“We’re generally nice and may talk to you (if you’re already fit/strong or you’re a hot chick). If you don’t fit into that category, you’ll be left alone and ignored as though your mediocrity is contagious.” Read: Beastmodal Domains

The reach of this “thing” has been mind boggling. Every day we add followers from Europe, Australia, and such remote places as Kansas. One of those Kansasites(?) happens to be none other than, 2010 CF Games Open nemesis of Becky Conzelman (and me for that matter), Megan John.

Megan finished 3 points ahead of Becky in the Open (she was 38th, Beck was 39th), and was 3rd overall on Open WOD 1, with a preposterous 402 reps.

Now she’s an Outlaw. Uh oh…


WOD 111221:


1a) 7X1 2 Hang Power Cleans – heaviest possible, rest 15 sec.
1b) 7X1 2 Hang Squat Snatches – heaviest possible, rest 15 sec.
1c) 7X1 2 Jerks (Split or Push) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

Notes: You will have to use at least 2 bars for this piece (3 would be ideal). Notice the rest intervals. The 3 lifts should be performed back to back to back, then 60 sec rest before starting the sequence again. Every set should be the heaviest weight you can possibly do. Do not work up, be warm when you start. Misses are acceptable, but no more than 3 total.


100 Pullups
Row 1k
100 Burpees

For time.

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  1. Rudy, not to question the wizardry we embark upon daily. But why not just call it a 7X2? I only ask because I know you’ll have some brilliant answer that makes me sound like a douche for asking.

    • Coker, I don’t know if you guys have riders that you forward to race venues like bands do (a rider is a list of necessities/demands from a band to the concert promoter – made famous by Van Halen’s “no brown M&Ms” rider), but the beauty of a good tour rider is that while it may seem obtrusive – its merely a test to see if anyone is listening.

      • I’ve never seen the “um..(*shrug*)…I was just seeing if you were paying attention” excuse used with this much detail.

  2. 1a. started with 140, then 135/135/130/130/130
    1b. 95 all sets
    1c. 135 all sets
    Ooof. This was pure evil.

    Conditioning: skipped things like pull-ups and MUs this week due to elbow. So, did the row and burpee portion in 12:26.

    M/F/S – 2/7/8 – mood is great, body is banged up. I see my rolfer tonight. Hello, rest day! How you durrin?

  3. Strength =

    1a) 175 for all sets
    1b) 125 for all sets( should have gone up)

    1c) 185 for all sets

    Conditioning =

    15:00 (4ish mins for PU’s, 1:50ish pace on row, about 6ish mins for row)

    3/4/2( up all night at the fire department)

  4. 1a) 185
    1b) 125 on first 4 sets, 115 on last 3
    1c) 185, lots of pressing out on the second rep of the last 3 sets

    Conditioning- 16:47

  5. 1a)185# all sets but the first, it takes an old man awhile to get warm!!
    1b)125# all sets
    1c)185# this was a little easy should have set up another bar but not enough bars in gym.

    Conditioning-15:42 that was painful!!!!!! I think I went to hard on the row……
    Cliff Lewis

  6. 1a) 235# (1st rd @ 225#)
    1b) 175# (1st rd @ 165#)
    1c) 235# (1st and 6th rd @ 225#, f@2 on 7th rd)

    14:30 (pretty miserable)

    M/F/S – 1/2/4

  7. 1a. 155#
    1b. 95# (STFU)
    1c. 155#

    Conditioning: 13:07 (pullups – 2:32, row 4:10). Cheesedicked the row on purpose to save gas for the burpees. Still felt like a fat kid on burpees, though.

    Really wish I would’ve checked Coach’s comment about the free t-shirt bit before I did the metcon. I patiently await T’s time as this metcon was my only hope at beating her on anything, ever.

  8. 1a)185×4, 205×3
    1b) 155×5, 145×2 – form went to shit so lowered the weight
    1c) 205×4,225×3

    Conditioning: 16:40 That was horrible!

