I’ve eliminated the dumb numbering system (no, I wasn’t an English major) and am feeling that the Doctrine page will be completed soon. Thank you all for giving me an excuse to finally put my thoughts (and iPhone-filling amount of notes) together in tangible form. This is a huge undertaking and a labor of love.


(Cleaned it up for “the kids”—sorry.)


I’ve always been a numbers guy. I’ve also got a pretty severe case of ADD. At one point, when I was a freshman in high school, I had a Rainman level knowledge of every NBA player’s stats for about a 3- or 4-season range. But… I couldn’t finish simple geometry homework or pay attention for more than 3 minutes while sitting in class. Bottom line: if you present me with something I give a shit about, I will obsess on it until I learn every minute detail.

When I first started writing WODs with a competition slant, I didn’t really have a system in mind. I just knew they should be things that HQ would program, and they should be hard. We had also been experimenting with some super-heavy metcons as a sort of a response to the 2008 Games WODs; especially the final heavy/squat Grace (which I got cockpunched by). I had just written King-Kong, even though that was sort of an aberration, and things like Transformers were starting to appear. I was also spending a huge amount of time talking training with my buddy Steve (last name withheld—yes, he does that kind of stuff) who was a former high-level powerlifter and was as big of a training nerd as I was. Steve had a sort of philosophy already established, which was “whatever is good to do, is good to overdo.” The first CF WOD Steve ever did was “Fran.” He didn’t know how to kip and had never done a thruster. His time was 3:06, with strict full ROM pullups, and he ran 2 miles afterward so he could “get some sweat.”

Steve gave me his full volume of training books to read one day when I was at his house. This included, you guessed it, the Westside Barbell Book of Methods. I had been a sort of Westside lurker for years and kept my distance because I considered myself to be an “athletic trainer” (read: smart guy) not a “meathead powerlifter” (read: dumb guy with a belt). When I started reading the Methods I realized how absolutely fucking genius it was (again—I’m a numbers guy), and I immediately started obsessing. I tried to program everything around Pripelin’s Chart and began to think about ways to employ Dynamic Effort principles into WODs without going crazy with bands and chains. We also started a tradition of “Max Effort Mondays,” which has become an absolute staple of our gym. Basically, I sort of fell into programming based on the Limited Conjugate method.

In the three plus years since I started programming for competitive CF athletes, I’ve basically maintained as much of what I learned from Westside Methods as I could. I’ve also added some Bulgarian Weightlifting Method, some traditional and non-traditional periodization waves focused on lactate threshold and volume tolerance, some Wendler style linear percentage work, a little Poliquin tempo training, and topped it all off with a metric shit ton of all versions of my personal favorite movement—the barbell Squat.

Let me also add, when it comes to the straight work capacity development part of this program, there will never be a more appropriate tool than the CrossFit.com-style metcon. These will be the bread and butter of the operation as we move further and further into the season. I dare you to show me something worse (in a good way) than “Fran,” “Helen,” or any other evil couplet/triplet that is just the right amount of work to not give you an excuse to stop but makes you question why the fuck you’ve done this to yourself. I am not and will not EVER try to reinvent the metcon wheel. It is impossible to do. A 5- 10-minute metcon designed well enough to not create any need for the athlete to rest is the most beautiful thing in the training world. I am merely trying to build athletes who will be prepared to move swiftly and with economy during whatever combination HQ throws into that 10-minute beauty.

When you plug the Limited Conjugate into all aspects of programming, you can begin to design daily WODs that will build to a bigger goal. The goal here is to be prepared for CrossFit competitions and CrossFit Games season. I would use the exact same design and template no matter what I was trying to prepare an athlete for, depending upon the demands of their season. The loading and volume of the program will change as we move closer to the season, then back to the off-season. A few weeks ago Brandon (Phillips) said to me, “It’s the off-season. We should only be doing enough metcon to keep us hungry.” I couldn’t agree more. Here are the basics of what we’re doing right now:

From 4 weeks after the Games until 4 weeks before the Open begins: This is when we build. If you’re worried about losing your “wind” because of a local competition, then you have your priorities wrong. I’ve moderated volume to ensure that strength/power/skill building will not be stunted. We’re working on the highest level (that we will need) of gymnastics skills as frequently as possible and are practicing to attain a virtuoso level with the Olympic lifts (for overall athletic development). Add in some good old-fashioned CrossFit.com-style ass-kickery, some traditional S&C Barbell and Bodyweight movements for overall strength gains, and govern it with a Limited Conjugate method that does a perfect job of keeping everything in order.

