My real Christmas gift to you all (it certainly wasn’t that hour long debacle of a WOD – I hope you enjoyed it, you won’t see anything that long until next Memorial Day), is the beginning of a new Squat Cycle. Brandon and I have been discussing this for the last month or so, and have finally decided on a template. He is always seeking more and more quad endurance, and I told him I was unhappy with the testing numbers coming off the last cycle. After weighing pros, cons, deciding which would go the best with the program, and figuring out which one is simply the most badass, we are going to go with the above template written by 2004 Olympic WL Team coach, Gayle Hatch.

From everything we’ve read, this is going to be a tough 12 weeks, but the volume and loading should allow us to come out of the Open with a group of fucking mutants. You’ll see a bit of a shift in the barbell gymnastics days and the pure strength work. Also, please make sure to carefully read the sets, reps, percentages and rest intervals for each movement.

WOD 111226:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5X1 3 Position Snatch (full squat) @ 75% – rest 60 sec.

Notes: Start on the floor, then hang (with full pause), then hi-hang.

2) 5X1 3 Position Clean (full squat) @ 75% – rest 60 sec.

Notes: Start on the floor, then hang (with full pause), then hi-hang.

3) 3-5X3 Snatch Balance – heaviest possible, rest 45 sec.

Notes: If you are limited for time or are proficient at this movement (well above your 1rm Snatch) you may complete only 3 sets. If you need work on this movement (below 1rm Snatch) and have time complete all 5 sets.


3 rounds for time of:

21 Burpees
21 KBS 32/24kg
21 Wall Balls 20/14#

Midline (time permitting)

10 minute AMRAP: TGUs (alternating) @ 24/16kg

Notes: Accumulate as many TGUs in 10 minutes as possible. Alternate arms each rep. Kettlebell should be used for weighting.


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  1. Having done 3 cycles of Hatch Squatting, I have to say I am half excited half sighing knowing the upcoming pain. PRs on Front Squat after a cycle were always 25-35lbs, so pumped for that also. I’ll be excited to see how you work the volume in to Oly training/Metcon, it was something I always struggled with.

    • However, I’m not really looking forward to the LBBS. I dislocated my shoulder last winter and I’ve been avoiding LBBS ever since b/c the bar position really jacks with my shoulder. Should be an interesting test of my shoulder mobility to say the least.

  2. HATCH SQUAT!! I’m excited. I’ve done burgeners 10×3 before and that was a good time. More squat = more chest hair. I love squats and am glad we’ll get some more volume on them. Tomorrow will be all metal plates in a globo. At my parents for christmas. No KB’s or WB’s either. DB swings and probably thruster for subs. Should be fun.

  3. Hey quick question outlaws…since starting to follow this programming daily I have really shortened my warm up. I used to do alot of calisthenics and such to get myself moving and have since started simply warming up with the lifts after about 5 min of dynamic stretching…how do you guys warm up?? 🙂

    • I try to work out as many kinks with the lacrosse ball in my upper back as I can for about 15-20 minutes, then row a 500m, couple air squats and Clean/FS, and Snatch/OHS (with bar) where I sit in the bottom for a minute or two, then get after a workout specific warm-up (aka, if we’re snatching I start snatching and walking up in weight). If I’m tighter than normal I will just do whatever we are doing more in the warm-up.

    • It takes me about 20 min to warm-up, but I need to b/c I’m kinda banged up. I row I slow 1K then do some ankle, hip, and shoulder mobility. Usually throw in some DU’s and then end with some dynamic movements. I’ll usually do a short warm-up before the metcon as well w/movements that mock the WOD.

    • I feel like it takes me longer than most people to get my shoulders ready. But, due to time constraints from increasing my training volume over the last several months, I haven’t been doing my normal 15-20 minute warmup that included very slow and controlled 1 or 2 rounds of 10 of each (depending on the WOD or how I felt that day): pushups, planche pushups, handstand walks (10 yds), pullups and dips along with some GHD situps, squats, 100 double unders and some hip and shoulder mobility work. It seems like a lot, but I felt it was really beneficial for me.

      I notice that I get a different level of soreness (deep in my joints, it seems) when I rush into training–mainly with overhead or upper body stuff. My efficiency and capacity in those movements has also suffered since I cut out the lengthy warmup.

