Mucho questions abound about the squat cycle. Did I use enough weight? Should I raise my 1RM? Are we going to keep Weightlifting? Why does it burn when I pee? Etc.

Relax, children—everything will come together. Many of you didn’t know the difference between a high-bar and low bar until this week. Many of you had no idea that you could “bounce” at the bottom of a squat. You’ve all got a new pet, don’t accidentally break its neck trying to put the collar on.

Next week you’ll get more instruction on loading. In case you didn’t know we were already squatting heavy twice a week. Now it seems like a big deal because I told you we are—nothing else has changed. If you need critique on your high or low bar technique, post videos to comments and we will give you some feedback. Other than that… Enjoy getting awesome.

When you see skill work written, please take it seriously. It will come up at some point and if it doesn’t it will help your growth as an all around athlete. Remember, if you don’t want to practice because you think it’s silly, there’s always someone out there who is a better athlete than you already and can do this…

WOD 111231:


1) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Snatch – rest as needed.
2) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk – rest as needed.

Notes: Take as long as you’d like to warm up for these lifts, but limit yourself to ONLY 3 legit attempts. You may use any style of each lift, but try to stick to a near USAW standard.


Run 400m
9 Muscle-Ups
18 DB Push Press 50/35#
Run 400m
7 Muscle-Ups
15 DB Push Press 50/35#
Run 400m
5 Muscle-Ups
12 DB Push Press 50/35#

For time.

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  1. And thus begins the evolution of the Outlaw Way as a training program for American Ninja Warrior.

  2. Today marks exactly 4 weeks into the Outlaw programming for me…

    Snatch – 132# (6# PR!) I got under 136, but my turnover was slow and I missed.
    C&J – 167# (2# PR!) Jerk wasn’t feeling fast today, but cleans were tight.

    The biggest difference I’m feeling on these lifts is that they feel much lighter off the ground. This shit works!

    Conditioning: 16:10
    This was deceptively hard. At one point, I punched myself in the face with the rings. Must have been my subconscious trying to put me out of my misery. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  3. Snatch – 165 PR
    C&J – 225 PR
    (got under 235 but lost it standing up)
    I’m new to this site, I started following about 3 weeks ago, and it seems like every time I touch a barbell…I PR. Thanks!

  4. Results from previous days:

    225lb = 5×1 3 position clean.
    165Lb = 10×1 3 position snatch. My box programmed a similar wod: hang power, full power, squat. It got really ugly at the end.

    7 rounds even = double under/deadlift wod
    Felt like I had a few more reps in me but I was being really really careful (slow) not to drop/make noise with the weight. Did it at the Globo. Don’t know about you all but this seems to slow me down.


    0 to 50lb = weighted ring dips. These sucked. Felt like my shoulders were going to explode. Progress though. Last year I was doing push ups from knees.

    Yesterday’s strength
    1. 205, 215, 235, 255
    2a. 145, 150, 155, 160
    2b. 205, 215, 235, 235

    Went way too light. Undershot my 1RM on both squat lifts.

    HS walk about 150 meters total
    Vertical leap = 30 inches. (In college, 20 years ago, it was 37″. Still in the 30′s. Not bad for an old guy.)


  5. Not a great Oly day. My entire backside calves to shoulders are sore! Good stuff though, gotta get used to this programming.

    Snatch hit 205 and missed my pr, 215 twice

    After pr on power clean @ 265 on Thursday, missed 265 all three attempts today

    Wod: 12:20

  6. Conditioning Only:
    10:15 Rx. I broke up MU/DB PP into 2 sets every round. I would really like to be able to do all MU unbroken, but unfortunately if I tried I would hit muscle failure and stare at the rings a lot and that would kinda defeat the purpose. Fun WOD.

  7. i did the squat cycle from yesterday.

    1) 155×10, 170×8, 180×6, 195×4(felt good an strong)
    2b) 155×5, 170×5, 180x5x2

    conditioning i did todays

    = 14:01 ( run was 1:30 pace, i blow at muscle ups, all singles plus resting too long and all PP’s were easy and unbroken)

    did some HS walks yesterday, 5 attempts= 20′, 25′, 25′, 20′, 20′


  8. 1) 215(f), 210, 215(f) (legs and shoulders felt like balls of crap.)
    2) 255, 265, 275(f) (wasn’t getting ambitious after the horrible snatch performance).

