Again; we love videos. I’m going to have more demo videos from more people throughout the coming weeks. I know you guys are bored of seeing me and I’ve gotta find the top of my head before I’m on camera again (WAH-WAH-WAH). This first video is more of a retrospective demo, but there have been some questions about the 3 Position Snatch or Clean & Jerk. I also wanted to post this to show everyone what sort of speed it takes to finish the 3 Pos when we work from the floor up. Here’s Elisabeth “The Thoroughbred” Akinwale @ 135# (watch especially the hi-hang rep):

WOD 111228:

BB Gymnastics

1a) 5X1 Power Clean – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
1b) 5X1 Press Cluster – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
Notes: Press Cluster is – Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk. Obviously this is performed without putting the barbell down.


8 minute AMRAP of:

7 Deadlifts @ 275/185#
35 Double-Unders

*Rest as necessary before strength work.


1a) 3×10 Weighted GH Raise – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
1b) 3X10 Weighted UB Ring Dips – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
Notes: This should be the heaviest weight you can use for 10 UB reps. If you need to break before 10 reps then the weight should be lowered. If you cannot do 10 UB reps without weight, then breaking is acceptable but work on getting as many consecutive reps as possible.

Brandon took the time to shoot a demo video for the Press Cluster. Something happened with the audio so it’s pretty much silent for the first 40 seconds or so. Relax… The important stuff starts after 40 seconds. Just gaze into Brandon’s beautiful blue eyes until the audio kicks in…

Demo for GH Raises…

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  1. Ok just a trend Ive noticed. Hopefully the copius amounts of Crown I’ve consumed tonight doesnt get in the way of the message im trying to send. Everyone needs to read the blog and read it carefully. There is a reason each movement is programmed and why it is programmed that way. If it says strict HSPU then do strict HSPU. That doesnt mean , “Hey ill do some strict, than I’ll kip the fuck out of the rest. Ask Drywall (think he wrote a blog on this) why its bad or just look at my strict pullup ability (beat you to it DW). If you cant to them strict as prescribed (ie on paralletes) then scale it so your doing it strict ( just on the floor, with bands, etc…) We are all competitive as fuck, but doesnt mean we have to sacrifice the work to beat anothe rathlete. Seriously, size it up. We have 4 or more game competitors and a whole shit load of bad asses. Do the work and do it right and at the end you’ll see it pays off. If you have to scale so be it. Fuck it because, ” Your warm up is our wod”! Fucking gay (but not in the homesexual way, because as Epic puts it, ” I love the gays and even my boyfriend is one). Keep posting and fuck this is gonna hurt for the next 12 weeks. BTW Crown Reserve is the Shizznit! Next to Jamieson of course

  2. Corey, that just might be the longest and most error-free post you’ve ever written. Is Crown like your version of Adderall?

    On a side note… is that a Deadlift/Double-under wod I see? *grin*

  3. BB Gynmastics
    1a. 150, 155, 155, 145, 145 (dropped weight when form suffered, landing too wide)
    1b. 125, 125, 125, 130, 130 (did’t go too heavy, as push jerk was janky. Split jerk was great)

    – no rest, right into:
    Conditioning 7 + 7 (wanted 8, but shoulders were burnt for the double-unders)

    1a. 15# KB for all sets
    1b. 10# for all sets

    M/F/S – 3/3/3

  4. 1a. 5*1 185
    1b.2@155, 3@145

    Amrap-4 rounds+3 deads

    Ghd raises- my 1st time doing theses. Di 3 @15 lbs. They were ugly. Switched to unweighted.

    I did the rind dips unwrighted also. Broke 1st set in 5s. 2nd.and.3rd unbroken

  5. 1: 225, 245, 255, 265, 275 missed 3x-not happy at all.
    2: 185, 205, 225, 240, went for PR from rack position and missed 255
    *used 2 inch fat gripz on deadlift
    6 rds even

    3: did 3×10 w/ ghds, ring dips, and strict TTB
    used green band (i know, but i had some old students train with me and they wanted to learn a new exercise), no weight on ring dips*focus on slow controlled movement, and strict TTB were just for shits and giggles.

