Today you get only the WOD. I KNOW you guys will have questions about the pullup cage/monkey bar runs. I’ll try to get some video up before lunch time. If you have PR videos please send them in. I would love to post 30 of them one day.

WOD 111216:

Barbell Gymnastics

15 minutes practice of:

Snatch off blocks (video demo)

Notes: Blocks should be just above the knee (I know they’re higher in the video – I’d like them just above the knee). You can use almost anything for this, but DO NOT go from the hang. If you do not have blocks stack plates to this height. If you are feeling comfortable you may work up to a heavy single. Work on speed under the bar and turnover.

Dynamic Strength

1a) Back Squat: 10×2 @ 65%+20% Band – rest 60 sec.
1b) Bench Press: 10X2 @ 65%+20% Chains – rest 60 sec.


Chose one or the other…

For 20 minutes:

Find a wall/fence/object that is between 6&8′ high. Do as many “Over Burpees” (over the wall, drop down, perform a burpee) as possible. Take time to work on climbing style and get comfortable with transitions.


On the pullup rig at your gym, practice monkey bar runs (or pullup bar runs, if you will). If you have a Rogue rig, or something similar, try to make as many trips as possible around the entire rig climbing hand over hand. Yes, this will be a sideways climb and no, I don’t care of the rig is a differing heights.

Mike “PR” Poppa – Snatch PR @ 225#

Talayna “PR” Fortunato – Snatch PR @ 160#

Demo for “monkey bar” run:

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  1. Snatch off blocks – worked up to 105# and stayed there. Felt good. Videotaped a few reps and then fine-tuned as necessary.

    1a. all sets with 160# and 50# bands
    1b. all sets with 130# (didn’t have chains, so worked just above 85% of max)

    Skill – no wall available, so I did the hand-over-hand pull-up rig runs. These were pretty easy and I got better and better as I went along. Grip gets taxed, though.

    …I have the sinking feeling that tomorrow will be BAD!

  2. Thrown off my usual Friday schedule and had to go in early, but never have enough time in the AM for a full workout before real work calls. Just did the bench and squats.

    Squats at 165# + ~110# (don’t ask about our bands)
    Bench at 175# + ~55#

  3. Snatch of blocks= 155 which is weird because that is my max snatch(felt like I caught it high also)

    1a) 245( didn’t have bands or chains so bumped it to 70% and just worked speed)
    1b) 185( same as above)

    Skill= did the monkey bar runs( was fun and def. Made me feel more comfortable on hanging from the bars)

    2/3/7(calves still roasted)

  4. Snatch – 131#
    1a) 10 x 2 @ 180# + 55# band
    2b) 10 x 2 @ 125# + 35# band
    Squat Cage Monkey Bar Run – 64 pull-ups total (alternating between 4 sides of squat cage)


  5. 1) 175 but ugly and didnt really turn over
    2a) 245 + 75 lb Band
    2b) 155+45 lbs of Chain

    Did about 5 min then ran out of time.

    MFS: 432

  6. First day today, going through a move right away so may not follow exactly but going to do the best I can. Been looking forward to this for awhile!

    1) 180lbs to a high Power

    Never done this before but it felt good. Also had to use a womens bar because at the moment I dont have access to go a good Oly mens bar, felt different but worked just the same!

    2a) 230lbs (355lb Max) + “Medium” Band (Not sure the tension, but it was tough)

    Havent done these for awhile, really enjoyed that.

    2b) 175lbs (260lb Max) + 70lbs of Chain

    Chains were heavier than they were suppose to be but it was either that or 40lbs so opted to go heavier! 🙂

    Then dont have a cage or a wall where I workout so did some skill work instead.

    Supersetted sets of light weight deadhang Pullups with:

    Weighted GHD Situps – 15×3 @ 35lbs (Weight held with arms extended overhead)
    Weighted Back Extensions – 15×3 @ 35lbs

    Been working my way up with these every couple days. Will go 45lbs tomorrow.


  7. 1) worked up (slowly) to 185# with decent form. Caught #195 high and stable, then tried to squat with it and lost it forward.
    2a) 315# + 52# in chains (no bands)
    2b) 245# (no more chains)

    Worked on the monkey bars for a while.

    M/F/S – 1/4/5

  8. Oh geez, you guys should have seen Akinwale flopping around the Rogue cage monkey bars, high fucking comedy. She just couldn’t figure it out.

  9. Barbell Gymnastics
    Snatch off blocks

    215 – JUST missed 225 (all-time snatch PR is 225)

    1a) 245lbs + ~100lbs band tension
    1b) 195 + ~35lbs chains


    Monkey bar runs
    Didn’t spend as much time on this as planned….was going to rip the f*** out of my hands!

    4 lengths UB – Games style hand over hand on horizontal bars (double spaced)
    4 single lengths – Hand over hand on length wise bar
    4 single lengths – Shuffle on length wise bar (moving side to side, switched directions)

    Pretty comfortable with all this. Did very well on the monkey bars at the Games in the team event.


