5×1 3 Position Snatch (Hi-Hang, Hang, Full) – heaviest possible, rest as needed.
2a) 10×2 Front Squats @ 50%+20% bands or chains – rest 45 sec.
2b) 10×2 Challenging Strict HSPU – rest 45 sec.
Notes: These should be hands on plates or parallettes to a depth that is not impossible, but very difficult. You may have to scale after the first few sets.


3 rounds for total time of:

10 Hang (squat) Snatches 95/65#
20 10” Target Burpees (touch a target 10” above highest reach)
10 Hang (squat) Snatches 95/65#
30 Wall Ball Shots 20/14#
-Rest 2 minutes-

Congrats to Mike for a 3rd place finish this weekend. I guess training with T will make you pretty good 😉


17 thoughts on “111107

  1. 1) 115,115,115,115,135
    2) 185#
    3)8″ failed on last 2 rounds on 2nd one

    WOD—-17:12 (Really sucked wind on this one!)
    Cliff Lewis

  2. 5×1 3 Pos Snatch: 155
    a)5×1 Power Clean + 1&1/4 Front Squat: 185
    b)5×2 HSPU 6″ depth

    Amanda (Power Snatch)
    was short on time and i thought doing power snatches would be faster, not really, was same as my best Rx’d time.

  3. 1) 135 – I really struggled with these. I stuck to 135 and tried to get them touch-and-go, but had trouble catching and re-acquiring my hook grip; after a few bounces on the thighs, I switched to dropping the weight on the last 2 sets.

    2a) 165 x 2 rubber bands (#3)

    2b) Best was 3 x 45#, 1 x 25#, 1 x 10# plate stacked. Fatigued across the sets and ended with 3 x 45# plates.

    3) 21:52 (6:16, 6:25, 5:11) – Couple things here – I didn’t go for broke on the first or second round, but by the end of the second round, still felt pretty good. Was not as bad as I had expected, but I pushed too late in the game. Should have gone faster. Hang squat cleans improved over the course of the workout. Also, Tony says my burpee jumps were low. Tried to jump over the mark (which was probably low) for the second 2 rounds.

    MFS – 1/2/1

  4. 1) 165
    2) 225, 275, 295, 305, 305, 305, 295, 295, 275, 275#
    3)stacked plates until shoulders were hitting them

    WOD—-24:44- same as Thomas came out way too slow anticipating the wall n by the time I realized it wasn’t there it was a little too late in the game.

  5. 5×1 3 position snatch- I did use straps for the heavier sets. They were 85,95,100,105,110,120 (I decided to attempt 120 even though I had already done 5 sets because 110 felt really good; I missed the 3rd position from the floor) 

    2a) 10×2 front squats-110# and purple bands
    2b) 10×2 strict hspu as difficult as possible- I did some w the 10 pound plate and some w the abmat. 

    3 rounds of:
    10 hang squat snatches 65#
    20 target burpees
    10 hang squat snatches
    30 wall ball shots
    Rest 2 min

    Rounds were 5:06,6:04,6:57
    First round felt great, and I fell apart afterwards. Horrible. 

  6. 1) 125×2/130×3
    Due to Rudy’s coaxing and the fact that 130 felt easy went for a max. 
    155 – 10# PR
    2a) 95# bar + 44#s of chains
    2b) 45s+25s x 2, 45s+25sx8 to an ab mat. Probably a 2-3″ deficit. These are a definite weakness for my long arms. Damn humerus’!

    4:06/4:32/4:02 = 17:10 whoa.
    Went out hard as hell cause I figured hitting the wall was the goal here. Backed off on the 2nd a bit. And tried to pace then get all the wall balls on the 3rd. They were still not all 100% accurate wall balls but I didn’t want to sacrifice accuracy for intensity. Crawled to a corner and died for a while after.

    MFS: 1/2/2

  7. 1) worked to 155# and called it a day there (thumbs are still really busted up from last weeks clean debacle…)

    2a) 165# + purple bands double wrapped for all 10 rounds. Stayed controlled down, explosive up
    2b) first 8 rounds were straight up, last two rounds I needed an abmat (did two more rounds of this strict to ground with additional rest)

    3:50/4:28/4:54 (total time of 17:12, felt like I was moving in slow mo. Snatches felt fine, burpees were continuous but slow, wall balls were sloppy as my target was a gutter and it was pitch dark outside, I smoked myself in the face a few times, that was fun!)

  8. 1. 115,135 (f), 135,145,155×2: Theses were ugly and probably should of stayed at the lower weight because I caught myself jumping forward on 155.
    2a) 155 + 65 lbs in bands
    2b) 45lb plates to the floor

    5:00; 5:26; 6:00. (20:26) Burpees we’re really slow.

  9. 1) 165#, 175#, 185#, 195# (f@3), 195# (f@2), 185# (f@1), 185#
    — yes, it was that much of a debacle. The videos I took are hysterical.

    2a) 265# (no bands or chains… did 70% of 375# and worked on depth
    2b) ~12″ paralletes. Did 5rds w/ 2 abmats, then went to 1 abmat for a round, then did the rest to the floor. Failed on the last rep.

    16:14. I have no idea why, but I felt like I wanted to die during that entire wod. Couldn’t even tell you what part was the hardest, but I can tell you that I absolutely despise (well-designed) wods with rest intervals. They wreck me.

    M/F/S – 1/4/2

    • Oh ya… and rounds were 3:08, 4:18, and 5:something. Blew out on the first round and spent the rest periods sprawled out on the mat…

  10. 1) 135, 140, 145, 145, 150 the Hi-Hang was the hardest part
    2a) 145 + 2 Bands
    2b) 2×45# +1 10# plate

    Conditioning – 22:31 fastest rd was the first 4:51 and all the rest were around 6:50. Legs felt heavy and slow.

  11. 1. 135#. Wanted to go higher but I had grip problems and this is all I could hold.
    2a. Screwed this up too heavy, based it on my back squat instead of front squat – 165# + 70#
    2b. 8″ or 10″ parallettes.

    Conditioning – Because of my squat snafu, I was already winded when I started this and was toast after round 1, thought about bailing on it. Decided to stay with it, but it was a pretty half-assed effort, just wanted to finish. 23:15.

    MFS was around 7/8/1.

  12. 1) 155,165,175, 185 (f@2), 185 (f@2), 175,175

    2) 160+70# of chains

    3) 3×35’s on each side, 1 ab mat

    4:47, stopped 2nd rd after 2nd set of snatches..back still wrecked from throwdown.
    3×10 10′ burpees afap

  13. 1) Stuck with 95# the whole time, focused on catching it in full squat and balance.
    2a) started at 100+ 40, and went up to 125 + 40lbs in chains after first set. could have done more
    2b) 4″ every set. should have started higher and then gone down

    No conditioning. Foot still throbbing from race, must have strained something. Rest day tomorrow.

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