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-Just so you guys know, I’m working on responding to all the emails I’ve gotten over the last week or two. This thing got away from me for a little bit, but I’m finally catching up. I promise I’m not ignoring you. I will do whatever I can to respond to everyone as quickly as possible.

WOD 111205:


1) 5X1 Snatch (full squat) @ 95% (of heaviest ever, squat or power) rest 90 sec.
2a) 5X2 (with bottom pause) 1 Snatch Balance + 1 OHS @ 95% (same weight as above) – rest 60 sec.

Notes: This is 2 reps of 1 SN Balance and 1 OHS, not 2 SN Balance and 2 OHS. I.E. Do one SN Balance, one OHS, then another Balance, and another OHS, and that would be one set. The bottom pause should be 3 (FULL) counts in the bottom of the squat on EVERY squat. See video.

2b) 5X3 Tempo Snatch Deadlifts @ 110% – rest 60 sec.

Notes: Tempo should be 3 (FULL) counts to the knees, then quick to the hips and back to the knees (not explosive like a SN Pull, but smooth/quick), then 3 counts back to the floor. See video.


10 minute AMRAP of:

16 KB Snatch + KB OHS @ 24/16kg (8l/8r)
24 Row for Calories
32 UB Double-Unders

Notes: Yes, again, it’s 1 KB Snatch, then, with the KB still overhead, 1 KB OHS. The KB Snatch must be completely finish (hips completely open, elbow locked, KB over the shoulder blade) before the OHS may begin. Double-Unders MUST be performed unbroken before moving on to the next round. Yes, this means if you miss at 31, you start all over.


3X5 TGU (5l/5r) – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.

-Yes, that is my porch. Yes, there are birds chirping. Yes, I have a platform, rack, Rogue Dog Sled, and 500# of bumper plates on my porch…

Don’t you?

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  1. So far on my inbox:
    1. Why is Rudy so ashamed of the top of his head?
    2. Rudy sure did crush that fucking 65# snatch grip deadlift didn’t he? I’m surprised we didn’t get a “fuck yeah.”
    3. Do you think the Salvation Army would accept that squat rack? Or is it not even suitable for a homeless exerciser?
    4. Platform, sled, plates, but no rake.

  2. 1) 4 x 1 @ 205# (Missed 5 times at this weight… eventually dropped to 195# for my last snatch)
    2a) 185#, 195#, then 205# for 3 (couldn’t do 205# at first… failed spectacularly on my first attempt)
    2b) 235# (thanks for the video on this, rudy. it was really helpful.)

    — 3 rds + 4 KB snatches

    Felt like I should have been going faster on the row afterward. Pacing was off.

    M/F/S – 5/5/5 (finals start tomorrow… overdosing on caffeine and advil at the moment)

  3. 1. 115
    2a. 115 (did 10×1+1 OHS instead of 5×2, as dropping the bar to my back kills my shoulder)
    2b. 140#
    Conditioning: 3 rounds + 16 snatch + 10 cal
    TGU with 30# DB

    • Shit! I just realized that I skipped the KB OHS in the conditioning portion. I wrote it down in my log correctly, understood the video, etc. and then totally effed it up. So, my score isn’t correct.

      Did I mention I drank a lot last weekend?!

  4. 1) 180, 180(m), 180×4
    2a) 180×2, 180(missed on 2nd iteration), 180×2
    2b) 210

    Conditioning: 2rds + 24 cal

  5. Thanks for having me on board!
    Just easing back into things after 3 months off/working around a lowback/SI issue. No barbell since early September.
    Still have some SI issues to get worked out with my doc, but it’s coming around.

    I’ll be cutting down the volume a little bit as I get back to things.

    1. 175,185,195,200,205f (if the weight felt okay I went up – 95% from a few months ago would be 215)
    2a. just 3×3 – 135,155,175 (same thing, weight felt okay I went up – not comfortable bringing bar down to back rack at all)
    2b. 3×3 – 225 for all

    2 rounds + 8 cals

    DU’s broken once on each round about halfway through. Pushed fairly hard, but conditioning is certainly lower than normal.

