WOD 111101:


1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Power Clean.

2) 3×3 Touch and Go Power Clean @ 85% of above – rest 90 sec (straps are recommended)



21-15-9 of:

Deadlifts 225/150#

For time.

Notes: HSPU standard is either head to floor or 25# plates with an ab-mat in the center. Whichever you are more comfortable with. Kipping is also allowed. The only restriction would be extremely wide hand placements. Please don’t take advantage of me letting you choose the standard. You guys know what it should look like.


Row 1k

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  1. 1) 280# a PR. Just missed 285#
    2) 235#

    8:47. Apparently didnt go about this one the right way. Smoked on 2nd and 3rd sets of hspu.

    Row 1k

  2. 1rm power clean 175#

    3×3 touch and go power cleans w 85%(150#)

    Diane- 14:44. This is a huge improvement from when I first did this rx’d awhile ago. A pr of like 9 min. Deadlifts have never been a problem. It’s those stinkin hspu!

    I forgot to do the 1k row… :-/

  3. 1) 245# (failed @265 twice)
    2) 205#

    3:45 (PR, but shoulders were tight as hell)

    1k row not happening (idiot)

  4. 1) 255#. Same as yesterday, that matches my PR but was a qualitative improvement. I then rode 265 into a squat (matching my clean PR), but no dice on catching it high on the next attempt. Then out of time.
    2) 225×3, 215×3, 215×3. I didn’t mean to do 225, but accidentally put a 10# on instead of a 5#.
    3) Diane – 6:41. HSPU fail.
    4) 1k row – 3:24
    MFS – 2/3/3

  5. Only 265 on clean (just not feeling it today)
    8×2 250# Squat clean on the minute
    2:57 Diane-should have ben UB but dropped in rd of 9
    1k row-not worth mentioning didn’t do it for PR

    • What he didn’t tell you is that’s a PR of over a minute and a half. Top 20 men aren’t supposed to be able to PR by that much on a sub 5 minute WOD.

  6. Woke up sick as hell with a sinus infection so just did Diane.

    Diane: 3:07 pr by over a min. went unbroken but set of 9 had some slow kips toward the end

  7. 1) 260# PR by 5#. Wasn’t pretty though.
    2) 220#.

    Diana – 6:30. First time actually doing this. Unbroken first round, but shit fell apart after 10 reps into the 15 round and it slowed down to a crawl. I blame the short notice. Typically on HSPU days I fast for 24 hours and schedule a colonics appointment. Just couldn’t fit it into my busy schedule today.

    1k row – 3:28.9 (PR by 7.1 sec)

  8. 1) 170 :/
    2) 145

    3:15 – 1:11 PR
    As the odd ball my DL’s were probably comparable to the HSPUs.

    Row 1k – 3:58 fast as a cheetah! A swimming one.

    MFS: 2/3/3 – adductors still sore from Lipson & upper traps too. Trying to figure out what from.

  9. 1) 215
    2) 185

    4:33 – first time doing this WOD also so PR! HSPU are the not a strong point. Did them all strict and when I try kipping I kick away from the wall and fall to the ground.

    Row – 3:26

  10. just realized this is where I should be posting.

    225 on power clean. unpr by 20.

    Diane- 2:43 (I think but it was def in the 2:40’s) pr by about 45 seconds.

    30 minutes later I did Fran and got 3:02. Missed a pr by 6 seconds. Wanted to get subthree but my shoulders were really tired after Diane.

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