We are in the process of designing and ordering Team Outlaw t-shirts and shorts. The idea is to not put a gym distinction (just the Team Outlaw logo, and the Owl) on them so you all can wear the owl during the competition season and still represent your affiliate. We should have some mock-ups next week and will hopefully have them some time in January. You will be able to order online through the site. And, oh yes, they will say WIN EVERYTHING.

This will be a comp style day for us and the work will be broken down as 3 WODs with strict rest time between. If at all possible have someone judge you on each WOD as standards will be obvious. PLEASE post times and loads to comments.

WOD(s) 111217:


3 Rounds for time of:

7 Squat Clean to Thrusters @ 155/105#
50 UB Double-Unders
15 Toes to Bar

Notes: Squat Clean must be caught on the way down into a Squat. It may not be separated into a Power Clean + Thruster. UB = unbroken. If the set is not completed unbroken it must be repeated. Yes, if you miss at 49 you must start over. There is a 15 minute time limit.

*Rest EXACTLY 10 minutes.


Take 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Weighted Pullup.

Notes: Pullup may be any style. Kipping is allowed and you may load with any implement you’d like (vest, dip belt, dumbell, etc.). Use a judge to MAKE SURE your chin clears the bar. Chin must be completely over the bar for the rep to count.

*Rest EXACTLY 5 minutes.


Adding 3 reps each round to the ladder…

10 minute AMRAP of:

6 Hang Power Snatch @ 95/65#
9 KBS 32/24kg

Notes: Each round the ladder will increase by 3 reps of each movement. I.E. Rnd 1: 3-6-9 Rnd 2: 6-9-12 Rnd 3: 9-12-15 etc. We would recommend that you write down at least 5 rounds worth of rep scheme somewhere that is easily visible in order to not lose track of the numbers. Standards for the HSPU are regionals/games standard – 25# plates with an ab-mat between. Kipping IS allowed (and encouraged for practice). KB Swing standard is arms COMPLETELY vertical, but KB does not have to be vertical. It should, however, not be out of line with the arms (I.E. it shouldn’t be “droopy”).

Jay Rhodes on Friday’s Snatches off blocks:

49 thoughts on “111217

  1. Ok so the 5k sucked it rained on me hard while I ran it but the burbies up and over the fence was fun till security of my aptment thought I was breaking in a apt the conversion went like this no officer I was working out I do crossfit have you ever heard of it ? Do me a favor and turn around and but it hands on your head. Why? Look the work out is right here on my phone . O the website is called the outlaw way and the workout wants you to climb fences do pushes and like I said hands on your head.
    DNF on Wod due to the COPS but I was killing it and PR my 5k in the rain running pissed off equals fast running .

  2. WOD 1 = 11:20( I have never done clean to thrusters before, but went pretty well)

    WOD 2 = 106lbs

    WOD 3 = 9-12-15 + 6 HSPU ( my HSPU’s suck)

  3. 1. 12:20. Did not push on the thrusters or TTB, 50 DU’s is in my doable zone but far from automatic for me, so focused on keeping enough in the tank to finish. Possibly a coward;s move, but decent chance I wouldn’t have finished otherwise.

    2. 120#

    3. 3 rounds plus 10 snatches

  4. WOD 1 – 9:08
    Toes to bar were my weak point…and there is really no excuse to suck at them so bad. I videoed this WOD, maybe I can glean some insight on what I’m doing wrong when I review it.

    WOD 2 – 45#

    WOD 3 – made it through the 4th ladder 12-15-18
    Adding three reps per round was a bear…who comes up with this shit?!

    M/F/S – 2/3/4

  5. 1) 8:02 – bonus points for chipping a tooth doing thrusters.
    2) 150 – 15# pr
    3) 9 snatches on the round of 12/15/18
    MFS – 2/2/5 – Hamstring was bothering me on (surprise) the hang snatches and KB swings

  6. 1. 10:56. Somebody got their DU’s back (fuck yeah). Ended up push jerking the last 5 reps on the 3rd round.

    2. 135# (10# PR @ BW 150#). Awww, my first PR since starting RudyFit.

    Didn’t have time for the third, may make it up in my garage later today.

  7. 1. 1 round + 7 squat clean thrusters.

