This is a 100% non-scientific test that I am simply really curious about. I have 2 questions…

1) How many of you are affiliate owners or coaches?

From the emails I see on the comments it seems that many of you have @crossfit_______.com addresses. If you’re owners, coaches, or programmers; how many of you are incorporating either The Outlaw Way WODs or are basing your templates off the Limited Conjugate? Literally, your answers really have no bearing on anything—I’m just really interested.

2) Why the fuck aren’t all of you posting?

Look, we know you’re out there. It’s ok—you don’t have to hide. For every person that’s posting, we’ve been told there are at least another 10 following the program. So why won’t you all just post? No one is going to laugh if your times suck. We have people posting now who are in their first week of CrossFit. They’re not afraid. And, if you are a superstar athlete exerciser, we’re all gonna see your numbers when the Open hits anyway. You may as well pull down your pants, turn your head and cough while our hands are still warm (too much?).

First WOD demo from the Outlaw Baby program featuring Tucker Degenhardt:

WOD 120107:

BB Gymnastics

1) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Snatch – rest as needed.
2) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk – rest as needed.

Notes: Take as long as you’d like to warm up for these lifts, but limit yourself to ONLY 3 legit attempts. You may use any style of each lift, but try to stick to a near USAW standard.


“Event 5 – 2009 CF Games”

Three rounds for time of:

30 Wallball shots 20/14#
30 Low Hang Squat Snatch @ 75/45#

Notes: The Low Hang Squat Snatch initiates with barbell just below the knees. If the barbell is dropped it must be lifted to a full standing position before beginning the next rep.

WOD Demo:

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  1. 1. I’m part owner of West End Crossfit in Richmond Virginia. I’m also a coach at Crossfit Cherry Point aboard Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in N.C. where I’m currently stationed.

    I wouldnt say I’ve incorporated much of the Outlaw Way WODs or the limited conjugate programming at CFCP, however, I have instigated other coaches and athletes to squat more and broaden their scope of programming through explanation of the programming I follow. WECF has also utilized some of the time/rest prioritized strength programming you often incorporated. However, they typically stick to Wendler cycles and have had great success with it. I also think and know that both of these boxes cater to a different crowd of athletes. I can write a book about how different box athlete rosters push, change, and marginalize the type of programming that exists within a box. That is also not to say that strong coaches can’t stand to create particular atmospheres and athletic rosters through progressive and aggressive programming.

    On a different, yet connected aside; I have witnessed a lot of programming from various boxes pushing towards broader programming. Cycled strength training, barbell work daily, skill training, etc. I see this as a natural progression towards filling the obviously lacking fundamental fitness skills typical “metcon” crossfit programming easily misses. Some do it well, however, some overload their coaches and athletes.

    2. I am posting.

    • Les, is your box planning on hosting the open wods? I will be teaching a course out at Richmond during the first week of the open and need a place to do it at.

      • Absolutely! We’re right off of Broad St. in the west end. Let me know if you need any more information.

  2. I am a co-owner and head coach at CF Providence. Don’t use conjugate system or outlaw wods per se, as I am a 6 weeks into following, but use a similar philosophy, some strength or skill work with a short 8-12 minute metcon. Right now we are going with a few cycles of MEBB, we are in our first 3 week cycle now (back squat, pull up, hang power clean). Most of the met cons are 15 minutes or below. Real tough convincing folks that more time is not necessarily better. Need to teach or write what intensity actually is

    • Right knee is a mess, not sure what I did. Started hurting Thursday night.

      Decided to not go heavy on the BB Gymnastics and just did some technique work.

      MetCon as RX’d, smoker. 14:25

  3. Coach Rudy,

    1. I have just started using your programming for myself in the past week. I would like to experiment on myself first before I incoprorate it with my second semester classes and regular after-school animals.

    2. Why not post? On the first reading of your question I said to myself, “who gives a rat’s ass about what a 50 year old father of six can do?” Your question, however, made me reealize that I do. I will start posting simply because you posed such an innocent and challenging question.

    • Hi I’m new to this and 46 father of three are finding it as tough as I am nice to see another over 40 at it too lol

  4. I own / coach / mop CrossFit Murfreesboro. I have instituted several changes to our Box’s programming based on the results I have personally realized following this programming but the limited conjugate is not one of them…yet…

    I’m pretty diligent about posting when I train but as a fulltime firefighter and affiliate my ability to train and recover from efforts is pretty limited.

    I actually recently had an interview with the CFJ detailing the influence the Outlaw Way programming has had on our box and more specifically CFM’s competitive crossfitters.

  5. BTW… If we do this work on a rest day or out of order is it better for us to post our results to the most recent blog posting or to the posting that detailed the work?

  6. Rudy – Just a lurker. I noticed that you program the bench press frequently here, but it not in your box’s programming. Is that just because of time or equipment limitations, or do you think bench is better suited for the crowd here?

  7. 1) I received my Level 1 in December and will be starting to coach at CrossFit NOLA next week (where our owners program).
    2) I’m posting 🙂

    • BB Gymnastics

      1) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Snatch – rest as needed.
      105#. failed at 110. not feeling very strong or fast. my prior 1 RM was 115#
      2) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk – rest as needed.

      failed at 145# (clean portion) twice

      . could have tried 1 more time, but i was in the way of the intro class.


      “Event 5 – 2009 CF Games
      Three rounds for time of:
      30 Wallball shots 20/14#
      30 Low Hang Squat Snatch @ 75/45#

      15:50. lower back and legs were toast! I feel so slow

      MSF: 4/6/5

  8. I own CrossFit Aftermath in North Aurora, IL. I’ve been big on strength and the Olympic lifts from the beginning, but not being much of a programmer myself, I’ve been looking for a program that incorporates a lot of both for my athletes. I haven’t found any other programming that allows for so much variation for CrossFit, but this stuff fits the template I was looking for. I have been following myself for the last week, and I started having my members follow at the gym as well. I’m keeping track of everyone’s numbers, and I will email them at some point. Not everybody shows up every day, and half my members are brand new, so there are a ton of data points missing while I teach them the lifts and scale their movements down and such.

    As for posting, I started to when I began the program. I’m missing data points as well, because I’ve been dealing with a few nagging injuries that prevent from doing certain movements or workouts. I try to do what I can though.

    High-Bar Back Squat:
    1×10 @ 200 lbs
    1×8 @ 235 lbs
    1×8 @ 250 lbs
    1×8 @ 270 lbs

    Shoulder Press:
    4×5 @ 115 lbs

    Front Squats:
    1×5 @ 165 lbs
    1×5 @ 175 lbs
    2×5 @ 190 lbs

    Run: 4×800 meters intervals. (These were closer to 850-900 meters because I couldn’t measure out a new 800 meter mark in our new location.)

    *I only did 2 because I have a charity event to compete in tomorrow and my legs were shot.

