WOD 111115:


1) 5×1 Clean Halting Deadlift + 1 Clean (yes, full squat) @ 85% – rest 90 sec.

2a) 5×5 Clean Hi-Pull – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec (use straps).

Notes: Make sure to open the hips completely before the barbell crests just below the chin. Do not re-bend, and make sure the elbows finish well above the barbell.

2b) 5×50′ Sled Drags – VERY heavy, rest 60 sec.

Notes: Yes, “very heavy” is subjective. Basically the load should be insure a slow pull, but not a complete stop. Make sure to plant the HEELS and pull through the glutes and hamstrings.


8 minute AMRAP of:

15 Burpees
10 Power Cleans 185/120#


5 minute AMRAP of:

Toes to Bar


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  1. 1) 225 lbs
    2a) Nah save it for another day
    2b) 250lbs

    3rds + 2 Cleans
    70 T2B

    MFS: 124

  2. 1) 240…halted then went into sq cln then touch and go for the second one. definitely not the right way but still made it happen.
    2a) 185×2,195, 205×2
    2b)Total weight with prowler 255×2, 325×4

    3rds+15bps+6 cleans


  3. 1) 220#
    2a) 165#
    2b) I think I was doing something wrong here. Started with 180# but my coach was telling me I needed to be standing more upright to work the glutes/hammies (I was leaning forward), and I couldn’t do an upright walk at this weight, so dropped to 90#, which seems too light for a “very heavy” drill. Need a video or something before I do this next time.

    3 rounds + 6 cleans.

    60 TTB. Too fatigued and/or apathetic to really push this hard.

    MFS: 253

  4. 1) 155
    2a) 105
    2b) 135 on the prowler

    3 + 2 cleans – worked on that new pull form, really gets the quads but not the back as much 🙂

    TTB – 76

    MFS: 3/6/4

  5. 1) Ok, so something seriously effed up…I literally couldn’t catch even 205. It didn’t hurt but would just fall through my hands like my wrists were made of rubber. I tried over and over, with lighter weight, took video and literally could not catch the bar! WTF?! I hope to god this has happened to someone else…so confused and, well, pretty pissed.

    2a) 185, 205, 215, 225, 235
    2b) Around 200# w/ my tire/sled, it was brutally wonderful!

    3 rounds + 15 burpees + 2 cleans
    (again, wrists were so effed i had to grip/catch each rep. The awkwardness of this catch caused me to need to drop the bar almost each rep which slowed me down quite a bit)

    T2B – 57 reps

    Highly annoyed

  6. 1) 180# throughout

    2a) 180# all 5 rounds, I still don’t have this down yet.

    2b) Small sled so hard to put a lot of weight on it but did 135# and it was hard..


    8 minute AMRAP of:

    15 Burpees
    10 Power Cleans 185/120#

    I did 3 Rounds plus 6 cleans….For some reason I did the Power Cleans first…I was to worried about the 185# cleans I guess!


    5 minute AMRAP of:

    Toes to Bar—-65

  7. 1) 255×3, 275×2
    2) Started with 135 shoulders didn’t feel right during this.

    2b) Laura’s Weight

    WOD: 4 Rounds

    Toes to Bar- 50…. I guess I sucked this one up. If only I could find someone to babysit Tucker for a couple hours a day I could get so much more done and maybe even get better at T2B and my gymnastics movements! haha (Sorry Rudy had to do it)

  8. 1) 165,175(F),175,175,165,165
    2a) 135 throughout (no straps)
    2b) subbed for 20 butterfly pullups (work in progress), because I did the sled pull workout right after strength

    Sled pull workout from 111110
    20min AMRAP
    30’ Sled Pull (used trailer tire with chain hooked to it with 155# on top)
    20 Row for Calories
    10 OH Walking Lunges (95#)
    and so on…

    did 2 full rounds + sledpull, row, & 14 OH lunges.

    Tire pull was experimental but could barely pull it hand over hand at start and had to resort to both hands eventually, so weight was just about right. First time doing OH lunges with more than 45#. Was pleased with ability at 95# but had to break it up. Rowing sucks.

    TTB: Going to rest / work on skills tomorrow. Will do this then..

    (whole body was sore going into this, so I don’t think I did anything as good as I can, but better than I thought I was going to do considering my state.)

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