  6. BB gym:
    1a) 150# all sets
    1b) 130,130,135,135,130

    7 rounds + 2 deads

    1a) no weight. Never done these before. I’m uncoordinated and crap like this takes men’s while to figure out.
    2b) no weight and not UB. goat!!!

  7. 1a.) 175 for all sets. My hips felt so slow.
    1b.) 165 for all sets

    Conditioning 6 full rounds (May have been 7, but somehow lost count, so I will go low)

    1a.) GHD Raises, first time, 10lbs
    1b.) 3×10 UB @ 20 lb vest.

  8. 1a) 225lb – not great today, failed a couple
    b) Worked up to 205lb – no fails

    No time for conditioning. Calves are still messed from my 5K run the other day so better I rest em.

    GHD Raises, first time- 25lbs x 10
    UB Strict weighted Dips- 3×10 w/ 20lb vest. Could have done more weight.

  9. My right quad feels like someone whacked me in the leg w/baseball bat. I don’t think I’m doing the GH raises correctly.

  10. I don’t have a GHD set up. Should I do good mornings as a sub? Or should I try to put together a makeshift setup?

  11. 1a) 245, 255, 265, 265, 275(f)
    1b) 195, 205, 215, 215, 215

    7rds + 2 Deadlifts

    1a) GHD Raises (Epic and I created a pretty gnarly contraption made of boxes, 45# plates, abmats and a firemain): 25#
    1b) UB Strict Weighted Dips: 40#, 50#, 60#

  12. 1a) 215/225/235/245/250(pr)
    1b) 175/195/200/205/205

    Wod 6 rnds..rx

    strength 1a) 24 lb vest / 48 lb vest/ 48 lb vest
    1b) 44lbs all sets UB and strict with good tempo , no rush

  13. 1a)255,265×4

    8 rds
    No pacing involved. DU’s fell apart the last few rounds

    ghds 25lb,15,15
    ring dips 35lbx3

    tgu’s 29

  14. 1a) 255#, 265# (sloppy), 265# (f). 260#, 260#, 260# (f), 255#
    1b) 185#, 205#, 215#, 225#, 235# (f), 235# (f@split jerk)

    — 9 rds + 27 double-unders (so close!)

    1a) 50# KB
    1b) 66# vest (f@10 on the third set)

    M/F/S – 1(didn’t fail my law school finals… woot)/2/2

  15. 1a. 175-175-180-185 PR!- 190 PR again!
    1b. 135-135-145-150-155 PR!
    3 Rounds + 5 DL @ 225lbs. My midline really started to fall apart on the 4th round’s deadlifts. Pretty happy with this result (my goal was more than 3 Rounds and I initially thought about doing the WOD at 185 but after the power cleans I bumped it up to 225)
    Also I am satisfied with my double unders today. They weren’t perfect but they didn’t cause me to hit a wall in the WOD.
    1a. No weight. The makeshift setup I put together was sketchy at best.
    1b. I really suck at dips so I aimed to do as many as possible (10 reps in as few sets a possible) 10 UB- 8/2- 5-3-1-1. Also didn’t kip them so I am pretty pumped with that improvement. All of them with just BW.
    WOD video to come soon.

  16. BB gymnastics
    1a) 205×5
    1b) 165,175,185,185,195(failed on push jerk)
    7rounds + 5 deads
    1a) 25lb weight vest x 3 rounds
    1b) 25lb weight vest + 10lb dumbbell x 3 rounds


  17. 1a. 225 across (felt slow as shit – probably due to my lack of WU and last night of drinking heavy. felt good by the end)

    1b. 175, 185, 195, 205, 210 (should of pushed this a bit more jerks were super easy – also of note I’m spoiled as shit and get to use jerk blocks so…)

    Not 100% back yet from my cold so I packed the DL/DU did 5 rounds +6 DLs hoping I’m gtg for fridays metcon

    Dips – strict 10 each set felt good
    GHDR – BW just did reps until I wasn’t explosive anymore didn’t count reps – i’ll get back to adding a plate next go round

  18. BB Gymnastics 1a) 235-235-235-245-245 1b) 205-205-205-210-210. Conditioning: 6rds+2dl. Didn’t have time for strength portion. I’ll do it later and post.

