111027 or 28:


1a) Bench Press: 5×5 @ 60% – rest 60 sec.
1b) 5 x Max Effort STRICT Pullups – rest 60 sec.
15 minutes Snatch practice/testing. Work whatever portion is your biggest struggle. If you feel you have PERFECT technique you may work up to a few heavy/maximal singles.


21-15-9 of:

Deadlift 315/205#
Box Jumps 30/24”

For time.


12 thoughts on “111028

  1. 1a) 135
    1b) 10/8/8/7/7
    WOrked at 135/155 and tried to focus on keepIng hips down. Key work is tried!

    Conditioning: made up the Run/ MU WOD from Wed.
    Rds were 3:30, 3:26,3:29,3:58
    All MUs were 3s then singles. Runs we’re around 1:20.

  2. Did this on Wednesday…

    1a) 185# (did 205# on the last round… no idea what my 1RM bench is now)
    1b) 20, 15, 13, 13, 12… brought me back to the physical fitness test at USAFA… max reps for strict pullups (first event) was 21. Pretty pissed I didn’t get at least that this time.

    2) Kept the weight around 185 and focused on pulling from my heels, keeping my chest up, and not bouncing off my legs as I pull straight up. I got a COMPLIMENT from Rudy for my form on the snatch I sent him. SHOCKED.

    3:26. Tried to get video, but my phone ran out of space mid-wod. I was pretty wrecked anyway.

    M/F/S – 4/5/8

  3. Yep that’s me! Ill gIve you one guess On I learned pull ups. Fuck you stupid kip! BTW how’s that snatch balance coming along? 🙂

  4. Not good. I tend to struggle with cowardly movements. You shouldn’t move away from the bar, the bar should move away from you.

  5. 1a) 135
    1b) 12/12/12/11/12
    2) Used 135 and took it from the hang focusing on pulling through and opening all the way up.

    Conditioning – 7:57

    Jason you are a beast! I got through the first 10 and wanted to stop. It was all down hill from there.

  6. 1A) 160#.
    1B) 27 (PR by 1 rep), 13, 10, 9, 9. Talk about a fall off. Muscles were fucking fried after the first big set.
    2) 15 mins of shitty snatch balance work. Did set a 20# PR, but I still suck.

    Tuesday’s conditioning:
    8:45. Handstand walks were laughable and took up the most time. I guess you can say I was making progress since I’m now capable of doing a handstand and sticking about 4 steps. I think 6 was my max.

    Did Tuesday’s midline too.

    • Wow,not bad on the first Rd. How many of those did your wife do and you took credit for ( you know like any good level 1 coach would do). I would say 14-18?

  7. a 5×5 Strict Press 105
    b 5x ME Strict ring pull-up 10-10-7-7-7

    4 rounds
    400m run
    5 muscle-ups
    rest 1/2 time

  8. On Friday
    a1)Find heavy squat snatch…195, form wasn’t the best so stopped there.
    2)Max C&J..285. A PR..

    5:55…was gassed from the week and lifts.

    Front Sq 3 rep max..295
    Stopped after second set of 250. Knee started feeling a little spicy??

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