    MFS: 187

  9. Didn’t have any time yesterday so I’m a day behind…

    1a) 275, 285, 295, 305
    Have hardly squatted since Aug. (only what has been programmed here in the last 2 weeks) Needs some work. Getting used to hi-bar. Last 2 sets were harder, but felt better.

    1b) 185, 195, 205, 210
    No fails. All touch and go in the rack position except that last 2 at 210.

    2a) 235# + purple (medium) band for all.
    2b) 185, 185, 195, 195, 195


    HS walk (ft)
    80, 25, 25, 25, 25, 25, 25

    L-Sit (seconds, cumulative over the minute)
    26, 18, 18, 15, 14, 17, 15

    Terrible at L-sits. Control on the HS walk went out the window after round 1.

  10. A) 205×3 195×4
    B) 155×4 145×3 more of power snatch and then through the squat. Cowards move should have taken the weight down.
    C) 205×7 no misses

    WOD: 15:41 still a spaz when I try to butterfly my pull ups.

  11. Today was complete and utter disappointment
    1a. 135 x 6, 145 x 1
    1b. 95 x 6, 105 x 1
    1c. 115 x 6, 125 x 1
    No misses but felt shitty.
    At first my goal was to go sub-20 min but it did not turn out that way what so ever.
    Pull ups- 9:30ish
    Row- 4:18
    Burpees- 9:30ish
    I am still adjusting to the 8000ft altitude (Usually I am at sea level) and I hiked for an hour before the WOD. Still these are all just weak ass excuses for my performance or lack there of.
    Looking forward to the rest day. I also need to be patient with my progress…Sigh

  12. 1a. 155 – Shoulders are smoked.
    1b. 115 –
    1c. 135 – Refer to 1a.

    No misses.

    15:10 No more shoulders. Took about 5 for the pull ups, kept a 1:40 split, and slugged through the burpees. They were super ugly from number 1 to 100.

    MFS – 3/5/5

  13. 1a) 215
    1b) 135×2, 95, 115, 125, 135×2 – I was really dissatisfied with my snatching, so I took the weight down to settle down and then moved back up.
    1c) 205
    2) 16:31

    I need to get one of those “wheelhouse” things.

    MFS – 3/8/6

  14. 1) 165/155×5/160
    2) 125×6/130
    3) 175/165×5/170
    Got more in a groove as I went. I liked this. 

    14:43 – yes the midget beast beat me but at least I didn’t sand bag the lifts :O

    MFS: 5/7/8 – beat to hell. 4th day on and now my right bicep is all swollen and contracted :/

  15. 1a) 215 (felt stronger each set, wish I had done 225 or 235)
    1b) 145 (crap, all of them crap)(I am seriously getting worse at snatches each day…)
    1c) 205 (very solid. Know I could have done more, but wanted to stay quick and work the form)

    Conditioning – 17:20 (crushed the pull ups and row, the burpees hit me like a bat to the gut, I literally crashed around 30 and was climbing up with my knees food a whole. So lame)

  16. 1a) 245 – Felt almost easier by the end. Got in a groove on these. Not a fan of hang anythings. All reps caught with very little knee bend. No misses.
    1b) 195 – Again, surprised myself. My Olympic lifting partner said my form was getting better each set! No misses.
    1c) 285 – Should have gone heavier. All Push Jerks. No misses.

    Conditioning: Tonight

    M/F/S = 2/4/5

    Low back and legs definitely feeling it. Really looking forward to a day off tomorrow!

  17. cleans: 225 no misses
    snatches: 155 2 missed attempts lost control in the bottom postition
    jerks: stayed at 185 worked technique, i’m really bad at these

    conditioning: 15.20 burpees are just a gut check and i need to go faster!

  18. 1a. 135×4 145×2 140×1
    1b. 85×1 95×5 105×1
    1c. Same as 1a.

    Pull ups took wayyyu to long! Kept a 1:55 pace on the row and burpees took me about 5 min… N e advice for pull ups? High reps kill me… After 30 I was having to piece reps together cuz I couldn’t hold the bar!

