In the immortal words of Kenny Powers, “Before you say anything, prepare to shut the f**k up.”

I know you will all literally fall out of your chairs when you see the conditioning. That’s fine. Bitch, gripe, complain, but do it anyway. I need to test this, especially with my original group, and now is the time. Look, I hate running—it’s cowardice practice, and my belief is that God made barbells for fitness and cars for ambulation over 400m. However, it is a good test, and I need the data.

If you are in a cold-weather climate, then try to get inside. If you can’t do the run no matter what (like there’s 40″ of snow on the ground or you don’t have a foot), you may perform the alternate WOD. DO NOT DO BOTH. Seriously, control yourselves.

You may have noticed the upgrades to the Training Camps page that went up today. We’ve come to the realization that these camps will be an unbelievable tool in helping you all prepare for competition or simply hone your skills. The goal is to do at least one of these per month (if not more) all the way through the season and into the off-season—basically, year around. This will give me and the Outlaw coaching staff (Brandon Phillips, Laura [DeMarco] Nielsen, and others) a chance to see you move in person and help tweak whatever it is that may be slowing you down or keeping you from progressing.

This clearly will not be a cert, but it also will not be us just throwing a ton of WODs at you. We’ll start with a Weightlifting and get to know each other session on Friday night (aka—we’ll lift and drink beer). Saturday and Sunday will include at least 4 WODs, but each of them will start with a coaching time before and a debrief after, focusing on things the coaching staff thinks you could do to move faster and more efficiently. Each day’s WODs will be planned in a competition style and will allow us to see if and where there are any issues.

These camps, in their simplest form, will be you performing and us helping you get better at your sport.

I honestly don’t know if anyone has ever done this, so we’re gonna try it and figure it out as we go. If any of you are interested in hosting a Training Camp, email me at Rudy@OutlawCrossFit.com. Yes, we will be charging for these, but they will not be ridiculous. If you’d like any more info on any of the camps go ahead and peruse the link above.

WOD 111214:

If at all possible, treat this as an A/B Early/Late double session. You will see this distinction appear a few times in the near future and more as the season progresses.

A: Strength

1) Take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy Jerk (any style).

Notes: Keep going up until form breaks or you miss twice because of load.

2a) 4X2 1 Split Jerk + 1 Behind the Neck Split Jerk @ 80% of above – rest 60 sec.
2b) 4X5 Clean Pulls – heaviest possible, use straps.
3) 3X45’ Sled Pull Through – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec. VIDEO BELOW

Notes: Use whatever sled you have with a 15’ climbing rope attached. There WILL be video accompanying this.

B: Conditioning

Run 5k


12 minute AMRAP of:

-With a 40/20# vest-

5 Pullups
10 Pushups (hand release)
15 Air Squats

52 thoughts on “111214

  1. So if I get “cock burn” or to be politically correct for the woman , “labia burn” am I doing it wrong?

  2. Fuck yeah, thats functional fitness….So if I am just pulling on my cock, i should be good for this workout if i just do it in a deadlift stance.
    Its gonna take alot of pulls to make make 45′ though

  3. Did the 5K this morning at 6am on the VA Beach boardwalk. Logistically I kind of fucked this up. There was about a 20 mph wind coming out of the north so I decide it was a good idea to start out with it to my back. Fail! A headwind of any sort fatigued coming back is miserable. Regardless a better time than I thought. Ended up losing about 15 sec/mile on the way back.

    21:01- my previous all time PR is 20:22 during an actual 5k race so I had rabbits to chase.(3 years ago) I was also doing about 50-70 miles a week and ALOT of track work.

  4. Strength
    1. 160#
    2a. 125#
    2b. 175#
    3. 45#, 55#, 80#

    25:52 Slow as hell. Pacing was completely off. Lesson learned: wear a timer watch to keep track of mile splits. I didn’t feel like I pushed hard enough.

    M/F/S – 2 (pre-workout) and 7 (post-workout…pissed)/3/4

    I sent Laura an email to register for the Florida camp – very exciting!

  5. Just finished up the 5km….19:36. This is about 80 sec slower than when we last tested prior to the open last yr. And about 100 sec slower than my all time best…which was when I was racing and logging between 75-110 miles a week.

      • Thanks buddy. I almost died out there though….Wanted to do a neg split and went out in 9:30. Picked up my pace on the way in and hit the wall with 1500 left…had to slow to allow myself to recover a little for a big kick in the last 1000.

