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WOD 111229:

Rest Day


Discussion topic #1:

Dis mufucka got 4th and I got “honorable mention”!?

Today I was sent a link to “7 CrossFit Blogs You Should Be Reading” by Ben O’Grady. I was incredibly excited to see Beastmodal Domains on the list, but then as I looked further—well off the list—in the fucking honorable mention area; below Sage Burgener (who hasn’t posted SINCE SEPTEMBER), below our own Elisabeth “Ekinwale”, below some blog about how to be elite at using sarcasm, I noticed that our little “data collection project” had made the cellar of the JV list.

Look, I’m a team player. I’m proud that Epic got props, but you’re telling me that a site where this appeared…
Is better than a site that literally has double-digit Games competitors following its programming? I mean sure, there’s some pretty life changing stuff on BMD, like – “That sounds like a mouth-queef to me and it means you’re ready for a sturdy cockpunch” – or – “There is some wack-ass shit going on and I’m fittin’ to call it out.” Both of those statements, and hundreds others like them, are certainly as researched and well thought out as the Limited Conjugate or any of the other scientific “mumbo-jumbo” appearing on this site.

You know what? I understand what it takes now. Make some water color level penis shaped charts… Flaccid dongs to erections, GENIUS. Most importantly, all the writing I do from now on will include terms like; “cockpunch”, “fuckstomp” and other made up words like “dickblow” and “assstab”.

Did I move up the list yet?



Discussion topic #2:

First things first, kids—I love you all. I don’t know you all, but the fact that you’re here and following makes me think you are intrinsically the best humans on earth.

That being said…

There were some questions about the Elisabeth Akinwale’s 3 Position Snatch video that I posted last night. I want to try to take this opportunity to educate and not start a screaming match. We can also use it as yet another chance to get across the point of each of the movements we do.

Look, I know that Elisabeth’s high-hang wasn’t exactly “from the pockets”, but guess what? I had actually instructed her—over email—to do EXACTLY what she did in that video and I thought her lift was perfect.

Here is the bottom position of her Hang Snatch:

Here is the bottom position of her High-Hang Snatch:

You can see in the pics above that her high-hang is a solid 3-5″ above her hang. No, it’s not absolutely perfect, but 15 minutes before this Elisabeth had never been in a real hang position. In fact, in the first video she sent me, she was basically dragging the barbell down her legs and letting it rest on her thighs. If the hang is performed without initiating from the hip (starting by pushing the hips back first to create tension in the hamstrings), then usually the lifter will try to do some sort of a weird quad trampoline bounce that basically monkey-fucks everything.

Also, Elisabeth has VERY long arms and a VERY short torso. This may make her look lower than a normal person in the high-hang, but the reality is that if she dropped straight down then the bar would come in contact with her legs, thus disengaging the tension in her primary pullers and turning the movement into very heavily weighted ankle extension test that involved no whip generated from the back side.

And, most importantly, Elisabeth’s positioning on the lift was an almost flawless copy of this: DEMO VIDEO which I sent her.

I know, this is some pretty advanced stuff, and I’m sorry if I confused some of you guys. I sometimes have a different lexicon that doesn’t translate well without demo video and words. I’ll try to make sure everyone is on the same page for everything from now on.

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  1. I think this may be a record setting day today. I’ve so far managed to piss of 4 people. Too bad I am someone who actually cares, or I’d be pretty proud of myself. Will keep my opinionated mouth shut next time b/c as any good coach knows the only coach who really understands what’s going is the one who is coaching the athlete. My apologies.

  2. You’re just pissed that you’re the Joey Bishop of our little rat pack blogging crew.

  3. 1) Thanks again Rudy for the free awesome programming. It’s scary how similar some days are on here to Mr. Morrison himself whose blog I’ve been reading for a long time. Only he splits them up across the day.

    2) Thanks for clearing that up. Good to know I was doing them exactly the way I should be. I remember thinking… how the eff do I high hang snatch 75%. Oh… he must mean mid thigh.

    3) Josh Courage. We can have a lot of fun. Our strength numbers are very similar. Your conditioning is better. I like where this is going. Also, are you the Josh Courage who sometimes shows up on the aforementioned Morrisons blog? That’d be neat.

    4) Watching Kevin Simons videos before training causes instant PR’s because his testosterone literally seeps through the screen and into your blood stream and morphs you into a slightly animalistic state where you suddenly Push Press more than you could Split Jerk… at least I wish that happened.

    That is all.

    • Dear Rudy,

      I know that I consider your writing and knowledge less important in the world of competative exercising than someone who hasn’t posted in months…but can you get me some more readers on my blog?

      Your buddy,

  4. I honestly think this site is awesome and everyone following this program are beastly. That being said when the Opens / Games come around it will speak for itself. Just my opinion 😉

    Rest day and I’ve come down with something… I knew I wasn’t feeling it during the WOD yesterday.

  5. I wish I could come up with responses half as whitty as the ones on this blog! Lmao! I have fun reading them though 🙂
    Made up Tuesdays strength madness but I have been wodding with the class the past few days so I have been going the wods at our box… Going to do the conditioning tonight

    1. Backsquats 130/150/160/170
    – I dunno what mh 1 rep max backsquat is but my 5 rep is 205 do went off of 215
    2a. Strict parallette hspu- never tried these without Kipping so this was a good challenge … 1″ deficit and struggled but got the work done… Sets of 4/3/2/1… Easier for me to mentally push through descending numbers
    2b. Front squats 125/145/145/145

    WOD :
    7 squat cleans 105#
    14 kb swings 35#

  6. Thanks for the post on the high hang. When I asked the question yesterday my intentions were not to try and criticize Elisabeth’s technique. I was only trying to make sure I was doing the correct movement as programmed.

    Thanks for the explanation.

  7. 1a) 185×4, 190×1
    1b) 155×1, 160×1, 165×3

    8 rounds even. Really concentrated on form over speed on the DL’s. 

    1a) 45 30 30
    2b) 20# vest – broken up by the end

    MFS: 1/5/2 – not enough sleep. 

  8. Make up from yesterday:

    PC: 235-245-255-260-265
    Press Cluster: 185-205-215-220-225

    Wod: 6 Rds + 31 DUs
    Hope this programming is the answer to the riddle wrapped in a enigma that is my deadlift.

    No acces to weight belt or DBS so:
    3×10 RD 20#
    3×10 GH Raises improvised with band and KBs.

  9. 1a) 5X1 Power Clean – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

    250, 255, 260, 265, 270 (PR) – 280(F) Felt Great, I’ve got 280 in the bag, had it up to my nipples, just couldn’t get the elbows around!

    1b) 5X1 Press Cluster – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

    185, 195, 205, 215, 225 — Felt Surprisingly good!

    4 rounds for reps/meters/weight of: (Took off of the C2B, Biceps still hurting a bit)
    1 minute ME Row for Meters (355, 323, 322, 319)
    -rest 1 minute
    10 Weighted Ring Dips (35lbs x 4 sets x 10)
    Rest 1 minute
    1 minute Weighted Plank Hold (125lbs x 4 sets, typically between 40 and 55 seconds)
    -rest 1 minute

    3 x 10 Weighted GHD Sit-Ups 52lbs

  10. Did Fran as I had programmed it for the gym today.

    Paced the first 21,21 and was able to go unbroken throughout. slow walk between movements.

    2:47 (25 sec. PR) Took the next day for Rest.

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