    Strict Muscle-ups:
    10 in 5 mins

  9. There are two of us that are brand new owners, and we are programing for our clients, but I am loving adding your program as a two a day for my own training. I am improving myself, and hopefully with good examples my ability to write programs for my clients.

    Keep up the good work.

  10. Hello Im Fred and I post, Im not a coach, but I own my Garage gym! Oh, and Im still a Bitch when it comes to heavy weight, but that IS changing!!!!!

  11. 1) I coach mostly old people all day on their general functional mobility (i.e. getting out of a chair). I do not have a level 1 cert, I’ve never taught a Crossfit class, and I’m obviously not an affiliate owner, but I do feel like I live there at times.

    2) Think I posted the first day this thing was up and it’s been blowing up! Now I just try to beat as many boys as I can on the metcons each day 🙂

  12. 1. Not a coach total noob from uk about 8 weeks into crossfit found programming after start if this 12 week cycle so running a few workouts behind your postings .
    2 yesterday did back squat 70kg 90 kg 100kg 115 kg
    Shoulder press 55 kg 60 kg 75kg 75kg missed last lift
    Unfortunately no prowler so improvised did a weighted run
    Then did the twenty min jump and handstand practise no walk but hspus geetiing better
    Thanks for the programme lovin it
    Sorry about kilo weights no pounds in the land of top gear lol

  13. I own Friendship CrossFit in Columbus, Ohio — Our programming has been focused on lots of strength work followed by short, intense metcons for awhile (almost never going over 15 minutes). Our programming is structured very similar to this (Oly/STR -> MetCon -> Skill/Accessory) — we got on EMOM squats that we first heard of from Blair Morrison — it has been a great way for us to work with beginners on form at light weight and get a lot of reps for practice in, and then go really heavy and make it very difficult for the higher caliber athletes. We find it is way too difficult to get a program going for people during the week, so we have had about 10 athletes on the Hatch Squat program for a few months now on their own. We run open gyms and those athletes come in and squat following the programming usually once, sometimes twice per week (or additionally on their own). The strength gain in these athletes has been impressive for sure. We olympic lift 3 times per week minimum, squat twice per week (usually one speed squats, one heavy or max, kind of like West Side I guess) and then sparse in skill work the other days or every day depending on the length of the lifting work. I have taken a few of the WODs from Outlaw and put it in (Next is PC/Burpee/Pull-Up WoD) — we are more of a community gym than a competition gym however.

    I post my results every day but my rest days usually (though here I am) and post my own results as well as thoughts on where I’m at on my (b)log.

      • Yep! Hows it going? I’ve noticed you’ve been progressing really well — keep it up man, you are always welcome to come here if you’re ever in town, get some head-to-head going!

  14. We have been following a similar template for about 6 months ( since we restarted our Comp training) Had no idea about your program until about a month ago, but am happy to see that I haven’t just been making shit up and that it was inspired by trying to be a better coach and mix westside methods/ Oly Lifting and CrossFit in to a comprehensive package for athletes. Its really reassuring one of the best coaches in the game is sharing so many of my theories (even though I hadn’t thought of it as limited conjugate but makes total sense)… Now I only wish I was fucking smarter so it wouldn’t have taken so long to bring all this together … I will definitely check your blog on a regular basis to make sure I don’t lose my fucking mind and start doing stupid shit. How entertained would you be to come to Japan and play with us common people some day…….

  15. 1. I don’t belong to an affiliate and am not a coach, but I do own all the equipment in my garage gym, which is where I lift.

    2. I followed for six workouts back in December before breaking my hand. I didn’t post at that time because I was doing the programming a week behind everyone else, and I wasn’t sure if those numbers would even be seen if I posted them on the prescribed days. My times also sucked, but I just started CrossFit, so I know that’s to be expected.

    I started posting two workouts ago, even though I can only do lower body/one-handed movements…I figured some data points would be better than none at all. I know my one-handed modifications won’t mean anything in this regard, but I’m doing what I can, and am trying to replicate and/or approximate the workload until I am able to train two-handed again in 9-13 weeks. At least the squat and front squat numbers will be relatively meaningful.

    I actually plan on going back and posting my numbers on those prior workout days…they will be pre-injury data points for you, and will provide me with some additional incentive to chase them down quickly after I can start lifting normally again.

    I still may post a day or two behind, but that’s a necessary evil secondary to my crazy work schedule. I second Evan’s question above…what’s the better method for your data collection?

  16. My husband and I own CrossFit Vero Beach. He coaches (along with several other trainers) and programs; I run the business side, as I am also the Marketing Director of a furniture manufacturer. Therefore, I’m not at the gym all day. He has been incorporating some of the Outlaw stuff, after I (the guinea pig) perform it. It’s definitely having an impact on our gym.

    I’ve been posting since the first day I’ve followed, which was five weeks ago today. I ain’t skeered to show my times/weights…they are only getting better!

    • Horrible day of lifting. Felt “off.” Lost my mojo.

      Snatch: 125, 130 (F), 130 (F)
      C&J: 155, 165 (F) – got clean, missed jerk

      Conditioning: 10:56

      M/F/S – 7/5/3

      • I am with you. I got to the gym, warmed up and left because I had nothing left. Very fatigued. I am going to try to go back this afternoon for another go at it.

  17. 1.I am a full time coach at Pioneer Valley Crossfit. I’m not involved with the programing here. We are on a Wendler cycle here right now.
    2. Just started following and posting last week. For me personally, I know the only way I could commit to this and push myself the way I needed to was to post. It’s that little extra edge, the accountabilty I need especially when I’m flying solo. Also, I don’t have a lot of strong females to workout with on a regular basis. I love beating the boys and I’m grateful for my buddies who WOD with me, but I really want to know where I am in comparison to other competitive women. Thank you for the programming and thank you for those of you who posting! Keep it up!

  18. 1. I co-own CrossFit FUNCTION up here in the Great White North.

    2. While I myself follow programming for my individual needs from another coach, I do use some of your stuff for my members. I like a lot of what you do, it is similar to a lot of what I do personally, and I am able to use some of your stuff as a template for these everyday individuals.

    Your programming is fantastic, and I especially love your edgy side to your writing. Your page is on my list of pages to first open when I wake up in the morning.


  19. I own CrossFit Clayton, in Clayton, NC and am a regionals competitive athlete. I’m planning to use some of the methods I learn here with my athletes because I believe they will benefit from more strength work/oly work. I also like the structure of your WODs; strength/conditioning/skill, and the fact that the emphasis is on getting better, not just doing hundreds of metcons until you break down (who hasn’t been guilty of that?). Thanks for your blog and coaching, it’s great to pass the burden of programming for myself to you!

    (I might not be able to post scores today because of CFC’s 1 Year Anniversary today at the box. Fuck yeah)

  20. Coach,
    Im an affiliate owner, CrossFit StompinGround, and programmer. I have incorporated some of The Outlaw Way wods. I don’t use the conjugate system but want to learn more about it so I can incorporate it at my box.

