Many of you are hard mother-effers. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. I’ve seen some pretty crazy things in my time coaching and even in the short amount of time we’ve had this site up. But I’m pretty sure, as far as the abroad Team Outlaw goes, I now have an official #1 moment.

Jake Neubauer finished 16th in the Open out of the Northern California region. He had a self-professed “freak out” on WOD 1 at Regionals and finished a disappointing 36th. He has been on the program for a while now and is consistently putting up some great numbers.

Saturday, as I was reading through the email notifications to check everyone’s times, I almost dropped my phone when I read that Jake had posted a 8:07 on the run/muscle-up/push-press WOD. I had just gotten off the phone with BP, and he had what I thought would be the best time of the day with a blazing 8:52 (even more impressive considering he hasn’t run in 6 weeks). I immediately shot Jake an email that basically said, “Holy SHIT! Did you get it on video?” Jake responded and said he didn’t and said he had thought about having his wife video, but now it was too late.

At about 8pm Saturday nightβ€”New Year’s Eveβ€”I received an email. It was from Jake and it talked about how much better he’s gotten since he started the program and how much more confident he is going into this season. It also had an apology about the cinematography on the attached video. The video, with the bad cinematography, was of Jake… DOING THE WOD AGAIN.

Except this time he did it in 8:02. Zero bullshit-this gave me fucking chills.


WOD 120102:

BB Gymnastics

1) 4X2 2 Hi-Hang Snatch High-Pulls + 1 Hang Squat Snatch – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

2) 4X2 2 Hang Clean High-Pulls + 1 Hang Squat Clean – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

3) 4X3 Flat-Footed Clean Pulls @ 115% – rest 75 sec.



5 rounds for time of:

3 Power Cleans 185/120#
12 Burpees
15 Pullups

Midline (time permitting)

5 min AMRAP of STRICT Toes to Bar.

Notes: There should be ZERO swinging momentum on each rep. Also, do not use the ground to start the movement. Hang absolutely still before beginning each rep.

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  1. Jake, that is awesome. And I’ll be the first one to say I doubt I would have done what you did in doing it again!
    Happy new year errybody.

  2. Crazy impressive. I’m not gonna lie… I thought that time might have been a typo (or a mistake on the wod like I routinely make), so I didn’t comment before… Nice work, dude. And twice in one day– Ridiculous!

    Also, that video was classic. The woman interrupting w/ questions at the beginning was my favorite. πŸ™‚

  3. Yesterdays

    1) 185 (F), 185, 195 (F)
    2) 255 (F-Cl), 255 (F-J), 255 (+5lb PR)

    13.02 — Fuck Ohio weather…30 degrees and 50 mph winds…hands totally numb for MU’s….running outside may be done for a few months, you would think my hair+beard would help…

  4. Jake that was sick. I’ve never seen someone bust out neutral grip MU’s with that kind of speed before. On the first few reps you were basically coming into the dip fully locked out.

  5. Awesome work Jake on the MU wod….very impressive!

    used % from saturdays oly training for first 3x set 70/75/80% then went for what I thought would be reasonable on feel

    Snatch used 165, 175, 185, then 205 for final set

    Clean used 205, 215, 225, then 250 for heavy did 2x

    7:18 on metcon

    ran out of time for TTB…make those up later or some other day

    Can’t tell you guys how awesome it is to follow the same training program as you. It’s nice having times to compare to since I train alone 90% of the time. We motivate each other-keep up the hard work!

  6. Thanks for the kind comments everybody. Keep kicking ass. Happy new year everyone!

  7. 1) 145 (Failed second high hang snatch), 145, 145, 150
    2) 165, 175, 175, 180 (Would have gone heavier but grip was failing)
    3) Skipped due to time

    4) RX’d 14:35 Just like MUs I have done pull-ups in a while. They sucked bad. Couldn’t butterfly.

  8. Some things I learned watching Jake and comparing his approach to mine:

    1. Run faster. I tried to pace TOO much and had more left in the tank than I needed.
    2. Gather ye wits before thy muscle-ups. Better to get them all in a row than have failed attempts.
    3. Rest in the rack. Don’t drop the dumbbells.
    4. Gloves suck. They’re good for rope climes and pull ups but suck for MUs. Mine kept slipping off.

