help strengthen your back. I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years (worked my way up to level 10) and have issues with my lower back. I’ve been incorporating yoga and GHR work into my training, but is there anything else you’ve done that has helped you out? Thanks!

  64. BB Gym:
    1) 115
    2) 135 easy, 145(2) -didn’t have time to try 140.
    3) went light with 155. Felt good and was able to get pop at top.
    Road was blocked where we run so I subbed 250m rows and, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I would have rather run.
    I finished with 6 sets of push jerks and 191 meters. Rxd. 120# felt great. Legs were hurting from rows.

    MFS – 1, 3, 5 legs are still sore. 🙁

  65. Strength
    1) 135/140/145/150/155 (felt good, I got rushed and stepped forward a couple times)

    2) 165/170/175/180/185 (felt much better than last squat cleans, hands kept popping out when I received the bar)

    3) 210/210/210


    Did not do DU’s UB, more like 30, 25 , 25, 20 (1:15)

    5rds, 5 push press, 100m @185lb

    17, 9, 8, ran out of time

    M/F/S 2/4/4 (low back from all the 75lb low hang squat snatches)

  66. 1) 95 (failed on 3), 90×4
    2) 115×3, 120×2
    3) 125
    Wod: 3 rounds
    T2B: 9, 8, 7, 3, 2 ( grip failed)

    Mfs: 3/2/2

  67. BB Gymnastics:
    1. never do squat catch, but I am starting now: 100, 105, 110, 120, 125
    2. 155, 165, 175, 175, 175
    3. 200, 205, 210

    Brutal at DU’s so I did total in 4:00 and then did 5 rounds even with 155
    T2B: 12, 10, 10, 9. 9

    This was done after Bench workout in morning and Chipper with my PE Class.


  68. 1)65,75,85,95,100
    3)135, 135,135

    100 DU Unbroken (new PR!!! last attempt tagged my toe at 97)
    6 Rnds, 3 push jerks @120


  69. 1a)3 UB-Hang Squat Snatch – 95, 105, 105 (f at 3rd rep), 95, 95 (found myself pulling early because grip was tough)

    1b) 3 UB Hang Squat Clean – 125, 135, 135, 145, 145

    1c)Snatch Deadlift – 5 X 3 @ 135

    Conditioning: DBs 81-46-63-24-30

    ME UB Toes to Bar (Strict)- 60 seconds rest: 22-15-12-10-11-10

  70. BBG:
    1) HSS – 135, 155, 165, 175, 185(2) Caught my third rep @ 185 but dumped it behind me. So close.
    2) HSC – 165, 195, 215, 225. Sloppy, had trouble resetting the hook grip.
    3) SGDL – all @ 225.

    5 rds + 3 reps. One of my biggest weaknesses is heavy jerks for reps. I don’t know what it is, but i hate them and they hate me. No rounds unbroken. I’m having some pain in my elbow/upper forearm/bicep that hurts when i’m in the rack position with a full grip on the bar. I think it needs some rest.

    Midline: Skipped due to time restraints….or the National Championship game :).

  71. 1) 179, 189, 195, 199, 210 – every set except for the first one felt heavy

    2) 201, 221, 245, 256, 265(2) – got really good pulls on all of these, but legs just ran out of juice on the last one.

    3) 265 for all 3 sets

    Metcon – 7 rds – got the DUs on the for

  72. 1. 100, 105, 110, 115, 120 Felt good!!
    2. 121, 131, 136, 141, 146 Failed last rep of last set. Slow with the elbows.
    3. 155 all sets

    Conditioning: 0 rounds…….12 min of DU practice. Highest set was 46 but most sets were between 20-30.

  73. 1) 179, 189, 195, 199, 210 – every set except for the first one felt heavy

    2) 201, 221, 245, 256, 265(2) – got really good pulls on all of these, but legs just ran out of juice on the last one.

    3) 265 for all 3 sets

    Metcon – 7 rds – got the DUs on the first attempt. Realized after rd 2 of the jerks that it was much faster and efficient to use the bounce when bringing the bar back down, instead of pausing at the rack everytime. But once again it came down to pushing myself on the run, fuck running.