    Started supplementing melatonin before bed two nights ago and sleep has been fantasic.

  10. Everything in Kg today.

    Snatch off the blocks: 85kgx1

    Ran outta time. Unsatisfied; would have like to hit 90 or 95 for a couple heavy singles but I was busy setting up the squats and bench because I had to coach pretty soon so I lost a bunch of time.

    1a) 105kg + 41kg band tension at the top
    1b) 75kg + 23kg band tension at the top

    Never done these with bands before. Didn’t have chains so just used bands. They were awesome fun! Definitely changed the movement a bit. I loved it. Here’s hoping for some more of this in the future.

    Skill: Monkey bar monkeying around. Practiced with runs back and forth on our rig and played around with 2 handed jumping from bar to bar. Just had fun for 20 minutes.

  11. Barbell Gymnastics
    Snatched 135 lbs felt very solid. Just couldn’t quite stick 140 lbs (my all time PR)
    1a) 140
    1b) 40 lbs Dumbbells. Don’t have a second rack so I used heaviest dumbbells I have

  12. BB gymnastics – worked plenty of reps at 115 and 135 just to work on form and speed. Feel very tight with snatch form. Fast but need to open up my shoulders and hips a freaking ton

    1a) 255 plus a shit load of bands
    1b) 175 plus an even greater shit load of bands
    (goal was to stay as dynamic as possible out of the bottom of each. Really don’t know what the resistance on the bands were, but I was able to stay pretty explosive)

    Spent 12 minutes messing around on the pull up rig, feeling really good in my ninja warrior persona. Spent about 8 minutes working climbs on an 8′ wall with railing, just worked technique, stringing reps together and getting comfortable with different hand and foots positions

  13. Worked up to 205 in the snatch off the blocks. Felt weird going from there. Probably good since I have trouble accelerating past the knees. Lots of good practice here.

    1a) 315
    Max BS is about 475 I’d guess. Bar speed was good today. Faster at the end of the workout than the beginning. Getting some chains next week.

    1b) 225 + mini bands (90lbs?)
    Might have been a bit much. Wasn’t super fast. Haven’t maxed on bench in years. Did 315 for 6 a few weeks ago, so I was guessing it’d be about 350 right now. Wasn’t hard, but not as fast as when I was doing Westside in my pre-CF days.

    No walls or monkey bars around so I played around on some gymnastics equipment. Got 6 consecutive full ROM HSPU on rings (freestanding – no straps) which I was pretty stoked about. Managed some full pirouettes, back tosses, 30 consecutive pommel horse circles, and a bit of tumbling.

    MFS 222 Feeling good after the rest day.

    Oh yeah, body weight finally under 190 which is cool. Leaning out a bit.

  14. 111214
    255 jerk
    275 clean pulls
    13rds cindy with 203 vest.

    Thanks again the training is great!

  15. 135# off blocks (Still really sore from 5K)
    1a)Did 205# plus 52# of chain on deadlifts
    1b)215# on Bench no chains left
    Worked on monkey bars for 20 minutes until my shoulders and hands were barking really loud.

    Cliff Lewis

  16. 1.) Worked up to 205, felt solid. Got under 215, lost it back… was going to go after it again, but almost destroyed a treadmill with someone running on it so I called it quits.
    2.) No bands available, worked at 335 and 245.

  17. 1) Worked up to 165, felt real good today, good speed underneath, I like these.
    2a) 245 + 2 Red Bands x 10 x 2 — Great speed today up and down
    2b) 215 + Doubled Up Purple Bands x 10 x 2 — Little slower on these, maybe too much band, still am a bit shaky on measuring this…

    2 Hour Krav Maga/Striking seminar in place of the WoD, though I did play around on the monkey bar things yesterday and today in the warm-up, was making it the full rig (40ft) then dropping due to hands/ripping.

  18. Snatch from Blocks: 63-83-93-98-103-108-113(Fx3) (Quads Fried)

    Dynamic Strength:
    10×2 Back Squat (135#/Blue Bands)=65% (165#)
    10×5 Push Ups (Chains 7#s) (Shoulder sucks: Sub Bench Press)

    15 Minutes of Pull Up Rig Monkey Bars.

    M: 3/7/7

  19. snatch = 195
    bs = 225 with red bands
    bp = 155 with blue bands (no chains)

    20 mins of monkey bars. i thought this was going to be fun and it was. lots of fun mixed with lots of hand burning.

  20. Saturday morning:

    Snatch Practice: worked up to 125. For me, coming of blocks isnt harder, since my problem is catching it with proper shoulder position. Doing about 30min of shoulder mobility everyday trying to improve this.
    1b)155 no chains

    Did monkey bar (pullup bar) runs. this was easy, but hard on the hands.

    Did team wod. 4 rounds alternating between 1round of Bear Complex at 95# and 400m runs.

    1/5/4 not enough sleep friday night…

  21. Snatch: 135,155,165,175,185,190
    1a. 245 + blue
    b. 155 + light chains w/ 18lb kbs didn’t really work well

    Did a couple of short wods for the programming at the gym here.

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