    Nice job Jake.


  9. Went at this with 2 friends.
    1. 95 x 2, 105, 115
    2. 115, 135 x 2, 140 x 2 (1 fail)

    AMRAP – 165#, added 3 buy in & 3 cash out rope climbs to the AMRAP – 9:40

  10. Making up training from Dec 31

    Still in Florida training at cf predators. Different equipment. Not my Pendlay bar and plastic slippery rings for the WOD. Wasn’t sure how I’d fare, but a good test.

    Snatch – warmups to 205
    215 miss in front
    220 had it but caught it soft
    225 make. Very solid rep wen pressure was on.

    C&J (did power clean and jerk)
    270 make. Shaky jerk but got control.
    280 failed clean
    280 made clean, back didn’t feel good. No jerk attempt.

    Total 102 + 123 kg = 225kg
    (national qualifying in Canada is 226kg as a 77kg)

    Runs/muscle ups/db push press

    MU – UB 4-3 UB
    PP – UB 8-7 UB
    Second run fell off pace I think.

  11. 1.95,105, 105, 115
    2.135, 165, 165, 155 dropped down on last set. high pulls werent getting as high as in the video
    3.215, 235, 245, 265


  12. 1) 135, 155, 155, 165

    2) 205, 205, 215, 225

    3) 275

    Conditioning- 7:15 Rx.

    Lungs are on fire. Not sure if it is the cold Florida air, the WOD, or both.

  13. Jake, sick job man….Off of what BP said, its definitely great to have others to go through the ups and some times downs with this training. The positive ALWAYS trumps the negatives. Just keep doing what we are going and tear shit up.

    1) 155,185 (dumped last sq sn), 185,185
    2) 185, 195, 215×2, the pulls didnt feel like they were getting high enough so stayed low. squat cleans were fine though.
    3) 340. felt strong

    7:43- Pull ups fell apart. slowed me down at the end… very frustrating.

    TTB: 53

  14. 1) 115#, 125#, 130#, 135#
    2) 165#, 170#, 180#, 165#
    3) 4 x 3 @ 265# (too heavy, pull off ground needs work…)

    Coditioning – 13:40

    T-2-B: 15 (need work)

  15. 1) 125
    2) 135 – limited by high pull height
    3) 220 – realized 3 sets in I forgot the flat foot part and did 4 more sets

    6:36 – had Poppa and Corey and my tail the entire time, definitely pushed me!


    MFS: 1/3/1 – almost recovered from New Years. Fun times are over (mostly) and it’s back to business!

  16. Fell behind trying because of shoulder. Back to about 90% so I just jumped to today’s work. Going to pick it back up slowly…

    1) 95, 105, 115, 105 easy but shoulder it tight
    2) 155×2, 165×2 the squat clean is easy, but wasn’t happy with height on the pull so I didn’t go as heavy as I expected too
    3) 255×3 (no straps), 265×1(w/ straps) all touch and go. felt good.

    Jumped in with one of our classes. 15 MIN AMRAP
    10 wall balls 20#
    10 T2B
    10 Box Jumps 24”
    8 rounds +2 WB

    Wasn’t happy with this. Shoulders got real tight on T2B. But I did beat PR.

    Sub for 5X3 power cleans @ 185 rest 30sec. since I did T2B in conditioning and didn’t do cleans. Going to do this later.

  17. Fell behind trying because of shoulder. Back to about 90% so I just jumped to today’s work. Going to pick it back up slowly…

    1) 95, 105, 115, 105 easy but shoulder it tight
    2) 155×2, 165×2 the squat clean is easy, but wasn’t happy with height on the pull so I didn’t go as heavy as I expected too
    3) 255×3 (no straps), 265×1(w/ straps) all touch and go. felt good.

    Jumped in with one of our classes. 15 MIN AMRAP
    10 wall balls 20#
    10 T2B
    10 Box Jumps 24”
    8 rounds +2 WB Wasn’t happy with this. Shoulders got real tight on T2B. But I did beat PR.