    — 10:00 (used 55# dumbbells, bc didn’t have 50#s. Presses were UB, MU’s were 7-1-1, 4-2-1, and 4-1, and runs were SLOW.)

    M/F/S – 3/4/5

  9. 1) 150 – just not there today
    2) 175 – again no juice

    11:24 – getting better at MUs even on bad days so that’s good. And I got to chase after Poppa (aka McDreamy) so that helped. 

    MFS: 2/5/4

  10. 1) 165…missed 175 twice
    2) 240…..5# PR

    Conditioning: 9:52 – Muscle Ups were UB, 5/2, 4/1…dropped off the rings on with just one mu left at 8:00 or so and then proceeded to miss that last rep 3 times before getting it. That’s what I get for dropping off…bush league! Press went 13/5, UB, UB. Second and third 400 were slow I paced it out to much to give my shoulders time to recover.

    MFS – 2/4/6

  11. snatch : 155,165, 175 PR
    clean and jerk: 215,225,235 PR

    conditioning: 10:23 * did MU with feet on the floor. still working on them.

  12. Snatch 175 tied PR, missed 180.
    Clean and Jerk 235# tied PR. Cleans felt heavy today for some reason.

    Conditioning: 11:28. Presses unbroken. MU’s were 8/1, 4/2/1, 4/1. Pissed that I didn’t get an unbroken round. 2nd and 3rd runs needed to be quicker and probably spent too much time resting during the MU breaks.

  13. snatch: 225 on 2nd lift. Missed 245. Was sitting under it when my shoulder started to dance and unfortunately had to dump it. Will have it soon

    C&J: 3rd lift 285, previous PR

    conditioning: 9:24. Extremely fucking happy with this given it had running and MU’s in it. MU’s have improved alot.

    m/f/s …FTW!

    Happy New Years to all the my Outlaw people

  14. Still behind with the travel…

    1) hi bar squat
    220 x 10
    240 x 8
    255 x 6
    275 x 4


    2a) shoulder press 4×3

    Should have started heavier. These have improved since last time I did them which was a while back… Could have probably done 170

    2b) front squat
    185 x 5
    195 x 5
    210 x 2 x 5


    Metcon. No prowler so I did a nice little leg burner.

    5 rounds
    155# shoulder to overhead, 7 reps
    15 box jumps, 24″

    Nice sprint. Calves were fried by the end, quads in the few minutes afterward. Barbell unbroken, box jumps broken up a bit in rounds 3,4,5 just because the bounce was starting to go.

    Came back and found a basketball court nearby.

    HS walk and vertical jump practice
    4 sets of 2 jumps / max hs walk

    Jumps no idea how high….probably in the area of 25-30 inches. All were very similar
    HS walk
    64 feet (came down once and went right back up)
    64 feet
    70 feet
    86 feet PR

  15. Snatch- 150, 5# un-pr
    C&J- 205, 10# un-pr
    Conditioning- 10:55, mu- 5/4, 4/3, 5, pp- 9/9, 8/7, 6/6

  16. 1) 190pr, 205f, 205pr!!
    2) 235f (wasn’t mentally ready), 245, 255pr (the jerk was ugly and wouldn’t have flown in competition)

    I pr’d by 20lb on snatch today, and 10lb on c&j. Fuck yeah. No conditioning for me today, going to sit back and enjoy the pr’s. Have a good weekend everyone.

  17. 1) 175,190,200(m)
    2) 225,245, 270(m) Got the clean then due to unforeseen circumstances I didn’t even attempt the Jerk

    Conditioning: 11:39. After driving 13 hours back from Fl last night I was in no mood for this.

  18. Kg’s today.

    1) 85f, 85f, 90. PR is 100. Gay.
    2) 110, 115f, 115f. PR is 125. I never fail 115!

    Conditioning: 15:04
    (subbed 400m row for run)
    Failed a bunch of MU.

    What a retarded day. Sleep and eating has been off. Can’t wait for school to start again to resynch schedule.

    MFS: 3/6/7

    Very sore today. Felt slow.

    • DB PP was all unbroken. Quite easy. Conditioning today was all in a crap job on the MU which is quite unlike me.

  19. Strength:

    1) Hi- Bar – 235# x 10, 255# x 8, 275# x 8, 295# x 8 (My spreadsheet for hatch had me at different numbers/percentages so I mistakenly followed those…It appears to have been more work, so I’ll just accept it and move on.)
    2a) Press – 145, 155, 155, 160 (x3)
    2b) FS – 205, 215, 235 x 2 (x5)

    Did some 50lb Weightvest Shuttle Sprints (same distances) — clearly not the same…definitely need to invest in a butcher/prowler when I can.


