Sorry for the late post, kids. However hard the WOOCEU II was, it’s not as hard as 4 kids. Scores will be up tomorrow – not too early.

WOD 111121:


5X2 Hang Snatch (full stall, above knee, full squat) – heaviest possible, rest as needed
2a) 5X5 OHS AFAP @ 100% of heaviest above – rest 60 sec
2b) Choose based on if you have a hyper or not:
1) 5X15 Hypers – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec
2) 5X8 Good Mornings – medium/heavy, rest 60 sec



20 minutes HS Walk for total distance.


20 minutes AMRAP of Free-Standing HSPU.

Notes: If you are proficient at HS Walks (have gone over 75’ UB), then choose the 2nd option.

Soft left elbow, unacceptable 😉

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  1. 1) 135/135(F2nd)/135(F2nd)/125/125 – bar was going up fine but the shoulders felt unstable today for some reason. 
    2a) Tried the AF WOD “Spencer”, max load 20 UB OHS and got to 18 reps! Ugh. Will have to repeat it. 
    Did 3 more sets of 5 at 135 after that. 
    2b) 75# good mornings. We should have a hyper by tomorrow so I’ll probably do this again 🙂

    I did 2) and got 23 in 10min then quit because my shoulder (posterior labrum) and neck were getting irritated.

    MFS: 2/3/2 – nothing wrong today. Just didn’t feel on. Too much non-clean eating and drinking and too much rest this weekend.

  2. 1) 145, 165, 175, 175, 180 (missed 3, got one)
    Can get the damn weight up but am so shaky getting under the damn bar.
    2a) 180, 180, 180, 185, 185
    warmed up to this and the final two rounds were super easy and super fast
    2b) same weight as above. was actually suprised at how good and strong these good mornings felt for 8 reps.

    Did the walks. Got only 60 meters in the 20 minutes. Nervous system began failing me at the end and getting inverted was doing some crazy things to my mind. Found that the parking garage at my apartment is perfect for this. May head down there a few mornings a week for more work and some sprint work! Suck at gymnastics!

  3. 1. 135, 145, 155 (f 2nd), 155 (f 1st, missed full squat), 155
    2a. 155. Wasn’t really challenging enough.
    2b (hyper). First time using hyper. Really hate this fucker, not remotely comfortable in the area right above my junk. 90×15, 90×15, 110×10, 90×15, 9×10. Told by my coach this was pussy weight.

    HS Walks – Sucked per usual. Free standing handstands are pretty good now but still not moving very well. Let’s say 80 yards in 17 mins, cut it short when it started falling apart.

    As a post WOD, did the strict pull up workout from that competition you guys did a couple weeks ago, the 3 minute / 3 set amrap. 40 reps. (15-15-10). Will try this again pre-wod some day.

  4. 1) 135, 145 for the next 4 sets (Should have gone up to 155..cowards move not to)
    2a) Accomplished
    2b) 90# Hypers first time doing Hypers

    Did HS Walks put really practiced not falling on my head. After the WOD is was a little upset with myself so I went for a run. Took awhile for my legs to get loosened up but did 3 miles on a treadmill in 19:42 with a 2% incline. Then did 5×3 TGU w/ 45# dumbell.

    MFS – 3/2/2 Think I had a huge sugar crash pre WOD do to the Thanksgiving Pot Luck we had at work.

  5. Strength

    2a) 145#
    2) 5X8 Good Mornings – medium/heavy, rest 60 sec——-95#



    10 HSPU

    15 Deadlifts 250#

    25 Box Jumps 30″

    50 Pull-ups

    100 Wall Balls 20# to 10′ target

    200 Double-unders

    Run 400 m with 45# plate

    Time——16:34 previous time was 18:10 in Dec. 2010
    I walked on my hands the day before and got almost 20′!!!!!!!

  6. 1a) Bastardized the workout and made it a 5x 1 Hang Squat Snatch + 5 OHS @ 135lbs
    1b) Hyper 5X5 @ 190 lbs

    Played around a little on HS walks but ran out of time.

  7. 1) 185#, 195#, 195# (f), 185#, 185#, 195# (f), 185#
    2a) 195# (nearly killed myself a couple times dropping the bar to my shoulders)
    2b) 195# (just to keep it easy)

    HS Walks – No idea the distance… still can’t get more than about 10 feet at a time, and even that’s unusual.

    M/F/S – 4/6/7 (wrecked from the WOOOOOOCEU)

  8. Done 111126 WAY BEHIND. Playing catch up this week.

    1)95,95,105,115,115 Solid up to 105. at 115 the catch gets real sloppy. goes up easy though.
    2a)115 no problem
    2b) first time with weighted GM’s, worked up to 105. really exposed tight hamstrings

    Did some handstand work. getting better. Can walk about three feet now. haha

    Jackie: 8:51 (3:38 row) This was garbage. Needed to pace the row a little more, and couldn’t get my timing down on the butterfly, had to reset about 5 times. Frustrating.

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