    Thanks again for the badass programming!

  21. I’m a coach at Prairie Crossfit. I’m not in charge of programming but I’m hoping the results I get will speak for themselves and the owners will take notice. Although our affiliates programming has begun morphing again.

    And yes I post all the time. This one will probably happen tomorrow though. Todays schedule is really tight. Yesterdays workout was done last night. Just havent had a chance to post yet.

  22. Will post workout later. For now, any girls on here (or guys know any girl) that would be interested in Wodapaloozamiami team event? I’m in need of a girl exerciser who can do most crossfit Wods Rx. Event is Feb 3-4….Thanks Fred

  23. Coach at crossfit unbound in oak harbor Wa.

    I teach a “advanced” class and use your programming.

  24. Wasn’t able to lift today. My shoulder is still tender from maxing snatch last Saturday, just couldn’t receive the bar with a packed, strong shoulder. To make matters worse, I think I might have broken my hand. I fell during a run last week and caught myself on my hands. It hurts in the thumb bone that connects to the wrist. I think I’m going to cut back to 4 days a week until I’m patched up. All that was one long excuse basically saying, “no workout today”.

  25. I am a crossfit coach, phyiscal education teacher and gymnastics coach. I do not do any programming except for the functional fitness classes that I teach at school. I base that on the conjugate method. Formally I did the programming for gymnasts level 4 and up as well as the TOPs program.

    1rm snatch from my knees- 85
    1rm clean & push press – 115

    Metcon- 10 cals on airdyne, 15 push ups, 10 ring rows 7:30

  26. 1) I run CrossFit Balance and we have programmed with a hybrid of a 5/3/1 template, integrating barbell work, 3-12 minute met cons (exception of a mental gasser here and there longer one). I’ve recently began incorporating your squat cycle into our programming.

    2.) Why am I posting- Because of this post. On a more serious note though, I have been following your site since December and between holidays and my schedule I have not made it a priority as I maintain our blog, website, facebook (which I just signed up for myself as I was opposed to sitting on a computer on behalf of another form of social media). This is my second week being consistent and will make it a priority to share my workouts. This is something that I have been trying to get on top of my clients and should cut and paste your posting.

    I am loving the programming!

    Yesterday’s WOD
    1)High Bar BS
    1X10- 130
    1X8- 155
    1X8 165
    1X8 175
    2a) 4X 5 SP at 95lbs
    2b) Front Squats
    1X5 115
    1X5 125
    2X5 135

    Skill: 5 minutes Strict Muscle up Practice- 9

    4X 800m sprints- was pressed for time and did these on tredmill which was horrible.
    (3:32; 3:35; 3:40; 3:40)- I hate running.

    Today’s WOD:
    1) 115-115-120
    2) 155-160 (f)-160 (missed jerk)
    met con: 13:29 Rx’d

  27. snatch 170pr by 5
    c&j missed the jerk @215

    capped the WOD at 12minutes. After Tommy V kicking me in the dick with a 18:45 on thursday I wanted to make sure this was shorter. Got through the first 2 rounds. Hips still fatigued from Tommy V.

  28. 1) 205, 215(f), 215(f) (15# un-PR)
    2) 265, 275(f), 275(f) (10# un-PR)

    — 11:00

    M/F/S – 6/5/5

    Motivation vanished after about my 9th missed warm-up attempt at snatching 195#.

  29. Snatch – 175-185-195(m) Shocker I’m still jumping forward.

    C&J – 265-275 (10 lb PR) – 280 (m) just wasn’t mentally there for 280 and half assed it.

    Conditioning – 14:34

    MFS- 232

    • Corey,

      I have the same problem with snatches, you have any skill work you do to.work on it?

      • Bunch of shit wrong. To save me from writing a book its starting with ass rising first, putting me way over the bar right before the second pull etc….

        • Gotcha. At least you know what the issue is. I don’t mean to insult you b/c you’re probably already doing this, but I’m gonna ask just on case… Do you spend time specifically working pulls from the 3rd position up to the 2nd and not going any higher?

  30. 1. 180# (5# PR) – looked pretty good
    2. 245# (10# PR) – looked like shit

    Conditioning: 18:32. First round took 5 minutes with 1 break in the snatches. The reps started taking longer and longer, so even though the bar was light enough to hold onto, I thought short breaks may be faster. May have been able to shave off some time by pacing/breaking differently, but I’m just not proficient enough at the snatches yet to do sub 15:00.

  31. 1) 150 160 – 3 fails and finally got it. Just couldn’t quit on a miss. Feeling off with the location of the bar lately. 
    2) 175 185 190 – New squat clean PR! My power clean and squat clean are finally equal again. Which will go 200 first? Thinkin’ squat…

    The guy hip thrusting in the back is pretty funny too. Better step up your game Poppa! 😉

    Extremely happy with my ability to pace on this. Went 20 + 10 for every set with 5-6 seconds between each until the last set of snatches went UB into the red zone. 

    MFS: 2/5/3 – Legs were pretty fatigued from the rows and runs yesterday. Also tired from an hour long cough attack last night.

  32. Snatch-115, 115, 120 PR
    C&J 145, 155, 155 (tired from Snatches)

    Conditioning: 14:09- Wall balls are my least favorite exercise so I am glad I was forced to do 90 today 🙂

    I am a one of the owners of CrossFit Kings Point in orlando and I do all of our programming. I have not incorporated any outlaw into our programming for numerous reasons.
    A. I have only been doing it one week
    B. They take too long for the hour time slot we have for group classes
    C. Too technical, will have to modifiy a lot

    From what I have heard from people why they don’t post is because their times “suck” compared to the “big dogs” who post. I personally would love to see some more women posting so I can have some competition with people who aren’t way out of my league aka Taylana, Cherryl and Wendy 😉

    • I am always posting, but I use my initials so unless you actually read my post or click on my blog you won’t know I’m a girl. I agree, I’d love to see more females on here.

  33. 1) 175F, 175, 185F – I feel like 185 is in the tank, for sure…I keep missing the catch
    2) 265, 275F, 275F – 10# Clean PR, couldn’t quite get the jerkin
    3) 16:02 – Avoided the urge to get wod-drunk and through the 75# around…end result was that I felt pretty good in the back and most of the work was in the high hamstrings. Happy overall.

    MFS – 3/3/8 – having shoulder/wrist issues.

  34. Snatch 165, 5lb. Under PR
    C&J 225, previous PR
    WOD 13:55
    Answering Rudy’s question: I own CF Paragon and program members CFHQ.
    Paragon competitors really enjoying ur stuff Rudy…mucho thnx man!

  35. BB gymnastics
    1) 145, 155(f), 155(f)
    1) 215, 225(f), 225(f)

    19:15( apparently my fucking lungs didn’t want to work this morning)


    I am a coach at Crossfit kennesaw and I personally use your programming but I do not program for the box. The owner does use them on occasion.

