There will be a metric shit-ton of new stuff on the blog next week. As far as today goes; you only get a WOD.

WOD 111210:


1) As long as necessary to establish a 1RM Clean (any style).

2) 10 minutes to establish a 3RM Hi-Bar Back Squat – video demo (of hi-bar style)

Notes: Notice in Greg’s demo that the chest stays nearly vertical, the arms are at a clean width and relaxed, and the movement initiates with the knees breaking slightly forward NOT the hips being pushed back. Simply try to squat between your feet not behind them.

3) 3X3 Hi-Bar Back Squat @ 85% of above, focusing on A2A and bouncing out of the bottom – rest 75 sec.



21-15-9 of:

SQUAT Cleans @ 135/95#
Ring Dips

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  1. Got Rudy to give me this early and did it at the beginning if yesterday’s so I could take tofay off before Clash of the Fittest Sunday
    1) did a 1RM C&J instead.
    190! FTW! 5# PR

    2) 205, 215 dangerous bail, bad bruise, don’t ask!
    3×3 @155 with an ice pack.

    MFS: post 1) and pre 2): 1! Post 2) mood was a 9. /2/2 just glad I’m hurt and not injured and it was a Friday so not many people saw that debacle.

  2. 1)235# PR by 20#
    2)275# First time to do it A2A
    3)235# Did it pretty easy! A2A

    Elizabeth: 5:01 PR by :43 Seconds!!!!! Good Day… Rudy your stuff is working for me!!!!!
    Cliff Lewis

  3. Please keep posting programming info Rudy! I’m an internet reading and training whore so I’m loving reading this stuff. I like your philosophy of heavy Oly lifts, gymnastics work, and shorter conditioning.

    What I’ve always had the most trouble understanding is putting this together coherently. Limited conj. + Oly lifting and making it work properly without burnout has evaded me thus far. Also, do you have a place for snatch/clean pulls @ 110%+ or do you just hit 90%+ full lifts? I feel like my Oly lifts only improve if I hit pulls regularly. I used to Oly lift and I find if I quit all Oly lifting my DL plummets (hilarious I know. It was interesting you said that about Oly lifting working your DL cause its so dynamic; when my DL first stalled I started O lifting and put 50lbs on it but quick).

  4. Strength

    1) 205,225,245,260,275,285,295fff
    Really happy. 285 is 10# under my PR. Had 295 racked but just out of position and couldn’t stand up.
    2) & 3) Skipped.
    Did 225 x 3, and 275 x 3 pretty easily but I could feel my lower back was fatigued from the cleans. Just monitoring volume….


    Elizabeth – 5:04 PR (Aug 21, 2011 – 5:06)

    The 5:06 was at my peak before getting injured, but also done fairly hungover. This time hurt more, but I pushed hard. Was worried about the work I’d have to do if I pushed hard and went 6-7 min.
    Still should be faster….goal next time around sub 4:30.

  5. 1RM Clean- 280 lbs 15 lb PR FTW!
    3RM HB Back Squat – 295
    3×3 @ 255 lbs
    Conditioning : 6:59 Another PR by 2:21!

    MFS: Feeling Fucking Invinsible right now.

  6. 1) 260# ( Previous PR was 269#) *Power Clean
    2) 260# (The disparity between my High bar and low bar ability are marked.)
    3) As prescribed. Felt comfortable with these.

    Conditioning. I’m embarrassed to say that 8:04 represents a 1:30 PR for me with Elizabeth. I was training alone today and I feel as if I would have completed this work 10% faster with coach Hughey yelling at me.

    MFS: 5,7,5…I think a rest day would serve me well.

    (noteworthy….24 hour shift at Nashville Fire offered ZERO sleep)

  7. 1. 175 squat clean
    2. 3RM back squat 215 (got 220 twice, then bailed on third)
    3. 3×3 @ 185

    Elizabeth 7:28 – 18 second PR

    MFS 2/4/3

  8. I haven’t gotten good sleep this week, body isn’t fatigued but my brain really wanted to stay in bed this AM. Got my ass up and went to the gym thinking I’d wake up but never really did. Stiff, slow, and no push at all on the conditioning.

    1. Power clean 255#. PR is 260#, skipped that to try 265# a few times but failed.
    2. 275#
    3. 235#

    Conditioning – 7:59. First time doing this. Could have shaved a lot of time off the 2nd half of the cleans, but I just couldn’t find the next gear.