  19. 1a) 255, 255, 265(fx2), 265, 265(f), 265, 275(f) (ugh…)
    1b) 185, 205, 205, 215, 220

    Conditioning – 8 rounds + 18 (all dl’s unbroken, kept screwing up in du’s which is rare for me. Only got 1 unbroken round of them)

    2a) 15, 25, 35
    2b) 30, 25, 25

  20. A bit behind. Next week or so I’m in Florida so training will be a bit hit and miss. Home in Kingston visiting family. For into cf kingston.

    Haven’t squatted much since summer. PR’s are 415 low bar and 325 front squat
    Working off 375 and 300

    Back squat
    225x 10
    265 x 8
    280 x 6
    300 x 4
    Pretty easy. Great depth.

    2a) hspu head to floor 4″ defecit. Broken up a bit more than I’d like mainly because I was loosing balance trying not to slide my romaleos up and down a concrete wall.

    Front squat (from ground, racks all in use)
    185 x 5
    210 x 3 x 5
    Not bad.

    The were locking the place up so only got one round in……
    C2B – 35 PR
    Row – 320m
    45# plate

    Felt like I had nothing on the row. Pullups were great. Some of the best I’ve ever done. Should have hit 40.

    Florida tomorrow at 5 am
    Trying to find a gym nearby. Time to step it up when I get back. Few too many nights of booze this last week.


  21. 4/5/5

    1a) 5×1 @ 220
    1b) 5×1 @ 190

    Conditioning – 6 rounds, wasted too much time each round before starting DL’s again

    Didn’t have a GHD and didn’t think to try to build one subbed 3 x 10 Barbell Good mornings

    3 x 10 UB Ring Dips wearing 45 lb vest

  22. 1a) 255
    1b) 200
    – both felt good, didnt go heavier on either. didnt wanna sacrifice form

    5 rds & 7 dl’s
    -ub on all dl’s
    -rope broke on me in the middle of the 4th, could’ve got another set in i think

    1a)25, 15, 15
    1b) 15, 15, 15
    – probably gone lighter on both. the last 2 sets of ring dips were 7, 3

  23. I was under the impression that “high-hang” was at your pockets. In other words, those last 2 inches of hip opening. In the video it looks like her “hang” and “high-hang” are almost identical. The high hang might be a little higher on her thigh but not much. Is this what we’re shooting for?

    Also, it is acceptable to dump the bar between each position?


  24. 1a) 205
    1b) 165


    4 + 7

    1a) no weight on these…only 6 reps on last set
    1b) bw, 40, 40

  25. a) 205, 215, 225, 225, 230(f)
    b) 165, 175, 185, 185,190(5#pp pr)

    WOD- 7rds + 20 DU

    a) 25#
    b) 24kg

    Almost had a 5# power clean pr with 230 but failed to get my elbows around fast enough. I’m pretty sure 190 push press is a new pr for me fougth it the last 1/3 of the lift but locked it out. The wire rope I was sing kept gettin twisted on me or I just suck at double unders. All deadlifts were unbroken until rd 6 where I went 4/3…

  26. 1a 185…1 rep max was 190 last time I max’ed
    b 145

    Wod 4+4

    used 22lb vest for GHD raises, my GHD doesn’t have the knee pad (basically I did back extends) 22lb vest for dips also

    m/f/s 3/3/7

  27. 1A) power clean: 195-205-215-225-225
    1B) press cluster: 165-175-185-195-205

    AMRAP: 6 rounds + 1 deadlift

    Strength: 3×10 ghd 25# plate
    3×10 ring dips * just went body weight I’m horrible at these did all sets. unbroken

  28. 1) 95kg(209); 100kg(220);  107kg (235.4) .4 lb PR Ha! ; 112.5 (248) (f)x3 All caught in a semi squat so Rudy ruled No rep.