  36. snatch-155, 175fail, 170. 175 is my old pr which i havent hit in 2 years. this is the 1st time over 165 since then. pretty excited

    c&j-failed on jerk 225. gotta work on form.

    wall balls are my nemesis. probably should have dropped down snatch weight after 1st round 7:20, but ego got in the way.gotta remember the goal is intensity, not checking off the “rx” box

  37. I am not following your program, I write my own strength program and then do the metcon that the affiliate is doing. Simply because I enjoy doing metcons with people and I feel I get more out of it. I however have incorporated a lot of your methods/philosophies into my Strength program. I have seen consistent improvements in every area. I do however check your blog daily 1)to see what your posting 2)its a good read. If there were people around me who wanted to follow your program Id post daily. I love your philosophy, and I am in it to Win Everything. I will be at the regionals this year, and I will be competing to win everything.


  38. Today was a total shit show, had no strength, technique or drive.
    -Power Snatch (just above parallel, still don’t have the flexibility to catch in a deep squat)
    135,145F,140F (10# un-PR)
    -C&J 205F,195F,195 (10# un-PR) Squat & Split with terrible technique.
    Have squat cleaned and split jerk 215 separately, so I was really hoping to get that. Maybe next time.
    -Conditioning: 23:14 This turned into a marathon… again no drive today at all. More time sitting than working and my hand ripped in 3 places.

    MFS-777 Chalk Saturday up in the loss column.

    Rudy’s Interrogation: 1) I coach part time at New Braunfels Crossfit (New Braunfels, TX). Would like to open my own place soon. I would definitely incorporate the theory into the programming. It would be very similar to the ‘Outlaw Crossfit’ daily routine.
    2) I post, and I suck at everything barbell related, which is why I follow, so everyone should post.

  39. BB Gymnastics:
    Snatch (Muscle Snatch due to injury-compromised dorsi-flexion) 165lbs
    Clean (Power Clean) and Jerk: 200 lbs

    15:38 (all below knee to semi-squat and then stand)

    Very challenging, but rewarding!


  40. Snatch missed 150 3x…still at 145 (up 10lb in 3 weeks)
    C&J misse 180 still at 175

    Wod only 2 rds….14:07

    Just felt like shit all day, but wanted to train should have taken today off and trained Sunday, oh well done now

    m/f/s 10/10/10 feeling like a skinny, beat up 36yr old today!!!!!

  41. BBG:
    1RM Snatch – 205F-205F-205F-205
    1RM C&J – 240-255-270F-270F
    I gave myself an extra attempt at each b/c i was so close on the 3rd attempt.

    WODClub Open WOD 1 – 10 min clock:
    50 kb swing buy in 53#
    AMRAP of 5 CTB pullups, 10 HR pushups with feet on 45# plate, 15 front squats 115#

    I scored 4 rounds + 28 reps, but when i watched the video back i only did 49 kb swings so my score is invalid! The cutoff for this wod is midnight tonight so I might try to do it again this evening to get an official score in.

    • Retested WOD 1 four hours later and improved my score. Scored a 202 which is 5 rounds + 2 pullups. Very happy with my recovery.

  42. Snatch – worked up to 90kg to = PB, and then proceeded to miss 95 about 8 times and get mad with myself
    Clean and jerk – the missing of snatches must’ve knackered me more than I thought as a 120kg went up but wasn’t that pretty.
    Conditioning = hell
    18:11 of torture – I hate lightweight barbell movements as I end up using my lower back too much
    MFS = 443

  43. Wtup amigos … I work at CF Paragon & handle all affiliate/athlete relations. Our regular members follow HQ Mainsite & several of our comp peeps just recently switched over to Outlaw.

    Snatch: 105lb, 115lb, 125lb (Failed) <—– My weakness!
    C&J: 155lb, 165lb, 175lb (Made the clean, failed the jerk)

    Conditioning: 14:43 <—- Mucho leg burning! 🙁

  44. 1) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Snatch – rest as needed.

    205#(previous pr), 210f (broke the only bar we had at the station after catching it, standing up with it, and then loosing it forward like an idiot and dropping the bar on a flat bench that was about 5 feet in front of me. The bar bent like butter. Even I was impressed!) DNF for the day.


    Picture of said bar. Not sure if you guys will be able to get that link to work.

  45. 1. I am a part time trainer at Crossfit Firebase in Orlando, FL.

    Im not in charge of programming but there has been some interest in the Outlaw wods and a few ppl have joined in for a few wod at open gym. We also do a lot of oly assistance work.

    Today’s WOD,

    C&J, 235#, 10# PR from 2 months ago (if i can clean it I can jerk it! (thats what she said))
    Snatch, 190#, 5# PR
    WOD: 13:38, rested too much on snatches…


  46. Roger here… Owner of RKCrossFit
    I have been following the Outlaw program for about 6-7 weeks and the
    entire box from noon till 7:30 pm have been following the entire program of the outlaw way for about 5 weeks now
    Every single person has PR’d about 15-30 lbs on every lift and kept the metcon.. I have about 30 members and of those 12 have muscle ups !! I don’t know of another box that has that ratio
    I am trying to post on the wodclub site and have my members post there as well
    Rudy have you ever thought about having an account on beyondthewhiteboard or something like that … so all we have to do is post our times and loads.. or rx or not.. and it measures output.horsepower and remembers the times of previous workouts without having to go look it up… just a thought….
    As for me .. I have really enjoyed not looking at the main site for the wod of the day
    and after 3 or more very faithful years on that site..
    I feel like what u offer is better and my members do to

  47. Back Tweaked at beginning of the week(not enough mobility) … and today felt better

    1) snatch ..185..coached alot and got cold after this
    2) c and j 205… not feeling it
    3 the wod
    1 and a half rounds..RX.. 7:30..think I can maintain that pace for whole thing.. but back was tightening up

  48. 1) no snatch this week

    2) did cleans and did jerks from the rack.
    Missed the last jerk at 285#
    Missed the last clean at 300#

    3) Since the weather is crazy warm here in NJ, I went to the track and “ran” for 20 minutes.

  49. snatch: 185/195/200 (Fx2) 10#’s down
    Clean and Jerk: 250/255/260 getting better could have pushed heavier but was super pissed about my snatch continuing to suck.

    Conditioning: 14:58 spent WAY too much time looking at the bar, i’m blaming the late night session rowwing last night

  50. No affiliation. Home gym in East Los Angeles CA.
    Crossfit for 3 years and just started following this program 2 weeks ago.
    Im very fired up to see the results of this squat cycle.