    GAY! 15 minutes of DU practice basically. Just was way off these today. Couldn’t believe it. Please someone else not finish this one…

    2. 130lbs. (20lb PR @ BW 185; last PR one this was @ 165lb BW)

    3. Got to 11 KB swings on 4th round of 12-15-18. Awesome workout.

  8. 1) 8:15 (toes to bar are a weak point for me! I need to work on heavy squat clean thrusters too!!!!!)
    2) 90# Shoulders are fried from 20 minutes of monkey bar work the day before!!!!
    3) Got to the KB swings on the 4th round of 12-15-18…………

    Cliff Lewis

  9. Went into the gym and we were running the Throwdown Series (wfs) all afternoon, three WOD’s and actual face to face competition.
    I got there with the intent of doing Outlaw, but I got persuaded and basically had a couple minutes from when I got there to jump into WOD 1.

    WOD 1 – “12 Days of Christmas”
    1 Power Snatch (95# / 65#)
    2 Ring dips
    3 Burpees
    4 Pull-ups
    5 Toes-2-Bar
    6 Push-ups
    7 Air-Squats
    8 Jumping Lunges (each jump = 1)
    9 Box Jumps (20″ for Men & Women)
    10 10′ Wall-Balls (20# / 14#)
    11 KBS (53# / 36#)
    12 Thrusters (95# / 65#)

    This workout is done just like the song….Round 1 = 1 Christmas Power Snatch, Round 2 = 2 Ring Dips and 1 Power Snatch ….etc. Until all 12 rounds are complete.

    Rounds of 11 and 12 got tough. Not too bad up until then. Ate about 20 minutes before getting to the gym….oops.

    WOD 2 – 8RM Overhead Squat (8 min time limit)

    Only took two attempts.

    185 x 8
    205 x 8

    205 felt better than 185…legs were not warmed up!

    WOD 3

    5 Rounds
    20 Unbroken Double Unders
    12 Deadlifts, 205/145


    Smoked this one. All UB doubles, All UB deads except for round 4 was 8-4. Wasn’t sure how it would go….first time deadlifting in a long time. One of our guys went 3:57 so I had to beat him.

    Won all the WOD’s…it was only our gym (but we did send a team to the Games last year so it’s a pretty decent gym)
    All in all, Good day.

  10. 1) 7:45
    Probably paced things too much to make sure I got the DUs perfect. Feel like I could have pushed a bit harder, but feel good about it either way.

    2) 108#
    A PR for me. Was about a centimeter from 115, so close! Didn’t really try Kipping with this I am just realizing. Oh well…

    3) 3 rounds + 12 HSPU
    Effing HSPUs… Everything else was unbroken. The round of 12 was 1 at a time…

    • Great job bro! You killed it. Not sure if all those thrusters would count though. Doesn’t look like your hips are quite opening up all the way. Just don’t want you to have a rude awakening when you compete. Again, nice job!

  11. Just jumped on the Outlaw programming and I love it! Not on the level of competitors by a long shot… just a mediocre ass exerciser looking to get better.
    1) 13:30
    2) 90#
    3) 3 rounds

  12. Wod #1 fight over breakfast in the holding cells 30 punches thrown 25 connected that bitch wasn’t getting my coco puffs for shit. I like to think of it as a short metcon.
    Wod #2 110

    Wod # 3 150 pushes ups 150 situps

  13. WOD #1: 8:04 (Rx) (Dubs: RND3 Missed@24&17).
    WOD#2: 35-40-45-50-55(Old PR)-60-62.5(PR)-65(Fx2)-64(F)-63(F)
    WOD#3: 4RNDS+11HSPU (Rx) (Shoulder issues force me to drop the HPS from the top (single reps). No issues on the way up–just coming down.)

    M: 6/5/4

  14. Today was very disappointing and eye opening
    WOD 1: 7 Squat Cleans and working on double unders (Best set was 47! Grrrr)
    WOD 2: 65 lbs. Really had to kip hard to get up there.
    WOD 3: 2 Rounds + 5 Handstand Push Ups. I don’t have a 32 kg KB so I used an adjustable dumbbell. I didn’t feel uncomfortable going overhead with it so I did Russian style swings to eye level.
    Afterwards I worked double unders for another 10 min and tried 2 min AMRAP of Double Unders. Only got 53.
    I can only go up from here.

  15. 1.) 7:33
    Fucked up the DUs a couple times. Thrusters and T2B fast and unbroken. Pull-up Bar about 100′ from lifting platform.

    2.) 115 lbs
    Really need to work on this. Funky setup, couldn’t kip.

    3.) 15-18-21 + 1 kbs

  16. 1. 9:37
    got to the third round with 6 mins in and just got winded!!

    2. 100#
    5# PR

    3. 1 HSP after finishing 9-12-15

  17. All done as RX’d on time, weight and judged —

    1) 9.10 — only one break on DUs (first set on 11), Squat Clean Thrusters were all singles, cant quite string these together yet.