    Sub for 5X3 power cleans @ 185 rest 30sec. since I did T2B in conditioning and didn’t do cleans. Going to do this later.


  18. 1) 145, 155, 155, 160
    2) 190, 190, 190, 190
    3) 295

    Conditioning- 11:21

    Midline- didn’t count

    I’m very fatigued from maxing on Saturday. Not sore, but everything just felt off today. Not happy with the weights I used today. I did video, but I don’t have a computer, so I’ll post as soon as I find one. On the conditioning, power cleans were unbroken, but my burpees and pullups were very slow. The weight I’ve gained over the last year is very noticeable during body weight movements. Sitting between 215-220lb at 6’2″. I love that you programmed strict t2b, very hard on the lats after 75 pullups.


  19. A – 50kg, 60kg, 70kg – wayward pulls, 70kg improved
    B – 80kg, 90kg, 100kg, 105kg – pulls felt low but the clean felt fine
    C – 4 x 3 @ 140kg – really hard to keep the heels down on this one for me even with consciously throwing my head back
    Conditioning = 10:15 – burpees ate me alive
    Core = 37

  20. 1) 155, 175 (f@2nd snatch), 165, 165, 175 (f@2nd snatch again)

    2) 185 across (high pulls limited me, and even they weren’t as high as they should be. I’m realizing as I look at Rudy’s videos that my arms are long as hell… the hang clean high-pulls were starting below mid-thigh!)

    3) 325 (having a lot of trouble keeping my ass down like Rudy does in the video.)

    — 7:27 (felt weak on the burpees and probably rested way too much. At least cleans were UB, and PUs were UB for 3 rounds, then 9-6, then 9-3-3)

    — 42 I think… I wasn’t paying very close attention.

    M/F/S – 2/3/3

    I’m with you, T… time to get back to work! And like BP, Jay and Mike said — it’s pretty badass having a group like this together to train with (or at least compare notes with). Pretty sure this site will get off the ‘honorable mention’ list come games time. πŸ˜‰

  21. 1) 125×2 135×2 would have gone up but wanted to make sure I was getting a good pull
    2) 185, 165×2, 175 again the 185 felt good but Corey told me that I wasn’t getting a good pull so I dropped the weight
    3) 285

    Conditioning: 9:43

    Failed on about 6 of the power cleans. Issue with my setup…on the pull I wasn’t clearing my knees and kept hitting it which effed me up.

    36 T2B

  22. 1. 90#
    2. 105# – did weenie weight on these to pull high
    3. 205#

    Conditioning – 7:45
    Forced myself to stick with butterfly pullups the entire time. First few rounds were unbroken, then they fell apart somewhat. I FINALLY had someone to do this workout with, which made all the difference in how hard I pushed myself.

    Midline: 45 TTB

    M/F/S – 2/2/2

  23. Hasn’t been a great few days for me. Been sick and recovering from a foot issue. Anyway did what I could while feeling super-crappy…..

    1. From my knees – 75, 75, 75, 80

    2. From my knees – 85, 85, 85, 85

    3. From my knees – 105, 105, 105, 105

    Midline – Did L leg lifts instead- 50

    No metcon. Just trying to get better!

  24. Wasn’t sure what to expect on this. Probably went way lighter than I should have.

    100 for al the snatch stuff
    120 for the clean

    the high pull was def. the limiting factor

    only used 205 on the flat footed pulls

    10:01 rx on the conditioning….really wanted sub 10

    40 strict toes to bar (45 sec were spent putting tape on my hands on minute 2)

  25. 1) 115, 125, 125, 135
    2) 185, 205, 215, 225
    3) 305 for all 4

    Conditioning: 8:14

    MFS: 2/5/5

  26. 1. 115#
    2. 135#
    Used to go a lot heavier for both of these, but looking at Rudy’s video I wasn’t going high enough or repping them together fast enough. I can probably go about 20# heavier on both though.
    3. 300#

    Conditioning – 9:03

    Midline – Shoulder felt a little off, did 10 reps then cut it short.