  51. SNATCH 65, 75, then failed 85…scared to get under it for some reason…I’ve only ever snatched a handful of times so I’ve got work to do but I will improve!
    C&J 95, 105, 110 my jerk looks like crap, just now learning it really, it’ll come

    woke up feeling like I lost weight this week, hoping none of it was muscle so I skipped the conditioning and have been smashing good fats and proteins

    1/3/5 hamstrings have never felt like this…super tight

      • hahah!! I felt so skinny this morning my ribs were sticking out! 🙁 Maybe just dehydrated? OK no more skipping the conditioning! 🙂

    • Is this the KK I know? Heyyyy gurrrrrrl

      Entire 1st year of CFit, I probably worked on snatches about 3 times. I was terrified of that lift and just now getting a bit more comfy with it. You’ll get there! 🙂

      • Heyya Glissel!! Thanks, I already feel stronger following Rudy’s programming….I have a great new coach who is helping me a lot with my lifts also! Great job and how are those MU’s coming??

  52. Just started following the programming this week to test it out, but haven’t posted yet. I figure if I’m gonna stick with it I better start.

    1. I’m a trainer at Crossfit Wilmington (NC). I don’t program for anybody else, but our gym heavily emphasizes heavy weights and olympic lifting in the day-to-day program.

    1. Snatch – max: 160, 165 (f, forward), 170 (f, back)
    2. C&J – max: 205, 215, 225. All felt smooth
    3. 16:41. All wall-balls were unbroken which was the goal, the snatches crushed me though. Lowering below the knees is definitely an awkward in-between position, and high rep oly lifts aren’t a strength of mine

  53. Snatch – 145 is all I had today. About 25 lbs below my PR. Did 155 a few times.
    C&J – Did 185 legit in warm up and for my first lift. 205 and 215 full cleans were easy. No go on jerk. Shoulder fatigue is killing me.

    17:20… lungs were lazy.

    MFS: 6/8/3 Not sore, just worn the F out. I’m not sure my body likes Max days at the end of the week. However, I dont give a shit what my body likes.


  54. Barbell Gymnastics
    1) went with split snatch this time- 155(easy), 165(easy), 185F. could have got 175
    missed lockout on 185 by about an inch and pressed it out. NO REP
    2) C&J- 185, 205, 225F. had some technique issues going on
    3) got sucked into doing the Volkswagen instead of the games wod.
    bench press @ BW
    5:06- Bench fucking hurt

  55. Snatch: worked up to 185 to begin..and I failed 3 times at it. Called it there(200 lb max)

    C&J: 205, 225(f), 245(f)..(235 lb max)

    Decided to skip the conditioning part and stretch the rest of the time. Right shoulder is really sore today and I am taking the next few days off to let it recover.

  56. I own CrossFit Kennesaw. I use your metcons for the regular classes sometimes. I have a wide mix of athletes with many different goals. We have just started a team here that will follow the programming.

    As to the other question, ego. I have since gotten over it. Also, it is my mission to get the other to post as well.

    Snatch – 205, 215(pr), 225(f). I let the bar get in front of me. Tried to chase it a bit. Didint work.

    C&J – 205, 225, 245(f)

    Fun little metcon. Took me 19:24. It was actually fun though. BP, and 2 other people were in here training together today. Though he had time to take a nap and eat a meal before I got done, I am happy with my sub 20 performance.


  57. I am the owner of CrossFit Heath in Heath, Texas. I made it to the games in the 45-49 year division (old man’s division) last year and finished 1st in open qualifying and 4th in the games. My weakness was strength and I needed to get stronger. Jason Hoggan joined our gym and introduced me to your program. I was hesitant at first but decided to give it a try. I have always done the main site and just before Jason I had started programing the Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program for our gym and myself. Since starting your program I have gone up in every oly lift by over 20 pounds. My goal is to make it back to the games and finish better than last year.

    We are moving into a new 5,000 sq. ft. building where I plan to incorporate your strength workouts and conditioning into our daily WOD’s. Currently we have about 7 members following your program and all have increased strength dramatically. We just don’t have enough room to do your workouts right now with the whole membership. I want to thank you and your staff for making this available for us. We really appreciate it……Thanks Rudy!!!

    Snatch: 145#, 160# failed on first attempt(tweaked shoulder so didn’t go up anymore.)
    Clean and Jerk: 220# New PR I had to squat clean it…..
    Conditioning: 14:03 (This WOD is not set up for 47 year olds!!!! Back really tightened up after 2nd round and almost couldn’t finish it. I did this WOD last year and I had to stop after 2nd round because of back tightening up so I have improved.

    Cliff Lewis

    • Not gonna lie… Walking in yesterday and seeing you guys set up like a Westside Barbell squat session warmed my heart a little bit.

  58. Yesterdays:
    1) 235 x 10, 275 x 8, 295 x 8, 315 x 8 (PR @ 315#) — That 8th rep was a religious experience.
    2a) 140 x 5 x 4
    2b) 205 x 5, 215 x 5, 235 x 5 x 2

    Chose to Row —
    1) 3:32.1
    2) 3:30.0
    3) 3:31.1
    Probably should’ve tried to take the first one at around 3:20-:23, legs got a little fired up and I straight pussied it…was good pacing work none-the-less, I can keep a 1:45/500 at 26 s/m pretty much in my sleep at this point, record was 40 pulls in a row without the pace or s/m changing.

    Strict muscle-ups were a huge embarrassing failure. Typically I am good for 5 or 6 in a good hollow position, then need a little kick to get through the middle after that…I was good for all of zero on 10 attempts tonight, then went to kip a few, failed those, and the five minutes was up….so…zero, I did however get some good false-grip strict chest-to-ring pull-ups in though…#Positivity

  59. Snatch failed at 120# x 3 – bad day
    C&J – tied current PR @ 165#. Missed jerk at 170# b/c I went into toes on dip and bar went out in front of me. WILL get than next time for sure.

    Conditioning 15:14 – had to start over after 19 snatches b/c I realized I didn’t have enough weight on the bar. Yay.

    Decently happy with my time. The middle round was my best round.

  60. Hit 240 on snatch 5# from last week slowly working back up to 260

    Hit 285 easy again, fell apart at 295. Blaming it on squats and running yesterday;)

    10:49 on wall ball/sn…if I was next to Talayna it would be different 😉

  61. Not an affiliate owner, but I own my own small personal training “studio” if you can call it that- 175 square feet in the back corner of a gymnastics gym. Basically a lifting platform, rowing machine, Prowler, and some kettlebells. Works for me.

    I’ve somehow managed to convert some retired Olympic lifters to the program. They consider the BB Gymnastics conditioning enough and skip the actual conditioning though haha. Need to get them to start posting. Not using the programming for my clients right now though. I’ve got some severely obese women I am working on teaching correct movement patterns and basically just getting them to start moving and drop some weight. I also have some kids doing a slightly modified Starting Strength program to get their base numbers up before we start getting fancy.

    Here is 11-year-old Harrison deadlifting 185×5 today at bodyweight 85lbs after high bar back squatting 150x5x3. We need to fix a few things, but I was still impressed.Today was his 50th training session.