    Made up skill work from yesterday
    Hs walk 20ft each round but stopped at around 30 secs every round
    L sits on rings 45/41/45/45/45/43/35

  19. 1a. 150 x 1, 140 x 3, 135 x 3
    1b. 115 x 5, 105 x 2
    1c. 160 x 5, 150 x 2
    Kind of felt weak today…Just couldn’t keep my core tight and my grip was killing me.

    Conditioning: 19:40
    Pull ups took way to long (7:15). My grip was hurting before I ever started from the strength. Row was 4:18. Should have went faster, burpees were not as bad as I thought they would be. I also took to much time getting into the rower. I made the mistake of not setting it up before I started.

  20. Today was just a bad bad day. Didn’t sleep well last night and have been a tad sore the past couple days. After the first set I got pissed off and threw shit everywhere..After regroupoing(and dropping the weight) I finished.

    1a) 205(bad form)x1,195(shit again)x1, 185×5
    1b) 155(missed twice), 145(missed once), 135×6
    1c) 205(felt super heavy)x1, 185×6(still felt heavy but nutted up)

    Skipped the met-con just because my head wasn’t in it…I felt like I had no hip drive or power today.

    MFS 7/5/6

  21. 1a. 225# no misses, might have been able to go a little heavier.
    1b. 135# for 2 sets, 145# for 2 sets (1 miss), back to 135# for 3 sets (1 miss)
    1c. 195# push jerks all sets (1 miss)

    Conditioning – 15:57. I was honestly gassed from the strength when I started this, but I assume a lot of people were in the same boat.

    MFS 685. Need a rest day.

    Beat Epic in strength, Corey in metcon. Win win.

  22. Strength

    1a) 185 felt strong

    1b) 145, hard time dropping into deep squat, my hips are sore and tight and have been for days

    1c) 185 felt like 225

    rested 15 minutes


    100 pull ups (6:40) , Row 1k (4:16), 100 Burpees : 21.42 sucked


  23. Strength work posted above.

    Conditioning – 14:10

    Burpees felt slow as shit. Don’t know what happened there. Yuck. Got it on video but can’t post vids longer than 10 minutes on YouTube.

  24. 1a) 205 all sets
    1b) 135 all sets
    1c) 205 all sets

    conditioning: put a 15min cap on it, and made it to 48 on the burpees. pullups took just under 7, and the row was under 3:50.


    Today was my first day on this program. I’m coming off of about 9 months of starting strength-ish type programming with some metcons for conditioning. I’m excited to be participating in this program. Thanks for putting it all together, Rudy.

  25. This is the 2nd week of programming for me. I have pain in my biceps right at the elbow crease (after training-pulling), anyone else? It started after the Elizabeth Wod. I hate taking Advil, but it does stop the pain….until another pulling Wod. Do I just need to take a break from heavy pulling?

    1a 145
    b 110
    c 155
    Will make up conditioning today…..bicep pain 🙁

    • I’m not what you would call an “expert” by any means, but if something hurts, yes, stop using it.

  26. HPC: 128-128-133-133-133-138-143 (F1) (2)
    HSS: 093-098-098-098-103-103-108(F1) (2)
    JRK: 123-123-123-133-1133-138-143(1)(F2)
    (Dropped bar on HSS to protect the shoulder but stayed connected for HPC & JRK.)

    Conditioning: 17:53
    Pull Ups: 7:34
    Row: 12:06
    Burpees: 17:53

  27. Somethin like….

    HPC – 195,195, 205, 205, 215, 225,235
    HPS – 135. 135, 145, 145, 155, 165, 175
    SJ – 225 all

    Should of pushed the snatches harder. Battling a cold felt good to break a sweat. ugh no metcon today will hit it friday

  28. 1a) 210 felt quick and strong
    1b) 160 felt good, missed once on the 2nd lift of the 6th set
    1c) 205 want to work on good form and bar speed
    – could’ve gone a little heavier, but wanted good form

    conditioning: 20:49 did most of the pull-ups butterfly, proud cause i just got them couple of weeks ago

  29. 1a)175

    metcon: 17:08

    Burpees took ten minutes. Up all night the night before on the taxi, I mean ambulance. After the first thirty pullups I knew I was fucked.

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