    • I have been asked a couple of times today if I was bummed out over my 5k time because I was so far off my PR. My answer is NOT A CHANCE I couldn’t be happier!

      Me 6 months ago Me today
      body weight – 158 165
      5k – 18:11 19:36
      deadlift – 365 455
      squat – 335 405
      Clean – 205 (maybe) 245
      Jerk – 190 245
      Snatch – 135 180

      Losing 90 secs in a distance that requires a ton of specific training to be at especially if you average sub 6 min/mile. How much run specific training have I done in the last 6 months…ZERO…and I still averaged 6:15ish/mile….not bad.

      Strength Results:
      1) 240 (10# pr)
      2a) 195
      2b) 295
      3) check but pretty sure I did these wrong even with the video

  6. 1. 235
    2b. 275,295,275,275

    5k- 24:00,
    first mile was 5:56 then got an intense pain in my lower back and had to keep stretching it. felt super low after that


  7. 1) 265# — another un-pr. would be embarrassed to admit how long it took me to get this.
    2a) 215# — first rd did 205# b/c I thought my shoulders were going to rip off during the narrow re-rack)
    2b) 315# for 1 rd, 365# for the rest. Probably doing it wrong.
    3) completely forgot about the sled pulls. I’ll make them up on Friday. Head just wasn’t in it.

    5k – 21:00 — un-pr by over a minute. Legs felt like lead weights. On the up side, I used the “distance free” iphone app to pace/measure the run. Pretty cool program.

    M/F/S – 5/7/5

  8. A:
    1. 309 rack jerk. Think i’m going to go from the front next time.
    2a. 199, under 80%. Felt heavy today so scaled a little bit.
    2b. 265
    3. 90#. Probably could’ve went heavier, but these felt awkward and i was just using arms.

    28:34. This was awful. Running is gay.

  9. 1) 245 from the front… 20# PR!!!
    2a) 185# Got easer as sets progressed…
    2b) 225#
    Conditioning…DNF….Its been 3 years since my last DNF…. Completed a 12 Min Split @ the half way mark and started to have some legit IT Band pain. With a throw down this saturday I stopped. I’ll repeat the effort in the coming weeks to provide the data point Rudy.
    MFS 3-4-3

  10. 1) 225 split jerk from front- 10# pr!
    2a) 180
    2b) 225
    3) 90# plus sled

    5k- 21:12, pr since starting CF is 19:30 but that was about 3 yrs ago in a 5k race, should have pushed harder today

  11. 1) 270 (15# pr)
    2a) 215 (3), 215, 215 (3), 215(2) – This was a shit show.
    2b) 225, 185, 185, 135 – Went lighter and lighter as my hamstring heated up
    3) 45, 90, 90 – did I mention I’m injured?

    Conditioning – made up the MU/DU workout, and was kinda all over the map.
    8/48, 7/78, 5/36, 5/85, 3/DNF (30 after time finished)

  12. 1) 205 front jerk. fucking teaked something on the jerk. wasnt able to finish the stregnth workouts. fucking pissed me off.
    rested a few hours and hit the metcon
    2)12 min cindy w/ 40# vest- 12 rounds + 4 pullups

    *Gonna take sometime to work jerk technique to fix where i went wrong. was no near hitting a pr on it today.

  13. I hate to post what might be a stupid question, but I just read the notice that emails might not get answered because of quantity, which I COMPLETELY understand. At any rate, I really like this programming, but wondering if I should just jump in or start back a few weeks, months, etc? That is, is this the middle of a training cycle, or can I just jump on? If I should start back a few days, weeks, or months, what date should I start on?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    • Honestly just jump on. Based on my experience, depending on what training you’ve done and what volume your use to its gonna take a couple of weeks to adapt. Aka it’s gonna fucking hurt regardless.

  14. 1) 255 (10# pr)
    2a) 200 for all four
    2b) 250 for all four
    3) ran out of time

    a few hours later…

    Conditioning – had to stop for traffic a few times: 23:20

  15. 1) 145#
    3) pulled a tire with a chain attached

    5k – 24:50, yikes

    I am going to be sore!