  62. I am not a coach and I’m posting from near Nashville, TN.

    BB Gymnastics

    1)175, 185f, 185f (max is 190, wasn’t feeling the heavy weight today)
    2) 205, 215, 215 (max is 235, really wasn’t feeling good on this)
    Shoulder was very stiff, did not go all out to avoid injury




    M/F/S 3/5/5

  63. Was feeling so run down this morning and legs were so sore that I warmed up then went home because I knew I didn’t have it in me. So I got some more sleep and went back this afternoon.

    Snatch- got 140 and was standing up but lost it forward on the way up. That ties my PR. I know I’ve got more.

    C&J- 170 easy, 175 was a no go. off from my PR.
    **Feeling better than I have in a few months today. At the South GA Throwdown in late October, I almost broke my thumbs/hand doing a clean and jerk at 185 and have not gone extremely heavy since then because of that incident. Today was the first day I felt back on my mojo for C&J but still off from a PR. I’m feeling better than ever though and next week will be it, I know it!

    20lb ball to 9ft target
    13:55 super slow. Rested too much. Hang squat snatches were deceivingly harder than I thought they would be. Legs are JELLO.

    BONUS for doing so bad on conditioning – “Flight Simulator”. DUs felt awesome.

    I coach at CrossFit Tuscaloosa. I post my workouts every day on the gym’s whiteboard for all to see and do if they want. Some have tried to throwdown with me but it’s usually really bad for them (well, me included) and they don’t want to experience it again. I’m working on them. I just try to do my workout and lead by example. Some days they join me, some not. I am not the owner, who programs for our gym and he follows OPT for his training.

    Just started the blog last week and I will post every day now. 🙂 Very excited about this training as it is making me use much more midline stabilization than I ever have before since I was a gymnast. I need the push and I’m loving being a part of this. It is growing me so much.

  64. Snatch – This was an absolute disaster today. Just wasn’t feeling the pull and really tight in the hips. Got 209 warming up, and went up to 220 and missed twice, so I tried the Rob Orlando method of at first you don’t succeed, go up. So went to 225, and missed 3 or 4 times, and said Fuck it.

    C&J – got 273 on the first attempt and felt pretty good. Went up to 284 and missed twice. I needed at least a little morale booster for the day so I tried again and got the clean but not the jerk. VERY PISSED at this point, so I did again and got it. Still not a PR but improvement from last week.

    Conditioning – 14:08, wall balls were by far the easier of the two movements on this. I should have gotten mid 13 but I pussed out on the last round of snatches.

    • mooneyham you’re still my hero!!! as for wall balls, you know it helps when you have a 12 ft reach!

  65. Snatch: 105, 115, Fail 120–115 is not a PR, but I couldn’t hit it last week. This week it stuck and felt great.
    C&J: 140, 145, Clean 150 but fail on jerk
    Took all I had not to go for a fourth attempt on both lifts.

    After lifting, I made up KBS work from Wednesday.
    1a. 55, 60, 65 all UB had to use dumbells, though.
    2a. 35, 35, 35, had to use the bodybuilder’s bend over thing (45 degree hyperextension thingy???)

    WOD this afternoon. I really want to forget this one. I have no idea what my time was. More than 18 minutes. I spent at least 10 minutes stretching my back and using a foam roller during the WOD to release my back spasms that had me in the fetal position. All wallballs were unbroken and first round of snatch unbroken. After 10 snatches in the second round, I started to spasm. The spasms happened while I was bringing the weight down, not while I was doing the snatch. Probably because I was a dumbass and did those kettlebell swings today.

    M/F/S 3(10 during WOD)/7/2

  66. 1. 136 (4 # under pr)
    2. 160 (10 # under pr)
    Felt slow, timing was off today. Also ran out of time.

    Conditioning: 14:59

  67. BB gym.
    snatch – 185 190(f) 190(PR!)
    C & J – 240 250(f) 250(f) Got pinned in the bottom on both. Legs tired.

    SHITTY 18:08. Flew through the wallballs. Mostly sets of ten not to blow it all, minimal rest. Snatch a lil different, all sets of 5. lungs are wack!



  68. Doing it for about 2 weeks in my garage gym. Skipped the last few days since I’ve been on vacation in disneyland which basically consisted of running into people with my stroller for time. Really like the programming, will start posting daily starting tomorrow.

  69. Snatch: 215/225 miss/225 miss
    Clean&Jerk: 275 miss/275/285 miss

    Getting sick of not being able to get past these pr’s in 1&1/2 years of work. I’m hoping the programming is working (after 2 weeks) because last week I felt terrible and couldn’t hit over 205 snatch and 255 C&J.

    Conditioning did WOD Club Open workout 1 of:

    AMRAP 10 min–50 kb swings (53#) buy in then
    5 CtB Pull ups
    10 HR Push ups (feet elevated on 45# plate)
    15 Front Squats (115#)

    Score = 205 (5 rounds + 5 CtB Pull ups)

    As to the questions:

    Head trainer at CrossFit St. Louis

    Yes I steal…I mean “use”, ideas and programming from Outlaw CrossFit

    Have been posting since starting 2 weeks ago

  70. No PR for snatch. Stayed same as last saturday (135). I was really close to get 145. Felt better than last Saturday. Clean and jerk USAW style PR #195.

    Conditioning: 21:10

  71. WTFO: new acronym meaning “watch the fuck out” It must be 3am and I must be drunk because I’ve resigned myself to returning to Outlaw. I hope your affairs are in order bitches…

  72. 1) failed at 150, felt terrible today
    2) cleaned 215, missed jerk
    Conditioning- 16:04, wb were UB, 20/10, UB…grip was shot on snatches in last 2 rounds
    Training was awful today, but moonshine made it all better

  73. snatch: 205#, 210#f, 210#f Felt heavy as shit and I felt slow as funk!
    C&J: 245#, 255#f, 255#f PR on clean is 275#, PR on jerk is 285#. Last I PR’d of both together was 265#. Way off today.

    17:25 Form went to hell in a hand basket. Hurt very bad, but a funny thing happened. Realized that an 8 second break felt about the same as a 3-5 second break so I started taking less time on my little breaks because I figured my form already sucks so the hell with it!

    No sleep = M/F/S=Shitty/ tired as shit/ sore as shit…or 7/7/7

    Im glad that nightmare is over.

  74. BB Gymnastics
    1) 1RM Snatch – spent WAY too long on this trying to get a PB. Got 80kg-85kg(F)-90kg(F)
    2) 1RM C&J – no time

    16:24 – Posterior chain meltdown!! Lower back was on fire!!

    MFS 3-2-2

  75. 1. i’m a crossfit coach who doesn’t do most of our day-to-day programming. i use ideas from this blog for private clients, and direct some of our more competitive athletes to this (hi kelsey!)

