WOD 111222:

Rest Day.

Now, some business…

There are only TWO spots remaining for the Naples, FL Training Camp. This camp will have a monster lineup of athletes and will correspond with the first week of the Open. Not to mention, it’s the end of February and in south Florida—need I say more?

We are working on securing data collection software for the site and all you guys. This will obviously be something that’s integrated in a way that will allow us easier collection of the basic numbers we need. Data collection will become incredibly important over the next few months as we are working through cycles (planning) and putting together “words” for a “collection of words” that we may or may not be beginning work on.

We are still working on clothing designs and order details. Until we get our own brand ready to go, take a look at our gym’s online store here: Outlaw CrossFit Gear. If you guys put in an order today Tim will get it to you before Christmas (I’m totally lying—I’ve just seen that on other sites and wanted to sound cool and professional).

PLEASE keep posting and sending in videos. We literally get collective boners for PR videos (especially if Mike Poppa is in them) and love seeing you guys progress. Also, if you want to post any of the accessory work or metcons, we’d love that too. Speaking of PR’s…

Today Mike Poppa PR’d on his Snatch, again. This is his 3rd straight PR and he’s up 30# total in two-and-a-half months, from 205# to 235#. Here’s the lift:

Many people think it is simply the program that has given him such success, but last Saturday night Talayna caught the real secret to the Poppa’s awesomeness.


14 thoughts on “111222

  1. As a general rule I’m going to assume the following:

    Sets x reps written in like fashion, 3×5 as a redundant example, are meant as straight work sets where one works up to a heavy weight (submaximal if necessary, but tough as Mike Poppa) and goes for volume; as I like to call it… Jay Rhodes style.

    Sets written in the form of reps separated by commas such as 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 means that we warm up form and weight and then start with a relatively heavy weight we can make easily then working up to a max set. This acts as a middle ground between maxing and still getting volume in.

    Something written like 2RM, for example, requires no explanation. Just max.

    I hope I’m correct in my assumptions… otherwise I’m doing lots of volume… which is awesome anyways.

  2. Hey guys, I have been trouble making gains and it has become somewhat frustrating. I have only been on this program for a week but I have been crossfitting for 1.5 years. I feel I should be better than I currently am. I am 6’1″/170 on a good day/ 19 y.o. I am just being impatient? Is there anything extra I can or should be doing to improve faster?

  3. How many drinking games before 100 tacos? I hope you played Thunder, like the last party!

  4. Day behind. yesterday’s training…..


    1a) 7X1 2 Hang Power Cleans – heaviest possible, rest 15 sec.

    225# all the way across, no fails.

    1b) 7X1 2 Hang Squat Snatches – heaviest possible, rest 15 sec.

    175# all the way across, failed both reps in round 1 and 2, then got my shit together.

    1c) 7X1 2 Jerks (Split or Push) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

    225# across, no fails.

    Felt like I didn’t really have it today…. Warmed up with snatches from the hang only up to 185 and failed more reps than I made. Those weights are normally automatic. I think my hips were tight, and low back a little tired from yesterday.
    Wanted to use 245, 185, 245 for my weights. Wasn’t there today.
    Cleans and Snatches were not doubles from the hang either….dropped it and went again from the hang.


    100 Pullups
    Row 1k
    100 Burpees


    Pullups started to go on me around 80. Done in 3:25ish. Row was paced to get ready for burpees. Completely lost the spring in my arms to push off the ground….just tried to stay moving throughout the them.

    Glad that is over!!


  5. Day Behind as well:
    1a) 225#, no misses, worked on fast elbows and footwork
    1b) 155#, missed 3 out of the first 4, then didnt miss any the last 5 sets, felt great.
    1c) 185#, dropped to singles for sets 5-7, shoulder pain bringing back down, still slow on this.

    20.22 — goal was sub 16 – I was on a pretty good pace, came off the rower at 9 minutes, but my arms were just completely pumped out, they were locking up and hitting muscle failure after 6-8 burpees every time. — PR’d pull-ups with 43 UB though (not the best way to game it, but it felt good so I went with it), weighed in at 205lbs (down 3lbs)

    m/f/s = 1/5/3

    Good thing I gave Epic shit on twitter about sand-bagging, cuz I feel like a total pussy right now. Amazing how much this sport can still humble you.

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