The Open through 4 weeks before Regionals: To be continued…

WOD 111213:


1) Take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy Power Clean.

Notes: Keep going up until form breaks (feet jumping wide, elbows low in catch) or you miss twice because of load.

2a) 4X2 1 Hi-Hang Clean (squat) + 1 Clean (squat) @ 85% of above – rest 10 sec ONLY. (T&G reps)
2b) 4×5 1&1/4 Front Squats – heaviest possible, rest 2 minutes. VIDEO DEMO

Notes: You should have a bar loaded and waiting.


15 minute AMRAP of:

ME/UB Muscle-Ups
ME/UB Double-Unders

Notes: Begin this piece with a ME set of Muscle-Ups. When you fail (yes, go to complete failure) perform a max set of UB Double-Unders. Do not rush back to the rings. Take enough time to get your breathing under control and allow your forearms to flush. The goal is 5-7 total sets. If you do not have multiple UB Muscle-Ups do a difficult but fast number of them (until failure), then move to DU. Do not count a set of Double-Unders that is less than 30 UB.


5X5 TGU (ea. arm) – no rest, keep alternating

Mike Poppa – PR @ 295# – horrible forward jump, missing extension by 10-15 degrees, but so dreamy.

59 thoughts on “111213

  1. I’m guessing the 1&1/4 FS are A2A and then just up past parallel, back down, and all the way up? As well, just to make sure, the 4×2 means that you do 1 high hang clean, 1 clean, 1 high hang clean, 1 clean right? So your doing 4 total reps?

  2. Ever since Pierre Auge wrote, “Getting Scaling Right,” in the Performance Menu, I’ve been very intrigued by the application of Prilepin’s Chart to CrossFit. Graft on top of that the genius of Louie Simmons and the conjugate system and it’s a perfect marriage.

    Mark Bell actually worked with us (CFE) to develop a conjugate strength system for use on the CFE main site; it has completely evolved our programming. So, needless to say, it’s outstanding to continuously see the efficacy of the program reinforced.

  3. 1. 155#. 160 sent up high, but my form fell apart/wasn’t meeting the bar correctly, so stopped there.

    2a. 130#
    2b. 135#
    – correct me if I am wrong, but I went directly from a set of cleans into the front squats, then rested 2 minutes before going back to cleans. This was hard, and awesome!

    Skill – 3/42; 2/32; 2/36; 3/38; 3/48, 3/50
    Double unders felt “off” today, but was happy with the MU. I rested enough to catch my breath and let my arms shake out between rounds.

    Ran out of time for Midline, so will make it up later

    M/F/S – 2/3/3 – fantastic! And I feel like I am training “smart”

  4. If I’m not gonna clean (hamstring), should I just roll with some kinda sub like weighted pull ups, or do just 1 1/4s with higher reps / less rest?

    EPIC, in your expert opinion, how long will I be able to milk this injury before it gets ridiculous?

    • Thomas: the key to fully milking injury is to write a blog where you whine about the movement that caused said injury. This establishes:
      A. You are injured and are an attention whore.
      B. Lack of performance is caused only by that injury.
      C. Plausible deniability for any shitty performance.
      D. Did I mention I’m injured? Gosh, it’s terrible.