    20 minutes alternating practice/testing between HS Walks and Standing Vertical Jump Test.

    Pretty good, got 3-4 walks around 25-30ft, practiced these yesterday on my rest day also, around the same had one that was 34 yesterday which was a PR…getting more consistent at least, but it takes me awhile to get warmed up to good longer ones.

    Hi-Jump — went 27″, 31″, 30″, 29″, 26″ (called it, knees bugging me a bit) — Got to 10ft 5in though standing, pretty close to being able to dunk from a standing position, kinda cool.

    Video coming later. Happy new year guys!

  20. In a bit of a rush today, had to squeeze everything in to 50 minutes
    1.) Snatch: 205, 215, 230 (f). Got under it and lost it behind
    2.) Was running out of time. Did 235 and went into the metcon.
    3.) 11:00. MU’s felt ok, pp unbroken, probably needed a bit more warm up leading into this.

  21. Mash up of yesterday and today since I will be at work tomorrow with limited equipment
    HBBS: 140, 150, 160, 175
    press: 125, 130, 135, 135
    front squat: 145, 160, 175

    today’s metcon: 9:47 rx’d

    MU and PP unbroken, first time running in the new inov-8s

  22. Snatch PR 145#
    C&J 175#
    Conditioning 16:13 MUs 1 at a time, hard to get more than one when your hitting the roof w/ head each time…lol

    m/f/s 3/3/3

  23. Snatch 185 195m 195m clunky, kept missing in front
    C&J 235 250 260pr Boom!

    16:30 MUs were shitshow with at least 4 misses. 50lb DB PP at least felt good. Gotta get back on Primal track tomorrow felt fat and heavy. Goal to get to my playing weight of 185 by the open. Amazing how much the extra lbs affect my MU and HSPU Sitting at a chunky 198 right now. Will be drinking too much tonight to stress it. Happy New Year!

  24. Snatch: 185#
    C&J: 245# Rear delt pain with heavy Jerk

    Conditioning: 8:08 1st set mu ub, 2nd set 5&2, 3rd set UB
    all push press UB
    I hate running

  25. 3/6-7/5

    feeling good but pretty fatigued, and it showed

    1) 215f, 215, 225f
    2) 265f, 265, 270f
    – 10lbs shy of old pr’s on both, think the week caught up with me

    conditioning: 20:17
    – was able to string together 3 muscle ups together for the first time in a wod, so happy about that. winning small battles is what its about

  26. Decided to do 3-position snatch and cleans since I did something else that day.

    5×150…pulls feel great but my turnover on my snatches lately SUCK! I used straps for the last four

    5×200..cleans felt great today!

    Conditioning-12:58 my aerobic capacity is poop lately. push presses were hard after the MUs

  27. 1) 205#. 10# under pr
    2) 275# clean & split press. Awful on the jerk. Tied pr.

    Conditioning: 12:08, should have done muscle ups unbroken, broke the round of 7 to 5 and 2

  28. great numbers across the board. Great to see PR’s and people improving on MU’s!

    slowly working back into it with oly lifts. Hit my target numbers very easily today-exciting!

    235 SN
    285 CJ

    *both extremely easy-it was very tough to stop myself from going higher or for PR’s

    8:52 on Metcon….MU’s getting better.

    went 8-1; 5-2; 3-1-1

    • Jessica,
      Couple things I’ve noticed. On the clean set up you are sitting in that position way to long. Get to the bar, set up and then pull. Push your knees out. May be the video but looked as if your knees were almost touching. Looks like your lower back is arching on the first pull. Not sure if that’s because your pulling with your back, your first pull is way to fast or both. You are not  opening up at all and you collapse in the bottom of the squat. Drive those elbows and chest up even before the bar hits you as you drop underneath. Make sense? Nice save BTW. 

      Jerk- You initiated the dip on your toes instead of driving off your heels. You are dipping forward which is pushing that bar out front. Pull head back and bar path should be straight up. Good recovery on that also. Do you have a tendency to miss forward? 

      congrats on the PR and from the looks of it you have more there. Open hips, stay tight, dip straight up and down ensuring the bar path is verticle. 

      • Thanks for the feedback!!! My technique needs a lot of work!! Yes, I always miss forward. I’ll
        Keep posting videos. Thanks again!!

