WOD 120105:

Rest Day.

The need for video coaching, long form instructional tools, and extended articles has become evident. We will accommodate those needs as appropriately and quickly as possible. Over the next few weeks we will be announcing big changes to the site. Don’t worry, the programming will ALWAYS remain open source. These changes will allow us to be able to have even more of an impact on our community of athletes, without having to work 23 hours a day.

This has been an incredible ride so far. Thank each and every one of you who is a part of this community.

Sometimes you can’t make this stuff up. Here’s a legitimate screen shot of our site stats from earlier today on the WordPress app…

Yesterday T(alayna) actually wrote something on her blog. It’s pretty great despite the fact that she doesn’t use the “F” word or have any spider-monkey pullup videos. Here’s: Blogging in 2012.

Today EA (Elisabeth Akinwale) wrote a great piece—as always—on the 7,000 knee injuries she’s had, and why she didn’t want to “try some back-flips” like I suggested. Here’s: This is a living creature, not a play toy.

Also today, BP swung a 100# dumbbell 25 times—unbroken. Yes, this was the prescribed work, but for some reason this is the most badass looking thing I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s because he looks like he’s swinging a nuclear warhead, or fire hydrant.

Last but not least; ladies and gentlemen… THEE Donnie Shankle (with FOUR HUNDRED and eighteen pounds):

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  1. Over there. What sort of bird is that? Wait, it’s not a woodpecker, it looks like someone’s…
    Privates. We have reports of an unidentified flying object. It has a long, smooth shaft, complete with…
    Two Balls!

  2. Jay Rhodes and Kevin Simons have are rather large group of followers on the mainsite message board. They’ve done a great job promoting your program. Hell, i’ve started following your program aswell (not sure i have any followers though).

  3. Tried the dumbbell duct-tape-to-KB trick, total debacle. Almost fell on my head at the top bc it wasn’t taped tight enough, then I bailed on it and it cracked the concrete paver outside. Had to settle for 70# swings, oh well. It was a fun attempt.

  4. Donnie Shankl looks like a young Terry Funk………he’s totally bad ass…..like a mustache…..a mustache with titties.

    Yesterday’s Work:
    1a)185, 195, 205, 215, 220 No misses and 220 is a PR with 3 rep
    2b)185, 205, 215, 225, 225 No misses 225 is a PR also for 3 rep

    I was super happy until Tommy V!!! Both movements suck for me and the gym rope that has been up hanging outside since 1976 didn’t help. 21:32rx.

    Thank you for your sacrifice Tommy.

  5. I am starting to follow the programming tomorrow!!!!! wooohooo can’t wait to turn into a BEAST! Would it be best to just jump in on tomorrow’s workout, or to start with day 1 of the new squat cycle??

  6. I’ve only been following and posting for a little over a week, but I can honestly say I’m already noticing improvements in some of my gymnastics/skills stuff. That’s always been a weaker area for me, so to notice inprovemtn so quickly is really encouraging. I’ve been spending some extra time working on things like butterfly kipping and handstand walks. Today I got several individual HSPUs 1 inch BELOW the parallettes. Definitely a first. Very excited about the road ahead of me. Thanks, Rudy. 🙂

  7. yesterdays work:
    power clean: 205,225,225,225,235(f) on 3rd
    push jerk: 185,205,215,225,225(f) on 3rd also

    Tommy V: 10:26 biceps destroyed

    KBS 80# heaviest I have but probably about right
    GHD raise body weight (first time doing these)

    Keep it up everyone you guys are badass!

  8. After viewing one of the latest videos on the games site featuring Rudy and Talayna I contacted him about coaching me.
    I could tell it was a good fit right away and the more I read his philosophy on training the more respect I had for the knowledge base he’s put together. I was actually still injured at the time and he instilled a lot of confidence in me to get back and give things a test. Been working okay since then !
    I’ve spoken very highly of the programming over the last few weeks and mentioned this is what I’m following to several people who have asked about my programming. And also helped drag on over some studs (Kevin, Mark & Jordan).
    Oh and btw Rudy, Lacey just walked over to the playground because she felt like testing her handstand walk…… 135-140 ft with a turnaround at 95 ft! Ridiculous.

