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  1. Did this Thursday. Sorry Rudy, a day off was more important today before Infidel Throwdown, at least that’s my excuse for my back squat still sucking.

    1) 235 – 20# PR from ~8 months ago, but still shitty.

    6:06 – PR by 1:14. Forearms were smoked from previous days so 2nd & 3rd sets of MUs were all singles. Felt incredibly slow but my snatches must be getting way better to account for the improved time.

    MFS: 2/2/2

  2. BS – 455#, but might have been shallow, so the next lowest weight I could try was 435# (which I think I got). That was my previous PR, I believe.

    Amanda – 6:09. I’m with you, talayna. Mu’s felt way slow. Missed my ninth on the first round, then tried for three UB in the rd of 5 and missed. Then just went singles. Broke once in the rd of 7 snatches, otherwise UB.

    Fun day.

    M/F/S – 2/4/3

  3. BS-315#, First time to max on back squat and Jason got me to try a low back squat which helped me. I will work at this and my goal is to get 350# by the Games.

    Amanda-17:57. First time to do this RX. My max squat snatch is about 145# so this about killed me. MU’s were very slow. This is my 4th day to workout in a row and all the girls are taking there toll. Snatches got easier as the workout went on. Maybe I am figuring it out…….
    Cliff Lewis

  4. Did it yesterday. Also have Infidel Throwdown. Didnt back squat. Felt fatigued already.

    Amanda: 8:15- First time doing it. Forearms were shot. Missed a few snatches which was ridiculous along with a couple muscle ups. I need to work on mu’s when I am seeing red. Should be more consistent at them. I also had poor ring management once I let them go. (spinning all over the fuckin place)

    ghd’s from day before then messed around with the throwdown wod

    m/f/s: 3/4/3

  5. 1) 385. 5 pound PR.
    2) 10:20. Room for improvement – I missed about 6 or 7 reps (including 2 out of the first 3 attempts), but this was my first time as Rx. 6 months ago this would have taken me 35 minutes.

    MFS – 2/3/1. Feeling good! Excited for tomorrow.

  6. Kipping??? WTF is the world coming to? You were our last hope. 325!!??? hmm not bad for someone who just started Crossfit or Dave Castro.

  7. 190kg or 418 # Back squat. Went ass to ankles with high bar….old PR was 390 or 395. Wondering what I could do with mid to low bar now?
    4:54 Amanda…had about 5-6x misses on MU’s

  8. I didn’t max out on back squat because I did this like 3 or 4 weeks ago. Oh, and I had to do the wod at 6am and had to get home to pack.

    I did Isabel instead of Amanda because my shoulder didn’t feel so great when I was warming up. 

    Isabel- 4:33

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