We have tentatively scheduled TWO Training Camps at the end of January. If you want to know what these look like watch this: Becky & Brandon’s Training Camp. The first will be January 20th-22nd in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at CrossFit Rutherford. Yes, we’re taking Training Camp on the road – so effing cool. It is likely that the Tennessee camp will be invitation only (due to size), but if we get enough responses we may be able to open a few spots.

The second camp will be (tentatively) January 27th-29th at the homebase, Outlaw CrossFit (in scenic Alexandria, VA – in case you didn’t know that). I DO NOT think we are going to charge; at least that’s what we are trying to do. If there are enough of you we will try to secure a group hotel rate, but I’ll let Laura handle the details when we find out interest level.

Here’s what I need from you guys… Post your interest, post your date preference, post your questions. If there’s more than 20 of you, we’ll do another one.

I’m going to say this and hopefully you guys don’t think I’m an ass. This will be the last time this happens. We will charge for this thing from now on, and it will be goddamn worth it. If I (and my coaches) can get eyes on you for a whole weekend we can hopefully fix any issues you have, or at least give you things to work on to fix them. Not to mention, we are good at drinking.

WOD 111202:


1) As long as you want to establish a 1RM Deadlift.
2a) 5XME STRICT (supinated) C2B Pullups – rest 60 sec.
2b) 5X5 Weighted (if possible) Tempo Ring Dips – rest 60 sec.

Notes: 3 counts down, pause for 1 LEGIT count at the bottom, fast on the way up. Try a few reps before you begin, if these are easy then add weight.


20 minutes alternating practice:
1) HS Walks (or freestanding HSPU if you have more than 75′)
2) UB ME Muscle-Ups (or MU to Ring HSPU if you have more than 10 consecutive)

Notes: This is not about effort or output, it is strictly practice. The goal for the walks is consistency and distance. The goal for the MU is double digits UB for the gentlemen, and 4 to 6 for the ladies.

Welcome, Jay – big things to come.

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  1. I would love to do the VA camp, but I am planning to be out of the country that weekend. Could do the weekend before or after though! Hope it works out, sounds like a great time!

  2. Can’t do the TN camp, but VA is a strong possibility.

    1. 385#
    2a. 24-15-17-8-6
    2b. 35# for the first two, 25# for the last three

    Skill – I piss for distance further than I can handstand walk. Does falling forward count for anything?

    MU – 12 UB

  3. Only got 441 on deadlift. Wore myself out trying to get 500, really disappointed about this

    1a. 13,7,7,7,7
    1b. did most unweighted, a few with 10# plate. could have went heavier but i just didn’t want to wait on the belt.

    Saw some minor improvement on HS walks, but did well with MU to ring HSPU. Got 2 consecutive, think i could maybe do about 4 or 5 fresh.

  4. 1) 510. I Dave Castro’d that shit, except I didn’t fail. 35# PR
    2a) 14, 10, 10, 8, 9
    2b) 53, 70, 85, 90 (4), 80 (3)
    3) HS walks were all around 10-15′ (awesome, I know), and MU sets were in the 4-6 range. Surprisingly, my shoulders and arms were tired…

    Rudy, I don’t know why you were on Coker’s nuts about his job – mine is even cooler:

    • Skill – 10′ of Hand Stand Walks with a forward roll so that practically doubled my distance. Damn it.

      MU – Between 4 and 7 each round.

  5. 1) 455 (50# PR)
    2a) 15, 10, 10, 7, 9
    2b) 35# x2, 20kg x3

    Skill – Furthest HS Walk was about 17’…horrible. Muscle Up sets went 9, 5, 5, 6. I tried to do the MUHSPU thing…after some practice and ring dip level I figured out how to get inverted. Got over to the big boy rings and was able to string 2 together…only problem is the low ceiling would let me lock out the HSPU.