    24kg x 2
    20kg x 3
    running short on time, appt with chiro so had to leave it there.

    M/F/S – not sure what it means! Someone explain? Thanks!

  6. Jay, MFS is mood/fatigue/soreness. 1 is best, 10 is worst.

    Corey, props for spelling “iteration” correctly. Sorry, I’m just mad because you beat me this evening.

    1) 165
    2a) 165
    2b) 195
    3) 2 Rds + 16. Big Flexibility issues.

    MFS – 4/2/2

  7. 1) 170 missed twice trying to get set in the squat.
    2a) 155 better than last week dropping instead of carrying the bar down
    2b) 200 worked on staying back and staying through my heals

    WOD – 2 + 24 Cal

    Midline – 24kg, 45#, 45#

  8. 1.) 175 missed on the third but made it up and was able to stay at 175.
    2.) 174 for the first 2 rounds then dropped to 165. Also misread and only did 1 sb and 1 ohs…oops
    3.) 2 rounds plus 5 calories

    mfs- 1,1,1

    Felt good being back for the first time in two weeks…

  9. Felt like shit tonight!
    1) 205 hit the first one missed next four. Fml
    2 did it all. Kinda sucked
    Wod: 2 + 24 cals. Had no push. Again, felt like shit. Did this to myself on Sunday. No excuses.

    Said to hell with the tgu after I was shown that I had never been doing tgu correctly. Glad this day is over

  10. First time doing the alternate workouts.

    1) 165 Missed this 3 of 5 times. I rushed my warm up.
    2a) 165 1st rep, no problem. 2nd rep, giant problem
    2b) 185 Midway through 2b I was informed that I was doing this all wrong. Not the wrong technique but the wrong order. I did 2a five times THEN 2b. Now I know.
    3) I think the longest stretch of DUs I got was 13.

    Very disappointed in myself with this first workout. It was a learning experience.

  11. 1. 165#, missed 4th rep but made it up at the end.
    2A. 135, 135, 145, 155, 165×1 (PR). Snatch balances are still a major weakness, needed to build up.
    2B. 195

    Conditioning: 2 rounds + ? cals. Left my stopwatch in the wrong spot, started cals around 1 min, so finished off the round.

    Totally halfassed this workout. DU’s have been a struggle lately so I held back a bit to not be too gassed. Ended up going unbroken on the DU’s though, so I clearly pussed out. Did a round of Cindy as a penalty.

    No time for post.

  12. Thanks guys.

    M/F/S – 8 happy to be training again / 2 very little just volume from yesterday / 5 upper back and traps from not oly lifting in months.

  13. 1. 130 for first 3 and 135 for the last 2 (These felt pretty good! 95% is about 133 so i did half and half)
    2a. 130 for all (no misses…felt pretty good on these too!)
    2b. 159 (these felt fucking heavy. My lower back is still a little sore from max DL and Sat.)

    Conditioning: 2 rounds + 2 kb (sucked it up….missed DU’s 4 times. I’m pretty comfortable with 20-25 UB in metcons but 32 was difficult. Need to work on these.)

  14. 5×1 Snatch at 180# Missed #5 3x…
    Snatch Balance / Tempo Snatch Deads: Dropped to 165# for the snatch balance complex and Used the prescribed 110% for the Tempo pulls. These required a lot of concentration and exposed a lot of instability when holding my breath isnt an option.

    Conditioning: 2 rounds + 18 Calories…Missed DU @ #28 on 2nd round. Really frustrating. KB snatches and OHS felt really solid.

    M/F/S 4-5-5

  15. 1) 145×1, 150 X X, 145 went something like this X 🙂 X X 🙂 X 🙂 I did get 5!! Sorry misses don’t count to me. 3rd day on is my excuse.
    2a) 150 – got better as they went
    2b) 175 – like these

    2 + 11 row cals – one arm OHS are fun. Got faster as I went (CNS is cool), but probably paced too much.