  5. Makeup from 111212:
    1. 1RM Sn: 75#- failed 3 times at 80# (I can hit the 75# with no problem and I can get the bar and lock out on the 80# but am having a huge problem activating my glutes and leg muscles to get out of the squat and I’m not hitting the bounce out… very frustrating).
    2a. 4×2 high hang sn, sn: 65#/65#/60#/60#- had to drop down my upper shoulders and low back are really sore and tight- couldn’t stabilize
    2b. 4×10 BW HSPU
    no WOD because of shoulders instead did 3×1-3 chinup ladders and worked on headstands for 10min (finally can do a headstand without assistance and max hold was 2min)

  6. Trying to figure out a way/place to do the wods. Building up a home-based box to approximate some things here. In the meantime I’ll share some of the stuff I’m doing.
    Yesterday, 12/12/11
    (am) Row: 13,000 meters (never again). Sub 2:00 min pace.
    (pm) squat clean 20 min/OTM, 1 rep at 95% of 1RM. Used 275#. Missed 2 rounds. This is a take off of a Blair Morrison workout.
    Then a dumb bear crawl metcon. Killed my shoulders.

    • Ben,
      Why so much volume . At this point its counter productive. Strength gains are being trashed by a 13k row. That and you must be into some S&M shit! If you can’t do it due to lack of equipment eff the metcon and get stronger.

      • There was no real reason for the row other than I wanted to challenge my endurance which is my goat. Strength is less of an issue for me. This was not a typical day, trust me.

      • I would say wind first but a little of both. Did a lot of CFE track runs this summer but feel like I’m losing some of it as the colder weather settles in. Thus a lot more rowing.

  7. 1) 255# (265# in a half-squat, so didn’t count it… missed 3 times in power)
    2a) 225# (strung together the 3rd and 4th rds, but dropped every rep the first 2 rds. strange.)
    2b) 225#, 245#, 275#, 275# (This was my first time doing these correctly, apparently. Now I understand their benefit. Of course, I still managed to screw up. I rested a minute in between 2a and 2b out of habit. I hate being illiterate.)

    MUs – 8, 3, 3, 4, 3, 2
    DUs – 130, 50, 48, 146, 57, 56

    I felt pretty spent going into the conditioning. I missed before 30 reps on the last two rounds, so I redid them (I assume we were supposed to). I also rushed a bit going into the second and third rounds, but took more time on the rest.

    M/F/S – 3/5/5

  8. Damn this one was killer!
    1)210 power clean- kept trying to do squat clean, then mentally fucked myself…not even close to my PR.
    2a)155- concentrated hard on technique and the rest intervals
    2b)started 185 Front squats- ha that lasted a round, dropped to 160
    (these were rouch as fuck)
    Skill/Con- 6/30, 5/30, 5/30,6/30,8/30
    Ive lost my DU and couldnt get a rythm…fuck me, i have alot of work to do.

  9. m/27/200/70”
    mfs: 4/5/5

    1) 235
    2a) 200
    2b) 185/135/135/185

    pretty sure i messed the whole rest thing up

    3) 2/40-1/32-2/35-1/49-1/30

    terrible numbers, no excuses

  10. 1) 208#
    2a) 176#, 176# (fail 4th rep), 165#, 165# (fail 4th rep)
    2b) 135#, 135#, 135#, 135# (fail 4th rep)
    MU: 5,3,4,4
    DU: 44, 30, 41, 30

    Legs need quite a bit of work, my power clean is like 15% higher than my best squat clean… Anyone have any tips for how to stop knees from coming in while squatting?

  11. 111212
    Snatch=185# failed 205#
    2) 155# felt good
    3) HSPU w/10lb vest had to break it up in sets of 5

    Snatch balances whooped me!


    the 185 snatch felt easy but any higher and I cant seem to get under the bar. I think its a confidence thing.

  12. 1) 165lbs
    2a) 140lbs
    2b) Started with 130lbs, but dropped on subsequent sets to 115lbs to focus on speed out of the bottom. Felt much better.
    Skill/Con- 9/48, 5/32, 5/30, 5/33, 4/30, 3/30, 3/ (missed on 29)
    -Should have taken more rest and less sets, but was unsure of how it would work out with timing. Kept trying to focus on wrists on double-unders soo that I wasn’t tensing up my shoulders soo much. I was failing on the lock out on muscle-ups. Need to work on muscular endurance during double-unders, which was my limiting factor.