    • Jessica, congrats on the PR! Couple things I noticed – I’ll try to be concise. Your set up is a bit high which might be why you’re using your back to lift that weight instead of your hamstrings. I don’t want to overwhelm you with things, but drive out of your heels and think about pushing your palms to the wall behind during the 1st pull of the clean. You want your weight in your heels for ad long as possible. This might feel very awkward at first, but it will help you fully open your hips and keep the bar back over the center of your body. Now for the jerk – loom at your grip in the video. You never readjust it from the clean. As you are driving up out of the clean readjust your grip. If you don’t readjust it then make sure to readjust it before you go into the jerk. Lower your elbows, move the bar over the wrists instead of back by your fingers, and close your grip. I’ll look for a video for you as an example. Also, during the jerk think DOWN. I feel like your trying to push the weight up. If that could happen you would be able to push press it.. You *must* drop, and drop aggressively. Like the other suggestion from Core – stay in your heels. Do not dip and go into your toes or your bar will travel in front of you. You’re a very strong girl. With some technique corrections you’ll soon be lifting hella crazy weight. 🙂

      • sorry for all the typos. i’m always sending crap from my phone which means i’m always making a million typos. here’s a vid… watch these ladies. look at their setup, watch them drive out of their heels. you can really see this with the girl at 1:10… she drives up out of her heels big time and does a great job of pushing her knees back out of the way. this video actually has quite a few good clips of the lifters readjusting their grip as they come up from the clean. 2:12 shows a really good angle of the girl pushing the bar back into her body… “palms pushing back to the wall behind her”. watch how they stay back in their heels as they dip for the jerk… also, they go straight DOWN. they’re not trying to push up the weight. they’re trying to drop under it as fast as possible.

        okay, now i’m pissed that i had to miss yesterday.

      • PS – were you a cheerleader? it looks like you are fighting for your hips to stay square as you drop under the bar in the jerk. i was a main base in college, so i blame my bad habit on that. 😉

      • I was a cheerleader for a very short while after i stopped competing gymnastics but cheering wasnt my thing so that didnt last long. Thanks for the tips and the video. Very helpful!!!

      • Guess I’ll have to find another excuse then…

        I didn’t sat this earlier, but great job fighting for that lift!

  29. Snatch- 106# (4# under pr)
    Clean & Jerk- 150# (tie to current pr)
    Conditioning: 26:12 (muscle ups are getting better…I got 14, and up and over the rings on all others – having a hard time finishing the dip at the top.)

  30. Snatch: I suck at this. Made 140, which is less than my PR of 150. I did however hit 135# Hang Squat Snatch warming up which was a PR for me….
    C+J: Once again, in training I can never make a big lift. Got 185 than failed twice at 195, don’t know why, 20 lbs shy of PR. I get in my head way to much.

    WOD: Scaled to banded MU, some days I have them, more days than not I don’t. Today was one of those days. 15:13.

    Happy New Year to all

  31. Snatch – 115 (10lbs under pr) felt pretty off mentally today.
    C & J – 170 (5lb pr) Ended up power cleaning, couldn’t mentally make myself squat underneath the weight so pr on power clean too.
    Conditioning – 19:30 – Kinda ended up taking my time on this one and focusing on my muscle-ups. No missed reps but having a hard time waiting on the pull. Pull way too early w/ my arms.
    Just started following this program a week or so ago and I am in love! Thank you!

  32. Snatch 185 m, 185, 200 m
    Clean and jerk 225, 235, 240m

    First time doing MUs in six months due to injury. Did all singles with full turn out. Felt good. No 50lbs so sub’d 44lb kb’s. 14:01

  33. Had to do this in a GLOBO today. Did not feel comfortable; unable to drop the weights.

    Snatch- 155lb – 30lb off PR; to risky.
    Clean and Jerk 235- 10lb off PR, but I should be able to hit 255 now.

    Couldn’t do the conditioning so I did Dumbbell KALSU instead,

    5 Burpees on the minute, Accumulate 100 Dumbbell thrusters @ 35lbs


  34. Wasn’t there a post for the workout on 1/2? Or did I have too much wine and completely dream that up?

  35. Snatch – 185 PR
    Clean and Jerk – 230 PR

    Conditioning – 11:15 using 53# kb. MU’s unbroken. PP broken into 2 sets each round.

