I have an incredibly awesome amount of stuff for this post – things that I am absolutely blown away by – this is getting really fun.

There is so much to discuss that I’m actually going to post the WOD first, then the business below. Please take the time to peruse everything.




1) Take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy Snatch (any style).

Notes: Keep going up until form breaks or you miss twice because of load.

2a) 4X2 1 Hi-Hang Snatch (squat) + 1 Snatch (squat) @ 80% of above – rest 60 sec. (T&G reps, straps are acceptable)
2b) 4X10 Strict Weighted HSPU – rest 60 sec.

Notes: Standard is hands on 45# (that says FOURTY FIVE, not 25) plates with an ab-mat in the middle. Use whatever you can to weight yourself. A tight vest should be the best option. As far as scaling… Only do these with weight if you can do them on 25# plates UB without weight. If you cannot do the 10 strict you MAY NOT scale to kipping. You may scale to an ab-mat with no plates, or build a target for your head at any height, but DO NOT kip. These do not need to be UB.


21-15-9 of:

Snatch Balances @ 135/95#
C2B Pullups
GHD Situps

For time.


*Last week I suggested that we want to WIN EVERYTHING. Talayna must have been paying attention:

Talayna Fortunato – 1st Place – Clash of the Fittest


*I am proud to announce the addition of two new athletes to the Outlaw roster…

The first is the current 13th Fittest Woman on Earth, Elisabeth Akinwale. She is obviously a huge addition to the team, and we are ECSTATIC to see what we can do with an athlete of her considerable skill level (D1 gymnast), and strength (she just totaled high enough at the American Open to qualify for Nationals).

If you’re trying to figure out why you know her this may remind you:
Welcome, EA – we’re INCREDIBLY excited to see what happens.

Our second new athlete has not YET been to the Games, but you may have seen one or two of his videos. Kevin Simons finished 7th in the Northwest Regional, but may be more well known for this:
That performance bested Games champ, Rich Froning, by almost a full minute.

Needless to say, Kevin is a MONSTER…

Fuck yeah.


*I’ll have more Outlaw Doctrine up tomorrow, and I’m continuing to add to and clean up what is already posted. There are a few new pages on here if you haven’t noticed.

-The FAQ page which will probably never be finished. This is a place to hopefully answer any questions before they even come up. I will also have a “Code” section on the FAQ page so you can reference what things like A2A (ass to ankles) mean. And no, I will never write Tempo Training in Poliquin code. IMO its too confusing, too hard to explain, and OPT does it, so that’s his thing.

-The Outlaw Doctrine page has been set up as a place to gather all the important concepts of the program’s philosophy so you guys can easily reference them. Nobody plagiarize them, ok? Unless you’re trying to impress a chick, then it’s cool.

-Finally, we’ve installed a Training Camps page to document dates, locations, pricing, and travel (hotels, etc) information for all of our upcoming Training Camps. I’m going to write about our vision for these on Wednesday. These will look different than anything you’ve probably seen before, and we are incredibly excited about where they can go.

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  1. Been lurking for a little bit. You sold me today on the snatches. I love snatches.

    Workout results to come tomorrow.

    Local comp coming Jan. 28th. I want to win. I like your programming. I’m in.

  2. make-up from 111210:
    1. 1RM Cln- 107# missed 3x at 109# (made Pwr Cln)- I seem to not be hitting the bounce and get into too deep of a squat
    2. 3RM HBBS (A2A): 115#
    3. 3×3 HBBS with 75s rest: 95#
    WOD: “elizabeth” 10:01- started at 80# for the clns but by the end was down to 65#- haven’t done clns strung together like that in a long time
    2/9/4- got about 3 hrs of sleep last night

  3. 1) 205# — tried 220# a few times b/c I felt good, but that lift continues to elude me.
    2a) 165#
    2b) 18# vest, but dropped it at rep 8 on my 3rd rd. Forgot to alternate b/w 2a) and 2b), so my shoulders were fried.

    — 9:46 (first rd UB w/ a decent rhythm, but the second rd was a debacle. dropped twice on the SBs and felt really sluggish on the rest. rd of 9 was better.)

