WOD 111223:


5×2 Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 125% (of 1rm Snatch) – rest 90 sec.

Notes: Maintain posture – chest up, back scooped, knees back – no matter what. If the weight is too heavy to maintain, obviously, go down. Use straps.

Dynamic Strength

1a) Back Squat: 10×2 @ 65%+25% Band – rest 40 sec.
1b) Bench Press: 10X2 @ 65%+25% Chains – rest 40 sec.


4x100m Shuttle Run – rest 1:1

Notes: Set targets/cones 25m apart. Complete the 100m using 2 down and back ALL OUT sprints.

“I’ve got a red v-neck, a green v-neck, at least 3 black v-necks, I don’t really know – I’ve probably got 8 or 9 total.”


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  1. Strength 160#

    1a. 160# with 65# bands (this is feeling light!)
    1b. 130# (no chains available)

    Conditioning/Speed – :21, :22; :23; :23 (with such short rest periods, legs were jello-y at the end)

    M/F/S – 2/3/3
    feeling good all the way around.

  2. Strength:

    Dynamic strength:
    1a) 155 on the bar
    1b) 135 on the bar

    Kind of frustrated with the dynamic work. We’re haven’t tested our bands resistance, so it was all guess work. The percentage on the bar ended up being more like 45 and 55 respectively. Even with the lightened load, both movements still felt SLOW. Speed/strength is gonna take a while to get up to speed (no pun intended). Going to do the speed/conditioning later, but won’t be posting times.


  3. Posting for Tom K. because he’s a lazy piece of shit (and he’s my boss) –

    225# Snatch Grip DL
    1a. 260# + 70# bands
    1b. 225# + 70# bands

    :19, :20, :20, :20

  4. Decided to make up the 5k from last week rather than rest completely…

    5k run – 19:35 (PR by 10 seconds)

    0 degrees C (32 F) into a stiff wind on the way back. Sunny. Beautiful day really.

    First half felt good…2.5 k out and back….realized about 100m in on the way back that the wind was gonna SUCK bigtime. Only looked at my watch once…with about 150m to go was at 19:09 so I burnt it in for a PR.

    Not teaching today. Hadn’t eaten anything yet….was wrapping presents this morning and the trailer from the move Without Limits (Steve Prefontaine) came on my iPod….yes it’s on there. Was changed and out the door within 10 min. No warmup, just ran.



  5. Snatch DL 205#

    1A. 195# + ~100-110# tension
    1B. 195# + ~50# chain

    Sprints were different because of our set up, did 4×100 yards with 5×20 yards so there was an extra turnaround. 20-22 secs.

  6. First time following/posting. My name is Ashley Denton. I’m from CrossFit Durham in Durham, NC. Found out about Rudy through Epic’s blog.

    Strength – 155#

    1a. – 155#
    1b. – 90#

    Had a hard time knowing which bands to
    use. I’m pretty sure to use thicker bands
    next time. Same with bench.


    Figured out we finished that we ran too far. Know better for next time.

  7. Snatch Grip 175
    1 a 135 and doubled up 30lb bands
    b no bench (c’mon craigslist) 4 clapping push ups

    Sprint 20,21,22,22

  8. On the sprints… Do we touch the ground like a 3 point touch or just pass the line with both feet?

    • Good question, Cheryl. I had to post from my phone last night (from memory) and forgot that distinction…

      Do them “suicide” style, touching the line with your hand each change of direction.

  9. Snatch Deads 255 felt good
    Squat 225 plus purples on WS rack (felt slow as shit today)
    Bench 155 plus chain (used football bar)

    No suicides today played hoops easy. Should be gtg on cardio tomorrow

  10. Felt great today. Amazing what a rest day can do. I do a really bad job at taking days off, guessing at some point “overtraining” can be counterproductive… Couldn’t rig the bands to work and don’t have chains, so modified a bit by increasing weight on both 1a and 1b, and increased reps on 1b.

    Snatch Grip Deadlift – 245

    1a) Back Squat: 225
    1b) Bench Press: 10X5, 175

    4x100m Shuttle Run – 18, 19, 17, 22 sec


  11. 1) 282 used straps, focused on tight back and ass and hips coming up together
    2a) 265 + band with good resistance
    2b) 182.5 + 70 in chains

    Conditioning: 19sec, 19 sec, 22 sec, 23 sec
    – these sucked, reminded me of college rugby practice. really felt it after the 2nd one and it showed. still very wrecked from wed wod.