    2) 125lbs (weighed in at 208lbs) PR

    3) 3 rounds + 20 (12 HSPU, 8 HPSn) — HSPU all kipping, 3 no reps for coming off the wall at the top, but overall felt good for being relatively new to kipping. Traps/Upper Back were lit up!

    m/f/s = 1/1/3 (Forearms/traps were sore from Krav Maga)

    Great day coach, really enjoyed the set-up, all three portions.

  18. 1) 7:25 – no missed DUs but rested quite a bit before each set. Thrusters all singles, broke up the T2B today. Feelin’ froggy.
    2) 85#
    3) 4 rounds + 11KBS

    MFS: 3/6 (hungover)/2

  19. 1) 5:30 as a Cluster/T2B couplet because jump ropes don’t exist at the gym I have access to in BizarroWorld.
    2) 150#
    3) 12 Hang Power Snatch into the 15-18-21 round.

    MFS: 2/3/3

  20. turkish gups. 50lb 3×5

    1) 8:43. Fucked up DU’s twice. Still feel I paced to much but was still drunk so didnt really know what the hell was going on.
    2) 115. PR
    3) 3rds +11 hspu. The hspu went as expected…slow

    m/f/s 2/3/4

    • oh and wanted to post this
      Talking with a friend who seemed skeptical of Rudy’s programming. Guy -”Do you think it works??”, ME ” In two months I went from a 275lb jerk to 300lb..315lb front squat to 330lb which still wasnt my max….and most important, a horrendous 205lb snatch, down to 175lb while correcting my technique , back up to a 225lb which I threw up like it was baby shit…f*ck I guess”. Not much response from the guy, he just walked away and did mobility.. haha.

  21. 1. 7:40. Was definitely tasting the bacon and eggs on this, which was tasty at first, but then… well yeah. Need to do a better job warming up the legs for these types of workouts, but was running short on time. Let the 2nd round get to me.
    2. 110lbs, tried a jump to 120lbs but wasn’t happening.
    3. 4 round + 3HSPU’s into the round of 15,18,21. Didn’t start kipping on the HSPU’s until the round of 12, just haven’t done them before, but actually got the hang of it pretty quickly.

  22. 1. 9:57 Need to warm up better, third round felt the best. Missed twice on the DU’s in the 2nd round 1st and 3rd UB
    2. 88.6 lb just missed 95 and ran out of time pullcause I was sharing belt and vest with my wife.
    3. 10 snatches in the 12-15-18 rd Back was so tight was snatchingin 2’s (pathetic) HSPU’s are garbage. I had to kip everything after 3 (definitly need to work on them)
    m/f/s 2/2/2

  23. 1)DNF-last round of double unders I attempted 4 times, got to 40 pretty much every single time. I’m still proud of myself for this wod because I used to not be able to string any toes to bar together, and I could for some of them in this one. Therefore, I see it as an accomplishment anyway!

    2) 66 pound vest

    3) Got to 12 snatches in the 12/15/18 round. HSPU’s feel so much easier than they used to!!

    mfs: 232

  24. only got the first two portions done. ran out of time before having to coach.

    wod 1 9:17 bodyweight + 5 thrusters =suck

    wod 2 123, 70lb in vest and 1.5 pood

  25. 1) absolutely no way i could have done 50 UB DUs after the first round, so i changed it to one set of 30 UB and one set 20 UB each round. Still ran out of time during last set of DUs. Was planning on having to do sqt clean and push jerk, but I thruster’d that shit!

    2) 90# @ 170#bw no kip because of the two huge balls(kb’s) between my legs

    3) 4 rounds (12,15,18) + 3 HSPU w/ 53lb KB, heaviest we have.

  26. Wod#1 7:47
    Wod #2 110# pullup
    Wod #3 4 rounds + 5 hspus hspu suck!!!! I got the kip in the last two rounds. Shouldve done them the whole time prob could have gotten this round done

  27. 1) 9:23.. Long weekend!
    2) 77lbs.. a weak point for sure
    3) 3 Rounds and 6 Snatch… HSPU are a weak point.. working on that too

  28. Matt here from Clayton, NC. Been following you for about a week, but I’m nearly a week behind. I’ll post my results anyway and as often as I can…

    1. 8:49
    2. 101 lbs
    3. 4 Rounds + 9 HSPU

  29. I found a day to do this wod finally it was a blast.
    1. 10:27rx
    2. 101.5 pounds
    3. 3 rounds+15 snatches
    The first wod was great bodyweight thruster and I didn’t miss one double under.

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