  74. 1. 105, 115, 125, 135, 145. Failed the third rep on the last two sets.
    2. 175, 185, 185, 185, 190. Failed the last rep of the last set.
    3. 200 all sets.

    Conditioning: 3 Rounds exact. Finished the UB DU in 52 seconds. Did all the Push Jerks from the ground each rep. Not comfy bringing 185 back to the front rack position. So I clean and jerked it each rep. Embraced the suck.

    Will do midline for warmup tomorrow.

  75. 1. 135, 135, 145×1 (doh!), 145, 155
    2. 205, 205, 215, 225×2, 225×1 – grip was the issue, couldn’t regrip firm enough to get a good pull.
    3. 205

    Conditioning – Fucking amazed that I got 100 unbroken (PR) on the 2nd try, never came close before. Splitting fucking headache when I finished them, I’ve been getting sinus headaches lately, so kind of halfassed this for 3 rounds + 5 jerks. Head still fucking hurts. Maybe it’s a tumor.

    Midline – 18, 10, 11, 8, 7. Pretty gassed at this point.

  76. BB Gymnastics:

    Snatch: 135
    Clean: 205, 205, 205, 205, 215(PR)

    Conditioning: 3 rounds+5 PJ
    Had to do it on a basketball court, so the runs were pretty slow

  77. 1) Hang Squat Snatch x 3 –145, 155, 160, 165, 170 (all x3) — Felt very fast, loving it.
    2) Hang Squat Clean x 3 — 205, 220, 225, 230, 240(x2) — Strong, just missed getting my elbows around on the third 240.
    3) Snatch DL — 260 x 5 x 3

    Conditioning — Failed 4x (26, 24, 9, 31) then got the 100 UB — Then got 5 rounds + 3 Jerks as RX

    No time for Midline, had privates…

    M/F/S/ – 2 / 2/ 2

  78. Snatch: 140, 145, 145, 150, 150. Failed on last rep.
    DL: 185, 195, 200, 200, 195. Failed on last reps of last two sets.
    SGDL: 195, 200, 200
    AMRAP: six push jerks


  79. 1. 105-110-115-125-125 1 then lost behind
    2. 135-145-145-150-155
    3. 160
    Wod…..Zero Du 60+21+19
    145 Push Jerk
    5 rds +2
    Modline 17-10-10-7-8
    m/f/s……4/2/2 started training at 9pm…I need a new job

  80. 1) 155, 165, 165, 175 (PR), 175
    2) 205, 215, 225, 235 (PR), 235
    3) 245

    That was awesome. Legs are FRIED from that stupid 09 games couplet. Still PR’d though.

    3 rounds + 5 Jerk

    Was messing with my doubles and decided to change my hand positioning after watching the Tahoe 2 mins max DU video. I also staggered my feet slightly because I always catch on the same foot and I’ve seen speal staggers his feet. First set was 84. Boom. Haven’t been able to break fifty even in months. Got 84, 50, 35, tripped a few times here an there on small sets, then it happened. I’m just so pumped that I could actually get a few rounds in. Finished doubles with about 5:30 left. I’m with Jay, I could do workouts like this with running all day.

    Skipped midline.

    M/F/S: 3/4/9

    My legs are so destroyed from that 09 couplet. Haven’t felt like this in a long time. It also doesn’t help I did it yesterday instead of saturday when I should have.