    M/F/S – 4/4/4

  4. 1) 185 and stagnant.
    2a) 150- only the 3rd rd was completed UB
    2b) 15 lb vest. Most UB was 5 reps

    WOD: 12:30 Complete shit show! spent ALOT of time looking at the bar.

    For those that were wondering these are done without a rack. As a matter of fact the only time we use a rack is for RMs and the such.

  5. well this was a heck of a day to start posting here it was like goatfest 3000!.

    snatch 195 and failed at 205 several times
    4×2 @ 165 felt pretty good til last set wheels fell off the bus
    HSPU sets 1-2 w/20lbs vest awesful had to scale 3-4 no vest still felt aweful

    conditioning wod: 15.00 GHD’s give me a sharp pain in my back and it slows me down. i must be doing something wrong. should have been WAY faster but sb’s actually felt decent.
    There are some great athletes posting here looks like fun.

  6. 111210
    Clean 280lbs 5lb PR!
    3rm hi bar squat 325#
    3×3 hi bar squat 275#

    21-15-9 reps
    squat clean 135#
    ring dips


    Great leg day!!!

  7. hello everyone. this is my first day here after being told to follow this programming. i was doing a lot of similar things with my gym before it closed and im happy to find programming with which i can relate and agree.


    1) 205 (10# pr)
    2a) 165
    2b) no weight w/45s (big goat) = 8/8/7/6
    3) rx = 18:47

    not a fan of sb and flat out hate the ghd. this was just what i needed.

  8. Akinwale is on this shit too? Christ. Another reason for me to be embarrased of my crappy loads/times.

    1. 135
    2a. 105
    2b. Unweighted because Tom K. took his weight vest to Cali with him. Dick.

    Conditioning – 14:41 (scaled 115#). I’d bitch about how much I suck at snatch balance, but I’d be stealing Drywall’s material. I only do that on Beastmodal Domains.

    M/F/S fuckyeah/dranktoomuchlastweekend/notbad

  9. 1. 120#
    2a. 95#
    2b. Did first set on 45s, strict, but no weight added. For the remainder, I did strict head to floor (no plates).

    Shoulder/lat issue returning.

    Warmed up with snatch balance and it killed my shoulder, so too those out of met-con and did CTB pull-ups (which I need to do more) and GHD sit-up. 5:42

    M/F/S 2/3/8

    Congrats to Talyna and congrats on the new team members – awesome stuff!

  10. Another Newbie on here….

    1)155, caught 165 twice but got shaky in the stick. Then ran out of time.
    2a) 125
    2b) had to use ab-mat w/ no plates (bad goat of mine plus fatigued shoulders from USAW cert. This weekend)

    21-15-9= 13:30 RX

  11. 1) 161# (5# PR)
    2a) 131#
    2b) 4 x 10 (scaled to pike pushup)

    Time – 19:55 (88#)
    *had to wait for pull-up bar and GHD quite a bit, went light on sntach balances (never really done them before)

    M/F/S = 5/4/1

  12. 1. 199#
    2a. did the 9 minute snatch for this weekend.
    2b. idk what the weight was but these were really tough.

    15:40. So slow on this. Couldn’t get in a groove on the snatch balances. really sucked.

  13. M/F/S: 3/7/2 Lots of studying for exams = destroyed CNS. Snatches today… Booya.

    1. 205#. Caught 215 in the bottom easily but lost it standing up. Brutal.
    2a. 165#.
    2b. 10lb weight vest. Went 5-5 each round.


    Hey Snatch Balances in a WOD for the first time in… ever. Actually they weren’t bad. Receiving on my back was a cinch. Just outta shape. Went 10-6-5, 5-5-4-1, 5-4 for the rounds.

  14. Shit day….

    1) 205 – Getting used to the Romaleos. Just seemed to be “off” on these. Was failing at 175/185. Got my shit together and hit 185,195,205 and just failed 215 but they were all ugly….saves really. Low back still fatigued from heavy cleans on Saturday, upper back is a bit of a disaster still after hitting the oly lifts hard but it’s getting better.

