5×1 3 Position Clean (Hi-Hang, Hang, Full) – heaviest possible, rest as needed.
2) 5×3 Clean Pulls @ 115% – rest 60 sec.


10 minute AMRAP of:

10 C2B Pullups
20 KBS 24/16kg
30 Double-Unders


1a) 3×10 Hanging Leg Raise – rest 60 sec.
1b) 3×10 Weighted GH Raise – heavy, rest 60 sec.

T snatching 155:

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  1. 1) worked to 235, felt fast and smooth but my thumbs are clearly gonzo. Ended up catching a few reps w/out my hands somehow. never failed a rep, just couldn’t hold on properly.
    2) 325 for all. Felt very solid
    Conditioning: 4 rounds + 10 + 20
    Super distracted. Was at my normal outdoor workout spot with a group of people doing another WOD, had them all asking what their rep scheme was and little kids kept running up asking if what I was doing was hard, and it it hurt. Hmm… Do my KBS’s really look that bad? Damn kids…

    4 hours later…
    1a) yep
    1b) 15#, 20# vest+10, 20# vest+10

  2. time only for conditioning
    sub’d games push-ups for lack of a pull-up bar
    5 rounds + 20reps

  3. 1)135/165/165/185/185
    2)245#-Felt really good today on this.

    WOD-5 rds+10 + 5 This was really a arm and shoulder burner for me. I like c2b pull-ups and double unders but for some reason I really struggled on them today. Maybe it is the 10,000 snatches from yesterday and the and hang cleans today:)

    Cliff Lewis

  4. Again Faster WOD 4

    7min. AMRAP
    2 Muscle-Ups
    2 Deadlifts @335/225

    12 rounds + 1 = 49 (tied with Samantha Briggs for 2nd right now behind Michelle Kinney)
    Limiting factor was the grip, which surprised me. I should have done this yesterday when I was feeling more animalistic.

    1) 135/140/145/150×2
    2) 205/185×4 – back was tired from Austin and got the Hopper this weekend 🙂 so scaled this down after set 1

    5 + 36reps – pretty tired and forearms fatigued, but kept a steady pace, broke KB’s round 4, everything else UB

    MFS: 2/4/3 – forearms burned out

  5. 1) 185#, 225#, 245# (f@3), 245# (f@3), 245#, 235#, 225#
    2) 325#

    Conditioning (can’t do running at the school gym tomorrow, so did this one today instead… in the pouring rain)

    Run 200m
    10 Deadlifts 275/185#
    15 Slapping Pushups
    Run 400m
    8 Deadlifts 275/185#
    12 Slapping Pushups
    Run 400m
    6 Deadlifts 275/185#
    9 Slapping Pushups
    Run 200m

    For time.

    — 7:04


    Check. — 2P KB on the GH raises

    M/F/S – 4/6/4 –> My thumbs are absolutely DESTROYED after all of this junk. Luckily the rest of me is just sore, rather than injured (knock on wood).

  6. 1) 185, 205, 215, 225, 230
    2) 305
    3) 4 Rds + 7. I’ll throw in that my hands just hurt during this one. The buddy-lee speed rope did not come through for me, either.
    4a) Check
    4b) No GHD

    MFS – 2/3/5

  7. 1: Used %’s on clean work 75%,77%,80% (225×2, 235×2, 240×1)

    2: Used 105% for clean pulls (315#)

    3: 5+11DU’s or 5+41 reps**forearm burner actually broke up KB in rd of 5, should have completed 6x rds

    4: midline work completed

  8. 1. 205# across
    2. 300#
    3. 4 rounds plus 6 CTB. I intentionally took down the intensity a bit over that last 5 minutes because of how I was feeling from yesterday. I was on pace for 5 rounds but it would have been a struggle. Trying to avoid overtraining / WOD AIDS.
    4. Did it. 10# on the GHR. Had a note previously to go higher but this was sufficiently hard.

    Question for the group: how many of you guys can do the CTB’s with a butterfly? I don’t have that skill yet. Trying to determine how worthwhile it is to develop. Does it take more out of you? Is the effort vs speed benefit there?

    • I’m still working on trying to get the butterfly down when doing just plain pullups. So I’d also like to know if it would be worth the effort to learn to butterfly C2B.

      • I butterfly my chest to bar. It’s harder until you get the rhythm and then it’s not only easier but so much faster. Plus you can do more UB when you get them smoothly down.

  9. 1) 185,225,235,235, 245- dropped it setting up for #2. picked up then did 2&3

    4rd+21…Thrashed forearms

    completed midline work

  10. 11/11/11

    Did box WOD at 1200:
    For Time
    10 Burpees
    20 Dips
    30 Pull-Ups
    40 Lunges
    50 Push-ups
    60 Mountain Climbers
    70 Sit-ups

    At 4:00 did clean workout:
    1)135,145,145,155,155(F on Full),145(F on hang),135 im weak, but today was particularly bad
    2)205 wanted to go up, but focused on high pulls and timing instead

    3+10+17 absolutely no grip left

    1a)did it
    1b)no GHD. was going to rig something up but ran out of time

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