  16. A was at 11am
    1) 225= 20lb PR ( could have done more but ran out of time)
    2a) 180
    2b)245( first time doing pulls and could have done more)
    3) 145 pound sled

    B was at 5pm
    5k = 20:20( 2nd time ever running a 5k, 1st time was in may and I PR’d by 3 minutes today)

    3/7/7( calves/shoulders)

  17. 1) 220#
    2a) 175#, 155#, 155#, 155# (feet were all over the place so droped weight)
    2b) 245#
    3) 200# Cable Pull Through

    5k – 23:58

    M/F/S – 2,4,5

  18. Did a combo of yesterday and today, flying out to California tonight and am planning on a 5k in the morning, and MU/DU wod later on in the day. Monday’s workout destroyed me, and yesterday I felt so off I could barely clean 185. I was able to work up to 245# power and that was it for the day. So…

    4×2 hi-hang to clean
    195, 195, 195, 205
    4×5 1&1/4 front squats
    155, 155, 155, 165
    (wrists are so effing tight this was insanely painful for me. Did not want to break form at all)

    1) worked to 265# (un-pr)(275 wouldn’t leave my shoulders)(front, split)
    2a) 215# for all
    2b) 275, 285, 295, 305
    3) dog sled+2 45’s, +3 45’s, + 4 45’s

    MFS – 553

  19. 1) 245 (seriously. rough day)
    2a) 195 for all
    2b) 275, 295, 305, 325

    3) 90lbs, 90lbs, 135lbs

    Skipped conditioning. Must study.

    MFS – 3/6/3

    Can’t wait till exams are done.

  20. 1) 305 (5# PR from back rack) Close on 315…

    2a) 185 for all. Felt like a peanut after heavy jerks. Still getting used to bring the bar down behind the neck, but felt good today.

    2b) 295 x 4, x 3, x 3, x3
    Cut off a few reps to cut down some volume on my back. Felt heavy.

    3) Skipped….had some other stuff to do tonight. Going to have to make some of this stuff up.

    Will do a 5k run sometime this week.

  21. 1.) 335lb Split Jerk (very slight press-out)

    2a.) 265

    These sucked. The jerks themselves were easy, but I had a hard time controlling the bar down to my back. Dropped it on the last rep of the 3rd set. I just did push jerks for all four reps on the last set. Much easier.

    2b.) 365

    Don’t have a rope for the sled, so I just did some band pull-throughs instead.

    Still have to do the 5k tonight. Gross.

  22. 1. 245#, tied PR, failed at 250#. Form sucks but working on it.
    2a. Had to mod this, no familiarity with behind the neck jerks. 2x front at 195# then 2x behind the neck scaling up each round – 135, 145, 155, 165. Just need more practice.
    2b. 315#
    3. Dragging a prowler on turf, lots of natural drag. About 50# added.

    Cold and raining here. Too gassed from this week to do any conditioning anyway.

  23. 1) 210 – 10# PR – trying to make up for the 5k before it happens
    2a) 170
    2b) 215
    3) prowler + 90# – low back smoker

    5k – 23:26 –  Pretty good considering that’s what I used to run it in when I ran 1/2 marathons and now I seldom run a consecutive mile.  PR is 21:30, but that was 15lbs and 8 years ago!

    MFS: 2/2/2 – finally adapting to all this volume!

    My patient told me today I’m too pretty to lift heavy weights. All I have to say to that is I PR’d my clean and jerk Friday, my snatch Monday, my Jerk Wednesday, and they all felt beautiful!!!

  24. 1) 225 lbs

    2a) 185 got much easier as sets progressed. I did take my time between reps.

    2b) 225 first time with these, felt good

    3) 80ish lbs pulled across asphalt

    Had to go to class, skipped the conditioning

    M/F/S 2/4/7 (shoulders and upper back)

  25. Didn’t have time for strength today 🙁
    3. 45 # + sled weight

    Conditioning: 26:53 with 2 big ass hills. Slow time but good for me….I hate running. I did this on my lunch break so I didn’t have to run in the dark. I felt good except for the hills. The weather was perfect, 67 and sunny! 🙂

  26. 1) 318# – 3# PR, missed it twice before I nailed it on the third try, wasn’t getting under the bar fast enough on the first two, but I’ll take a 3# pr

    2a) 241# not quite 80% but bringing the bar back down was awkward and really difficult, kind of figured out that you couldn’t do the behind the neck jerks with a wide grip in order to bring it back down to the front.

    2b) 299# – these felt pretty good, didn’t want to go too heavy bc I wanted to make sure I kept my ass down and got a good pull.

    3) 95,105,127 – These were awkward at first, but got the hang of them during the second set.

