-Today’s Back Squats should be performed with a “low bar” position. I will be posting a video describing this (by early afternoon on Wednesday) in order to make sure we’re all on the same page. I know you are all accomplished athletes, but I have experienced many “elites” who have no fucking idea what the difference between high/low bar is, or why either are beneficial. I’ll also shoot a demo of what your band setup should look like and how to measure them for load. So… If you have to WOD before 1pm, you’re screwed – sorry.

-I will send out the rest of the WODs for the week Wednesday night. Thursday IS an off day.

-Nerdery for today: “Training the Bench Press”


Dynamic Strength

1a) Back Squat: 10×2 @ 50%+20% Bands – rest 45 sec.
Notes: This is speed work, down and up FAST.
1b) Bench Press: 10X2 @ 50%+20% Chains – rest 45 sec.
Notes: This is speed work, down and up FAST.


15-12-9 of:

Power Clean 185/120#
DB Push Press 50/35#
Box Jumps 30/26”


1a) 3×15 UB T2B – rest 45 sec.
1b) 3×8 Weighted GH Raise – heaviest possible, rest 45 sec.

So dreamy, and he PR’d in Chucks. Next level. He also got 220#, for a 15# PR right after this, but forgot to turn the camera on.

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  1. Squat 165 + Bands
    Bench 135 + Bands

    Conditioning: 8:01 (scaled to 155# and subbed Box Jumps for jumping lunges to preserve my achillies aka leg-gina aka excuse).

    Midline: UB on T2B, 45# for GH

  2. 1a. 225
    1b. 185- think i guessed a little light on my 1rm bench, these were a little too easy

    9:11- felt pretty good on this one. was able to take very minimal breaks on the cleans, unbroken on pushpress, but slow on the box. gotta get better at that.

    midline-done, no weight on GH raises, i’ll try it next time.

  3. 1a) 205 + ban. Felt fast and explosive
    1b) 155 + 60lb Felt good here too

    Wod: 7:55

    Felt like I left too much in the tank here on cleans. Wish I could maintain hook grip without resetting. Push press and box jumps felt pretty good.

  4. 1a. 165# + fuckton of tension. Coach told me after 3 rounds that our bands aren’t proper Westside bands, they’re fat-people-on-the-pull-up bar bands, so at the bottom of the squat there’s no tension. Double looped the smallest band midway through to maintain tension, only to realize I over shot by 30-40#. And yes, I only gave this much detail to make fun of fat people using bands for pull ups.
    1b. 135# + 70#

    Conditioning: 7:13

    10#, 15#, 25#

  5. No bands or chains so used 65%
    1a. 155
    1b. 85 (I have not maxed BP in a really long time so I went off 135. These were too easy.)

    Conditioning: 7:39 Felt pretty good overall. Push press unbroken and quick rebound on box jumps with the regional standard. Cleans could be faster, need to work on touch and go at this weight.

  6. 1a) 115 + red bands
    1b) 80 + approx 30#

    6:09 – dropped all the cleans and went UB otherwise. Legs were shot quick so box jumps were something between a bound and pause. 


    1a) yep
    1b) 15# plate

    MFS: 6/2/2

  7. Also it is good to see the impact I’ve had on training world. Great video Rudy.

  8. 1a) 185 + 80 lbs in bands
    1b) 165 – no chains at work

    Conditioning – Shit show! Ended up doing this at 205. Apparently reading should be one of the fundamentals. Why the fuck I did that beats me. Not that 185 would of been any different. 50 lb DB push presses also crushed my shoulders and was very broken


    T2B – Check
    GH Raises I skipped due to lack of time

  9. Holy shit there are a lot of people doing this now! Way to go Rudy!
    Yes, I took Monday off becuase of my extremely crushed low back…Doing all the workouts a day later.

    1a) 235# + blue CCF band (seemed very light)
    1b) 215# (no chains)(felt very strong and fast for all, probably too light)

    Conditioning: 6:59
    (Felt pretty goo on the PC, going in 5’s the first round, then 3’s the second and third. All PP were unbroken. The box jumps got me for some reason. Normally really solid with these but I broke these up a lot)

    Midline – Did not do, will do tomorrow after the practice work

  10. No bands or chains
    1a: 205

    conditioning 11:19
    185 PC still rough for me. PP unbroken.

    midline: t2b completed as rx’d, GH raise w/35lb

  11. 1a)167 (115+52chains) no band anchors. light and fast
    2b)165 no chains. slowed down last couple of sets

    conditioning: 10:29
    -155#PC, should have done 165 just to do it.
    -50#DB’s broke set of 15 because left shoulder wasn’t happy. unbroken 12 and 9
    -30″ jumps, stepping down. could do them unbroken, just wasn’t in a hurry to get back to PC’s

    4X10 T2B unbroken. work in progress
    3X8 good mornings @ 115# (no way to do GHR)

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