    Making up the Midline tomorrow.

    MFS: 2/4/4

  16. First alternate workout.

    1) 145
    2a) 135, had trouble stringing these together
    2b) 200
    3) 1 round + 5 DUs

  17. 1) normally suck ass at snatches but was feeling good, so, I worked up to 200# which I missed 3 times and got twice. Then did 3×1 at 185#
    (Yes 200# should be light weight for me, but my technique completely blows! Happy to PR by 15#!)
    2a) 155, 155, 155, 165, 175 (technique and confidence is so bad here)
    2b) 220# all of them (felt very good)

    Conditioning: 3 rounds plus all snatches
    (pace this a little too much as well. Left arm was not so good with the snatches, dogged it a bit on the rower and tripped up[ the DU’s on the first attempt)

    Midline – 53, 62, – (had to rush out)

  18. 1. 195. These felt way more solid than last week. Missed a couple but made up the reps, happy with this.

    2a. Dropped weight significantly. Time to be less of a little girl on these, i suck hard. Ranged 155-175
    2b. 235

    2 rounds + 12 OHS. Should have pushed harder in hind sight, i was too worried about the double unders, but they went unbroken.

    Did some heavy TGUs, 55,70,95, 135(f) i think 135 will be there next time…

  19. 1)140 lbs felt good with new oly lifting shoes
    2a)140 again felt amazing
    2b) 165

    2 rounds missed a lot of DU’s at high reps

    TGU 44,35,35

    I really need to work on strength so this is great programing for me thank you.

  20. 1) Snatches: 165
    2a) snatch/ohs: 165
    2b) Snatch dl: 200

    Conditioning: 2rds (finished the 32du just a couple seconds late)


  21. 1) 115 missed 4rth one but got 5th and got a sixth one to make up for the fail.
    2a) Only used 80…this movement kills my shoulder. Hopefully this will make it stronger…scaling and starting off light and working my way up.
    2b) 135 Felt good.

    2 rounds plus 11 calories.

    Started the first set with a 44lb KB…haha! Yeah dropped to the 35 pretty quick and then dropped to the 26. I was toasted.

  22. 1)150
    2a)all at 150

    conditioning: 2 rds+ all kbs

    No time to do midline now; going to sit the woods and not see anything(aka hunting). Will get it in later tonight

  23. 1) 205,205, missed 210, 205, 210
    2a) 185, 195×2, 200 dropped on 4th, 195- shoulders worn out
    b) 235×5

    2+22 cal

    m/f/s 1/5/3

  24. 1) 135 all 5 and did it with ease.
    2a) 135 with ease….

    2b) 160#

    Conditioning—-2 Rounds + 8 (I have had the flu for the last week so this was my first wod back…….Felt really strong on the snatches so the time off might have helped.)

  25. 1)135×1
    Landed in half squat then completed squat. Decided that was bullshit so went down to nail catch in full squat and all hell broke loose.
    95×1 115×1 125×1 then failed x3 (I ALMOST KICKED A HOLE IN THE SPEAKER AT THIS POINT) 115×1 125×3 fails 125×1 Last week 125 was easy. Just a bad shoulder day.

    2a)Worked up to 110. I have the same problem on these. No flexibility, lose it forward when its heavy. Holding up isn’t the problem…
    2b)165 easy

    Conditioning: Gym rats showed up, so I had to jump in with them.

    Annie: 7:46 my double unders blew rhino Dk today
    Grace: 3:37 needed to take some aggression out. PR’d this by a lot.

    Skipped TGU’s, after doing Annie my midline was toast.

    M/F/S 5/4/6
    My mood was good before I failed a dozen snatches. Then it was shit until I beat the fuck out Grace (by my standards). Now its ok again so we’ll call it a 5.

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