  81. 1) 115,125,130,135,140pr
    2) 185f1,185,185,190,190pr
    3) 175 light
    My old pr on the 3rep hang sn was 125, and my old pr on the hang clean was 165. This was a great day.
    wod 5 rounds and 3 push jerks. I scaled to 155lbs on push jerks and did the du’s 82,18
    midline- 22,15,6,15,10
    m/f/s- 2/4/3

  82. Holy shit that’s a lot of posts.
    1) 95,105,110,115,125 (As mentioned I have shoulder mobility issues. 125 is my previous 1RM squat snatch PR. 125X3 from hang was easy today so I promptly put up 135 for a easy PR from the ground, THEN NAILED 145 FOR A 20# PR. All that mobility work is finally starting to show results.)
    2) 155,175,185,185(grip fail @3),175
    3) 165X3 (Based on new 145 max. Ridiculously easy but focused on 1st pull and positioning)

    After screwing off with my 1RM snatch I ran out of time and had to join a class.
    20M AMRAP:
    10 Thrusters (75/55lbs)
    10 Box Jumps (24/20)
    10 KTE
    20 Double Unders
    Score: 7+8BJ’s (all unbroken, came of gate too hard and ran out of gas at 12 or 13min)

    Skipped Midline because of the 70 knees-to-elbows I murdered.

  83. 1) 125 – 135 – 145 – 150 – 155
    2) 185 – 195 – 205 – 210 – 215 — regripping the hook made this so much easier!
    3) 215 across – felt easy

    3 rounds – got the 100 DU unbroken! never attempted more than 50 before
    jerks felt heavy though. Jogged the 200 hoping to gain some life back in my arms. No such luck.

    T2B – 20 – 8 – 8 – 7 – 8 actually felt it in my abs before I felt it in my grip for once. Like it!

  84. Good workout. Felt good today but probably could have pushed it a little more on the hang squat cleans. Got 225 for 3 two seperate times cause the camera shut off on me the first time.. Vid coming. Did some heavy EMOTM clean and jerks beorehand.

  85. A bit behind from a weekend traveling. Snatched 245 for a 10lb PR. Clean and Jerked 325 for a PR.

    1) Hang Squat Snatch
    185, 185, 195, 195, 195, 195
    Missed the third rep on the fifth set, so I tried it again. You got me here, Brandon. Nice work!

    2) Hang Squat Clean
    255, 255, 255, 265, 275
    Cleans weren’t too bad, but my thumbs were destroyed. Hard to maintain the grip without setting the bar down.

    3) 285 across

    Wiped out from the weekend. Skipped conditioning.

  86. 1) 115, 125, 135, 140, 145
    2) 185, 190, 195, 200, 200
    3) 200
    Wod: 2 rounds + 3 push jerks
    T2B: 10, 12, 7, 6, 6

  87. I had excruciating aches and pain in my wrists today. It affected my grip which then made everything a lot tougher to do. Hopefully its just me being a pansy and not tendonitis.

    1) 165×2, 175, 185, 175

    2) 185, 195, 205, 215, 225

    3)225- couldnt hold any heavier


    5+5 PJ..Messed up DU’s on #61 of first set. Then did 100 UB

    m/f/s 4/4/5

  88. hang squat snatch 5×3: 55, 65, 65, 65, 65
    hang squat clean 5×3: 85, failed 105 twice, 95, 100 for two and failed on third rep
    snatch grip dl 3×5: 85, 105, 115
    aaaand 12 min of du practice 🙁 only got 36 max ub, not my best haven’t practiced lately
    t to b: 15, 10, 7, 7, 8
    ….lifts felt ok, but I’ve had better days with the rest….

  89. Hang Squat Snatch: 83, 93, 98, 105, 110
    Hang Squat Clean: 110, 120, 130, 140, 140
    Snatch Grip DL: 138
    12AMRAP: 100 UB DU, 5 Rounds of 5x’s #120 Push Jerk, run 200m
    TTB: 11, 11, 9, 9, 8 (lose kip)

  90. Squat Snatch:115 115 115 120 135
    Squat Clean: 135 155 165 165 165
    Snatch Grip DL: 205
    AMRAP: About 4min on DU not UB 3rd + 5 PJ
    TTB: 8 8 8 5 5

  91. 1st Post: Been doing the programming going on 2 weeks now. May miss a couple elements depending on time factor, with wife and 3 kids responsibilities, but all in all try to get it all done. Liking it alot and I have a way to go for form and technique to get my #’s up. Im 6’3 and weighin at 210lbs and have decent strength #’s but very poor on Snatch or anything else that requires strength from above the shoulder movements. My 13yr old, 110lb daughter does the programming with me so I’ll chronical her efforts as well as close as I can to her #’s at least.