      This is only my second Outlaw training day, but I was doing similar volume before that prompted me to shorten my warmup: strength, metcon, and possibly a GWOD all in a 1.5 to 2 hour session three to four times per week.

      Right now I am trying to do a small portion of my former warmup (1 round of 5 pushups, planche pushups, handstand walks (10 yards), squats, and stretching my forearms and wrists to handle the bar as time allows) but sometimes I don’t even get to do that. My time is so limited. I’m lucky to get some pass-throughs in and then I start lifting with warmup weights. If you come up with something else, please share! 🙂

    • 5 minutes of basic stretching/mobility, plus 5 minutes of drilling movements if squatting or snatches are involved. That’s about it.

  4. 1. 95#
    2. 125#
    3. 105# – did 5 sets and went light because I suck at these.

    Conditioning: 10:41

    Midline: didn’t have a lot of time, so did 5 sets

    M/F/S – 3/4/4 – traps are sore from “12 Days”

  5. Hey Hey….long time since I’ve posted, but I’m extremely excited to see the progress everyone is making on a weekly basis. Looking forward to see how the outlaw crew comes out of the open. But more importantly than the open is regionals and games. Hopefully all of you are not preparing for the open but for regionals and games. I expect everyone to qualify for regionals. If you do not have that mentality look in the mirror and see why we are doing this. Elite fitness is what its all about, but judging from many of you that compete in an event every month, I can tell you want more.

    I’m starting out with lighter loads from when I was injured.

    1: 170#
    2: 205#
    3: worked up to 250# for 3x
    4: 9:38; used a 12 ft wall ball target and a 70# db. Can feel my shoulders fatiging quickly since all i’ve been doing is upper body for the past 4 weeks.

  6. BB gym

    Snatches @ 170, no fails
    Cleans @215, no fails
    In a rush, no time for snatch balance

    Right to conditioning

    10:06 (Lacey 11:11)

    Skipped tgu as well.
    Got it done real early. On the highway for 3.5 hrs to go visit my fam!

  7. snatches @ 100#
    cleans @ 135# , couple sets at 140#
    sn balance @ 140


    insanely sore from “12 days of outlaw”. i’m crazy out of shape right now. the sprint day on friday was my first day of any sort of conditioning in 20 days. i’m trying to get over bronchitis, but it’s being a huge pain in the butt and it’s not going anywhere fast. very much looking forward to getting my lungs back.

    skipped tgu – ran out of time.

    m/f/s: 3/6/8

  8. Strength:
    155 two fails in last round.
    225 for first set. Had to back down too heavy for all five drooped to 210 no misses
    snatch balance 155 for all sets worked on not sucking on these
    Conditioning: 9:50
    Midline: 24 reps
    I am pumped tto become a mutant on this squat cycle. Maybr im getting ahead of myself but hoe should we be approaching the wods during the open? I know last year dudes hitting wods 2-4 times in a week. That seems stupid to me. Suggestions?

  9. 1)Snatches@115#
    2)Cleans @ 175#
    Snatch Balance @ 155#
    Conditioning: 10:37—KBS really heavy!!!! Fatiqued my shoulders for the rest of the workout………………………….
    Turkish Get Ups: 22
    Cliff Lewis
    M/F/S 2/7/7 Really feeling under the weather. Can’t get rid of a nagging cough!!!

  10. 1. 160#, no misses
    2. 215#, no misses
    3. 135,155,175,185,185- starting to get a little more comfortable with these, but still by no means good. Progressing though.

    Conditioning: 14:02-almost too embarrassed to post this. felt like throwing up throughout the whole thing. lot of time standing around.

  11. Strength:
    1. 85# Snatch. I could barely manage this load in the hang position for the Again Faster Beat the Team “Camille” WOD several weeks ago. I owned it today. Even practiced using hook grip–never done that before.
    2. 110# Clean–almost too easy, next time I should use 115 or maybe 120
    3. 95# Snatch Balance X 5 sets. Failed once in fourth set. Never worked these before. Not sure if it’s OK to use a small hip drive before the drop, but that’s what I did.

