WOD 111203:


1) Take 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Jerk (any style).

2) Take 15 minutes to establish a 1 Rep Max Front Squat – then 3×3 @ 75%, resting EXACTLY 2 minutes.


For time:

50 Pullups
10 Front Squats @ 200/135#
50 Box Jumps 24″
10 Squat Cleans @ 200/135#
50 Burpees
10 Clean & Jerks @ 200/135#

Notes: The barbell must start on the floor for all movements, racks MAY NOT be used. The Clean of the Clean & Jerks may be Power or Squat, Jerks may be any style. Box Jumps are Regionals standard.

-A little over a year ago Tony came to us as a legit, high-level triathlete. He had recently run a 2:59 marathon and completed an Ironman (with a pretty good time I think).

He came in dead last on his first WOD and had to scale to a weight lower than the women’s weight. Today he PR’d on his Deadlift by 50# with a lift of 455# (at a BW below 165#). He also squats well over 400# and has double digit UB Muscle-Ups.

Guess what? He still runs fast as shit.

30 thoughts on “111203

  1. Rack Jerk 275 : These were dodgy.
    Front Squat 225 (15# PR) Oddly enough 10#s less than my OHS…
    3,3,3 Fronst Squat at 165#
    Conditioning in 17:30 Scaled to 175#. Had to swallow some pride play’n with the big boys and girls but I feel like I got stronger at this load and was happy with choosing 175#. The opportunity to Power clean the C&Js proved life saving.

  2. This is my first time doing your WODs. I’ve been following along while I was recovering from a knee strain and now I’m ready to get back at it full-force. No PRs today, but happy to be going heavy.

    Split jerk – 160#
    Front squat – 195#
    3, 3, 3 at 145#

    Conditioning: 16:38 as Rx’ed. Every lift felt like a 1-rep max. Oooof.

  3. Jerk-280 15 lbs PR
    Skipped the FS to make up DL. Stupid idea! Tweaked back

    Conditioning: 15:26. Stupid BW movements!

  4. 1) 225 (matches PR) tried 235(f) then 230 (f) pushed it out front
    2) 305 (PR) 325 (f) First time 1RM FS…normally we do 3 RM.
    3) 230

    Skipped the conditioning.

  5. 1) 170 (PR)
    2) 230 (PR)
    3×3@ 175
    3) 18:25 sub 100 sledge hammer hits for pull-ups (no bar). Struggle getting under heavier loads, whamp whamp.

  6. Rack jerk: 320 5# pr. Invented 4 new ways to miss 335. It was going easy just kept hyperextending my back.
    Front squat: 375 10 # pr definitely have more here. Want those 4 wheels BAD!

    WOD: 13: 49
    really paced through this one until the c&j. Possibly could have turned it up a bit throughout but overall happy with my approach to this one

  7. Split jerk: 245, 15# PR. 235 and 240 had pretty good form, 245 was a glorified push press, go figure. Still leaving a lot of pounds on the table not getting under quick enough.

    Front squat: 285, 25# PR. 3×3 at 215.

    Conditioning: Trainwreck. I was redlining and failed my first two jerks, thought I’d DNF, just too gassed. My coaches helped me through it, switch to push jerks with a wide re-bend stance, but it still took a long ass time. Don’t ask.

  8. Jerk: 225. These were all variations on the push press. I need to work on getting under the weight (and not giving excuses for my shitty numbers).
    Front Squat: 295 (225 for 3×3)

    Conditioning: 18:47

  9. split jerk -245 (20 # pr)
    front squat- 255
    3×3@ 195

    conditioning- 26:30
    did hanging pullups on rings cuz I dont have a pullup bar in my box yet
    switched from 205# to 195# on my 4th front squat

  10. 1) 275# (this was a 10# PR but I so have more. My technique is such crap, when I got this, it flew up so easy)
    2) 305# (matched my last PR, them went for 325 missing twice. Jut wasn’t fired up enough for it…)

    Conditioning: 18:21
    (had to do pull ups on a low-hanging ladder against a wall outside my new spot as I don’t have the pull up bars up yet. This, combined with sharing the rusty bar with a training partner took a good deal of time, no real kipping at all. The rest went very well I felt. Probably could have pushed a hair harder on the burpees and C+J tho)

  11. 1) 250
    2) 335

    Conditioning – 18:50. Should have gone faster. I was holding out…and the C&Js were easy. Really a confidence issue.

  12. 1. Split Jerk from the front: 200 (15# PR super pumped about this)
    2. Front squat: 195 (10# PR)

    Conditioning: 18:14 ( could have pushed a little harder but overall pretty happy with it).

