The calm before the storm…

I will be emailing the WOOCEU II out tonight, as well as posting it on the blog. You should have all the necessary equipment to complete the tasks.

WOD 111118:


1a) 5X5 Weighted Ring Dips – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
1b) 5X5 Tempo Deadlifts (see notes) – medium/heavy but PERFECT, rest 60 sec.
Notes: Tempo should be 3 counts from floor to knees, explode past knees driving hips to bar, 3 counts back to floor. Concentrate on keeping legs loaded NOT back. Maintain vertical shin.

2) 5X5 UB (or as many as possible) Muscle-Ups – rest 2 minutes.
Notes: For those with more than 5 UB, go to a max effort set -1 on first set, then try to maintain 5s through the final 4.


5x500m Row – all out, rest 1:1 (pace actively between sets)


4 thoughts on “111118

  1. 1a) 85, 97, 107, 115, 123(2)
    1b) 275, 315, 315, 315, 315
    2) 8, 5, 5, 5, 5

    Rowing: 1:45, 1:47, 1:49, 1:47, 1:45 = 16:01
    Who rows? Seriously.

  2. 1a) 55, 62, 67, 75, 75×4
    1b) 275 for all sets
    2) 10, 5 for last 4

    The slow tempo dead lift was odd…wonder if my count to 3 was to slow. The muscle ups were really easy today. Didn’t miss or struggle on any rep…the two minute rest was plenty.

  3. 1a)60#X5 had to break up last set 3-2
    1b)225,245,245,265,265 really magnified some flaws at 265+
    2)5X5 Should have done a couple extra the first set

    skipped the row and did Elizabeth with the boys…11:12 Squat cleans were surprisingly difficult. Was surprised at how easy the ring dips were after doing them weighted.

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