  9. Yesterday’s programming….with broken hand modifications.

    BB Gymnastics

    1a) Front Squat Lunges – Have more in the tank here, but I didn’t want to have a balancing issue, so played it safe.
    95×3 // 145×3 // 175×3 // 185×3 // 200×3

    1b) 1-Arm DB Jerk
    55×3 // 85×3 // 85×3 // 90×3 // 100×4


    1a) 3×10 Banded GH Raise
    Green (60#) x 10 // Green + Red (80#) x 10 // Green + Red (80#) x 10

    1b) 3X25 UB 1-Arm DB Swing – I can definitely handle much more weight, but kept it relatively light since I only have one hand. Will ramp this up next time…
    55×25 // 55×25 // 55×25

    Conditioning: Will have to do tonight. Didn’t have enough time this a.m. to get it all in before work.

  10. Had to take yesterday off, so I made it up today.

    BB Gymnastics
    1a) 221, 231, 241, 251(caught the 3rd rep a little low), 251(2)
    1b) 200, 220, 230, 240, 250(1, dropped down to 240 and did the other 2)

    Tommy V – 16:11 – Dissappointed is an understatement, I’m usually pretty fucking awesome at rope climbs for being 230lbs, but NOT TODAY!!! The shoes I usually do rope climbs with weren’t gripping the rope at all, and I’m not blaming it on the shoes, but I’m blaming it on the shoes. Expected sub 14 on this one.

  11. BB Gymnastics

    1a) 5X3 T&G Power Clean – 215, 230, 235, 245, 250
    1b) 5X3 UB Push Jerk – 185, 205, 220, 230 (2), 230 (1)


    “Tommy V”

    Time: 14.26 — Thrusters were UB (which was surprising, STR took it out of me, legs were pretty smoked) — Rope Climbs were all in doubles, dunno if that is fast or not…felt slow.

    Not time for STR – Coaching involved ~100 Toes-to-Bar today in demonstration…f’n exhausted — M/F/S = 3/5/2

  12. It is really cool that I (below Average Joe) can try to throwdown with some of the fittest out there. It is both motivating and inspiring to work towards the awesomeness that this site produces. I feel very lucky to have found this site and it has given me more confidence in my progress as an athlete. Thank you.

    • Think your underestimating yourselves brother. Several factors you have to take into consideration to include Age, weight, background, experience. You’ll be a force to reckon with here pretty damn soon. Look at Ben Smiths numbers when he first started. Think he may have been around 18 at the time and he’s a beast now. You have something that some ( maybe most or at least me at 36) don’t and that’s age. Keep pushing.

      • Thank you for the encouragement. I really look forward to my development as an athlete (and once I stop growing, which is probably help my strength numbers). I will keep training hard and loving it!! But for now I must rest until Sunday, I have a karate tournament that I want to be fresh for.

  13. Did yesterdays today because I moved into a new apartment yesterday. Oh, and Rudy, I think your becoming a little too mainstream to still be cool… Grow your beard longer fucker!

    1a) 185, 215, 245(x2), 245, 255 (that’s a damn good feeling PR for me!)
    1b) 185, 205, 225, 235(x2), 235 (felt strong, just missing technique a little)

    Conditioning – 14:21 with a 13′ rope. Was gunning for sub-15, so happy about this. Played it WAY to safe on the rope and could have gone faster for sure.

    1a) All with a purple CCF band, felt tired
    1b) 85, 90, 90(x20) (used DB’s, this was hard)

  14. BBG

    1a) 3 T&G Power Cleans – 155 160 165 170 170

    1b) 3 Push Jerks – 155 160 165 165 170(F3) 170

    Conditioning – “Tommy V”

    12:24 – Limiting factor was the forearms, and the fact that I’m afraid to fall from the top of the rope so I rested enough not to fail on any reps.


    1a) Red Band

    1b) 60 60 2PooD!

    MFS: 2/3/3 – Fighting a mild cold for a couple weeks now dangit!

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