  13. Making this up tomorrow… but wanted to say that Drywall’s “Wodomizer” shirt that the LifeAsRx guys got today was epic. Check it out on Facebook.

  14. 1) 225 rack jerk, 10# under current pr, got under 235 several times but didnt get left arm locked out
    2) 255, 5# pr

    Started the c&j at 19:00, spent about the next 10-12 min cleaning and not jerking 200#, getting the bar high enough but couldnt stick the landing to save my life, got 2 c&j @ 185, then the last 8 @ 175. The fs were UB, had a couple of misses on the first few squat cleans but the last 6 felt great with no misses. Making some progress but still very weak overhead. This one was a much needed kick in the teeth!

  15. Jerk: 305
    FS: Skipped to try and redo DL (didn’t work out too well)

    WOD: 14:37…. Felt pretty good on this one. Thought the bodyweights would slow me down a lot, however I seemed to have semi picked up the butterfly kip and was able to bound most box jumps with a couple breaks in between. Burpees were burpees. Did the front squats UB, the cleans and clean and jerks weren’t touch and go but dropped and picked up pretty quickly.

  16. jerk) 225
    FS) 245
    fs 3×3@185

    conditioning: scaled weight to 175 19:35,

    Front squats 2 sets. squat clean and C&J won. They were dropped every time. Bodyweight easy just fatigued me enough to mess with the lifts. Must get stronger

  17. 1) 195 – went up easy but felt loosey goosey. Missed 205.
    2) Let’s just say less than #1 😛
    3×3 @145 – wore a lifting belt for the first time and it really helped. This may be my new favorite thing for anything back limited!

    13:27 – put on and took off the belt for each lift. Kept a steady pace pretty well the whole time and the burpees were actually less painful than yesterday during Barber.

    MFS: 2/4/2 – basically hung over and shakey. Can still metcon but not much max strength.

  18. 1) 300- 15# PR. Very happy with it.
    2) 330- 10 lb PR!- could of went heavier.
    3) 3×3 @ 255

    15:36- Completely lost track of box jumps?? Pretty sure I did an excessive amount. Did it next to T which helped!

    MFS: 1/3/2-Also hungover with the shakes. Was my 3rd day on so all of that combined made my PR’s that much more gratifying.

    And Murdock, sick numbers! Also that shirt is Fantastic. I need one

  19. 1) 275# (took 4 attempts to get it. got 285# up 3 times, too, but couldn’t lock in for some reason. Felt really light. Tried rack jerk initially, but my inflexibility nixed that idea).
    2) 365# (used a belt. Back is in terrible shape from the DLs)… 3 x 3 @ 275#

    12:23 or 12:38 (might have done an extra C&J at the end.)

    M/F/S – 6/4/7

    Starting to get a little jealous of everyone else’s PRs. Been feeling stagnant lately. Need a training camp (and possibly some sleep and stretching).

    • Eff. Just realized I didn’t follow Regionals standard on the box jumps. FML. I was wondering how on earth you guys weren’t beating me on that wod, considering how wrecked I felt.

  20. Been following the blog for a few months now, go at it with Jeremy as much as I can. I love the programming and all of the strength stuff, for a big guy I need it.
    1) 327# – 8# under pr(wasn’t feeling fast under the bar, felt strong but not fast)
    2) 307# – not happy with this at all, had 317# more than half way up and just couldn’t get it

    Metcon- 16:34 – haven’t done a lot of high volume pull ups lately and I felt it during the wod, felt good on all the lifts, box jumps were slower than normal, and yeah well burpees just suck.

  21. Hit this one up with Josh and Courtney.

    Push jerk: 255lbs. Shoulders pretty shot from earlier in the week. Failed several attempts at 275lbs. Haven’t hit up heavy jerks in a while, need A LOT more practice. 30’ish lbs off PR.
    Front squat: 285lbs, failed 4 attempts at 300lbs. Big goat of mine.
    3×3 FS @ 210lbs

    Conditioning: 18:20, same “ladder pull-ups” as Josh, definitely slowed things up having to go back and forth on the ladder and not being able to kip. All the barbell work felt solid. Good times!

  22. 1)205# 10#PR my split sucks
    2)215# 10#PR, 160#2X3, 165#1X3

    Conditioning: Box benchmark
    4:43 1:57PR had more but shoulder was killing me during round of 21

    Shitty night of sleep. Glutes are sore as F. Not enough bars, and too many people. Kept getting interrupted. Not bad for 3 PRs I guess.

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