Just in case you haven’t seen it: “Programming for the Best Exercisers

I—guess—I don’t know… I’m just kinda speechless. I really don’t even know what to say.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the response that we’ve gotten.

Wait… I figured out what to say.


The registration links for the Training Camps are up. You’re not gonna believe this, but the Alexandria camp is completely full. It literally filled up within an hour of the registration going live. So… We’re going to do a SECOND Alexandria camp.

February 10th-12th will be the second Training Camp at the homebase, Outlaw CrossFit. This one will be limited to 20 participants and will be first come first served. This one will be $199 and we’re gonna hold to this price for all camps (from February on) as long as we can. I am not trying to trick you guys into registering, but this one might fill up quickly also. Shit, we might end up having to do these every weekend for the rest of our lives—it’s cool; we can homeschool Deacon.

Tennessee camp peeps… We need you to fill out the registration form. I know that most of you have confirmed that you’re coming, but we may have some out-of-towners coming in and we need to have an exact count.

Florida camp peeps… If you emailed me already you should be getting a registration reminder email today. If you want to cut out the middleman go ahead and follow the link on the Naples, FL Training Camp link. If there is anyone who wants in on the Florida camp PLEASE register ASAP. There are very few spots left and there will be a preposterously high level of great athletes attending this camp (Eff! I hate saying stuff like that—it sounds so “salesy”).

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the rest day schedule. It’s pretty simple; Thursday and Sunday. These will be consistent for a while and I will give you all fair warning before they change. We have had great success with the 3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off schedule and will only break when there is a loading phase in the midst of the season.

If you miss one of the training days during the weekly cycle you may make it up on a rest day, but be cautious to NOT try to do a double WOD makeup. I would rather have you take an extra rest day than try to do 2 days worth of work in one day.

This brings up the discussion of fatigue—overtraining—and when to stop. Many of you have just started the program. Many of you are already wrecked. That’s ok. You’re supposed to be.

We have found that there is a legitimate 2- to 4-week adaptation period. During this time you may feel run down, weak, or just simply wrecked. It will go away. This will be an incredible amount of volume on the Olympic lifts for many of you. The fatigue you experience will be completely different than the fatigue you’d have from a grouping of high-rep metcons or some sort of a distance event.

I can’t tell you when to stop because I don’t know what you’re feeling, but I will say this: if you break form because of fatigue and injure yourself, you’re not going to be competing in anything for a while. Yes, I just sounded like your dad (only cooler), but common sense is common sense. It’s the off-season, it’s a new program for some of you, and positive adaptation only comes when you’re not in a full body cast.

Laura Nielsen – 200# Jerk
4 months after having a whole baby come out of her:

You know how your mom always told you to choose your friends wisely?

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  1. Hey Epic, pull the ip addresses of the butthole surfers (pun intended) and let’s figure out why your readers are so sure that Rudy likes dudes even though he is married with a future exerciser of a child.

  2. Nice article man, well done. And son of a bitch people, I go on one god damn cross-country flight and spaces fill up that damn fast?!?! I guess I’ll be the guy on the sidewalk at Outlaw durin the first camp doing the workouts while watching through the window…not creepy at all…

  3. Me and Drywall had absolutely nothing to do with those searches. Also, when Rudy revenge-programs snatch balances in a metcon next week, it was definitely not our fault.

  4. 111213
    Power clean: 235
    2a) 200 2b) 205, 185,185,185
    1) 10mu/73du
    2) 7mu/43du
    3) 6mu/22du opps.
    4) 5mu/ 99du
    5) 4mu/ 63du
    6) 3 mu/ 54du
    7) 3mu/ 48du

    Love the training. Im a day behind will post weighted Cindy later today.

  5. I’m predicting something like
    1 1/2 snatch balance @185 ( that’s right 1 1/2)
    Box jump @30″
    SDLHP @135

    All programmed for Epic

  6. K wait, did I manage to jump on this program before it became popular? Or did I miss the OG Outlaw train? Cause if that trains already gone I’m quitting to find some other niche program with 30 followers cause my coolness is way more important than good programming.

    But seriously Rudy. Thanks for the awesome free programming. I’m loving this. Last exam in an hour. Then this business gets hot.

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