WOD 111128:


1) 5X1 Snatch (full squat) @ 90% (of heaviest ever, squat or power) – rest 90 sec.
2a) 5X3 Snatch Balance @ 90% (same weight as above) – rest 60 sec.
2b) Choose based on if you have a hyper or not:
1) 5X10 Hypers – heaviest possible (heavier than last week), rest 60 sec.
2) 5X5 Good Mornings – heavy, rest 60 sec.


5 rounds for time of:

15 Wall Ball 20/14#
15 KBS 32/24kg


3 X ME Weighted Plank Holds 45/25# – rest 60 sec.

On a scale of 1-10 how much does this make you want to cockpunch (“vagpunch” for the ladies) yourself? (Welcome to the big show, Epic.)

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  1. Woah Laura… didn’t you and Shana both come of age on the same mean streets of ATL?

    I’m just wondering why she’s wearing a T shirt when it’s obviously cold outside.

  2. Not AT ALL a commentary on Shana or Katie, simply an observation on the sloganeering that has become prevalent in CF. No matter how hackneyed or overused, we’re supposed to be motivated by it.

  3. As soon as I saw snatch balances on the menu I pulled up CrossFit Lisbeth’s Words of the Day. If her inspirational poems can’t get me to finally master these fuckers I don’t think anything will.

  4. I’ve been trying all day to come up with something witty to say but I think between Thomas, Drywall and Talayna there is nothing I can add so I will just post my numbers for today.

    1) 160 the 4th was a little out front so it was a power/squat snatch
    2a) 150 these are still trouble for me….I’m way scared of dropping
    2b) 140

    Conditioning: 9:10 lower back is smoked from KBS

    Midline: swapped more GHD situps for the planks since I’m still not firing with my quads

  5. I feel like a warrior girl. But my lower back feels like a vagina.

    1. 125 (first squat snatches and snatch balance since achillies surgery in June. I’m pretty rusty)
    2a. 125
    2b. 115 (good mornings – hypers arent cool in VA Beach yet)

    Conditioning: 8:47

    I may have done the midline wrong, but I’m assuming ‘plank’ is the top of a pushup position, with the 45# plate on my back? (Fucking n00b). 1:08, 1:20, 0:51

    • Regarding your snatch, when we have a shitty day, we don’t make excuses, we just don’t post anything. Brandon hasn’t posted in 6 weeks. That’s the Outlaw Way.

  6. I sucked today. Here comes the math:

    1) 160F, 160F, 160, 160F, 160F – I actually had around 8 attempts, but decided to move on, feeling vaguely ridiculous.
    2a) 135, 160 x 4 – The first set was all about getting my confidence back, and these were all improvements.
    2b) 180 on the hyper – Don’t quite have the hang of these, but felt better each set thanks to some instruction

    Conditioning: 8:19. I set out relatively slowly and went unbroken for most sets, but there was definitely room for improvement, especially in the swings.

    MFS – 5/2/2 – Excited to suck less tomorrow.

  7. 1) 140 – missed and repeated number 1
    2a) 140 – started feeling money around set 4
    2b) 50# (hyper)

    5:58 – all UB except for 1 wall ball I missed the catch but didn’t really rest. 

    MFS: 2/2/2

  8. 1. 155×3, 160×2

    Scaled up on both parts of #2 since it is stuff I struggled with, but got a LOT better at both.
    2a. 135, 135, 145, 145, 155 (PR). While I still have a long way to go with these, they are no longer my absolute worst movement. I credit the inspiration from CrossFit Lisbeth…
    2b. 110, 110, 140, 140, 160. Got the hang of these too.

    Conditioning: 7:49. Wanted to go unbroken, but failed a rep on the 4th set of kbs. Unbroken wall balls.

    Midline: 1:30, :50, :50. Fucking gassed at this point.

    MFS 2/3/5. Soreness mostly chest/tris from Fri/Sat.

  9. 1. 140
    2a. 140
    2b. 140

    Conditioning- 6:04, all UB but pussed out and decided to stand and stare at the KB too long before the 4th and 5th round of swings, should have had sub 6

    Midline- 1:35, 1:00, 1:00

  10. 1, 2a, and 2b) 195# (missed a couple snatches and SBs in there… shoulders are really inflexible)

    Conditioning – 5:23

    Midline – 1:56, 1:00, 1:10

    M/F/S – 3/3/3

  11. To start, I effing suck ass at Oly lifting and I need mobility work like nobody’s business.
    Also, did this Tuesday becuase my back was WAY to crushed to do anything Monday

    1) just worked 8 rounds of 1 at 145# for form. Felt like crap.
    2a) 145, 155, 165, 175, 175 (not so great)
    2b) (good mornings) 185, 185, 195, 205, 205

    Conditioning: 5:54 (all unbroken, back started tightening up pretty bad on 4th round)

    Midline: did 3x 2 minute unweighted

  12. 1)200# missed the 2nd- got better in last few sets


    b)30×2, 50×3..First time on a hyper so didnt get crazy-

    3) Front squats 255, 275, 285

    7:03- grip fatigued on last set of kbs

    Midline: 1:20, 1:00, 1:00


  13. 1. 127
    2a. 127
    2b. 105 (should have gone heavier)

    Conditioning: 8:26 (Should have pushed harder, wall balls are a weakness.)

  14. 1.145
    2. 145
    3.95(new to these so went a little light)

    conditioning 8:25 F wallballs

    midline 1:47, 1:31, 1:03

  15. Trying to play catchup so did a little 111129-111126 combo…

    1)’Mini Flight Simulator’ (or whatever it was called)
    Did the 25-30-25 three times each, getting into the 20’s every time. Good warm-up to piss you off for the rest of your workout…

    2)1RM Snatch
    145 Straightup Power Snatch. maybe could have squat snatched more after i did snatch balance and snatch reps… need lots of practice.

    3)5X1 Snatch (squat)
    115-115-115-125-135(F)-125 landing with feet too wide causing knees to go in, and weight forward. thats where my practice is mostly needed

    4a) 5X3 snatch balance
    95-115-115-125-125 did 2 at 135 after the workout just to do it…

    4b)5X5 good mornings

    5)3X3 front squat
    175-185-195 pretty tired at this point but my 1RM is 205 (and going up quickly) so was happy with 195

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