    2) 85kg ( 187);95kg (209); 100kg (220); 107.5kg (236.7) New PP (11.7 lbs) and PJ (1.7 lb)PR; 110kg (f)

    Conditioning: 8 rds + 6 DLs
    Ran out of time for the Strength

  29. 1a) 195, 195, 205, 205, 205
    1b) 175

    Conditioning- 8 rounds + 7 deadlifts

    1a) did hypers with 90#
    1b) 10, 25, 36- should have gone heavier on these

  30. 3/3/3

    1a) 5×1 @ 275 – failed two reps but reset and got them all.
    1b) 5×1 @ 265, 270, 275, 275, 280 Yeah! PR on the Push Press. Felt good.

    Conditioning – 8 Rounds + 15 DU

    Don’t have a GHD.

    3 x 10 UB Ring Dips @ 90lbs, 100, 100

  31. First time posting/ first time doing this programming, pretty excited to have found you guys.I’ll be joining some of you at the Naples, FL camp, can’t wait!

    1a) 153, 153, 143,143, 143
    1b) 105, 105, 105, 105, 105. (only could go light cause I’m fried from a long week)

    Conditioning- 7Rnds + 7DL + 22DUs @185

    ran out of time for Strength work:(

  32. WOD- 5 rounds run 200m 20 pullups run 200m 20 push ups run 200m 20 situps run 200m 20 squats (28:30)

    1a. Power clean 125/125/135/145/145 … I didntknow if I should max out… My cleans need work.., do tried to focus on fast explosive hips and quick elbows
    1b. Press cluster 125/125/125/135/135… I should have went heavier earlier

    Conditioning; 8 rounds even… Double unders were off today! Might gave just been thr WOD lol

    Gh raise first time on these- 20/25/25
    Ring dips 20/20/20

    Making up yesterday’s work tomorrow! 😉

  33. Power Clean – 175, 175, 175, 175, 185 (fail), 185
    Press Cluster – 135, 135, 135, 140, 140

    Conditioning – 9 rounds – subbed mt. climbers for double unders due to foot issue

    Strength – 3×10 GHR, Ring Dips 18×10, 26x2x10

    • I’m so glad your training and posting here. You’re ridiculous and fun to chase. I’m pretty sure almost all games athletes can’t even do 1 freestanding HSPU. Keep posting videos man… love em.

  34. 1a. 65, 85, 95, 105, 115– 115 was a PR for my push press, but I should have gone heavier. These felt really good-despite my shoulders being super sore.
    1b. 115, 125, 135, 140, 145 (fail) PR at 140

    My back is still jacked. Every time I do deadlifts, my back locks for a couple of weeks on running, kettlebell swings or high-rep deads, if I don’t rest it well. I maxed on deadlift last Monday and I still can’t do a WOD with any of those three movements. My max is 300-easy. 185 is so light. Aggravated is not the word. I’m so stubborn, I tried the WOD anyway, even though I knew what the outcome would be. 3 rounds,–even had to drop weight to 115 halfway through third round and still couldn’t pull that. I could barely bend over to take the weights off the bar. There has to be something I can do to make this stop. On the bright side, double unders were on and I didn’t feel gassed after my two legit rounds that I finished at the 2 minute mark. 🙂

    1a. 25#–had to use the bodybuilder machine in eFitness for back extensions–don’t even know what the thing is called. We don’t have a GHD.
    1b. Did strict unweighted stationary dips. All unbroken. The first time in while that I’ve been able to do sets of 10. Next time, I’m going to the rings.

    M/F/S : 2 before deadlift fiasco–after deadlift fiasco 8 / 5 / 7

  35. Yesterdays –

    1) 235 x 10, 270 x 8, 295 x 6, 310 x 4
    2a) Used 70lb KBs as paralletes, went to just below the handles ~1.5inch deficit
    2b) 200 x 5, 235 x 5, 235 x 5, 235 x 5

    rested like 20 minutes then had a sweet opportunity to go against some Affiliate Cup games competitor drop-ins tonight, and boosted my confidence a lot (WoD was a lot like tomorrows, so I will interchange the two conditionings)