  27. 1. 125
    2. 145, did the first set @165 and it was a wreck
    3. 275

    metcon: 9:04 , power cleans were heavy

    midline: 49


  28. 1. 155
    2. 185 (both of these movement I felt weak and not high enough on the high pulls but the lifts were easy)

    WOD: 7:46

    Strict T2b: Used this as 5 minutes of practice I guess. I struggle with the strict if I can initiate the knees and hips first.

  29. 1) 195
    2) 255
    3) 380

    After looking at some of the other numbers here, I realize I probably should have gone lighter on the first two. The pulls weren’t super high, but the lifts were easy.



    After looking at the video, a few of the pull-ups were questionable. Stupid bouncy bar screws me up sometimes.

    Midline work tonight.

  30. 1) 135,145,155,155
    2) 205,215,225,225
    3) 320

    Conditioning: 7:30 felt the Maker’s Mark from new years

    T2B will do this afternoon.

  31. 1) 90, 90, 95, 95
    2) 125, 125, 120, 120 – dropped down b/c I was losing height on the pull
    3) 227 then realized i was 20# too heavy, 207, 207, 207

    12:54 πŸ™
    I’m really embarrassed about this . i really hope my conditioning comes returns. i’ve taken so much time off this year and now i’m really struggling to get my lungs back. unfortunately, i think my bronchitis is relapsing. can’t seem to get rid of this crap. πŸ™

    midline: 38

    m/f/s – 9/2/1

    video of my last set of high hang snatch pulls and high hang snatch. i’d appreciate feedback. it’s always hard for me to critique myself. (sorry about the vacuum noise in the background.)


    • Don’t be embarrassed! It took me 17:11, and I only did #115. My 1rm for cleans is #125. I could’ve def gone faster if I was competing with someone! Not all of us can be badasses! Great job

  32. Worked in Kilos today….

    11:17 (Solo is no fun and slow. Luckily I have recruited 2 guys from my gym to join in on the programming starting tomorrow.)

    Midline: 52


    thanks for the bad ass programming!

  33. Way to go Jake! Very excited we’ve found you! CFParagon team placed 6th in dirty south last year and our very own Irving Hernandez broke top 10 as individual. We’ve been training extremely hard but looking to dial in the intensity.
    Nate Taylor: 110/145/265/8:30
    Krissi Brown: 80/105/160/9:18

  34. 1. 115
    2. 185, 155 for the rest.
    3. 265

    8:48 everything was UB.

    T2B – 43

    1/3/1 feel great.

    • Les,
      Just a comment and don’t take offense to it but if everything was UB then your resting way to much time between movements. I did 8:47 and broke the hell out of everything. Start playing with your pacing. Sometimes UB isn’t the best unless you can go from movement to movement with little to no rest.

  35. 1) 115, 125, 135, 135
    2) 155, 165, 165, 165
    3) 260
    Conditioning- 8:46, butterfly went out the window on round 4
    T2B- 64, grip shot

  36. 1.) 155, 185, 185, 195 (failed second attempt). In hindsight should’ve stayed at 185, don’t think I got good high-pulls on the 195
    2.) 205, 225, 235, 235. Again, probably should’ve stuck to 225 (maybe 215), wasn’t getting high enough on the pulls I think.
    3.) Did 315 here, less than 115% but wanted to make sure I was keeping good form. Felt good
    Conditioning: 8:50, some humble pie. Need to figure out the butterfly kip. Strung a few together here and there. Went unbroken on all sets but between the burpees and pull-ups wasn’t moving fast enough.
    midline: 43.
    The bar work was surprisingly taxing… digging the programming!

  37. 1) 125×4
    2) 165×4
    3) 265×4
    10:30 ( had to use rings for pull ups, no pull up bar at the fire station)

    48 strict toes thru rings

    4/6/2( lack of sleep at the fire station and new years)

  38. 1) snatch work: all sets 130

    2) clean work: all sets 175

    3) clean pulls: all sets 275

    4) conditioning: 11:20 slow apparently. Ha..