  13. 1) 215
    2a) 185
    2b) 185

    Going to make up WOD later this week. Thank to Epic for a place to train.

    • Anytime you are in VA Beach. Thanks for the coaching and the Outlaw shirt. If any of you Outlaw hardcocks see me wearing that shit around Alexandria, don’t play “beat up the poseur”. Core gave it to me.

  14. 1. 215 on the power clean failed 3 times trying to get 225
    2a. 185 ub u till 4th set
    2b. 215 on 1-3 then 205 on set 4

    MU- 14,5,7,4,4
    DU- 32, 27 26 9 28 moved on, 32,33,8
    The du felt horrible. I messed up several times in the high 20s before finally getting past 30

    Mfs. 4/8/7

  15. 1) 225 caught 235 in squat…then missed it two times in power.
    2a) 190
    2b) 185/195/195/205

    MU: 11/4/7/5/5

    Yep…squat cleans to 1 1/4 FS was the just pain evil. Legs are fried. Shoulders were still sore from yesterday. Felt like I just couldn’t get myself going on the MU.

    MFS: 3/3/4

  16. 1) 255. Caught 265 easy for squat clean. Doesn’t count.
    2a) 215
    2b) 215, 205, 185, 185

    WOW! Those 1&1/4 FS were horrendous on the legs especially with the 10s rest. Yikes.

    MU/DU: 5/31, 6/30, 3/30, 6/30

    So many sets of 20 in there it wasn’t even funny. Played around on really high rings (hang from 50′ ceiling) so they’re way harder than lower rings. Forearms were really tight. Wasn’t even winded. Just couldn’t string em today.

    MFS: 3/4/3

  17. 1) 215, missed 225 twice
    2a) 180, form sucked but was my first time doing hi hang cleans
    2b) 135, 155, 175, 175

    10 rounds: first 3 rounds were 2 MU’s plus another attempt, then the next 7 rounds were singles plus an attempt( first attempt at UB MU’s) and 35-45 DU’s per round w/ no re-do’s.

    Midline= 35lb kettlebell all 50 reps( first time doing TGU’s)


  18. First day following this programming. So far so good.
    1) 190
    2a) 160
    2b) First two rounds were 135 then last two were 95. As EPIC would say HTFU. Should have gone heavier.
    Skill/Conditioning) Didn’t have a set of rings so I did chest-to-bar pull ups.
    C2B Pull Ups 8-5-6-7-4-4
    Double Unders 10-12-14-8-9-4(Ran out of time on this one)
    Obviously I have some weaknesses. Just got to get after them.

  19. 1) 215
    2a) 185
    MU- 12,3,5,5,4
    DU- 63,46,65,54,77
    missed TGU cause I had to write an essay.

  20. 1) 185 – little form break
    2a) 160
    2b) 135 first one/125 next 4 – did all these 3+2, still hard!


    Reverse hyper
    5×10 @120

    TGUs @35 – Admittedly rested twice. Hands were going numb too :/

    MFS: 2/3/3

  21. 1.) 275

    Got to work out with my Olympic lifter friend. Worked on technique, and he was very strict with my form. As soon as it wasn’t perfect, I cut it off. Probably good. Really needed a bit of a rest from the heavy stuff. Caught it really high on all reps which was good.

    2a) 235

    Felt pretty easy.

    2b) 245

    Felt like death. Really underestimated these. The weight shouldn’t have been that bad, but with the short rest after the cleans, it was just tough by the end. I felt like kind of a pussy for not going heavier in the beginning, but by the end I wasn’t sure if I was even going to make it. Did a Litvinov workout a few weeks ago with 275 and it was easier than these. Breathing was pretty tough surprisingly. New for me in a lifting program.

    Conditioning tonight.

    MFS 265
    Trying to catch up, so this is the 6th day in a row without a rest day. Really catching up to me. Legs are TIRED.

  22. 1. 255. Missed 265 a couple times, not getting full hip extension.
    2a. 215# No missed reps but dropped a few transitions.
    2b. 185×5, 185×4, 175×4, 165×5. Went a bit too high, stop the sets when form fell completely apart and went down.