    Vertical – 27.5

    Pretty happy with all this considering prowler death

  36. Finally got around to hitting this workout.
    Snatch: Missed 135 first time, Got it the second time around but it was very squirrelly (is that a word?) then I nailed 145 (5 lb PR!!) super exciting
    Clean & Jerk: So so today. I tied my previous PR but it was tough 175 lbs
    Conditioning: I don’t have a ring setup that allows me to hang under them. So I did a progression where I pull from below with my feet on the ground and quickly bring my feet up so I hang in the catch position and dip. Also the heaviest DB I have are 40s so I used those
    Time: 11:27 Pretty happy with this
    Snatch 135 Missed

    Snatch 135

    Snatch 145

    Clean & jerk 165

    Clean & Jerk 175 Missed

    Clean & jerk 175

    Please any comment are more than welcome.
    Happy New Year!!

  37. Snatch: 105, 115 fail, 115 fail– this just wasn’t sticking for me …my shoulders were VERY fatigued.
    Clean & Jerk: 125, 135, 145–I’ve cleaned 145 and I’ve jerked 145, but never done them together–so I guess you could call it a PR???

    Conditioning: forgot time…more than 11, but less than 14. Not helpful!!! Didn’t do AS RX. anyway. Did MU from standing and used only 20# DB. My shoulders were so weak–not hurt or sore, just very weak. I tried 35 and 25#, but couldn’t stop push jerking. To keep the movement true, I used 20#.

    MFS: 3/7/5

  38. 1) 195 – 10 lb PR!
    2) 215 – tie PR
    suck @ the jerk so I did some squat cleans as well 10lb PR @ 265!

    16:51 on the metcon

  39. im terrible at posting

    1)215 10# pr
    2)245. legs were tired from the snatch. got under 255 but didnt stand up.
    3) 18:08 with mus from low rings. no turnover and starting with perfect grip definitley helps

  40. Short and uninteresting comment:
    Just practiced the Oly lifts

    Conditioning – 13:00.

    Muscle ups got me for sure. All pp were unbroken and the run was, ok.

  41. 1)150#

    Conditioning-11:47 Muscle-ups 2 UB each round and all singles from there on out. I’ve got to lear how to transition those into the next one better.

    Cliff Lewis

  42. 1st post! !!!!!! Been doing some of the bb gymnastics and some wods but not full programming as when I found the site I had just started 6 wk Russian squat program for front squats.

    But this programming is so sic and I’ve already pr my snatch I had to start doing more.

    Week 5 6×2 front squats (275)

    1. 145,145,155,155
    2. 205(pull sucked and as low) 175,175,185,185
    3. Much harder than I thought to keep good form

    Metcon 8:18 broke on last 2 sets of pull ups

  43. Still behind….
    1) 175
    2) 215

    Metcon: 11:25
    Didn’t have 50 lb dumbbells, only 40. :/

  44. Stuck at a Hotel: Treadmill 20 minutes with 1Min@90% & 1Min@50% (5MPH)
    90%: Increase speed by 0.2 every other minute (MPH) 8.0-8.2-8.4-8.6-8.8-9(1)-10(1). Should have went faster, but it was enough to scare away the guy on the treadmill next to me.

    3×20 Shoulder Touches (toes against wall)

    Swimming Technique Work.

    Snatch: 113-118(Fx3)
    Clean & Jerk: 143-153(FC-FJx2)

    Conditioning: 19:56.
    My MUs are jacked up again, but they started to get better on the set of 7.

  45. 1. hit 195 missed 206 three times (I felt and was slow)
    2. 225,245,255(pr clean missed Jerk)

    Conditioning: 10:35 (45# KBs)
    MU unbroken except 6 on rd of 7… slow runner

  46. Snatch – 175,185,195(f) but it was close, so I tried again and got it. (10 lb PR!) but not really legit, considering it was my 4th attempt. I was definitely not as tight as I should have been in the bottom, but the 1st and 2nd pull felt strong.
    C&J – 245(f)x3. Not really sure what was up, 255 is my PR, but my jerk wasn’t happening today, thus, I just moved on.

    Conditioning: 8:52 – This was way harder than expected, particular the dumbbell PP, felt myself stabilizing with my back and not my abs. All MU and DB PP unbroken. Runs were slow (1:45,1:55,2:00)

  47. Ok running a few wods behind but posting on day was written as you asked snatch 45 kg god awful at snatch form shite please come do training camp in uk .clean and jerk equaled or 65 kg cleaned 70 couldn’t lock it out.havent got muscle up yet so replaced with weighted dips on Metcon time 14.36 .

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