    2. i don’t usually post because a) i’m lazy and b) i don’t follow the programming myself right now. i aspire to do some once i have a healthy, intact rotator cuff.

  76. 120# Squat Snatch (Can’t seem to get past 120#)
    155# Clean and Jerk
    17:10 – 20# wall ball 45# snatch
    My legs were still a touch sore from doing the first WOD for WOD club open on thursday, then the squats on friday.

      • Never thought Id say this because most people are to narrow, but it looks like your split is to wide and a majority of the weight is being supported by the front foot and the inside of your right foot. Look at a 11 and 4 to 5 o’clock position for your feet.Not a solid base at all. Focus on dropping lower and let that bar sit on your shoulder instead of holding the bar up prio to the dip. It looked like you weren’t in a rack position but hard to tell because of the positioning of the camera.

    • Drive the elbows up as you drop under the bar. Looked like a lazy lift. You collapsed even before the bar made contact with your body. The Jerk comment below was also mine.

  77. Hello there I am one of the quiet followers out there. The name is Julian Castro I am a level 1 Crossfit coach at the University of Nevada Reno Crossfit. I don’t use the program for my athletes because I do not do the programming and also our gym is a little different being open to any and all university students staff and faculty who have a gym pass. I have been following your blog for a few weeks now and plan on staying on it. The goal is to make my region this year and compete with the folks in regionals. Last year we made it as a team but just got smoked simply put out classed. Not happening again!

    Snatch hit 200, Missed 205 twice ( so close I attempted it another time but failed again)

    Clean and Jerk- 250, missed 255 and 260 (just barely though)

    P.s Thanks for the encouragement to post

  78. First, gratitude for the programming. Digging it so far and it takes the stress of planning workload and volume.
    1) Not sure if you care, but I am a Chiro and and business owner, very part time crossfit trainer, and competitor for last 2-3 yrs. Getting to the gym is my #1 challenge due to time constraints.
    2) My team and I have started following your program as of last week, and I guess I’ve not posted yet since comparatively my performances are pedestrian. I know, I should just get the sand out of my vag and post I’m just my biggest critic.

    WOD 120107

    Snatch- 195, 200, 205
    C&J- 245, 260, 265 fail

    Wallball/Snatch- 12:50

  79. http://youtu.be/FR54cUlV65o

    Snatch — 175, 185, 195 (5lb PR), 200!!! (10lb PR!) — 205 x 2F — So happy with this, felt good today, my shoulder mobility needs some work, I look tight as shit on video…

    C&J – Was wildly fatigued, shoulders were very sore and fatigued, only was able to work up to 235, and felt horrible — had nothing left for the conditioning…gonna need that rest day tomorrow, and really need to hit up that lax ball in the upper back, its felt horrible lately.

    Any coaching on the snatch would be really appreciated, or thoughts on shoulder mobility as well.

  80. 1) 155#, 165# (f) x 3 (old PR, just not quite there today…)
    2) 198#, 220# (PR), X
    2 Rounds @ 65# + 20# DB Thrusters – 19:11

    M/F/S: 3/3/3

  81. I did yesterday’s workout today

    Snatch: 135 (fail), 125, 135
    Clean and Jerk: 185, 195, 205 (fail)

    3 rounds of
    30 Wallballs @ 20 lbs
    30 Squat snatch @ 65 lbs

    Completed all three rounds of wallballs but only did 2 round of the squat snatch, 24:20

    I dislocated my shoulder last August so I took it easy on the snatch and clean and jerk. I tweaked my shoulder on the last couple squat snatches so I decided to not do the final round of squat snatches. Better safe than destroy my shoulder and be out for 6 months.

  82. Did yesterdays today because of time constraints on Saturday. Will do next two days and then do wednesdays on thursday and then I’ll be caught up.

    Snatch: 200, 210, 220f, 225f
    Clean and Jerk: 255, 265, 275f jerk, 280f

    Cleaned 275 for a PR match. Legs had nothing left for Jerk. Snatch PR is 220 so missed that as well. Pulled high enough, just outta position. Figured for kicks I’d jump them both up 5lbs and go for it. You never know.

    Conditioning: 20:52

    Seriously. It didn’t used to be like this I swear. I took time off to just Oly lift. I got decently strong just lost my motor. I was pissed for about 5 mins after this then I calmed down. This would have DNF’d me at the 09 games. Wallballs were easy. Snatches just burned the legs a crap ton.

  83. 1) 1-Arm DB Snatches
    100×1 // 105×1 // 110(F)

    2) 1-Arm DB Clean & Jerk
    110×1 // 115×1 // 120(F)

    My second set on both of these felt pretty easy, and I was shocked that an extra 5# resulted in failure. I’m sure I can get those weights with a little more practice. First time trying these with a dumbbell.

    Conditioning: 14:57.1

    Pretty happy with this one, actually…I did this with the following:

    Wallball = 30# Slammer Ball
    1-Arm Low Hang DB Squat Snatches 75#

    I couldn’t catch the 30# Slammer Ball with only one hand, so I had to scoop it from the ground for each shot, which took a bit of extra time for each rep, which resembled a left-handed shotput. I don’t have a 20# Wallball, but I do have the 30# and 15# Slammer.

    I was also able to use the Rx weight for the DB snatches, and was pretty stoked that I went UB for 30 reps on my second round. Here were my splits for each round:
    5:02.6 // 3:21.6 // 6:32.9 (pretty gassed after that second round)

  84. Snatch 155-175f-175f (squat)
    C&J 185-225f-225f (squat).. Squat cleaned 225 10# PR!!!


  85. Attended a charity event at Reckless CrossFit in Plano, IL on Saturday. They switched the workout from 4 rounds to 3 without telling anyone, so I dogged it on the 3rd round trying to save energy. Could have gone a lot faster.

    3 rounds for time of:
    Row 500 meters
    20 Axle Deadlifts w/ 185 lbs
    15 Burpees

    First time competing, using a Rower and using an Axle Bar. Time was 13:18. Had a good time, and definitely made me hungry to compete again!

  86. Calling people out is working!
    You’ll have more posters than the mainsite in no time 😉

    1) I’m a coach, not affiliate owner. I don’t do the programming….but this is very much what it would look like if I did…..and it would rock.

    2) I post.

    BB Gymnastics.
    Just decided to work up to heavy…..hips are super tight from flying/driving for the majority of the last two days. Knew that 3 attempts may not work for me tonight if I was having trouble with positioning. That said….it went well.

    1) Snatch
    Worked to 205 in warmup then
    215 fail, 215, 225, 235 fail x 2

    2) C&J
    Didn’t feel good right away…..felt heavy, jerk especially. Got my head back in it though.
    245 failed jerk (can push press this…..) 245, 260, 275, 285 just barely failed the jerk, 300 no jerk attempt CLEAN PR!!!

    Games 09 WOD…….