    12 minute AmRap partner WoD:
    8 Deadlifts @ 315
    Bear Crawl 15m
    30 Double Unders
    Crab Crawl 15m
    I completed 68 deadlifts (8rounds +4 deads) unbroken at 315 (sets of 8), and did all 240 Double Unders unbroken (sets of 30) as well. I was able to rest a lot going fast and unbroken waiting for my partner to finish, almost wish I could go at this one solo today, think I could get close to 10, definitely my two best movements. We dominated. Awesome day…WIN…EVERYTHING

    M/F/S = 3/4/2

  36. 1a) 5X1 @245 (putting in my work out of a globe gym this week and didn’t wanna scare the herd by missing)
    1b) 5X5 bench @245

    Conditioning (real eased and reset for all DL’s, weighted jump rope at the globo)
    4 rnds even

    dips strict @40
    no shit did heavy leg curls ha! Don’t judge me its all I had

  37. 1a) 111, 116, 126, 136, 141 (I should have started heavier.)
    1b) 97 (I stayed pretty light, my shoulder has been bothering me over head.)

    Conditioning- 4 rounds + 4 deadlifts (working on improving those double unders!!)

    1a) subbed out hypers
    1b) I attempted ring dips, but they really bothered my shoulder

  38. 1A. 225, 245, 245, 255, 255f.
    1B. 185, 195, 195, 195, 205

    Conditioning – 7 rounds + 23 double unders. Should have had 8 but my legs gave out at the very end.

    1A. 0, 10, 10. Realized from the video I hadn’t been doing the compound movement (back extension) previously.
    1B. 55# across. May have been able to go slightly higher.

  39. 1a. 131, 131,136,141,141
    1b. 147, 157, 157, 162, 167
    Felt good on strength today!

    5 rounds + 1 DL. DL felt good but I suck at DU’s. Any suggestions for improving DU’s? I think I muscle them to much.

    1a. body weight, 5#, 10# (all sets ub)
    1b. 5#, body weight on last 2 sets (all sets ub)

    • Awesome job on your lifts, girl!! As for the DU, sometimes I try to hurry too much on them and forget the importance of the rhythm over the speed. Once I get the rhythm and stay consistent with it, it seems the only way to increase speed on them is practice over time and get stronger and better at keeping a higher pace. If I try to rush my personal pace or rhythm threshold–like in a competition–I just start screwing them up. Just an observation. Does that make sense? Not sure if that helps you.

  40. 1a) 245, 255, 255, 255, 255
    PR is 265. Missin some snap today. No chalk. Boo.
    1b) 205, 215, 225, 235, 225

    5 rounds + 7 DL + 21 DU

    DU’s were for crap. Been practicing them in warmup everyday again. Gotta fix those thangs. DL’s UB.

    1a) Bodyweight. No GHD. Done on a floor with feet scrunched under bench. Awkward.
    1b) 45, 65, 65

  41. 1a) 225 x 5 – working hip extention
    1b) 175 x 5 – should have added on later SJ still needs work

    Conditioning – 5rds + 5 DL spent too much time staring at the bar

    subbed 3×10 slide board leg curls – No GHD
    3×10 strict ring dips all UB no added weight

  42. AM WOD

    Worked up to a heavy set of 3 on Push Press. Decided to max out..PR of 209 lbs for a single!
    -Heavy Yoke carries
    -Sled pulls and stone shouldering
    -3×15 on the reverse hyper(90 lbs of plates)
    -3×8 of GHR’s(first time doing them)
    -battle rope conditioning
    -1 min on 1 min off
    -tried some peg board work(NEED PRACTICE!)

    PM WOD
    5×1 Power Clean-225#

    7 rounds + 7 DL’s and 10 DU’s

  43. BB Gymnastics

    1a) 205 felt strong
    1b) 185 felt strong


    5rds + 3 DL’s, 5rds rounds of UB DLS. Worst DU performance of my life.


    1a) completed, no weight, still trying to get the hang of these.
    1b) completed with 15lbs


  44. 1a 225, 230, 230, 230, 230
    1b 205, 210, 210, 210, 210(failed SJ)

    Got call from friend during above; skipped conditioning and strength and played 3x15min games of soccer.