  6. 1. 435# (35# PR). Failed twice at 455, didn’t attempt a weight in between.
    2a. 18, 10, 8, 5, 6. I actually think I’m better at a normal grip.
    2b. 35, 55, 55, 55×4, 35

  7. *did 5×3 Dead and stayed light (330#) as my hamstrings are still pretty sore and tight from last week’s heavy good mornings.
    *Completed the dips with 10 lbs but adhered to the tempo very closely.
    had sets of 12,8,7,5,5 on the C2B.
    *Muscle ups were VERY difficult after the Dip/C2B work. I could not get them without the false grip.
    *Really became comfortable with the handstand walks consistently traveling 30′
    Had a really good time training today despite the Muscle Up disappointment.

  8. 1. 315 (25# PR!)
    2a. 5/4/4/3/3 (haven’t done a lot of strict pull ups in the past, need to work on these more)
    2b. 5×5 (no weight but did my best to follow the tempo)

    1. Got 12′-15′ a few times….starting to feel more comfortalbe with this!
    2. MU’s did singles (these were hard, had no pulling power)

  9. Frustrating day today… decided to make up Wednesday’s work and do today’s work too, since I really didn’t feel like studying for finals anyway, and I was pissed after the DL.

    1) DL 1RM – 505#. Un-PR by 20#. Shoot me in the effing face. I rounded my back really early on the 505# pull, and it screwed me for the next attempts. F#$&.

    2) Max Box Jump (CF Heath was doing it) – 55″

    3a) 10 x 2 Bench Press @ 135# + 52# in chains
    3b) 10 x 2 Squat @ 305# (no bands… just worked on depth and speed)

    4a) 5 x 5 strict supinated C2B pullups
    4b) 5 x 5 tempo ring dips w/ 22# vest

    5) Conditioning – Power clean, DB push press (no 50# DBs, so used 55#), box jumps
    — 8:29

    6) Practice HS Walks (getting better) and UB muscle-ups (also getting a little better, but I was tired by then)

    7a) 3 x 15 UB T2B
    7b) 3 x 15 GH raises (unweighted… just chalked it up at this point)

    M/F/S – 5/5/3

  10. 1) 535! 30# PR. Took me like 5 minutes to lock it all out, but I freaking got it!
    2a) 9, 8, 6, 5, 5
    2b) no weight, 20, 20, 25, 25

    Best MU was 4, really rough
    Best walk was about 6-7 yards. Actually felt better than ever before on this. Still needs tons of work though….

  11. 1) 405…20# under current pr, went straight to 445 after 405 went up easy and didnt even budge it, felt mentally whipped after that
    2a) 19, 11, 10, 7, 9
    2b) BW, 25, 45 (4), 35 (4), 25

    Practiced some freestanding hs holds and walks with a spotter…horrible at these.
    Most UB muscle ups was 3, very fatigued after the pu’s and dips

  12. Again Faster WOD “Barber”
    2 Rounds For Time
    15 HSPU
    20 pull-ups
    25 box jumps (24″)
    30 deadlifts (135)
    35 burpees


    2a) 12/8/8/7/7 – def better at probated grip!

    2b) No weight. Still Tough!

    HS Walks (just wanted to do some)

    Did the muscle ups straight to hs walks then rested each round. 

    Put the deadlift at the end. Def 1/2 assed. 
    265 – felt a slight round and quit. Yeah I’m a pu@@y!

    MFS: 1/2/1 – low back fatigued on the 135 deadlifts for 60 in Barber. Big surprise.

  13. 2a)12,7,8,8,7

    Mu:10,5,4 (T got in my way),5,5,5
    HS walks: didnt do as well with them as usual. Last one was the best around 56′

    DL at end. 405×3. Not challenging. Didnt want to get to crazy

    5×8-10 on hyper at 50#.

    m/f/s 1/3/2

    Going to do what I can to make it to Murfreesboro.

  14. 1)415# 60# PR from October
    2a)12-9-6-7-6 great… another thing i suck at
    2b)35×4 35 last set but did 3-1-1

    didnt have room for skill work. did wod with class:
    5 Rounds:
    20 walking lunges
    20 push-ups (chest to ground)
    20 box-jumps (24/20)

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