  9. 1) 245 (5# PR), almost had 255 x3..couldn’t get it locked in the rack.
    2a) 315
    2b) 270

    No rings at or safe place for me to do cleans + dips so skipped “Elizabeth”

  10. Navy wins!! 27-21. 10th consecutive time πŸ™‚ plan on making up todays workout tomorrow.

  11. 1) 235 Pwr Clean, same as three months ago, felt tight in critical areas. I expect I have to become proficient at the squat clean in order to see a gain.

    2) 235 not satisfied at all

    3) 205 completed easily

    Elizabeth 14:30, ring dips were no problem, struggled significantly from the get go on the squat cleans. Still have problems with a tender left hip flexer, but getting better.

    MFS 4/6/6 (shoulders and upper back were sore)

    enjoyed it, thanks

  12. 1) 225- 10# pr!
    2) 275
    3) 235

    Conditioning- 8:13, lower back was fried after the set of 21, did singles on sets of 15 & 9. Still fighting this dang cold and cant breathe thru my nose. Not happy at all with this time but felt good on cleans and back squats.

  13. 1. 165- no pr πŸ™ Felt weak and slow.
    2. 215
    3. 180

    Conditioning: 12:45 This was my first go at this one. Ring dips were really slow after the set of 21. Really had no push today…..just felt crapy.

      • Dude!!! Doing well! Keeping busy, with work and getting the site up (btw you should have access now). Yeah, I’m still bouncing around a bit to different gyms, but slowly transitioning over to the dark side πŸ™‚ … seeing you all killing it over here is hard to argue against the results (great job on Elizabeth! 4:38 is crazy fast, body just wasn’t having it yesterday). How’s TX? You all done with exams?

  14. Hello Rudy/all. A friend of mine suggested this site and just starting to follow. Some help with the acronyms would be cool. I can figure some of them out but others…
    A2A? (I’m assuming it means ass-to-ankles)

    I don’t have a lot of freedom to following programming other than that of the box, but I’ll try what I can.

    • Hi Ben,

      You’re right about A2A. M/F/S means mood/fatigue/soreness. Scale of 1-10 on each. 1 is the best, and 10 is the worst. So 1/1/1 = feeling rosy. 10/10/10 feel like you got hit by a train… literally. Glad to have you.

  15. 1) 275# (un-pr by 10#. Really slow and shallow on my catch. Thanks, Rudy, for giving feedback. Missed 290# twice, then 285# 4 times, and 280# a couple times, though my legs were toast at that point).

    2) 365# (got 385#, but the third rep was especially shallow, so I didn’t count it)

    3) 3 x 3 @ 325# (fought the final rep for what felt like a minute and a half)

    — 4:38 (almost puked while I was on the rings. The cleans felt good, though. Tried to keep the bar from touching my legs on the way up or down. Definitely faster.)

  16. New here! Excited to get started with the program!

    MFS 372 Not sore, but I have a really bad cold and just feel rather run down. Very little sleep last night.

    1.) Squat Clean 1RM
    330lbs (150kg) PR by 15lbs

    I was pulling it super high today, but just couldn’t get a good rack position. Had to readjust, get my elbows up and then squat. Should have had 340. Racked it about 5 times and dropped in front. Still a pretty decent day on these though.

    2.) Olympic Squat
    Never really done high-bar squats before. Traps are really sore from the weight of the bar.

    3.) Olympic Squat

    Going to have to do Elizabeth later tonight.

  17. first off…God damn kevin.

    1) sq cln 295. 5lb PR
    2)315 -first time doing this. took a min to get used to

    6:31 – first time doing this. Need to start faster. Get faster all around.

    m/f/s 3/2/2

  18. 1) 240# (PR + 5)
    2) 265#
    3) 225#

    Didn’t do Elizabeth because I tweaked my back on Wednesday trying to do fast power cleans

  19. *****This is why I’m here*****I’m Weak
    1. 170lb Squat Clean 175lb fail 2x (Never went max before) 6Pm
    2. 205…..5Am
    3. 175 A2A…..5Am

    Elizabeth 15:15……6Pm


  20. First day on the programming…I train at the same gym as Mike Poppa and Talayna.
    1) 275#

    MFS 333

  21. 1) 205 PR but this one is not a surprise. The pull is easy, clean will go up as my front squat improves.
    3)180 stayed here to get good bounce off bottom and keep good speed.

    11:01 dropped the bar every time. Need to get T&G down


  22. .
    275#, 15#pr! Not sure how this is happening on such a regular basis. Im Pr’ing more now on oly lifts, than I was on the last Performance Menu cycle.




    270# on all three sets without any problems.



    21-15-9 of:

    SQUAT Cleans @ 135/95#
    Ring Dips

    8:40, still havent gone to black out mode on any metcons lately. Need to work on the mental strength side of things I think.

    2/2/1 Just came off a rest day.

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