111110 or 111111

Many of your fellow Outlaws will be competing in the Mid-Atlantic Hopper Challenge this weekend, as well as, Brandon and Jess who are going head to head with Rich Froning and his partner at the X’s & Y’s Garage Games competition. Please send me pics… And they better be on podiums.

Next Saturday – the 19th – will be the WOOCEU “The World Outlaw Open Championship Event of the Universe” round II. Details to come on Monday. We are going to try to involve more people on round IIT, and there may be an actual physical prize for this one.

WOD 111110 or 111111:


1a) 5×5 Weighted Ring Dips – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
1b) 5×5 Weighted STRICT Pullups – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
15 minutes Snatch practice/testing. Work whatever portion is your biggest struggle. If you feel you have PERFECT technique you may work up to a few heavy/maximal singles.


20 minutes to get as far as possible:

30’ Sled Pull 180/135#
20 Row for Calories
10 OH Walking Lunges 135/95#
60’ Sled Pull 180/135#
40 Row for Calories
20 OH Walking Lunges 135/95#

Notes: The sled pulls should be performed with a 15’ rope attached to the sled. Pulling is hand over hand (think final event at the 2011 games. Distance should be acquired by setting up 2 cones 30’ apart. After pulling the total length of rope, back pedal and repeat.

All I have to say about this video is… YES!

12 thoughts on “111110 or 111111

  1. 1a) 1b) 20# vest for both
    2) Didn’t I do this Monday? Oh yeah 155! Hells yeah!

    3 rounds even – rope was a lil short so it took 3 lengths. These OH lunges are good. Once your shoulders fatigue you’re ****’d!

    3) Take 15 minutes to establish a 3 Rep Max Front Squat (no misses) –
    then 3×3 @ 80%, resting EXACTLY 2 minutes.

    Didn’t have time for the max so put 95# + 72#s of chain on the bar and did 4×3.

    MFS: 2/2/5 – low back still tight from Austin and Hopper in 2 days so went about 75% on the row and used chains to unload bottom of the squat.

  2. 1a) 66# vest + 20# chain for 2 rds, then dropped the chain for 2 rounds, then dropped a couple weights from the vest.
    1b) 66# vest for 2 rounds, then dropped about 5 lbs for 2 rounds, then another 5#.
    2) Just did some work at 185#. Still felt sloppy.

    WOD – got to 77 out of 80 calories on the 4th round. Sled drags were with a super-long rope, so I just did 30′ at a time

    M/F/S – 2/3/5 (sleeping more than 4 hours helped today)

    • Found out today I misread the wod and only did 45# OH walking lunges. 135# would have crushed me, and would have been interesting. I’m an idiot.

  3. Thursdays work
    1a. 30# backpack 20# DB
    1b. 30# backpack 20# DB

    conditioning(scaled, no rower, no time)
    60″ sled pull each round 180#
    50#DB single arm hi-pull per calorie(20,40,60)
    35#DBs OH walking lunge (10,20,30)

    3 rounds in 11:32

  4. 100#x5 on dips

    65#x5 on pullups

    No snatch work, back feels uber tight…

    Got 90m into tge 4th rd (120m) with sled pull

  5. 1)66# vest 2 rds, then dropped to 56# for last 3 rounds
    1b) 66# vest for first round, then dropped 56# for the last 4 rounds, had to kip a little on the last set.
    2) Just did some work at 135#. Not very good today.

    WOD–Just finished the 60m sled pull on the 4th round (120m)
    Knee is still tweaked from a couple of days ago……. M/F/S 3/4/4
    Cliff Lewis

  6. Wow Brandon. Reading your workout stats doesn’t really do you justice. Seeing the video, one can’t help but be impressed with how ridiculously good you are at exercising.

  7. Friday
    5×1 PP/PJ/SJ 175×2 180×3 5# improvement from last time

    200m sprint
    10 hang squat snatch 95
    100m sprint
    rest 1:1

  8. 1a) 70, 80, 85, 90, 90(3)
    1b) 70, 80, 85, 90(3), 90(3)
    2) some heaving snatch balance practice

    Conditioning: 3 rds + about 5′ of sled drag. Felt good but was using a very inefficient/slow pull technique for 2 rounds which basically didn’t involve my legs… And the OH lunges at 135 were a new experience.

    MFS – 1/2/3

  9. 1a and 1b – 70# across for both. 3 reps on the last pull up set though.
    2. snatch balance work
    Conditioning – 2 rounds, then 7 OH lunges on round 3. OH lunges were slow. Sled pulls were fun. Rowing was boring as shit. Didn’t feel all that motivated to kick it into high gear on this one.

    MFS 511

  10. 1a)55#
    1b)55# then 44#
    2) Did some snatch balance at 95# then hit a couple full snatch at 115# not very good, but getting better. Need to amp up the mobility work.

    Had to do our box wod:
    Tabata (8rounds)
    Wallballs 20#
    abmat Situps
    Medball Squat Cleans 20#

    Going to do sled pull wod when i get a chance.

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