    14:24 (Ditto for Zac’s comment–hate to post that time)
    I wanted to puke during dbs and took too many breaks. My back is still tightening on me in WODs and I had to stop twice to stretch it out in the 2nd round of DBS. Work capacity is so pitiful right now–I’m hoping to change that, and soon.
    55# dumbbell (11, 5, 5) (6, 5, 5, 5) (11, 10) (so ridiculous)
    10 # ball 12 ft target for first round and 20# ball 9ft target for second and third. All wallballs unbroken. (The guys had the two 20#, and I didn’t want to wait on the first round)

    TGU: 25# Dumbell–33 reps (one rep=all the way up and then back to the floor) Tried 35#kb, but my left shoulder was really tweaking. Played it smart and dropped the weight.

    M/F/S: 5/6/7

    My workout partners and I loved not having to stress over what we were going to do today. Thanks so much for sharing this with the world!

  12. 1- 135lb

    2- 200lb

    3- Worked up to 155×3- 5 sets total

    Metcon- 11:13 – big goat WOD for me, wallballs and heavy KBS arn’t my thing! Almost passed out on the last round of wallballs

    m/f/s- 2-3-8

  13. Dibs on becoming Wolverine…

    1) 165# (missed the first rep, but got into a groove. Still working on depth)
    2) 215# (felt good. Again, worked on depth and keeping my feet still)
    3) 185#, 195#, 205#, 215#, 225#. (No fails, so tried 235# and couldn’t stick it. I think I rested too long.)

    — 8:40 (went unbroken on everything, but rested quite a bit b/w sets)

    — 23 (anybody else spend a lot of time laying quietly and staring with contempt at the KB?)

    M/F/S – 1/2/3

  14. 1) 155#
    2) 210#
    3) 225#

    Conditioning: 10:05 shoulders fatigued

    Midline: 22 lots of staring with contempt at the kb

  15. BB gymnastics
    1) 115(could have gone up but was using metal plates at work, can’t have a miss)
    2) 175( same as above)
    3) 135x3x5 ( also could go way up but can’t drop plates and no rack at work)
    11:56. I only have an 80lb kettle bell at work and today was my first WOD with it. Also didn’t have a wall ball, so I did 45lb thrusters instead. P.s.. That 80lb kb is heavy as fuck. Didn’t think 10 extra pounds would be that different.

    20 reps w/ a 55lb dumbbell( no 24kg kb)

  16. 1) 169, failed the the pause hang snatch on the 3rd set and failed the full snatch on the 4th
    2) 215.5, no misses

    – drop the bar after each rep of the 3 position snatch and clean

    3) 5 sets, all at 135#. shoulders shot from 12 days work on speed and getting familiar with snacth balances

    conditioning: 11:49

    -not happy with the time, hips felt shot once reached the wall balls. the strength got to them as well as the drinking and christmas cookies

    no tgu pressed for time shoulders too far gone to hold up the bell

  17. 1) 65 kg ( 143.2lbs)
    2) 95kg (209.2 lbs)
    3) 70kg(154); 80kg (176)x2; 85kg(187); 90kg (198)

    Conditioning: 10:24


  18. Lifted in my new pretty adidas shoes I got for Christmas 🙂

    1) 125 -missed 3rd rep of round 3 so did 6 sets
    2) 145
    3) missed 1st round then 155×3 sets,165×2 sets

    9:29 – think I had a slight bit more gas in the tank but my lats and right bicep are still easily fatigued & recovering. 

    Tomorrow…can’t wait 

    MFS: 1/3/6 – slept like 11 hours :-), felt like I was running on wine and apple pie and still have pull-up-itis. All in all a good day.

  19. 1. 115lb
    2. 145lb
    3. 135lb(3×3) PR most before was 125lb

    conditioning 11:03RX

    Midline only did 1 each arm but 53lb I had never done before, most was 35lb KB


  20. Snatch #140 no fails
    Clean #185 no fails

    Metcon 12:29 (bleh)
    TGU 21. slow pace but never stopped.
    Low back was tight after cleans.