  45. 1a) 5X1 Power Clean – 165, 185 x 4, 2 fails
    1b) 5X1 Press Cluster – 165, 175 x 3, 180

    8 minute AMRAP – 5 rounds, scaled wt to 255

    Couldn’t rig GHD raises at the Box and was running let for work so just did regular ring dips. 15, 12, 10

  46. 1st post. 31, 5’9″, 185#
    Grand Junction, CO.
    BB Gymnastics
    1A) #225,230,235,240,250
    Cond: 6 Rds, + 1 Deadlift.
    Strength: 3×10 GH raises @ 45# plate
    3×10 UB Ring dips @ 30# KB.-no kip strict.

    I am looking forward to this. I am logic driven and what I see makes sense, thanks for the information and programming…

  47. First post guys, go easy…
    1a) 5×1 @ 100kg – Felt good, should have gone up really
    1b) 5×1 @ 80kg –

    6 rds and 4 DLs

    1a) Unweighted, first time doing these, looked like a train crash!!
    1b) Unweighted again, all 10 unbroken.

  48. BB Gymnastics

    1a) 5X1 Power Clean – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
    – 205, 215, 225, 235, 235, 240
    1b) 5X1 Press Cluster – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
    – 185, 205, 215 (Jerked the Press), 215, 225 (Press Fail, Jerk Good, Split Fail) PR on Push Jerk.


    8 minute AMRAP of: 7 Rounds + 1DL. Too many misses on DUs.

    7 Deadlifts @ 275/185#
    35 Double-Unders

  49. 4-5 Mile Run (NFT) in the AM

    1A.) Power Clean: 133-138-143(F)138-140-143(Squat)
    1B.) Press Cluster:103-108-113-113-115(FPP)-115(PJ-PJ-SJ)

    Conditioning: 8+4

    2A.) GH Raises: 25-25-30#
    2B.) Ring Dips: BW-BW-8#(5-2-3)

    M: 3/5/7 (My hammies are twitching)

  50. First day with the Outlaw programming. I couldn’t get the strength in b/c of lack of time.

    BB Gymnastics:
    1a) 230, 240, 250, 255, 260(F)
    1b) 195, 205, 215, 220, 225(FPP)

    Conditioning: 8 rounds even. DLs all unbroken. Broke two DUs sets. Slow transitions.

    M 1 – amped to be starting the programming.
    F 3 – hit CFT on Tuesday, and my lats were tore up from max load DL.
    S 3 – see F.

  51. 1a) 230#
    2a) 195#
    Metcon – 5 rounds + 4 deadlift @ 185#
    1a) 3 x 5 (really hard glute ham machine)
    2a) 15#, 15#, 20#

    M/F/S – 3,4,3

  52. 1st post, yay! Few days behind
    5×1 power clean-185, 205, 215, 225, 235(pr)
    5×1 press-155 for all

    5 rounds + 10 double unders.
    I really need to get better at those, or do them outside so my rope doesn’t whip the rafters in my garage.

  53. BB Gynmastics
    1a. 225, 225, 225, 225, 225 (felt waaaay too heavy today, wasn’t tightening into bar)
    1b. 185,185,185,185,185 (didn’t go too heavy due to push press, drifting forward on toes, bar was crashing down on dip)

    – no rest, right into:
    Conditioning 8 (225 for DL, as 275 is still a bit heavy for conditioning for me with a 405 max)

    1a. 1 pood for all sets
    1b. 1 pood for all sets

  54. 1a) 205,205,215,215,215
    1b) 175#, 175#, 185#, 185#, 195#(f)

    — 7 rds + 1

    1a) 25# Weight
    1b) 55# weights hanging from waist

    Cliff Lewis

  55. BB Gymnastics

    1a) 90kg, 100kg, 102.5kg, 105kg, 105kg
    1b) 70kg, 75kg, 80kg, 80kg, 80kg

    8 minute AMRAP of:
    7 Deadlifts @ 275/185#
    35 Double-Unders
    3 Rounds 15 DUs


    1a) 3×10 Weighted GH Raise 5kg,10kg,10kg (Too Easy)
    1b) 3X10 Weighted UB Ring Dips 5kg, 5kg (F=6reps), Body weight 8 reps (F)

    3/4/9 (Tweaked my lower back squatting yesterday and now its really not happy)

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