    MU – 2,2,2,2,3 kept losing false grip
    DU – 57, 47, 47, 52, 55

    TGU – 1 round at 25#, didn’t have enough time to keep going.

  23. Strength

    1) 275, close on 280 twice (all-time PR is 290)

    2a/b) 235 x hang, failed full, x 1 + 205 x 3,f
    225 x 2 + 185 x 5
    225 x 2 + 185 x 5
    225 x hang, failed full, hang, failed full + 185 x 5

    Most squatting volume I’ve done in over 3 months….need some work, but not bad…
    Wasn’t ready for how hard those 1&1/4’s would be after heavy squat cleans.
    Was breathing and sweating pretty hard during those last 2 sets.


    Muscle Ups
    10, 5, 5, 5, 6

    Double Unders
    40, 63, 64, 55, 44

    Meh….muscle ups were okay. Switched between false grip and non false grip.
    Double unders were no good. Brachioradialus on right forearm is all knotted up and pretty sore from the return to barbell work. Would usually have a couple well over 100 I’d imagine.


    Skipped, had to coach for a few hours.



  24. 1) 210, tied current pr
    2a) 165, supposed to be 178 but couldn’t keep grip for all reps so scaled down
    2b) 155, should have gone a little heavier but it was first time doing these

    Conditioning- 9/130, 6/89, 4/103, 5/31, 4/108
    Ran out of time for midline

  25. 1. 170 (5# pr, form was a little sketchy)
    2a. 140 failed a few reps but made them up
    2b. 105 could have gone a little heavier but it was first time doing these

    Conditioning- 3/42, 3/39, 2/36, 3/31, 3/33
    MU’s are starting to get better first set was UB and most other sets were 2 + 1. DU’s they just suck.

    Ran out of time for midline

  26. 1) 265# elbows were a little low on this one, tried 275# but didn’t get it high enough for a power clean so I just dropped it.
    2a) 225# felt pretty good on these, quads got nice and blown up for the front squats. Missed on the second hi hand on set 3, but all other sets were good
    2b) These were down right awful going right into them after the cleans rest was more like 15 sec each round. First set was at 187# and all other sets at 177#


    MUs- 7,6,5,5,5,4- These felt pretty good, but I felt heavier than I normally do on these, was getting a good pull but fatigued on the dip

    DUs – 39,50,36,60,49,40 AWFUL- These were an absolute train wreck for me, I don’t know why, but they were. I wasn’t fatigued, normally I can get at least 50-75 no problem, but tonight I was doing everything I could just to get to 30.

    TGU w/ 35#KB- These sucked rested about 10-15 sec when alternating arms.

    M/F/S – 3/4/6

  27. Strength

    1) 225 ( feet started getting wide)

    2a) 190 ugh..not tng, failed a couple times on the full snatch

    2b) 185 had to break up into 3’s and 2’s to keep good form


    4 sets 4,2,2,3 on MU’s, little over 30 on DU’s/set. Du’s slowed me down.

    Had to rush through midline work, sub’d leg raises. 3X10, rested 30 sec

    thanks, enjoyed it

  28. 1. 287. 12# all time clean pr, 18# power clean pr.

    Muscle ups went well the first round but turned into a suck fest from there. I thought i was getting good at DUs but it was only cause i was practicing fresh.

    13-25 5-12 4-33 4-36 4-24 5-32

  29. Day behind
    1. Snatch: worked up to 92.5kg, couldn’t stick 100kg, good turnover, went over head easy, but not keeping my arms locked out.
    2.a)&b) Worked with 72.5kg and did the HSPU’s unweighted, bit of goat, but got them unbroken
    3) Did conditioning with the CF DC folks, three 8 minute AMRAPS with different movements in each and 4 minutes rest between.

    Did do 2 rep max power cleans Monday though, worked up to 127.5kg for 2 reps.