    2a) 165 x 1 set
    2b) 20-22lb vest x 10 UB (only 1 set)

    Was way behind on time…I probably only would have made it through 1-2 more sets before I had to leave to see my chiro.
    Just didn’t have it today….

    6.5 – weird, cause this is one that rarely wavers for me. Head wasn’t in it.

    • Thanks for turning me on to this shit man. This guy is the real deal. And yeah, took me a bit to get used to the Romaleo’s higher heel, but it was way worth it.

  15. 1) 175
    2a) 140
    2b) 12# vest x2, BW x2 broken

    Conditioning – 13:31 feel apart on the last 6 reps of 21 and got nervous about not locking out and the bar crashing down on my head. Cowards move.

    MFS – 2/4/3

  16. 1) 160 – form broke at 155 but whatev went for it and….new PR!

    2a) 130 – failed on end of 3rd

    2b) 8+2/5+2+2+1/4+3+2+1/6+2+2

    9:48 – used jerk boxes, dropped and reracked every SB. Dropping behind the neck wrenches my posterior rotator cuff too badly.

    MFS: 2/3/3 – feeling good for doing a competition yesterday

  17. 1) Absolutely no pull today, after doing Saturday’s WOD yesterday, I felt like shit trying to work to a heavy single.
    Hit 207#, and missed 219# 3 times.

    2a) said fuck it and did these at 177# w/ straps and they werent as awful as the heavy singles. Only missed on the high hang on the 4th set
    2b) HSPU are definitely not in my wheelhouse, as I have skinny orangutan arms. Did these with 2 abmats, only last
    set was broken.

    Metcon- 11:30, I don’t mind snatch balances, shoulders got fatigued from just holding on to the bar for so long. CTB Pull Ups were definitely not there for me.

    M/F/S – 5/4/6
    Mood was at about 2 before the heavy snatch

  18. Hey All,

    Been digging the programming. Thanks Tom for connecting me with you all!

    1.) 115lbs- was a bit burned out from last week and think another rest day would have been smarter on my shoulders. A bit of a tweak and focused on depth and speed under bar.
    2a). 88lbs
    2b) UB sets of 10 (strict bw)

    Conditioning: 15:10Rx’d-
    Set of 21 reps of SB- (13-5-3), Broke up second set a lot (missed on first one 5-3-3-4)…
    Broke up CTB pull-ups more than I expected. This was my first time doing SBs in a met con. Fun one.

    Talayna- you are a beast! I’m looking forward to connecting soon.

    Glad to connect with such an amazing group of athletes. You all are soo inspiring and will be sure to post regularly.

  19. 1) 185# Felt SUPER!
    2a) Absolute Train Wreck!
    2b) 1st 2 sets unbroken no plates. 3rd unbroken 25# plates….Surprised myself…
    Conditioning…14:12 w/ Floor Sit Ups…(Did 100 GHD’s in the Christmas parade yesterday! Oddly enough)
    Chest 2 Bar are still very difficult for me.
    MFS 3-6-3

  20. Strength

    1) 185#, 20lb pr, maybe had more in me, but I had already spent too much time on this. 25 minutes.

    2a) 150,150, 145,145 (first three sets were ugly, fourth set was the smooth…)

    2b) No weight, 1st) 10 ub easy, 2nd) fell off the wall at 4 but right back up to finish the remaining 6, 3rd and 4th set not ub but completed. Shoulders were spent from the snatches.


    23:14, slowest time posted yet…isn’t that great! Not a lot of experience with snatch balance, failed several times. May have been slow, but I needed the work on the snatch.

