We’ll be taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming this week to test some benchmarks and get an overall deload week in. MANY of you pr’d on one or both of your lifts with past week/weekend. I know we had at least 1 300# clean and jerk, a 250# snatch and a shit-ton of lifetime pr’s. The benchmarks and lifts we test this week will establish the general efficacy of our cycle and will go a long way to show that we are on the right path. We’ll simply be doing a few of my favorite girls, a few lifts, and some skill practice. Fun.

I WILL NOT be sending out an overall template for the week. I will email the WODs the night before and post them on the blog the night before also. PLEASE… Post your scores, times, numbers to the blog (including Grace if you did it – BRANDON). I need these stats. Also, post any pr’s from the weekend on tomorrow’s blog. Enjoy…

WOD 111031:


1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Power Snatch.

2) 3×3 Touch and Go Power Snatch @ 85% of above – rest 90 sec (straps are recommended)



21-15-9 of:

Thrusters 95/65#

For time.


10 minutes HS Walk practice.

Jeremy’s 300# Clean and Jerk.


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  1. TravelIng this week so need a little input. Dont worry Reebok Drywall CF, I’ll leave  the comedy to you but being in the Army and traveling across the nation I get sick ( ie lazy) of coming up with emails every time I visit  a new box. So sitting in the Chicago Airport ( at a bar of course) I came up with a form letter to make my time more efficient ( Very similar to my lifts)

    Hello I am name Corey. I’m a coach at Outlaw Crossfit in Alexandria, Va. Maybe you’ve  heard of us. We’ve only trained  4 Games competitors and a couple of names you will hear of soon, but no need to go into those details right now. We tend to  destrominate any  competition we are in. Well I’ve chosen your place to WOD so feel privileged because I’m going to make your best athlete feel like he is in your “on ramp” class. But that’s cool because most people do when we wod against them. So when’s a good time to WOD? Oh and I don’t plan to pay your drop in fee because most of your clients will want to stay in your box in the slight possibility that they will achieve what I consider routine. Consider the first drop in free.

    Corey Perry

    • You forgot to add that you will also gladly escort them to the nearest bar after destroying the WOD and proceed to drink whiskey until they all die from alcohol poisoning.

  2. BP here…..

    yesterday snatch 250, missed 308 clean, front squat 330×1 (needs to be much higher)…did grace in 67 sec

    Power Snatched 210 this morning, missed 220-i like to squat I guess?

    Fran 2:29- 6 sec off PR but it’ll do

  3. Snatch – 165 ugh…

    Fran – 2:53

    This was my first time doing Fran…found out that I’m a spaz on the pullups when I try to go fast. Had to scratch the butterfly and just go with a normal kipping style.

    • Snatch – 175. Matches the PR, but the previous PR was a bushleague press-out anyway. This one felt better. 180 was up and over, but my legs landed in “newborn foal” position and I lost it.

      3x touch-and-go – 150 w/straps

      Fran – 2:34. What a kick to the nuts.

      Handstand walks were ugly…but better than tony’s.

      MFS – 1/2/1

  4. Power Snatch 170#. 1st PR on anything, (wod, lift, whatever) in over 1 year. ive been on a pretty steady downward plateau for a while now, setting all kinds of un-pr’s, but it went up pretty easy, form was good. failed @175.

    3×3 @ 145#

    (sub’d ring pull-ups)

    these are way harder than regular pull-ups but not 3 minutes off my PR harder. (see above statement) hate self.

  5. Power snatch: 175# (PR). Hit this a couple times pressing out, finally hit it legit but didn’t bother going up.
    3×3 at 150#. I don’t have straps, weight was too much on the grip to really go touch and go.

    Fran 3:55. Actually a 30 sec PR from 5 months ago but far short of where I want to be. This and Grace are probably my 2 worst benchmark workouts.

    Speaking of:
    Saturday squat snatch PR also at 175#
    Grace PR at 2:40. In trying to go as long as possible unbroken, I ended up taking “rests” while holding the bar like an asshole.

  6. 1) 130 – new PR. Got 135 above 90deg knee bend but missed it forward
    2) 110

    2:25 – 12 sec PR

    HS walks check

    3) 3rep max then 3×3 front squat
    175, 150 – getting easier, low back still the weak link!

    MFS – FTW!

  7. 1)195

    2:29- 15 sec PR…Butterflies got ugly. One no rep and came off bar!?!. Blaming it on the moonshine saturday night.

    Happy Halloween from the new guy

  8. 1) 185 – complete muscle snatch no press out, pulled 195 to my eyebrows n couldn’t finish, shocker.
    2) DL 425×10 w full stalls. Why? Fuck Fran that’s why.

    4:50 – fuck you all, that shit hurt.

  9. I’m back! Still not feeling good at all but needed to get back in the gym somehow. It’s been forever since I’ve been sick and I can NOT shake it, nothing is recovering at all, the burn from rope climbs 3 weeks ago is still a major issue for me each day. Not sure what’s going on…

    1) worked up to 175 with ease, then missed 185 four times. Feel so weak
    2) 150 felt really smooth and easy
    3) opted out of Fran and worked on strict pull ups, kips and butterfly’s for form and reps. Also worked stringing thrusters together at different weights for a while as well

    Ended up doing the metcon I wrote for my gym, 3 individually timed rounds of: 5 x 32″ box jumps w/ full lockout, 100 meter shuttle run and 30 foot tire hand-over-hand pull at around 90#. Short bursts was exactly what I needed to feel like I made even the smallest bit of progress. Ill keep back at it, hopefully I haven’t lost everything…!

  10. 1) 205#. Was really trying to have good form on these, and I managed to do so with 200#, but it all went to hell when I tried 205#. No idea why the 5# made a difference, but I was bouncing it off my legs and stomping all over the place.

    2) 3×3 @ 175#… no straps. Finally got good form on the third round.

    Fran – 2:15 (6 sec pr. kinda ugly though, looking at the video)

    M/F/S – 3/4/3

  11. Power snatch 125

    3×3 power snatches w straps at 105

    Fran:4:59. All of you make that seem slow but I’m happy w that, ok?! About a 2 min pr 🙂

  12. Went back to the land of OZ for a week so trying to get caught back up, having a sick baby makes it a little difficult.

    Practiced snatch form for 20 min.

    Fran: 2:27…. About a 30 sec PR from about a year and a half ago in the fire academy. That was when we only did WOD’s with names. Still can’t butterfly to save my life, luckily I have short legs and arms the length of an alligator so I can make up some time on the thrusters.

  13. 1)135# sucked big time!(Need help on the snatch)
    2)115# did pretty easy

    Fran: 2:29 PR by 10 seconds!

    Cliff Lewis

    Just realized that I needed to be posting here……

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