    Probably the worst, most painful WOD I can think of.

    1.5 years ago it took me over 26 minutes. Back blew up and I couldn’t hang onto the bar going down. Basically the same thing tonight. Rounds 2-3 were in sets of 3 on the snatches. It was just bringing the bar below the knee…..
    Back was fried for about an hour. Could hardly move for about 15 min afterward.

  87. I am a coach and help with programming.

    Worst lifting day since starting, but I felt alright before…

    1. Warmed up to 190 without missing then couldn’t hit anything.
    2. 225, 245 pressed out the jerk and just felt bad so I stopped.

    Conditioning: 16:26 agree with Jay my low back is what slowed me down.

  88. 1) Coach and co-owner at CrossFit Elevate in Katy, TX. We’ve been poking and prodding our programming since about August…only recently came across your Limited Conjugate piece – dug it as I had been consuming much WBB and Dan John and many more along the “roots” being stronger. Got kicked in the teeth by your WODs and have been following them personally.
    2) Didn’t post because it was one more thing to do – in a do many things day and haven’t been as consistent in getting the WODs knocked down. Keep putting out dope shit.

  89. Few days behind.

    Didn’t have time for everything tonight, so just did the metcon, 14:03. Unbroken on the wall balls, waaay to slow on the hang squat snatch, these just gassed me. Saw BP’s video and noticed he was wearing a belt… definitely understand why now!

    HBBS: 225, 265, 285, 300. Feeling really good on these think I could’ve a bit heavier
    FS: 185, 195, 210, 210. A lot stronger on these, going to try and bump up weights next time.
    Strict press: 145. Wasn’t sure what my 3 rep max was, think I could’ve done 150 or 155 here.
    Runs: on the treadmill, all around 2:51 to 2:55.
    Did this at work so unfortunately didn’t have access to rings

    3 reps, touch and go clean
    225, 235, 245, 255, 265
    Didn’t have time for jerks

    Tommy V: 18:03. Big ugh here, rope climbs usually are good for me, but didn’t focus enough on leg work, ended up burning out my arms. Thinking of hitting this one up again sometime in the near future.

  90. 1) Head coach at CF South Bay in Hermosa Beach, CA, and 80th in So-Cal (last year anyway). I do all the programming for the box as well as coach development, etc. and would likely own my own gym if I thought I was going to stay in a place longer than 2 years.

    We currently use a MEBB template due to the owner working with Dutch Lowry when creating his original programming methods. Thus, every day has a part a, and part b, with part a being 1 squat variation, 1 press variation, 1 deadlift variation, 1 oly variation, and 1 skill each week with all being followed by conditioning WOD. While the owner still pushes for this, I have begun to incorporate 6 week, periodized cycles into our programming. We started seeing better improvements when it wasn’t “random”.

    As for myself, I have followed a variety of programming, from OPT’s Big Dawgs, to Mainsite, to Football, and my own programming. Each has had its strength and weaknesses, but I find I do better when I have someone else programming for me (less to question and modify on the fly). Also, Prelipin’s tables worked extremely well for my strength development.

    I latched onto yours due to the squat cycle (my oly lifts are currently limited by my strength, not my technique, as Squat = 1.33XC&J)

    2) I post, just on the day that I did the workout from, so it looks like I will be a week behind for a while.

  91. First time posting. I am a coach at wild knights crossfit in fargo north dakota. I don’t do the programming so my athletes don’t usually follow this program I do it on my own.
    snatch- 165 (below pr, form was way off so stopped there)
    c and j- 235 (below pr)
    conditioning 12:31

  92. Snatches are one of my worst goats! 145,165 fail,165 ugly,but I got it.
    Clean and Jerk 205,225,235 fail. Dissappointed that I hit 10# below my PR of 235 in November

    Conditioning wod was horrible! 19:40 and my lower back and hips were toast! I was able to knock out the wall balls ok first rd was UB second and third 15/15. But, the Snatches were all over the place! Definitely need to keep working on those!

    2-6-8….just started following this programming last week and it is kicking my ass! But, I am absolutely loving it at the same time.

    • Oh yeah, not a coach or affiliate. I started almost a year ago by the influence of my best friend. I messed around in a globo gym for the last 12 years and realized I was wasting my time! I have my own garage set up and train alone most of the time. Never felt stronger or fitter ever since starting CrossFit!

      Yesterday was my first post, but I intend to keep on doing it.

  93. 1)225, dropped 245 when standing up. Should of had it
    2) 295, Missed 300 on the jerk,

    conditioning: damn near called a DNF. Erector’s in my back were seized up, fucked me up the last two rounds bad. (form?)

    m/f/s 4/4/3

  94. I’m a little late to this topic, but I figured I’d post anyway.

    (1) I’m not an affiliate owner, but I’m on the CrossFit Endurance head coaching staff. I also do all of the programming for the CFE main site where we use a conjugate strength system that Mark Bell helped us tweak for endurance athletes. It’s not precisely limited conjugate, but as I learn more I continue to evolve it. I’ve also known Rudy since he first opened his affiliate and he was responsible for putting me through my first “Fran” workout. I sort of stumbled upon the whole conjugate application to CF when I read an article in the Performance Menu back in ’09 and have been toying with it since. So the limited conjugate is my step up in education and learning from that article. Programming is a big thing for me so I am learning what I can.

    (2) I’ve been sidelined by some injury and adrenal fatigue, so I am slowly working my way back in, but do intend on posting.

  95. CrossFit affiliate (CF Talon) owner/coach/athlete. I have been in the Strength, Conditioning and rehabiliation for 16 years as an AT. I have followed Westside for years as a Powerlifter and have been working on a Westside/CF programming hybrid with some success and failure. I ran across your site and blog a few months back but didn’t start implementing your programming until last week, when I finished a heavy 6 week strength & O-lift program.

  96. 1RM snatch: 175
    1 RM clean and jerk: 225 PR by ten pounds.first time I’ve PR’d on jerks in almost a year.

    WOD: 22:34

  97. 1) 175 – 185(f) – 185 – 195 (f) — 10 lbs under

    Did Jerks & Cleans seperate, really need to bring my jerk closer to my clean

    Jerk – 185 – 205 – 215 tie PR
    Clean – 235 – 255 – 265(f) – 265

    metcon – 26:42 – low back was toast

  98. Snatch: 125 – got under 135 and should have had it.
    C&J: 175 – 5lb pr felt good too but didn’t have time to try more weight

    conditioning: 18:01 back and legs were smoked right away, super tight. I’m sure sitting on a plane all day didn’t help.

    mfs: 2/3/4

  99. 1 snatch awful as usual 35kg 40 kg failed 45 twice
    2 c+j no strengh this morning 50 kg then failed 60 twice got clean couldn’t get bar overhead felt lame
    Metcon no wall ball so did 20 kg thrusters also only did 20 kg snatch 16 .34 felt drained

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