WOD 111102:


1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Power (Push) Jerk.

2) 3X3 Power Jerks @ 85% of above – rest 90 seconds



3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
21 KBS 24/16kg
12 Pullups


3X20 UB GHD Situps – rest 60 seconds

So beautiful…


16 thoughts on “111102

    • Zing! You got me Corey! That was a dogshit snatch.

      But seriously…I don’t get the joke. Was that meant for the over 40 crowd or something? 😉

      1) 235
      2) 200×3 x3
      3) 7:55 Rx, on a 160m indoor track. Not the best place to pick up speed… Luckily, I had Tony leading me out on every run.
      4) Check
      MFS – 2/4/3

  1. 1) 180 – don’t remember old max but I know this was a PR. Left shoulder tendinitis was minimal today so my inner OH monster resurfaced. 
    2) 155

    7:29 – 21 sec PR

    GHDs check

    MFS: 3/2/3 – lats sore, back tightens when I run lately.

  2. 1)245…just didn’t have it this morning so stopped there

    7:57….20 seconds slower than my PR. My pull-ups were garbage

    m/f/s: 4/4/3

  3. 1. 230# PR by 5#. Still need to redip better, I’m definitely could be going a bit higher.
    2. 195
    Helen – 8:02 on a 409m track. PR by 22 sec. Might have had 8 even if my butterflies didn’t turn to a regular kip halfway through the last round. Also, workouts involving coward practice are dumb.

    MFS – no WOD AIDS this week.

  4. 1) 235 (nowhere near a PR, but, I strained both thumbs yesterday on the damn cleans and holding a bar hurt like a bitch. Seriously people, my body is falling apart!)
    2) 205 (everything felt fine but my god damn thumbs…)

    7:35 (21 second PR and I’m surprised given the run was a turn around and not in any way on a flat surface. This supplied the littlest bit of a pick me up, so that’s good!)

    GHD – yep (worked on moving fast through them, felt very light

    MFS – shit/shit/none

  5. day behind
    power clean 220# stuck at this weight
    3×3 @ 185#

    another un-pr. its possible that this entire wod was done at a near resting heart rate…
    fuck you hspus. tried to kip all hspus instead of kipping only when strict hspus ran out.

  6. 1. 225 missed 235 twice before trying 230. Ended up missing that too
    2. 190

    7:55.5 (13 sec PR) Got off the bar just after Thomas…Had the same problem as paneles de yeso butterfly fell apart on the last round.

    GHD – yep

  7. Push jerk 155#

    Couldn’t for the life of me get through the 3×3. I am guessing it’s from the 45 hspu the day before. 

    Helen 11:22. This is not a pr. Previous time at the old place was 10:53, But I literally don’t know how I could have gone faster- went as hard as I could. I just felt very fatigued. Pullups slowed me down a lot…. I almost couldn’t hold myself on the bar-grip was shot and my arms were tired.

  8. 1) 245# (missed 255# twice… technique is terrible, and shoulder flexibility is nonexistent)
    2) 215# (technique was better)

    Helen – 7:19 (PR, but not by much)

    GHDs – Check

    M/F/S – 2/4/4

  9. 1)215#(Missed 225#…..Pretty sore from the last two days of maxing…
    2)175#(Did pretty good on these)

    Helen-7:36 (PR by one second, cold wind in our face on the way in!)

    GHDs-Did them…..


  10. 1) 225# (press out)
    2) 205#
    3) “Helen”. 9:05 1:10 Pr. One of my weaker wods. I’d like to thank Dill for moving back to R-Town and helping me Pr on my pbr’s as well.

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