    M/F/S 4/3/6 upper back

    Enjoyed it, Thanks

  21. 1. 175 (couldnt hit 185 today)
    2b. 45# vest on all 4 sets, first set unbroken 2,3 in a couple sets and 4 was a nightmare, got to 4 then did 2, then 1,1,2

    conditioning :14:17. shoulders were smoked and had to do chest to ring pullups and abmat situps so i did double, 42,30,18

    m/f/s 4/9/6

  22. Thanks Rudy, basically a day that crushes me physically and mentally. Ugh…

    1) worked to a shitty 185# (my body hates snatches…save the cheesy comments on that statement)
    2a) 145# (all sucked)
    2b) completely broken, best was 6 on my final round and I used 2 abmats. I honestly feel like I am moving in the wrong direction here…

    Conditioning – 11:31 (wanted to kill myself)

    MFS – 856

  23. today was painful
    1. 155lb squat snatch
    2a. 125lb
    2b. did hspu with a mat felt horrible today
    27:16 rx

  24. 1.Max Clean 300 (50# pr)
    2. Hi bar squats #315 (ran out of time)
    3. 3×3 #275

    Elizabeth 7:57 Felt slow probably looked slow as well

    Been following you about a month behind for a few weeks…

  25. Thanks for the love on the post Coach! Certainly didn’t feel like a monster today though..

    1.) 220lb Snatch

    Most. Frustrating. Lift. Ever.

    2a.) 175 – Should have used 185, but I couldn’t even get a semblance of decent form. Started a day late so this was the second day in a row. A little fatigued from the cleans and squats yesterday, and it showed.

    2b.) Don’t have an AbMat, so I just used 35lb plates and went head to floor. 25lb Vest. First two sets unbroken. Then 5/5, 5/5.


    Don’t have a GHD, so it went

    -Snatch Balance 135lbs
    -C2B Pull-ups
    -Toes to Bar


    Felt super slow. Pull-ups and T2Bs done on a gymnastics strap bar– pretty much the slickest, most bendy piece of shit ever. Got the job done though. All SBs unbroken. Really liked them. Never thought of putting them in a metcon. Pull-ups were whatever- all unbroken. Toes to Bar sucked major monkey balls.


  26. 1)170 snatch
    2a) 125 and felt terrible on technique
    2b) went strict but unweighted, all unbroken (need a fuckin vest)
    MetCon- wents rx’d in 11:17
    snatch balance metcon was interesting

  27. 1) 140…didnt finish second pull at all, train wreck
    2a) 115…goofed up and did 1 of each instead of 2
    2b) BW on 45′s each set…first set UB, all other sets very broken
    Conditioning- total meltdown today, felt like crap so I pussed out and just did pu’s and ghd’s in 3:28…gonna get some vagisil and sleep and hope that helps

  28. 1) 175 – felt ok
    2a) 140 – really popping down under it on the high hang and full, felt much better than the snatch for sure, no failed.
    2b) 20lb Weightvest for a total of 225lbs, hands on 45s to abmat, 3 sets usually 4,3,3.

    Conditioning: 15.59 Scaled to 125 on the snatch balances, had very little pop in the shoulders to get it locked at 135, also had about 4 distractions, downsides of being a gym owner. — CTB, GHD were simple, whole wod was SnBal

  29. Did this right after doing the clean and hi-bar workout probably not a genius move but sounded good at the time.

    1)125 (same as my muscle snatch) having some serious shoulder mobility issues in the catch today.
    2a)95 no problem just worked on externally rotating the shoulders out…
    2b)no abmat, no plates, and no weight 10,7-3,6-4,5-5

    Conditioning, see top line…

    3/5/7(fucking shoulders)

  30. I’ll get strong one day!
    1. 140 Squat Snatch PR by 5lbs
    2. a 115
    b 3 sets AbMat only 10-10-9 last set 25lb plate 3-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 (I was toast)
    21-15-9 at 95lb (as stated above, I’ll get strong one day)
    M/F/S 4/7/7….got up this morning and right elbow was hurting, had to train at night. Still not feeling great, but got it done.

  31. Snatch: 73-83-93-103-108-113(F)-113-118(F)
    1a) 88# (No T&G: Dropped from the Top w/ Shoulder Impingement)
    1b) Strict HSPU: AbMat-15#Plates-25#Plates-25#Plates (Testing Shoulder)

    11:09 (53#Snatch Balance. C2B took a while to get a fluid kip.)

    2/2/6 (Felt this on the shoulder a couple hours later. Forced rest day on Wednesday.)

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