Rest Day.

We’re gonna try to have a little rest day fun on here from now on. We’ve got a few “characters” who should be able to keep things interesting. So here’s a few topics for your viewing/reading/commenting pleasure…

-This Outlaw has a cooler job than you: www.chriscokerracing.com

-Too much pressure? games.crossfit.com/features/videos/games-prep-talayna-fortunato

-Let’s do some rah-rah, team building bullshit… Why do you middle-class, successful, college educated, brainiacs choose to participate in the sport of self-flagellation? (aka – Why do you compete in CrossFit?)

I’m also going to be starting a parenting blog. THIS is how you raise children:


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  1. She’s sad because Louie told her, “I don’t care who gave you the shirt. You aren’t on the record board, so you aren’t invited. Go train at Dog Pound”.

  2. – He definitely has a cooler job than I. And I’m sure I’d kill myself in that car!

    – Hey, No Pressure, No Diamonds! Or was it no beer on tap? But I digress….

    – Why do I Crossfit?! It’s the best part of my day and gives me a worthwhile goal! Something to get up for (sometimes at 430am), to eat better for, drink less for, be stronger physically and mentally for, basically be a healthier and more useful human being for, and something in what can be a mundane existence of the 9-5 to make me feel truly alive. If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I had no idea until college. I figured it out around then I would want to be a professional athlete, but still never said it out loud because it was impossibly ridiculous! Especially as an amazon of a gymanst. Now I want to be a professional exercise athlete when I grow up!

    Hope that wasn’t too Lisbethish for you Drywall 😉

  3. Thanks for press Rudy! It’s not the most cushy job in the world, but damn sure better than the cubicle.

    I got into crossfit for a few reasons, my natural sixpack began to fade when I hit 25, the race car started to kick my ass, and I wanted to drink beer and eat steaks without feeling like I was a fat-ass. After a few months of near death experiences at my local box, driving the car turned into a joy ride, and my focus increased as I wasn’t gasping for air coming out of every turn. As I got better at ‘exercising’, my reasons for motivation changed from wanting to have a decent fitness level, to wanting to be in the best shape I could be in. Period. I have a ways to go until I’m at Outlaws definition of ‘elite’, but I’m getting better everyday, and that’s pretty badass! Ya’ll keep posting ridiculous numbers!

    If you aint livin’ the highlife, you aint livin’!

  4. I compete in CrossFit because while CrossFitters are doing randomly programmed bullshit, I’m sticking to a well structured and designed strength and conditioning program designed with the purpose of fuckstomping morons who don’t know how to train for a goal. Bitching up arrogant tards is fun.

    I’m not ashamed to admit I never had the genetic makings of a standout athlete. So if you were a star athlete in high school or played college ball, and I beat you in competition, I have three words for you: suck my dick.

    PS I just spent 45 minutes with Bank of America customer services so I’m pretty pissed off.

      • Figure he was branching out and trying to get a business loan for WOD Pull ups for the elites and over 60 athlete. ” For when you push so hard you just piss and shit yourself.” Miranda can be the first sponsored athlete. Some may have proof Rudy would be another good choice for sponsorship.

  5. First the assumption is you have to graduate college to crossfit. To afford it maybe! You’ve seen my writing. Isn’t it apparent I’ve never attended college. If that’s not proof enough my lack of strict pull ups, ability to Bench and do arm curls like Brandon has to be enough proof. Why do I do it. To be strong, fast and agile enough to shoot people in the face or at least direct people to shoot people in the face. And when I say people, I mean radical, flag burning, kill Americans and everything they stand for faggots that cock punching is to good for.

    MFS: 111

  6. I crossfit in the hope to one day become elite enough to claim the title “Warriorgirl”

  7. I got into Crossfit because I was tired of running 100 miles. I wanted to get back into triathlons and knew that I had to get strong again because my dumb ass spent way too long running. I did the gym thing for a few months but had no focus on what I was doing a friend of mine told me about Crossfit and thought I would give it a shot. Little did I know there was competitive exercising! So while I was planning on getting back into triathlon I figure I’d keep this up for a little while and see what comes of it. And have you seen the entry fee for an Ironman recently….eff that!

  8. One time J Hoggan and were working out at Andrews, and some kid walks over in the middle of the workout and asks what we’re training for. In between burpees, I said: “life.” Because should the world slip once again into a Hobbesian state of nature, I want to be able to survive… and then kill and eat the weak, if necessary. I would much rather not, but, you know, you gotta be ready.

    That’s why I crossfit.

  9. Some inspiring, some humorous…

    I CrossFit becuase what makes me most happy is when I feel challenged. I am constantly self-analyzing and searching for things that push my physical and mental limits and when i find them, I jump into them with open arms and so much joy. I genuinely love the feeling of reaching potential limits and then seeing if I can break through them or not. How to adjust my lifestyle, my way of thinking, my timing, approach, and on and on. CrossFit has become one of the greatest givers of this needed aspect of my and it freaking rocks my world. Sometimes I feel as though I get so caught up in figuring out what’s going on with me while I workout, that I lose intensity, something I am working on like crazy right now. As weird as it sounds, I think I enjoy CrossFit too much sometimes to be really, really good at it. Does that make any sense to any of you?

    Thanks for the motivation Rudy!

  10. Little late, but I’ll bite:

    I originally competed in CF b/c Rudy told me to, and apparently the fact that made my DL jump like 100#s in a year means I’ll do anything he says now. It’s sad. In fact, I almost ordered fettucini alfredo at the Olive Garden the day before Sectionals b/c I texted him for pre-competition meal ideas and that’s what he replied with (damn, where the hell is the sarcasm font already??).

    Really, though, I love kicking my own ass and feeling like I can put up with more pain and move more heavy things faster than I could yesterday. I compete b/c I really like having something to train for, and I love seeing everyone come out (even some of the D-bags). I generally crossfit now because it’s fun, and because I want to be a badass grandpa someday.

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