  12. Snatch deadlift @ 155 … Focused on form and recorded it because I want someone tonevaluate my set up on the bar ( video tomorrow)

    Backsquats @ 155 + green bands ( they are abot 2 inches thick… Not really sure if this was the right resistance but they felt hard lol)
    Bench press @ 95×5 (felt light) then 105x 5.. I have no Idea what my max bench is and I was guessing somewhere around 145.. These were relatively easy but I didnt have chains so I used bands … Same size as for back squats but set them up a little further away to increase the resistance at the top

    Sprints :23 :23 :23 :22… Definitely did not push because I felt fine after…3 points of contact … Need to work on the take off!

    Cant wait to see what christmas evenwill bring !

  13. 1. 225 with straps.
    2a. 255 – worked on speed at a middle weight.
    2b. 165 – no chains or bands.

    19,21,25,26 – That was fun.


  14. 1) 255, 255, 255, 265, 265
    (used straps for the first 3 sets then strapless after that. Felt very solid)
    2a) 275 + blue CFF bands for 5 sets, then 285 with same bands for 5
    2b) 165 + double wrapped purple CFF bands for 5, then 170 with same bands for 5

    Shuttle runs – 18.3 18.8, 18.6, 18.4

  15. Strength: 230

    1a: 240 (80%)
    1b: 170 (75%)
    No bands or chains.

    No conditioning today, will do tomorrow.

  16. Strength – 230 w/ straps – felt too easy

    1a) 225 + green rogue bands (super fun)
    1b) 155 + doubled red rogue bands (lockout got tough!)

    19.5 – 21.3 – 22.9 – 24.6

  17. Strength: 250 w/ straps-felt real easy! Should have gone up or no straps

    Dyn. Strength:
    Squats(with red band)- 205×4(was super easy so I went up), 215×6

    Bench(with purple band)-145×10(probably could have gone up but I was by myself and I have never done these before

    Speed: 35, 39, 35, 34(10 meter distance. Legs were tired and I cheesedicked the sprints to save the legs for the row!)

    One last met-con since Im taking two days off

    1k Row and 10 Muscle-Ups-5:40(should have been sub 5 but my new wood rings are so damn slick. It’s hard and somewhat scary to link more than 3. I almost dislocated my shoulder a few weeks ago on slick wood rings so I am a bit nervous when using them.)

  18. Strength:
    Snatch DL: 188# (straps)

    Squats: 163# + Blue Bands
    Bench Press: 73# + Red Bands (No Chains). Used Narrow Grip & 25# Lighter than where I should be Rx but things are looking up.

    Conditioning: Saving the Sprints for my trip back home or warm up tomorrow.
    Ran 4 miles NFT in the AM.

    M: 5/4/5 (hammies tight)

  19. Strength


    1a) 225 plus band with moderate resistance
    1b) 185 plus biggest chains we had



    m/f/s 5/5/8 (hips)

  20. Strength= 205x2x5( no straps and felt good)

    1a) 220x2x10 w/ red band
    1b) 165x2x10 w/ red band( didn’t have chains)

    20,23,21,22 ( didn’t have a straight away for distance, so 1 sprint was 4x25m)

    2/2/8( forearm/biceps crazy sore from weds. WOD)

  21. Strength: 177
    1a. 155 + blue bands
    1b. 115 no chains

    Conditioning: fastest 19 sec, slowest 23sec

  22. snatch dl @ 205

    no chains or bands so just did equal amount of regular weight
    squat @255

    sprints 22,22,23,24
    right hamstring got tight so eased off a little


  23. My shoulder is extra jacked up right now. Really hope nothing is torn. So I did what I could from the last few days.

    1) 5×2 snatch DL
    185×4 185x1with pull

    2a)7×2 hang power clean rest 15 sec
    155×2 175×2 185×2 155×1

    2b)7×2 back squat low bar rest 60

    Tried HSPU, no go. finished with a team wod. Some running, situps, pushups were ok. Just enough to get the heart rate going and work the midline pretty hard.

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