    High Hang Squat Snatch
    Me:95, 95, 105,115,135(focusing on mechanics and technique)
    Her: 35,40,45,50,55-i think

    Hang Squat Clean
    Me:165, 185,185,185,205-Pretty easy all rounds but working on hook grip, 1st time using it. 225, 235 wouldn’t be too hard.

    Snatch Grip DL 110%
    Me:185,185,205-My snatch max is only 165lb so I really wanted to work on this pull to start bring ing the technique all together. I need that 165# to get bigger.
    Her: 85, 85, 85-i think maybe a little heavier.

    100 UB DU 5-185lb push jerk 200m 12min
    Me: UB 100 first try with no warm up. New PR for me, 92 this past spring. Finished 3 full rounds and 3 jerks into the 4th round. 185lb is heavy!
    Her: She got 54 before failing first attempt. PR for her. She did DU’s not only for the entire 12min but for 15min after. She doesn’t like it when Dad beats her.

    Got 2 rounds of the Toes to Bar in
    18(on rogue rig better grip), 8 on galvanized pipe, had to bolt for homework with kids.

    Like the programming. Keeps me focused on getting in all aspects of the fitness.

    Glad to be part of it and looking forward to Rudy’s training camp in Murfreesboro. I need mocked and ridiculed into getting stronger.


  92. 1. 75, 85, 90, 90, 95 fail on third
    2. 115, 115, 120 (broke the 2.5’s), 115, 115
    3. 125

    The weights weren’t necessarily the challenge. My grip was failing. This is only my third or fourth time to hang snatch and clean. Handling heavier weights for more than one rep at a time is really new to me. I’m not upset with these numbers at all. Also, to save my back, I had to drop the weight on the 3, 4, and 5th set of the hang clean. I know you said it was over if the weight was dropped, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to practice my form. Going lighter wouldn’t have changed it. Just bending over to pick up an empty bar was jacking me up. So stupid. I kept having to foam roll and stretch between sets to release it. Made an appointment to see the chiro on Thursday. This is just unacceptable.

    Teachers are the worst at following directions. I missed the “UB” part of the workout. It would have been a struggle to get that tonight, though. I did 30, straggled a few until I got to fifty and then did fifty. My grip was gone. I never expected that to affect my DU’s. 5 rounds and 5 push jerks. Used 95. I tried 125 (because I broke 2.5’s), but I just couldn’t hold it or even 115. I think I was being a little bit of a weenie, though. All sets were unbroken.

    No time for Midline. Will attempt do it on Tuesday.

  93. 1) 95, 105 (PR for 3), 110 (new PR for 3), 115 (new PR for 3), 120×2 (F on 3rd)

    2) feeling fatigued after the snatches. 105, 125, 135, 145×2…then worked on singles, since I have a big issue with letting go of the bar, and a single allows me to not worry about regripping…150×1, 160×1, 170×1, F@180. 15 pounds off PR for a single.

    3) skipped this and worked traditional deads, since I haven’t had opportunity for a very long time. Way below old PRs, but working back to this movement.

    Conditioning: altered the workout, since my DU PR is nowhere near 100. Did AMRAP of UB DU sets and PJ@120 instead.

    Midline: 14,10, 8, 9, 8

  94. 1. 135,145,155,165,170
    2. 185,195,205,215,225
    3. 225

    Conditioning: 6 + 4 didn’t see the ub either got to about 70 and finished out but wasn’t trying to hold on. oops

    Midline: Did the snatch balance thing

  95. First Day on the Program.

    BB Gymnastics

    1) 115, 125, 135, 145, 150

    2) 165, 175, 180, 185, 190

    3) 190×3 w/ straps – Counted the weights wrong, should have been done at 210


    100 UB D-U (57 Sec.) then 4 Rounds + 5 Push Jerks + ~50M @ 165#

    Midline (time permitting)

    21, 13, 11, 10, 11

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