    Conditioning – 24:15 About about a 2 min un pr, this was only the second 5k I have ever ran, and I am with Rudy on this one, anything more than 400m requires some other mode of transportation. I kind of just picked a pace and ran, well jogged, felt like I could have pushed it harder when I finished, but I have no clue how to pace a run other than one foot in front of the other continuously. Oh and my calves hate me for running in my innov8s

  27. Strength: Did this one at home, so limited weights and no dropping. Changes everything. There’s security in knowing you can drop weight and I can’t at home… yet. So, modified it. Used 215# for each movement. I used a snatch grip on the pulls (no grips) and did it from the hang because I felt 215# was a little light for a clean grip. Also, I don’t have a sled or a rope but felt 45 kettlebell swings in the wod was a close approximation of this stimulus.

    Met con:
    3 rounds
    2 rope climbs @ 15′
    10 HSPU
    15 KBS 24kg
    Result: 5:17

    5k this weekend.

  28. My knee was feeling better today. Thank god we didn’t have to do any squatting.

    1) 205# front, split. Un-PR. Limiting factor is definitely my fucked up collar bone. My back-jerk PR is 230#.

    2a) 165# Felt pretty easy. Probably should have done more weight.
    2b) 275# Felt very heavy. time for more DL for me, Rudy?

    3) 185# sled weight.


  29. 1) 175 (5 lbs un-PR)
    2a) 135
    2b) 205
    3) 90,100,100 Had to use a plastic coated cable to pull definitely worked my grip in a new way

  30. 1) 205 Split (matches PR) recorded this and realized i was moving forward about 4″ because my shoulders are so tight I can barely go straight up overhead. Nasty looking. So went light on the 4×2(4) trying to focus on dropping straight down into a bigger split.
    2a)155-135-135-155 weights easy but moving straight under the bar is not.
    2b)225×5 T&G no straps. Focused on form here too.
    3)had a class so ran out of time.

    Conditioning: Full of lame excuses here. My foot is still fucked from the 5 miler last month, so didn’t want to put any long distances on it, plus it was raining.

    For the record: February ran 5K in 27 (9min pace), November ran 5M in 38 (7:30 pace, and finished 4th out of a shit ton, in my age group).

    Also I don’t have a vest. So I did our regularly scheduled wod, which also worked the lower back to replace the sled (humps) pulls:

    AMRAP 12 minutes:
    1 Deadlift 205#
    1 Round of Cindy
    2 Deadlift
    1 Round of Cindy
    3 Deadlift
    1 Round of Cindy
    4 Deadlift
    1…. and so on.

    Completed 10 Rounds + 3 DL
    Never took a break but slowed down some and had to break up the deadlifts at 8,9, and 10 to maintain form.

    1/2/6 shoulders are pretty F’ed up.

  31. 1) 245lbs
    2a) 185lbs x 2 x 4 (Horrible Shoulder discomfort)
    2b) 315 x 2 x 5 (Nice shrug at the top)
    3) Two Black Band pull-throughs, did 3 x 10, then 2 x 15 GH Raises

    5k – 18.22 ….fucking hate running, hamstrings were tight.

  32. 1. 260 split jerk (5lb PR)
    2a. 205 (traps not a big fan of the transition)
    b. 275
    3. 90lb + sled

    35lb Cindy 7 + 4 Pull


  33. 1)225# felt easy should have tried for 235# but this was a 10# Pr so I’ll run with that.
    2a.)185# going down to the back jerk it went down my back and almost ripped my arms off. Nice….
    2b.) 255# on clean pulls
    3) 90lb + sled on rubber mat was really hard.

    5k-20:40 not bad for how spent I was when I started.
    Cliff Lewis

  34. Couldn’t do the jerks with the jacked shoulder (Maybe next week…).
    Sled Pull Through: Sled (35-40#) + Plates (35#). 1-2RNDS:60Ft by Accident.

    AF WOD: 4RNDS: 8xPower Cleans (145#)-8xFront Squats(145#)-8x Pistols-8xHSPU
    Power Cleans were Squat Cleans but my 1RM Clean is 155#…& I finished the WOD.

    5K Run: 21:30 (28 degrees).

    M: 2/2/6

  35. Loved the pull through’s…tried them today, but think I may have been using a little bit too much arms. Great move though! Really love your programming!



  36. 1)195
    2a) 165lb
    2b) 185, 205, 215, 235
    12 minute cindy 40 pound vest
    9 rounds and 3 pull ups

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