  30. That was a sneaky hard little F’er!
    1)205(matches PR) failed 210×2 catching it really tall, need to get down into a 1/4 or 1/2 squat…
    2a)145-155-165-155 (not all touch and go, but got back on bar immediately)
    2b)135×4 was wrecked after cleans every round so 135 felt like a shit ton of weight

    MU: 8-4-4-3-3-ripped
    got into the 30’s a couple times failed in the 20’s and just added a set of 20+ every other time. My DU’s are way rusty since fracturing my foot, and it started to hurt like MF’er

    2/5/5 before and 10/10/10 afterwards. I feel like shit. Might need to rest tomorrow.

  31. 1) 135, 185, 215, 235, 250, 265 (F), 265 — Form was eh on the 265, needed to warm up a bit more.
    2a) 225, 225 x 1
    2b) 215, 215 x 4

    Stopped there, shoulders killing me, head was out of it…

    Took two hours off, foam rolled and hit the lacrosse ball for about 45 minutes to get the knots out of my back from yesterday…really helped.

    1. 8/72
    2. 5/45
    3. 5/53
    4. 6/20
    5. 5/32
    6. 4/50
    7. 4/54
    Total: 37/328 — Pretty happy with this. @ 207lbs today.

    Hit a few TGUs and had to coach.

    M/F/S = 1 / 5 / 2

  32. Made this up in part today
    1.) Skipped, hit 2 for 127.5kg on Monday
    2.a) 100kg
    2.b) 95kg, front squats are a struggle… very much a work in progress, focused on form. The 1.25 squats are definitely going to be a regular part of the routine. Hit max effort for 3x120kg
    Did this with CFSS, first two rounds did bar dips in between

  33. Made up yesterdays+lifts for this day.

    4×2 snatch 175×2, 185×2 (had some balancing problems)
    HSPU- used 35’s. Broke up 3rd set on 7. Same on 4th

    14:26. Need longer sets of c2bs’s

    Todays lifts
    Power clean 265..5 min after wod.^^

  34. 1. 245 missed at 265
    2a. 205 Dropped each one (elbows sore)
    2b. 225,225,235,245 (these were good need to go up in weight a bit, first time doing these)

    8/105 5/39 3/37 (missed and then couldn’t get one)/40 3/29 (at15 min mark)
    Ran out of time for midline.

  35. First day following Outlaw today. Solid stuff, I love it. Still getting over a cold so im glad this one wasnt a breather.

    Hit 235 for the Power Clean and then wasnt sure exactly what weight to use for the 1 & 1/4 Front Squats. Decided to just go with 155, nothing crazy; but it was pretty tough after the Hi Hang Clean complexes @200lb.

    Hit 12-10-9 for muscleups at this point I had to call it quits.

    Im in for the ride

  36. My tendinitis in my left knee is back hardcore after the highbar squats and the snatches. I couldn’t even do a bodyweight squat walking into the gym this day… So I scaled the squat cleans to powercleans and omitted the 1 1/4 squats. A shame… I really need the 1 1/4 squats to up my cleans….

    1) 205
    2a) 165

    2/107; 2/69; 1/85; 0/83; 0/57.

    MFS:356 Mood more impacted by my inability to squat than anything else.

  37. 175 Powr Clean 20lbs under PR….feeling like crap….calling it a day…right elbow still sore!!!!

  38. 1. 245
    2a. 205
    b. 185


    8/41 6/38 4/30 3/(several attempts in the teens) 3/24 3/45 5/time

    TGU 1st set at 55(left arm was going to smash my face), all the rest at 35


  39. 1)220
    2b.205# this was first time to do these right and the suck!!!!!


    Cliff Lewis

  40. Made up the lifts on Sunday:
    1.) 83-93-103-113-123-133-143(Fx2)-138(F)-138
    (19# Under 1RM but first time to do jerks since Thanksgiving. Rack position felt forced.)

    2A.) 110#
    2B.) 178# (with straps.)
    I wish I would have gone heavier on both movements, but it was a good starting point to get back into the jerks and a nice surprise that the clean pulls were UB.

    Ran 4-5 miles @ 65% pace for recovery with the dog.

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