  21. 1. 105. Felt Strong.
    2. 135. Missed first set’s hi hang clean… I think my toes got caught on the carpet so i couldn’t get my foot out into the squat position. Besides that the squat felt slow.
    3. 95/105/105/110 Fail/110
    Crazy slow but my goal was to go sub 15 min. So I am satisfied with that. I know that I am no where near the men or women on this blog. But I will just keep working and try to work my way up. After all I have plenty of time and I am still pretty young.
    Woke up at 6:30 to start the 6 hour drive from Mammoth to Southern California. Anyways it felts good to be back at sea level rather than 8000ft.
    Video to come on the snatches and cleans and part of my WOD later tonight.

  22. 1) 140
    3) 155-170-170-175f-170


    Didn’t count tgu reps.

    Took the weekend off, so feeling great. 1/2/2

  23. 1. @86# sad but my arm snatch is only 115! They felt light but I fought the urge to add weight and worked on hip extension and getting a faster arm turn over
    2. @120 these were harder than the snatches … Hard to keep the hook grip
    3. Stayed at 105 got 5 sets … I hate doing 3 rep snatch balance… Feel like I was a little burned out by the time i got to these and kinda half assed them … This is usually a strong point for me

    Conditioning: 8:21 unbroken but some transition time
    Tgu: 22 …these were fun cuz I don’t normally do them! Love trying different things!

    Thank u guys for this blog! It’s become my new addiction! You guys are all amazing athletes and it’s kinda like a little competition everyday… Along with some well programmed lifts skills and raw strength!
    Brandon – well said! Excited to see what this year will bring!

  24. The fastest warm up I have ever done. Talayna and I had limited time but made it happen

    1)175- Stuck all of them but could clean it up a bit, but this is after^^
    2)220. Stuck all but my last rep of the high hang sq cl
    3) 165×2, 185. Grabbed the bar talayna was using and went straight at it.


    9:46. Wodding next to T is always a good thing

    m/f/s 1/2/1

  25. 1. 135#
    2. 195#.
    3. Realized previously I tend to catch on the way down instead of at the bottom, so did these pretty light to work on that.

    Conditioning – 9:55

    M/F/S – I’m all fucked up. I wanted sub-10:00 bad and it hurt.

  26. 1) 165lb
    2) 205lb
    3) 185lb for 5 sets.

    Staying at my parents out of town. Training at the local gym. Metal plates, no chalk. Finished snatch balances and lost the final rep down my back trying to receive it to rack it. Took the weight off… broke the sleeve. Just shattered into tiny pieces.

    Conditioning: 10:58

    Boo. Subbed 70# DB swing and 45# barbell thruster due to equipment gayness. Burpees are for crap.

    M/F/S – 1/2/1

    Decreased volume last week, only hit 3 days. Was itching to blow out the gate today. Just sucks I’m at a crap gym.

  27. 1) 155# (wanted to stay light an work on form and thought I was doing 145 the whole time…)

    2) 205 for 3, 210 for 2 (was so focused on keeping proper foot placement that I ended up messing up my catch on a handful of these)

    3) 135, 145, 155, 155, 165 (kind of sucked on these…just slow on the catch)

    Conditioning – 8:49 (went all out off the bat and it crushed me for that last round, was gunning for sub-8:30)

    Midline – did not do

    Mentally prepping my quads for the shit show about to hit for the coming months!!!

  28. 1) 140 – hip drive out of the pause felt fantastic! – no misses
    2) 195 – couldn’t keep my hook grip after the 1st clean – would have made the pause & hi-hang much easier on the grip – still no misses
    3) 135 – 155 – 155 wrists were beat so I called it early on these – good catch though

    metcon – 13:17 – yep I’m slow

    ran out of time for tgu

  29. snatch: 125
    clean: 170
    balance: 3 @155, shoulder pain stopped me from going heavier

    metcon: 11:33, just exhausted from my long stretch at work

    mindline: 20


  30. I did a Snatch, a Clean, & a Snatch Balance with 3 bars in that order 5 times with breaks by mistake (instead of all the snatches, then all the cleans, & then all the snatch balances).

    Snatch: 90# (Dropped the bar)
    Clean: 118# (T&G)
    Snatch Balance: 123-1128-128-133 (1-F2-1)-133 (4Reps:1-F2-1-1)

    Conditioning: 11:18 (WB were horrible.)

    TGU: 20 (10EA Arm)

  31. 1. 155
    2. 190
    3. Failed at 205 three times 20lbs under pr figured my shoulders were telling me something

    Conditioning: 10:03

    No TGU

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