    5) midline: 35 T2B

  39. 1. 125# set 1-2 (F) on 2nd snatch… set 3-4 115#
    2. 135#
    3. 225#

    Conditioning 165# for power clean
    midline….hollow rocks-have 2 blisters on hand
    m/f/s 3/4/4

  40. Dynamic strength:

    1) DL 15×1 @315# + 30%bands (focused on set up and bar speed)


    9:43 ( gotta step up the intensity)

  41. Just jumped into this training. I love the look of the programming and the results that everyone is getting!

    Barbell Gymnastics
    1) 95, 95, 115, 115.
    2) 135, 135, 135, 135
    3) 305, 305, 305, 305

    Rx’d in 13:16

    Didn’t have time for Midline. I blew a nut the first round on the conditioning and died out. Pull-ups haven’t come up in my other programming a lot, so those sucked.

  42. strength- did back squats instead. worked up to 245×4, weak as shit but only 2nd time doing them in over 4 months. snatches are definitely still out of the picture for me

    conditioning- 13:58 rx

    Cleans felt good. 15 weeks out of shoulder surgery, and can’t really throw myself to the ground yet on burpees, and can’t butterfly or kip on pullups yet either. Broke most the pullups into 6-3-3-3, and the last set into 1’s toward the end, which slowed me down hardcore. Only 2nd or 3rd time doing pullups too, looking forward to the day I can butterfly with no issues again!

    midline – 37

  43. 1) 125, 135 (2), 140 -Never does these before, maybe should have gone lighter to pull to similar height in video

    2) 185 for all 4 – same thought on these as snatches

    3) 4 x 3 @ 305

    Conditioning – 8:45 Couldn’t butterfly for whatever reason today. Grip pretty spent

    30 T2B – did 6 sets of 5

  44. Sick work on the wod Jake! The comentary from your wife was classic!

    I’m kind of irritated right now b/c I had a good day in the gym and then realized that I screwed up the BB gymnastics. I read it wrong and only did one time through the complex rather than two. With that said, here are my numbers:

    BB Gymnastics:
    1.) with straps – 155,165,175,185. felt solid in the bottom of the snatch which is usually where i get a little sloppy.
    2.) no straps – 185,205,205,205. the clean was easy, but like others have said, i didn’t feel like i was getting high enough on the pulls.
    3.) 305 for all sets.

    Conditioning:7:39, struggled more on the pullups than i expected (UB,UB,10-5,8-7,7-5-3)

    Midline: 43 T2B

    M/F/S: 1/3/3. Had some soreness in my right bicep from all of the Oly work. I’m still adjusting to this programming and it’s been beating me up in a good way.

  45. 1. 75 all sets–struggled with keeping grip more than shrugging or snatching the weight.
    2. 95 all sets–struggled with grip
    3. 155–AWKWARD!!

    First time I’ve done any of those movements. Can’t wait to do them again to get better at them. My back was acting up–AGAIN. So frustrating! Couldn’t even bend over to change my weights and break down my bar.

    Conditioning: 12:32–pullups killed me in the last two rounds. But, I’m happy that I was able to RX the weight. My max is 135. Couldn’t touch and go with them, but never failed and went right to the bar after dropping every time. Later rounds, I had to set my feet wide to catch it. My back felt fine with these. I kept my midline as tight as possible. This is getting easier for me to do.

    Midline: 39

    Thanks so much for sharing this programming. I know it takes you a lot of time and effort–especially with the videos, (complete with slow motion.) It helps me so much that you’re so detailed. I owe you.

  46. 1) 155,165,170, 170(fail last snatch)
    2) 185, 205 x 3
    3) 275. Had to scale down, grip was spent.

    Conditioning 8:18

    Burpees destroyed me today. Blaming it on NYE. Pull-ups UB.

  47. BB Gymnastics

    1) 135 lb felt strong
    2) 165 lb squat clean is one of my goats, went light to focus on form
    3) 255 lb





    M/F/S 2/3/3 took Saturday and Sunday off. I think my body needed it.


  48. 1) 153, 163×2, 168 – focused on getting a good Hi-Pull, snatches were easy.
    2)187, 197, 207, 212 – same as 1 but grip was quite a bit tougher on these
    3) 330×2, 340×2

    Conditioning: 9:12
    Broke up the pull ups from the get go trying to make sure I would transition to the PCs faster but yeah that worked for the first two rds and then my pull ups slowed down and I stood there and looked at the bar for about 10 sec before I picked it up. PC were UB and Burpees were steady.

    Midline – 49

  49. 1) 145, 155 (f last snatch), 155, 165 (f last snatch)
    2) 205, 205, 215, 225
    3) 315

    Conditioning: 11:13
    Splits: 1:17, 2:06, 2:48, 2:25, 2:36
    Tapped my phone everytime I walked by to get my splits. Apparently halfway through I crap the bed. Darnit. I will beat one of you clowns yet…

    Midline: 43

  50. 1. 95/95/95/100
    2. 115/115/125(hi-pulls not as high clavicle so dropped back down)/115/115
    3. 185/185/185/185
    conditioning 7:27@ 120
    strict ttb- 50…very hard to not use momentum so i slowed down and went for quality reps…i liked these!)

  51. 1) 135-135-145-155
    2)155-185-195-200(Haven’t done Hang cleans much, didn’t know how heavy I could go)

    Didn’t do metcon. Have a GGames Comp this weekend in Greenbay

  52. Strength work posted above.

    Conditioning- 6:15

    A few of the pull-ups look a bit low though. I swear they felt high enough while I was doing them haha.

  53. 1) 115 – 125×3 – hook grip was getting tough
    2) 175 across – sounds like a lot of people had similar problems w/ height
    3) 305 – had to use straps, grip was wrecked
    conditioning – 12:36 wow I’m slow
    T2B – 32 see aforementioned whining about grip

  54. First day back after a week and a half off. Back Squat in the morning 210×10,230×8,245×6,265×4 These all felt good.
    Did conditioning Run,MU,DBPP Did first 5 MU UB and then fell apart, missed three in a row, had a class coming in ten minutes so I switched to CTB pull ups and finished at 10:15
    Weighed 202 when I left for Mexico weighed in at 213.5 last night when I got home. Damn Churros! Three weeks ago my max weighted MU was 5 lbs. So I figure that my fail was actually a 6.5 lb PR.
    In the evening came back and did Yeasterdays
    1)135,145,155(F1st),155(f1 again)
    2)185 across
    Conditioning 9:45 kept thinking about all of the damn churros the whole time
    TTB 26

  55. 1.) 93-93-98-98
    2.) 113-113-118-123
    3.) 183

    Conditioning: 8:32

    Strict TTB: 57

    M: 2/4/3

  56. 1) 150, 160, 165, 170
    – maintained grip thru all movements except last set dropped b/w reps
    2) 205, 215, 220, 225
    3) 331 for all
    -felt good but grip was shredded by end of strength and showed in conditioning

    Conditioning: 11:16
    – not happy thought i could get all pull-ups with butterfly i had just been starting to get but that didnt happened and got mind fucked me thru the rest of the workout

  57. 1) 65, 85, 95, 105
    2) 105, 125, 135, 145
    3) 185 for all
    First time w/ all three movements.

    Conditioning: 11:17 – Haven’t been doing enough pull-ups, they killed me!

  58. BB Gymnastics
    1) High hang snatch pull (65/75/95/115)
    2) High hang clean pull (115/135/155/185)
    3) Flat footed clean pull (205)



  59. 1. 135
    2. 155 – Felt like my shoulders were rounding forward for the “high” pull
    3. 255, 245, X, X – Wasn’t feeling these

    Conditioning – 2 Rounds in 2:45, but knew I had swimming later, so I cut it off

    Midline: 40

    2 Hours later – Swim prep for Triathlon:
    100×4 with 12 breath recovery
    50×4 with 8 breath recovery
    25×4 with 4 breath recovery

    M/F/S – 4/4/2

  60. 1. 30 kg stayed at that trying to improve snatch technique
    2. 55 kg
    3. 80kg
    Metcon 13.40 last two sets of pull ups resorted to jumping pull ups arms and traps fucked

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